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Equestria and the Staff of Fate (OOC Signups, Planning, Discussion)

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Equestria and the Staff of Fate

There exists a legend so obscured and grand that even myth considers it myth, that parents don't even bother telling their foals it's story because even to their ears it sounds absurdly silly. But in Equestria there is truth to every lie, an answer to every riddle, a key to every lock and fact behind every work of fiction.

Equestra forgot about the Staff of Fate.

Fate did not forget about Equestria.

Across the land exist relics, each of which are powerful all their own and worthy of the many legends told about them. Some of these legends are true and others false, yet all are insignificant in their singular nature when compared to what they do together, forming the Staff of Fate. Somepony has figured it out and is going after these artifacts viciously: Griffon and Diamond Dog mercernaries, a pet dragon, an extremely competent Pony force with the bits, smarts, and intelligence to back it up. What does this shadowy figure want? Is the Staff of Fate real? If so, what does it do?

No one knows, but a small group of the finest minds and adventurers in the land know one thing: Anypony so obsessed with something of such mythic power must be stopped at all costs. It's just a shame personality conflicts stop them from working together, but still- all for two and two for Equestria!

Hey there and welcome to the OOC topic for Equestria and the Staff of Fate, an epic comedy/adventure/mystery series that will span many, many interconnected threads and involve many characters, locations, situations and foes. There will be two core groups of adventurers involved, but they will be heading across the land. As they hit a new area, characters in the area will be able to join in on the fun. I am also not opposed to groups starting their own storyline that fits into this arc, but it has to at least adhere to what we have set-up. This thread itself is still a work in progress and as such expect this to be updated many, many times before we launch the series of adventures! Questions are welcomed.

The Ongoing Plot- Teams 1 and 2


Prologues 1: Iris of Immortality and The Saxon Staff.

Thread One- Pathfinder meets Rainy at a Canterlot hospital, where they discover a mutual interest in the Iris of Immortality.

Thread Two- The pair meet up on accident at a ruin and each discover one half of the Iris' location. They decide to work together to retrieve it.

Thread Three- They dominate the ruin, but later find out why: The Purple Stars were there first and are looking for both artifacts. The duo are able to give the Stars the slip and recover the Iris and make their escape from an angered Manticore, but the staff is nowhere to be found.

Prologues 2: The Ruby Claw.

Thread One- During Pathfinder's search for the Helm of Commander Hurricane, she is caught and imprisoned in the Talinopolis super prison called simply The Pit. She is able to escape with the help of Gilda through an ancient Griffon fortress city, where she finds The Ruby Claw. After her escape from the city, she gives it to her marefriend Snowfall, CEO of Northern Storm Industries.

Thread Two- Snowfall has made no secret of her gift, which means it comes as little surprise(if still highly stressful and sad) when her home is broken into and is stolen.

Thread Three- Trailing the thieves, Pathfinder crosses paths with Dr. Whooves and Trixie.

Thread Four- The trail is now cold, but that doesn't mean there isn't something to the adventure itself as Pathfinder meets Seeker.

Act 1- Orb of Overwatch

Thread One- Each side follows different clues in different areas, running into and defeating in some manner their first enemies. They each attain a critical piece of intelligence.

Interlude- The mercenaries who are defeated go to General Pummel, who decides to lure the heroes into a non-lethal trap to finish them off.

Thread Two- Small side-quests that the teams have on their way to the target.

Thread Three- They arrive in the area in question. However, before they are able to get to the relics, the first part of the trap is sprung.

Thread Four- (Joint) Forced into the ruins together, the two teams trade working together to defeat obstacles and fighting amongst themselves. Finally, they reach the relic- and find it under the control of the Purple Stars, who are slowly excavating it. They force Purple Stars to leave, but then the General unleashes his final trap. The group is easily taken care of in terms of being an effective adventuring group as the mercenaries enter to take the relic and deal with the group. The two teams are able to escape, but just barely.

