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Dark environment RP OOC (Inspired by Arkham City)


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We've seen the beauty of Equestria, but what about the other parts?

It's been nearly 3 years since Detrot (Detroit) went down hill, high crime rates, super villians, police too terrified to do their own job, a power crazed mayor who bends the rules to win the election, and few vigilantes who are brave enough to fight the evil in the shadows of the buildings that block out the sunlight.

An organization known as Change Makers has been built to stop the mafia and mutated ponies from taking over

Characters so far:

Whacky Wilson/Deadpony: Whacky is a mercenary who's cutiemark is a comic book speech bubble due to his wisecracking mouth, in the events of Detrot outbreak, Whacky was given an amazing healing factor and effectively made a mutant, he is a master in firearms and ninja weapons.

He will do whatever it takes to get his kill.

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