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FiM Artwork That You Love


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Figure to start a new thread of favorite FiM images. What I am looking for in posts are actual artwork done by fans of the show. Artwork from the serious to the amusing and cute are welcome, but keep it to actual art (vectors are welcome) that you really like for one reason or another; what I mean by that is no memes or demotivationals, etc.

Extra rule: Just have some thoughts to go with each pic to do with why you wanted to post it, (nothing deep or anything is needed).

Only other rule is keep the pictures general audience. We have a pictures thread for naughty suggestive material already.

Well I'll just start off then:

Fun fact: Chopsticks were a griffin invention that never took off anywhere else:


This is one of my favorite Applejack pictures ever. Not sure why, perhaps it is the simple cuteness of it all:


Oh Derpy, you and your silly shipping imagination:


Oh Lyra, you can just ask for a hug :P


All I want for Christmas... ;_;


Show off your favs! :P

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Okay I see.


Yea one of my favorites is my profile pic.It's a humanized Pinkiemena Diane Pie.Although I usually I don't like it when humanizations include ears and tails I like this one.The colour is amazing along with the theme.It even has a story kinda just by looking at it with the title.The title is "She is Back".Plus for some reason I think it describes a certain part of me![insert Evil laughter]

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One of my favorite Tumblrs is "Slice Of Life". It takes place in the future (CMCs are teens, the Cake foals are preteens, etc). The Cakes are the main characters so far, but the mane cast does show up from time and considering Pinkie's ties with the cakes, she's pops up even more. I just adore the art, and the writer really does a good job writing these characters as well. One strip details Gummy's fate..He gets a little too big for Ponyville so Pinkie must decide what to do with him. It's all very sweet, and you might shed a tear or twenty.. :smug: I'm only posting a few panels, so I suggest you go to the site and read 'em all.



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OZE-JP art. I just adore this guy's style. The colouring, the shading, the line art, everything!

Cooling down on a hot summer's day.


Pinkamena walks back from the store in the evening.


Maids! (Nothing is better than Dash in a maid outfit. Except maybe Celestia in a maid outfit.)


And now to kill you all with cuteness. It's just so adorable! (artist is Mishiri)



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Both are made by Garret Gilchrist, who also happened to be the same guy who put together the "recobbled cut" of The Thief and the Cobbler. I've met him both at BronyCon and at the recent NYC Brony meetup, and I continue to buy his awesome prints every single time!

He did do a sketch of Pinkie Pie in a fire helmet, but I can't seem to find it on his DeviantArt page. I bought that today, however, and being a firefighter I find it absolutely great! Hope to see more from him as I continue on!

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I randomly choose but these are currently my favorites:

My current desktop:


Just too much d'awwwwwww!


But wow she started drinking at an early age... x_x

I was saving this for an RP header, but I'll never get to use it so...


Also, this:


It's an animation my friends have dubed "The Cute Nuke" because you wont be able to stop grinning ear to ear while watching it. (be warned, it loops, you might get stuck watching it for hours!)

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Luna is adorable. The CMC's are adorable. All four of them spending time together in Prance? EXTRA-Adorable. :halo:


I generally don't care for full-anthro ponies, but I really like this style.


And a recent commission of my OC Fire Walker (and another OC that she hangs around named Dunder) by the super awesome Valkyrie-Girl. See her art here:


and send her some love..And muffins!


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