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I'm Going Back To The Cruel Mistress Known As Fanfics


Pick Ze FanFic  

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  1. 1. Which Title Interests You?

    • Dashie & Me
    • How I Became Insane
    • The Darkness
    • The Perfect Soul
    • Rebel Bounty Hunters
    • Leaving You In The Dust
    • Please,Stop
    • Tears Of Our Love
    • The Clop Of The Cowgirl

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Okay yeah I'm just gonna drop everything and do a fanfic on my deviantart alright?Okay!I have some ideas already but I don't know.In the poll will be things I thought up and you get to pick which one interests you BY THE TITLE!Yay!I will do whichever first.Not all of them are ponies though!Ha didn't expect THAT did you?Oh and if you want you could put the name and basic info about an OC you want in a story down there and I might put him/her in!!!!!That is about it but expect that every story will star a cast character!Okay go time is now.Some might not even be ponies and some are with original characters in original universes that means it's not even a fanfic.A few might even star me.

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