Interlude- General Pummel is stunned to learn that he has been used, as the relic is quickly taken in by Merlot and his hired goons from Purple Stars. The griffons back the General, who is highly confused yet angered. The two sides come close to blows before a dragon backed by Diamond Dog mercenaries arrives and informs them they are all under the employ of his Master. He tasks Merlot with finding the Amulet of Time while he and his forces move to discover what The Faye is, while Pummel is to use his contacts and resources to subdue the teams for good.

Act 2- Recovery and Resurgence

Thread One- Both teams suffer as a result of the spells used on them, and after a small series of incidents that they usually could deal with without incident, cease to be effective at their job. Both make a beeline for Ponyville and Canterlot.

Interlude- A group of Purple Stars explorers find an ancient ruin in the Painted Pinto Desert that looks oddly as if, except for the lack of all life, it is in perfect condition. As they enter the opening chamber, many are turned into stone by ancient guardians. Only one agent manages to penetrate the defenses and he heads deeper into the ruin, without the ability to get out...

Thread Two- The support teams find their allies and have to shoulder the load, trying to cure the teams before it is too late. Ponyville team meets up with several locals while the Canterlot group does the same.

Thread Three- The Canterlot group comes under careful watch by the General, who barely misses them as they escape the city towards Ponyville after learning how to reverse the spells. Meanwhile, while local help in Ponyville tries to find a cure, the support team there finds itself the target of Pummel and his stallions.

Thread Four- (Joint) Both teams and their supporters arrive at Twilight's, where after careful preparation, the spells are reversed just before they become permanent. Immediately, both sides blame the other for the situation getting as bad as it was and they start fighting. In the middle of this, Pummel's griffon allies and his small loyal pony force arrive in an attempt to subdue and arrest all present. The heroes band together and see them off in an impolite manner. One team immediately leaves after both sides discover a clue at the library, while the other absorbs new members before trotting off.

Interlude- Twilight is shocked by the revelation that an Equestrian general whom she may have known to some degree would do this, and writes a letter to the Princess. Swiftly, Pummel is put on the run.

Act 3- The Amulet of Time

Thread One- Back to full power, both teams power to the location of their first clues. Basic adventure threads detailing how the teams have evolved up to this point.

Thread Two- For the first real time, the teams have the initiative and their adventures here are swift. However, when the clues they receive require the help of the other team, how can they try to get what they need while preventing the other from learning anything?

Thread Three- The teams learn of the ruin's location following their previous adventure and make their way there, each having a misadventure along the way when the Diamond Dog mercenaries show their trickster ways.

Interlude- Pummel's own Griffon allies and mercenaries turn him in to the Purple Stars, who use him to take care of the final defenses that prevented them from reaching the relic. Sadly, he is turned to stone.

Thread Four- (Joint) The teams reach the ruin, finding it seemingly frozen in time. They get through the Trap of Time before it is too late, but by undoing the trap, free the Purple Stars. Weakened, the teams try to work together but all appears lost when a group of Equestrian Internal Affairs/Military arrive and arrest/subdue many of the enemies. Major Brenda Razorclaw makes off with the Amulet, however, just as the Equestrians rescue the heroes.

Interlude- Pummel, the majority of the Griffon mercenaries, and the illegal element of the Purple Stars are being escorted back to Canterlot when an epic sandstorm hits them. All the Equestrians can see is the huge form of a dragon looming in front. They turn to fight the dragon, trying to save themselves, the prisoners, and the small town of Apploosa nearby, not realizing that the Dragon is a distraction. The Diamond Dogs appear behind the Equestrians and get away with rescuing all the prisoners. Soon after, the Dragon vanishes too, leaving the Equestrians completely empty hooved.

Merlot, Pummel, the Griffons, and the Purple Stars are taken to an island in an undisclosed location, where the Dragon says, "The Master is saddened by your failures, but now that the job is almost complete, your task is simple: Defend him at all costs."Brenda gives the Amulet of Time to the Master- or at least to his attendant, who shuts the door immediately.

