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Need Bronies with Programming/Art Know-how! MLP:MMO

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My team is starting a new project! MLP: Multiplayer is Magic MMO!

However, not everyone is a Brony over here at the studio. And that is where you come in! I need Bronies who are willing to *JOIN* my team and make an MMO. However, this isn't a onetime thing! I want people to join my team to make more games, movies, music and more! The company however, isn't quite started yet, there is still plenty of paperwork, myself and the other founding partners need to do! Open-Source games are all we can do right now, and thats all we need!

If you would like to join and have some programming or graphics artistry skills or would like to learn some along the way, contact me below!


Joseph "TheMuffinMan" H, C.E.O

T'si Ma Studios

E-Mail: tsimastudios@gmail.com

Skype: tsimastudios

Or feel free to PM me, here or on the Minecraft Forum or even on the T'si Ma Studios forum!

MC Forum: TheMuffinMan_TMS

TMS Forum: unavailable at the moment :(

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