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Well ya finally went quackers[Open]

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OOC: Something I thought of after watching party of one. Anyway no real story line set, just a place we can share some laughs as we share our characters in their little mental break down moments. And if ya got a good one for any of the mane six or other characters from the show feel free to share :) and don't worry about the posting rule. If ya got a funny break down share it with us so we can all share in the laughs.

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(Ooc: Let's see... We need a scene, say.. Ponyville? Lol:3)

(Sorry it's so long!! Dx)

Star lay by her pap in Ponyville's local hospital.

"Doctor! This looks bad, doctor!" the masculine voice sounded frantic.

"What is it, doctor?!" a second voice asked.

"Doctor.. Her wings are broken look broken..." He paused for dramatic effect, then whipped off his glasses, "beyond repair."

"Oh no, doctor! Added to the brain damage, she won't be very happy when she wakes.. Doctor."

"AT LAST, I'VE FOUND YOU, DOCTOR!!!" A pony looking proportional to the other male pony jumped into the scene.

"Oh, my doctor! It's-" The doctor held a hoof up to silence her.

"My EVIL twin.."

Star Storm: Star flipped the television show off. "Love and tolerance my flank.. I hate this show!" Her father had overdosed again, and she was with the stallion, making sure he was going to be okay. Star loved her Pap dearly, and if anything were to happen to him well.. She'd snap! ".. Is Pap gonna be okay?!" Star asked his doctor.

Pap's doctor: "Why hello, Star Storm! Your dad seems to have a bit of a drinking problem, now, doesn't he?"

Star Storm: "Maybe a little.. But it's not a problem.. He can stop whenever he wants."

Pap's doctor: Or when his heart gives out.. I can't tell her that he's going to.. pass! Besides, breaking hearts was NOT in my job description.. "Well.." he looked at the severely unhealthy stallion, "I can't make any promises.."

Star: Star held her father's hoof hopefully. "Why not?!"

Pap's doctor: "I'm not at the liberty to confirm anything just yet."

Star: "Why not?"

Pap's doctor: "Because.. Somepony else usually will give those results."

Star: "Well.." Star was stubborn. "How's he doing?"

Pap's doctor: "I can't promise anything.."

Star: "Why not?"

Pap's doctor: He was starting to get annoyed with the little filly. He let out a big sigh, finally deciding he'd better just tell her. "Star... It doesn't look like your father is not going to make it. I'm sorry."

Star: Star Storm bit her lip and crawled over her father. "You'll be okay, won't you Pap?" He just looked.. Sickly. He said nothing.. Nor opened his eyes..

Pap's doctor: "I'm sorry, Star Storm. You're father has passed."

Star: Star ran out of the hospital in tears in hysterics, unsure how to feel about all of this. She ran right into some other pony, her eyes too watery to see who it was. But she didn't care. The news was just too intense for her mind to focus. "I'm sorry, okay?!" She threw her hooves around them, sobbing into their chest, making unidentifiable sadness noises.

(Ooc: Heh, sorry if it's not exactly the type of thing that you were expecting.. x3)

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Swift Tail sat in his room, holding his legs close to his chest, as he slowly rocked back and forth in a fetal posistion. The room he was in was devoid of anything, just walls, a table and a chair. Of course he just sat in the corner.

"Alll alone....no friends.....no family."

Swift began to hyperventilate as he pushed himself against the wall.

"Walls....closing in on me." The colt got up and began to run about with wide eyes, "I can't think! I can't breathe!"

The walls began to get closer and closer about him, suffocating him.

"What will I do!?! How will I survivie!?!"

Suddenly the door opened and there stood a stallion.

"Alright Swift, you can go home now. I hope this will teach you to not drop sludge onto your teacher again." The stallion said before walking off.

Swifts eyes widened as he saw the light, and the dazzling figure that brought him salvation.

"Freedom! Salvation!" He darted for the door and jumped out, landing into the ground and began to kiss it. There in the distance, walking away was his savior.

"Thank you heavenly being!" Swift shouted before running off home, laughing insanely.

"AHAHAHAH FREEDOM!" Swift shouted as he ran, already thinking of what new prank he could pull tomorrow.

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