Act 4- The Faye

Thread One- The Amulet of Time's trap revealed the Faye to all involved, or at least, what it is. The teams hit locations they believe are vital but come up empty, the places already stripped clean by the Diamond Dogs. Only the faintest of hints from one team allows the other, after the two sides begrudginly communicate, to realize the next step is in Unyasi.

Thread Two- (Joint) The teams try to get across the ocean, but are ambushed and captured. Only timely intervention on the shore allows them to escape.

Interlude- The Dragon appears in his natural habitat, a city built under a volcano. Ten stone blocks arre brought before him- The Faye. His forces get to unlocking their secrets, but one by one they vanish...

Thread Three- Thanks to some silly mocking by their captors, the teams know where they need to go. They decide to meet up at the location rather than travel together, as being next to one another is quite annoying. Adventures happen along the way.

Thread Four- (Joint) The teams enter the volcanic city, which seems strangely deserted. Well, just depopulated- what was once obvioiusly a Diamond Dog camp is abandoned. The ruin is dangerous enough now as for some reason the once dormant volcano has become active. They reach the central chamber, where the Dragon and a small group of his best diamond dogs appear to step into the slabs. The volcano acts poorly, and the teams follow the dragon.

What happens next is hard to describe except that it is a metaphysical judgement of character and power, if not exactly morality. The teams are able to beat several challenges, but the Dragon(the last of his group) beats them mere seconds ahead of time. All in the Faye are ejected back into the real world, with the Dragon's claws coursing with white light. The ponies appear in a collapsing volcano city and escape to find themselves in Unyasi, far away from where they had been before.

Interlude- The Dragon flies to the island, now revealed to be in Okeanos. He sees the Master, who is a gorgeous elder stallion with a tender smile. He accepts the offer of The Faye and goes to the Staff of Fate, which is now fully constructed. The Dragon asks of his Master what now is needed. Now emotionless, the Master replies with burning white eyes, "Time."

Act 5- The Staff of Fate

Thread One- Defeated time and time again, the teams come close to unraveling. However, Unyasan holidays celebrating unity bring them together just in time for beasts from Tartarus to come and claim several of the group for crimes against the Ancient City destroyed by the volcano.

Interlude- The fortress of Okeanos is fortified, with the General and other military officers organizing the force well enough. However, knowing now what he has done, the General sends a secret message to Equestria and, knowing what has transpired with Tartarus and the teams, one to await their arrival at Tartarus.

Thread Two- The teams arrive at Tartarus, where Cerberus has been lured away by the General's top stallion who also left coordinates to the fortress. The teams neter tartarus and engage in separate adventures finding their comrades. They escape and start to move swiftly to Okeanos.

Interlude- Equestria receives the message in a panic, as the REA would be too slow to respond. The Internal Affairs team, supplemented by some Honor Guard and other high-ranking agents, is dispatched. Not even Celestia knows if the Staff is real or not. Meanwhile, Pummel's stallion delivers the message to the many ponies who helped our heroes across the story of Okeanos.

Thread Three- Our heroes have their last normal adventures as they travel super fast from Tartarus to Okeanos.

Thread Four- (Joint) the teams discuss how to take the fortress down. One team solemnly, more due to annoyance about not recovering the staff than fear of something bad happening, agrees to be the bait. One team hits the defenses hard and attracts epic attention, the other sneaks in. This goes as well as youthink it would but just as the situation reaches critical mass for both teams, the Equestrians show up. They are overmatched too, but the three forces working overall manage to work their way into the very heart of the fortress. The Equestrians, knowing they are out of their league, decide to defend the teams as they try to retrieve the staff.

