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Batman Arkham city review


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Deadpool here everypony, and today I have a special guest on my show. THE DARK KNIGHT HIMSELF!


Remind me how you talked me into this? I don't even like ponies, I'm the god da-.

Language, Batman!

But you curse more than I do in the comics!

Yes, and we all know how well that got me with the movie department.

Anyway, what can I say about Batman, he is BATMAN! I'm A MARVEL and I even love the heck out of the guy. He has so much media, you don't even need to read the comics just to know every last villain and hero in his mythos, and despite how awesome Deathstroke and Nightwing are, noone in the DC universe is cooler than Batman (In fact, noone in the DC universe has a movie that is CARED ABOUT but Batman)

So does the game do him justice?

Okay, let's start with gameplay.

It is beat em up (a type of game we need WAY more of), controls for combat are great and responsive, you can string a combo together and fluently go straight to a counter attack along with a variety of weapons and combos at your disposal, Crime gets owned like never before. along with fun and violent. Really, I have never SEEN so much violence in a T rated game. It's so freaking dark you might as well rate it M, same thing with the Nolan movies. (Okay maybe that's exaggerated with the Nolan movies). But, unfortunately, they went for the magical T rating, with lack of blood, cursing, and other things that would have fit perfectly in the games atmosphere.

You know, there is more to being a hero then just pounding faces in.

Thats the next bat point actually, the bat game has many more bat ways to bat approach the bat combat. Batman beats his enemies with bat stealth, but like Assassins Creed, the great bat thing is the bat game doesn't FORCE bat stealth on you, and you use bat stealth the same way the Batman does in most of his bat media, bat Element of bat surprise to take out one or two, then take out the rest with your bat fist.

You know I don't say bat before every word right?

Shut your bat mouth.

Anyway it's a great game so far, but what about the enviroments.


Who let Christian Bale in here, ADAM WEST IS FUNNIER!

The environments are the dark and creepy environments you'd expect from one of my movies or games. Tall buildings for me to stalk crime in the night. You can find various missions and battles across the area in Arkham city,

(Deadpool's note: My ending conversation with Batman could be easily deemed offensive by many people, however regardless of this, I am posting it here just because I BURNED him so dang hard, viewer discretion is advised,only click the link if you are 13 or older, and remember, this joke is not intended to offend, and should be taken with a grain of salt)

By the way, Deadpool, I can't wait for your movie to come out 20 years from now.


I heard your's is doing great in Colorado.


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