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Trix and Treats


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Introduction: OK, folks, I think I have a few ideas for fanfics! So, since this one seems the most interesting and has some great story potential, I decided to start this one. It takes place after the season 2 finale, but since I have yet to watch it, don't expect any references to it. However, if I see it before I finish, I might make some. Also, Discord is in this, but I'm using my theory: that Discord is actually Q from Star Trek: TNG, and he just took this chimera form because he knew it was easier for the ponies to accept than a human's. So don't be surprised if he mentions stuff from Star Trek. This story will be posted in parts.

Prologue: In the Stone Prison

Discord was never really defeated. Q never accepted that.

"If I let them think they've won, I can take time to plan." he thought. "This was way more fun that teasing Jean-Luc, and certainly better than Janeway and Cisco. They're still children, in a way. And much more fun to corrupt."

He turned himself into vapor and floated around Ponyville, looking for a viable target. Perhaps it would be a good idea to play from Satan's playbook. He always wanted to try that route.

Chapter 1: The contract

Trixie was in her carriage. Shows weren't paying nearly as much.

"It's that blasted purple unicorn." she thought. "She's to blame. If those idiots hadn't awakened that Ursa Minor, I could still make good money."

"Do you really think so?" a voice said.

"Who's there?" she exclaimed.

"For now, I'm not showing myself. It seems we have a common enemy. That purple unicorn defeated me as well. I could help you."

"I'm listening. It could be fun." Trixie considered.

"Yes. Fun." said the voice.

[and this is where the opening credits would come in, if this were the show.]

Chapter 2 to come on Sunday!

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