Interlude- As the teams vanish inside, the Equestrians manage to hold off the mercenaries for some time. They are about to be overwhelmed when Gavin Stormwing and General Pummel along with a few griffons and many Purple Stars turn on the rest. The goodf guys are about to win when The Dragon shakes everyone up and deploys his Diamond Dogs. The fight rages on topside while the Dragon returns to the inner recesses of the fortress in an effort to defeat the teams, where once again the good guys appear just about defeated until a ragtag collection of ponies(characters who answer the call to help and participated earlier) show up. The Dogs break and the Equestrians give a cheer just as a huge shockwave knocks everyone down.

Thread Five- (joint) Somewhat normal adventure, actually, as they fight through traps and diamond dogs to reach the inner sanctum. There they are face to face with the Dragon in the very room where the Amulet of Time had been turned over. The team manages to overcome him and reach The Master's location. Here, they see that the Staff is almost fully activated. No biggie as they try to rush up and take it, only to be met by Merlot, his elite agent who initially found the Amulet of time, Major Brenda Razorclaw, and a small collection of allies. After an engagement, everything appears to be a whirlwind stalemate. Only luck forces The Master out of his powered up trance a mere moment before the Staff of Fate is activated. It happen at just the right moment that he is absorbed into the staff, which clanks to the ground. Everyone in the room fights for it, good, bad, team, mercenary, everyone. A few manage to hold it, but it never activates, only gets warmer and warmer. Finally, it starts spinning and everyone starts running just as it explodes, sending a shockwave that could be felt all the way in Canterlot. The teams and mercenaries alike flee as the fortress collapses, as one giant group escaping to safety on the island. Bad guys arrested immediately. World saved!

Epilogue- The Dragon is able to claw his way out, where a tribunal of less violent dragons arrests him. General Pummel is relieved of his command but is otherwise lightly punished, as without his message getting out the staff of fate would have been activated. Merlot is arrested and the revelation of his activities causes a huge financial backlash against the Purple Stars(who quickly become defunct) and the several technology corporations that he used as a buffer, leading to the end of Stalliongrad's position as the technology center of Equestria. Major Brenda Razorclaw and The Director are condemned to The Pit, this time with the Old City completely sealed off due to controlled explosions after the last escape. Gavin Stormwing is also sent to The Pit, as despite his 11th hour switch he helped make the situation what it was. Most other griffons are sent to basic prisons. The Diamond Dogs scatter as they normally do. Of The Master, there is no sign, not only of him physically but of anything else. No records, no memories, as if he has been erased from time itself. The Staff is no more, and the relics that make it up are missing once more.


Act 1, thread 1- After the Ruby Claw is stolen and Pathfinder goes missing, Snowfall assembles her team. PI finds information relating to the thieves and, probably, whoever has kidnapped Pathfinder in Stalliongrad. However, they end up interrupting the Purple Stars during an operation to cover the tracks of their brothers in the south! Team 3 is in Hoofenheim, tracking down where they think the Iris of Immortality is. However, when the Germaneic are led to believe that THEY are the thieves, can they escape the city before the trap closes?

Act 1, Thread 2- They make their way south, but become mirred in rough weather and run into T3. While T1s/T2s are running around in Fet Loch, T3/T4 work together to defeat frost dragons that attack the camp!

Act 2, Thread 1- While the first two teams are struggling in their various conditions, Team 4 follows their enemies to a huge boat competition in the Great Nimbusgait Lakes. Team 3 finds itself in Roam, regrouping after the last thread- and almost finding the Ruby Claw on accident. Can they recover the piece before it is moved away, or can they at least get the information to one of the other teams?

Act 2, Thread 2- Having discovered the presumptive location of the Ruby Claw, the team rushes to Beakbreak where they plan on taking the relic at any cost...while Team 3 is in Barebback Gulch, trying to win over the local Diamond Dogs by finding the ancient Totem Poles of their religion.

Act 2, Thread 3- On the run, Teams 3 and 4 find themselves rushing to Las Pegasus to find safety from Pummel's minions.

Act 3, Thread 1- Team 4 works its magic in Las Pegasus, but their enemies have already passed them by. They get information to the other teams out. Forced out into the Everfree Forest, Team 3 has to contend with cave trolls and a massive spider migration among other things.

