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New Official Friendship is Magic Comic Series

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[colour=#333333][colour=#222222](There's also another cover for a new Micro-series book).[/colour][/colour]

This only gets a little aside? But it's by far the more awesome comic solicit news! :-o



(W) Katie Cook (A) Andy Price (CA) Amy Mebberson, Andy Price

Rarity is in need of some well-deserved R & R after working hard on her new fashion line. A sweet spa retreat turns sour when Rarity learns that the establishment is a little too “down to earth”! How will this resourceful pony make the best out of this “rustic” situation? Read on to find out!

A whole comic book issue all about Rarity? This shall be amazing. I mean, just read that awesome solicit. it sounds downright suspenseful. ;)

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Spoiler for #4...Please note that this is one of the variant covers..It's almost $20, but I'll probably be snagging this one if I can..Probably the best one to get signed at the next con I'm at..


I love the Doctor Hooves and Derpy covers, but this has to be my favorite one of the series so far..FIM is just for little kids. Har!

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