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Noctriix's Voice/Singing thread: Taking Requests!


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Also, as a request by my Co-workers, I'll be adding a rap to the selection.

Since my name's Brady, they now know me as "The Real Slim-Brady" So... you should have an idea what's coming next :D


OR I can do Chris Brown's version of N****s in Paris, which I already have 100% memorized, I'd actually prefer doing this one

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Oh! Head's up listener's! I'm going to move every soundcloud File to the first page, so you guys no longer have to scroll through the pages to find them :D

I'm only moving the one's that seem to have been listened to enough to count, or one's that i personally like, Otherwise, old files have just been removed from my Soundcloud account, as you should all clearly see when you attempt to play them!


Fluttershy's "I love Everything" is coming up shortly :D

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