Act 3, Thread 2- While stopping over in Appleloosa, a massive Diamond Dog attack leads the group to investigate a nearby Diamond Dog camp, which leads to a startling discovery- the location of the Saxon Staff! Team 3 is traveling down the river in an attempt to escape the Everfree, but have they just swam into a Diamond Dog operation or something more sinister?

Act 3. Thread 3- Teams 3 and 4 work together once more as they infiltrate a high society function in Fillydelphia, which is a cover for the Master's henchmen to take the staff.

Act 4, Thread 1- Despite their failure, Team 4 feels pretty darn good all things considered. The team is leaked information that hints towards the Iris of Immortality being in the Crystal Kingdom. The team travels, but the train becomes stuck in the harsh climate...meanwhile, Team 3 is in Trottingham, trying to seek the counsel of the most legendary of treasure hunters of the modern day: Merlot!

Act 4, Thread 2- Team 4 investigates and after a run in with some unique enemies, comes to believe they may have walked into a trap...while Team 3 heads up the Delimare River to San Fransicolt, where Merlot has told them The Faye is. Too bad it's an ambush!

Act 4, Thread 3- Captured, team 4 has to find a way to escape the Crystal Prison of Lore before 24 hours pass...or become trapped forever!...and they fail...Team 3 is placed into Merlot's gladitorial chamber, where the winners continue and the losers fall under a mind control device. IS there any way to escape?

Act 4, Thread 4- Luckily, when T1/T2 enter The Faye, reality changes and each team is given a shot to earn the right to get out of their various deathtraps.

Act 5, Thread 1- T4 survives, but the time that has passed in the Crystal Prison has made it difficult to get out. Coming apart at the seams, what is the real threat- each other, or Sombra's Shadow? Meanwhile, T3 is sent to Saddle Arabia. Hurt and far from home, can they helo the Saddle Arabians solve the Mystery of the Pyramid and earn their escape, or will they be cursed for eternity?

Act 5, Thread 2- Escaping from the prison was hard enough, but can Team 4 find the strength to escape from the bowels of Tartarus?! Team 3 finds itself at the very bottom of Tartarus after 'solving' the Pyramid. Will the Great King of old be defeated, or will Team 3 become his minions for all eternity?

Act 5, Thread 3- The chips are down and T1/T2 charge towards Okeanos, but T4 can't join them. However, what they have in store in Stalliongrad can help their friends immensely- as long as they can stop NSI from being destroyed! T3 heads to Talinopolis in an effort to enlist help, but have the authorities forgiven them- and will Razorclaw, the Director, and their minions allow the Griffon Kingdom to interfere with the Master's plans?

Act 5, Thread 4- Team 4 uses the NSI Airships to move towards Okeanos...but before they can do so, Sky Pirates under the employ of Merlot attack Canterlot! Can T4 save the city in time? Team 3 and their allies get to Manehattan, where they prepare for their attack on Okeanos. Unrest plagues the city as the Staff of Fate's activation causes ponies across the land to act out against Equestrian interests. Can Team 3 escape the city before it's too late?

Act 5, Thread 5- With the REA in tow, T4 joins the climactic fight in Okeanos! The magic of the Staff of Fate is causing great heroes of the past and future to come through. Can Team 4 hold this historical onslaught off until the other teams can remove the Staff of Fate from the Master's grip, or is this the final chapter in a tragedy?! Team 3 takes to the waters outside Okeanos, where they findthe deadliest sea creature of all: The Kraken! Can they fight off the legendary beast and his legion of sea ponies who hear the call of the Staff, or will they line his stomach?



Pathfinder and the City of the Griffons- The Prologue Story to the Claw Storyline.

Pegasi of a Feather: In the Land of Bored and Broken- Part One of the Iris of Immortality Trilogy.

Sort et Coincidence- Part Three of the Claw Storyline.

A Taste of Desert Hospitality- Part four of the Claw Storyline.


