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New Official Friendship is Magic Comic Series

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Andy Price is also starting to sell his original art, (comic and sketches) on E-Bay. I'd love to get one, but you know these babies are gonna ZOOM up in price right before the bidding ends.

(And a warning..Slight spoilers in the art..)


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"[colour=#000000]"This is a comic that meets expectations and delivers on what readers will want and expect. Sometimes, what more can you ask for?"[/colour]


"[colour=#333333]In closing, to answer your questions:[/colour][colour=#333333]

Yes, you should pick this up, especially if you have younger kids who like the show, or if you or anyone you know misses Tiny Titans.[/colour][colour=#333333]

Yes, I am going to watch an episode or two of the show to see what it’s like.[/colour][colour=#333333]

No, I don’t have a favourite Pony*[/colour][colour=#333333]

*Yes I do, it’s Rainbow Dash."[/colour]

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Gah... waiting for mine to ship to me while this thing is out digitally is gonna be the hardest part... especially since I usually do buy all my comics digitally.

Having a physical copy of pony comic will be worth it though. :)

Even if I'm still not pleased with the cover I'm getting... :/

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Well.......... I bit the bullet and purchased Issue #1 the digital way (in the end, I decided that 4 bucks wasn't much). Provisional rating: 5/5 pending further review. :)

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I won't give away any spoilers.

The art is very, very good. You may not approve of the style but even if you don't, you have to admit he does a great job with it. I love the style and I found the artwork fantastic.

The writing was also great. The characters are captured well and even given some good development- at least one was. Or maybe I'm biased? Either way, they struck a very nice balance between the plot and the jokes and despite leaping headfirst into a plot, I didn't feel like it was rushed.

I loved it. If you aren't into pony, then you might have issues trying to figure out what is what, but even then the humor and artwork pull you in enough to keep you entertained.

Four hooves out of four.

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