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Rise of the Cyber Ponies


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My first submission to FIMFiction, Rise of the Cyber Ponies, revised somewhat from the FanFiction version, combining the first two chapters and adding a few lines. While this story is based on Doctor Who it isn't a crossover as I wanted people unfamiliar with that program to be able to enjoy this story. I hope those here can enjoy what I have so far.

The story involves Celestia sending the Mane Six and Spike to a foreign land called Ponyland, but only a city called Manedas is left. A plague is sweeping through Manedas, and the citizens can only survive by replacing body parts with mechanical replacements. Ponies are disapearing and steel-clad soldiers are patroling the streets. It will be up to the Mane Six to disocer the sinister secret of Manedas and escape the Cyber Ponies.

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