(List of locations and characters to possibly be introduced in that area, as well as threads that have taken place there)


Talinopolis- Pathfinder and the City of the Griffons


Everfree Forest(likely multiple times)


Canterlot- Pegasi of a Feather: In the Land of Bored and Broken



Painted Pinto Desert

Roughrider Ridge




Gallopcus Islands


Clopton Shores

Neighphes Delta

Soggalong Swamps

Suntrot Bay

Seasaddle Bay


(Some may have a full set dedicated to them, others only a thread, some only part of a thread. New locations are as always welcomes.)


Orb of Overwatch- The Orb of Overwatch's legend is that a paranoid princess used it to investigate her subjects for rebellion. This is truthfully what it does by itself, as it can pierce the heart and soul of any pony to discern the truth.

The Iris of Immortality- Used by the followers of a prince to keep their poisoned prince alive. Said to grant immortality and perfection o form, the Iris of Immortality may or may not grant it. However, it does help give the staff it's power...

Saxon Staff- After trying to take the throne from his brother, an evil prince attempts to wield ultimate power by the creation of this staff. He is overthrown before he can complete his task, and the staff is placed near the Iris of Immortality. Unlimited magical power.

The Ruby Claw- Links the Orb and the Staff. By itself, it is a fearsome weapon said to be wielded by the Griffon Warlord who defeated Commander Hurricane and stripped her of her Helm.

The Amulet of Time- An ancient artificat rumored to have been created by Unicornia in an effort to stall the onslaught of winter so it could evacuate more unicorns from the old lands. It allows its user to do with time what it wills, going backwards, forwards, stopping it, speeding it up. However, the user feels the same effects, making it equally dangerous to the user unless...

The Faye- No one knows what it is, what it means.

Together, these things come together to form the Staff of Fate, a device which allows its user to channel all the soul searching powers of the Orb and the time bending capabilities of the Amulet. He can pierce the souls of all creatures at all times forever, and with the aid of the Iris of Immortality and the Saxon Staff, has the capability to do what he pleases, when he pleases, forever and with no way of stopping him. He becomes fate incarnate. No one knows who created the Staff of Fate or why, and if someone once had it, how in Equestria did it get away from him? And if someone wants to get it now, then why- and can they be stopped?

Enemies:(Used only past the prologue)

Diamond Dog Mercenaries- They'll work for gems, bones, or the sheer thrill of the hunt! Dull, but dangerous.

Griffon Mercenaries- Dishonored military officers mix with criminals who escaped from The Pit to create a dangerous and highly motivated group of fortune seekers. Led by Gavin Stormwing, Major Brenda Razorclaw, and a hyper intelligent crime lord called The Director.

Merlot: Hailing from a prominent family of grape farmers (hence his name), this smoothly-dressed archaeologist obtains antiquities and sells them to private collectors. When not getting his hooves dirty (which is rare, since he uses other ponies to do his dirty work), Merlot can be seen enjoying the pleasures of high-society life. While many do-gooder treasure hunters revile the stallion, Merlot sees such ponies as careless hypocrites whose methods needlessly damage archaeologial sites.

General Pummel: A honorable high-ranking officer in Equestria's Honor Guard, Pummel takes all percieved threats to Equestria's harmony seriously. As an admirer of the Griffin military, the general has associated in the past with a couple of his opposite numbers in Aquellia, who recently suffered disgrace due to an embarrassing incident. Should these ex-griffin officers suck up their pride, they will find General Pummel to be a valuable ally, just as long as he won't have to betray Princess & Country.

Purple Stars- A large relic and antique 'collection' service with both a public and criminal facade. While it is a well-known and very respectably competent acqusition service that has recovered and protected relics and museums from harm, it has run into some difficult times and under new ownership has found itself used as hired hooves in the search for the relics. Some of its best and most seasoned agents will be deployed against the heroes in the name of profit and adventure, while sub-groups devoted to more sinister backroom dealings will do what needs to be done too ensure the success of their masters.

