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Forum Roleplay Awards- Best Earth Pony OC


Forum Roleplay Awards- Best Earth Pony OC  

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  1. 1. Who is the Best Earth Pony OC

    • Carrot Fields
    • Martel
    • Valen Orange

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The following three nominees are for Best Earth Pony OC. For your consideration...

Brianblackberry's OC, Carrot Fields -

A mainstay of our forum practically since the beginning, this carrot farmer with his head in the stars has had more than enough time to make a lot of good impressions. Brianblackberry has imbued this Ponyville stallion with charisma to spare as he's expertly defined this memorable guy.

Banhammer's OC, Martel -

Strong, sturdy and striking, this Germane stallion is always bound to make quite the impression, especially as he is played so well by Bannhammer. With his trusty hammer Zornstahl at his side, he is imposing and talented mercenary more than able to make his enemy's squirm in fear.

SteelEagle's OC, Valen Orange-

This little Orange is nothing but sweet! A Manehattan youth with a bright attitude and an unfortunate knack for unearthing trouble wherever he goes, in the charming earth pony colt, SteelEagle has found a fantastic RP pony with hidden depth.

There is a both a link to a log as well as the application for every character. Who is the best Earth Pony OC of them all?

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