Others to come(Ponies, dragons, and the various traps, creatures and local issues that will come up in a less planned manner)


(Working it out with a few others. There are two main groups as well as individuals who are vital to the team's success who do not always join the main adventurers)

Team 1-

Trixie, Pathfinder, Twilight, Spin Tale, Rain Leaf- Main Team

Team 2-

Dr. Whooves, Bamboo Blade, Seeker, Serendipity, Applejack- Main Team

Team 3-

Arrow Plain, Gilda, Trailblazer, Lightning Dancer, ONE SPOT OPEN-

Team 4-

Snowfall, Sparks, Harrington Sleuth, Fire Walker, Trekker-


Granola Gracie [Whitetail Wood]

Miracle [Canterlot]

Sugar Rush [Gallopocous Island]

Gladius Vigil


Whirly Gig

Kazino Kwato Everfree Forest

Electric Vibe Ponyville

Muggo' Ale [Fillydelphia]

Wind Rider [Hoofington]

Penumbra [Canterlot]

Bowsprit [Gallopocous Island

Radiant Steel [Canterlot]

Lady Luck [Desert]

Midnight Brand Roughrider Ridge (central ridge/mountains)

Arcana - location specific to Everfree (and potentially others)

Vivid Flair - location specific to Manehattan

Sierra - location specific to Badlands or Roughrider Ridge

Rarity - location specific to Ponyville.

Dunder Blust- Cloudsdale

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I am of course in for this, as it sounds like it should prove quite exciting. :)

Not sure which and how many characters I'll try and involve just yet, but Snowfall will of course be playing some role, at least as a support in all this and I might also continue to keep Gilda involved.

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I too would like to be apart of this, my character Mythos Gray knowing of the legends as per his focus as a storyteller and being something of an expert on Equestrian myth and legend. He could be helpful in this venture, though trouble seems to follow Mythos wherever he goes.

Mares and fillies I would also suggest watching out for Mythos charm and (perhaps over)confidence. -laughs-

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Of course, I would use AJ for any storyline in Ponyville, and Madden can be used as well in a situation where something may be broadcasted by radio. He is also known to travel a lot, despite being from Cloudsdale.

As for my OCs, I would like to include one of them, but I'm not sure which ones would be most appropriate, so I'll just list them and you can tell me who you think would fit best.

Granola Gracie [Whitetail Wood] - Botanical earth pony, loves plants, very awkward socially, has a hostile pet venus flytrap, gets overly emotional easily and cries needlessly at times.

Arrow Plain [Appleloosa] - Younger pony, adolescent filly, total brat, but loves adventure, has personal grudge against all pegasus ponies in Equestria, got her cutie mark while having a life threatening experience in the painted pinto desert.

Miracle [Canterlot] - Average age mare, unicorn, very superstitious, is convinced she is bad luck, has the ability to predict when something bad is going to happen, but doesn't know what that something will be, over-emotional, bi-polar, overweight, has a ridiculous appetite, and in oblivious to several social blunders she makes.

Sugar Rush [Gallopocous Island] - Sugar cane farmer, very social and friendly, Braeburn-esque, high energy, loves sugar, sometimes takes things too far, doesn't give others a chance to talk to him, lacks listening skills.


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I so want in on this.

So, let's see. The most suitable OC obviously would be Seeker, self-taught archaeologist and scholar of early pony societies, and well versed in surviving in the wild and the desert, and possesses basic mechanical skills. He's thoughtful and serious most of the time, and takes pride in his chosen profession. Plus he comes with a free dog. :D

He travels all over Equestria, but the best place to meet him would probably be the Painted Pinto Desert.

Other then that there is also Milky Quartz, who currently travels through the Heartland on search for her mother. She's more of an oddjob, if anything, and I'd like to have her in a supporting role somewhere down the line. She's kinda brash and easily annoyable, and is known to snap and just pounce a pony without warning. She's also a little worldly innocent, having only a rough idea how society works, or bits.

She's a desert native as well, but she hasn't returned there ever since she travelled to the heartland.

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:D I am TOTALLY in! This looks like a blast!

Ponyville- Scootaloo at your service! *hoof salute*. I think even though she's a foal, Scootaloo is crazy about adventure and could really play into the comedy aspect of it all.

Cloudsdale- My OC Lightning Dancer is a speed flyer, a member of the AeroBlades. She'd be great at helping you fight, inspect, and scout.

Everfree Forest- My OC Kazina Kwato, a zebra, has no fear of the Everfree forest and knows it well! She's a runner and a potter, career wise. While the pottery isn't too useful, when you need speed she's the gal! She's from Unyasi, and knows folklore and nature like the back of her hoof. She could help to guide, or help to weave the tales. Or, you know, just be there to tell you what plants not to eat. ;)

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I'll be happy to lend my OC, Dr. Spin Tale, to this RP series. He's been professionally trained as a historian and is currently the curator of the Canterlot Army Historical Society's small museum. Do note: he's constantly worried about money, so he may end up working for the highest bidder (as long as the highest bidder doesn't behave too criminally, of course). :P

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This sounds awesome! I have an OC Ursa Growls I would be able to use. Ex REA, now an adventurer! Most often he is travelling around Equestria so I'm not sure exactly where the best place for an introduction would be though.

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still at work, can't update op. will add phil's characters(Snowfall and Gilda) as well as Trixie and whooves later. for those who have expressed interest, do you wish to be a part of the main core groups or the location-specific groups?

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Dr. Spin Tale won't be able to join in on the two main adventurer groups, since he has *cough* a real job and all (no offence, adventurer OCs XD). Unless coerced, he'll stay behind in Canterlot.

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I think I'd like for my OC Electric Vibe be location specific for Ponyville.

I think I'd want Orange Wafer for the main core group, but she has yet to be approved after my next app. So she'd probably jump in a little later. She fits the main idea of the RP better.

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Seem my post didn't go through, I would like Mythos to be part of the main groups to actually travel from place to place. He has many skills and much knowledge and thus I feel he would be a good fit.

Though if I need to I can have him be an information broker/informer that can be found in Canterlot, as in truth that is actually one of his jobs mentioned in his bio. For a price he is willing to get whatever story or information needed, not caring on how it will be used or even if those that hire him are of unsavory feel.

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I could see my adventuring Pegasus, Fire Walker getting involved in this. She's normally based in Canterlot but she could end up anywhere..Although I'd probably avoid the Unyasi, since she is doing an epic type quest there in another RP ( )

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I think Lightning and Kazina could fit into the core groups well. Scootaloo, well, shes a foal who goes to school. She has her OWN adventures to take care of. But the other two dont have super demanding jobs, so I think it would be no problem to bring them along. They would prove quite useful, guaranteed!

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I'm intrigued. I don't know if I can commit the time right now (I think one of my threads may be drawing to a close though) but I'll tentatively put my name down.

I know you invited Lyra, and I'm sure she can come along (perhaps she and Bon Bon will travel together?) but I also have an OC I might app (the one currently my avatar):


His name is Elixir, an alchemist pony.

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This seems nice. I can prolly use my Griffon on this when you reach Stalliongrad. Right now I'm busy with stuff IRL so I'm more of a wait and see mood at this point.

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I apologize. Massive delays kept me. I was also busy talking and organizing. I will be updating OP later and will be splitting people off into one of three POSSIBLE positions:

1- Location Specific- I'd prefer if we kept you in a specific area. This doesn't mean you are tied to it, just that your RPs need to use it as a base. You may still form your own team of some sort and use this as an over-arching structure, however.

2- Support- Between Location and Main, you're involved with your team long term but often from a distance.

3- Main- The main pushers of the RP.

This is not, and I repeat not, a decision made on pure RP Skill, but on how I see characters gelling for maximum lulz manufacture and development of character.

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