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Flitter [FINAL]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP

Name: Flitter

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Pegasus

Eye colour: #AF68AA- Bouquet (a type of lavender)

Coat colour: #cfc1ee- Moon Raker (a very light gray-lavender)

Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: #d4feec - Aero Blue (a very light blue-green colour). Her mane and tail tend to be rather straight with only a slight waviness. Flitter's mane is parted to the left and she typically wears a pink-violet (#eb7cf7) colored bow with it.

Physique: Average. She is not particularly athletic but is good physical health and has the typical slim form of a pegasus.

Cutie Mark: Three Dragonflies


Origin/Residence: Originally from a village outside of Hoofington, she studied at the university of Equestia-Hoofington. Currently she lives in Ponyville doing graduate work.

Occupation: Graduate level biology student

Motivation: Flitter main goal in life is to become a biologist and someday make a real difference in that field of study that would someday help ponies in a real way better understand the natural world that so influences their lives.

Likes: (optional) Speed flying, cloud diving, animals, insects, science, parties, gaming, techno music

Dislikes: (optional) Dry weather, superstitions, the phrase "Only unicorns have magic."

Character Summary:


Flitter grew up having a typical rural village upbringing, knowing most of the colts and fillies her age and having a fairly uneventful foalhood. Not being popular, she had a small but close circle of friends of which she was the only pegasus; this she found to her advantage as she became the unofficial scout of the group whenever they got into the usual mischief young, bored ponies found themselves involved in. Unfortunately for the foals, they weren't very good at not being caught and little Flitter spent a lot of time grounded. It was during these regular confinements that the young filly started to spend more time reading, especially fascinated by books about various plants and animals. Over time, her general reading interests focused more on books about nature and biology, and she enjoyed observing and studying the various critters, and collecting the various plants around her home.

Being a pegasus, she was sent to the Junior Flight Camp in Cloudsdale for a couple years of flight lessons, a routine rite of passage for most young pegasai. While Flitter had above-average flight skills, it was offset by her tendency for her busy and curious mind to wander and daydream, especially when she could watch other flying animals.

After returning home, Flitter became more determined to pursue her special interests - the study of nature, and her enthusiasm for biology. She wanted to help ponies better understand the world around them, and how they interacted with that world. Her grades were good as she attended the local university where she earned her degree in biology, and as she moved into her advanced studies, she especially focused on the subconscious effects of the natural magic of ponies and other plants and animals, as they interacted ot form a stable ecosystem. Eventually, she moved to Ponyville for field study and research, especially for study on the nearby Everfree Forest, which has hundreds of specimens never seen by pony.

It was in Ponyville were Flitter met Cloudchaser in one of several town events, the geeky pegasus hoping to make some new friends and find a social outlet. The two became fast friends, and Cloudchaser helped to draw Flitter out, giving her a makeover and taking her to more parties and social events. Flitter found she really loved dancing and fast beats. Over a short time, the two became inseparable and complimented each other's personalities well, growing very close and developing a relationship.


Flitter's parents are what most ponies would call "average country folks", who still reside outside of a small village near Hoofington. Her father, Rain Runner, was the local head weather pony for the village. Her mother, Leaf Breeze, was a herb gardener. Flitter still maintains regular contact with her folks, despite living in her own loft in Ponyville. The folks, having very different jobs themselves are pretty open-minded about what their daughter wants to do with her life.

Cutie Mark Story

Flitter always held a usually high affinity for the plants and animals when growing up, some saying she took after her herbalist mother. That interest began to hone into a more focused desire to understand the living things of Equestria during the frequent groundings she found herself in as a young filly, meaning she was either helping in the gardens, or observing from and reading up on various critters from her room. She was particularly fascinated by the dragonflies that frequented the various bushes outside of her room. As much as she liked to watch them, she could only observe them as long as they stayed. One day her curiously got the better of her and she followed them around all day, observing how they acted, and more interestingly, interacted with the world around them. Despite finding herself lost, she was more enthralled by the amazing life of the forest than her predicament, enough that she finally felt she knew what she wanted to do in life, hence her cutie mark appeared. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Flitter, her parents soon found her and she had to spend another week grounded, but to her it was easily worth it.


Flitter is prone to periods of self-doubt and indecisiveness, while not debilitating it can lead to her having a reputation for being a “stick in the mud”. This also causes her to sometime simply follow the crowd or go with whatever others want to do in their rash decisions even if it’s not a good course of action. These personality traits also occasionally lead to her feeling she has to try extra hard to fit in, sometimes causes her to go along with a crowd when try behavior poorly (like laughing at another pony’s misfortune), although she feels pretty guilty afterwards.


Although Flitter has learned to be social and generally outgoing, she is still rather reserved, and is prone to shyness if attention somehow signally focuses on her. In gatherings she will often let others take the lead and she is usually willing to at least voice her opinion as the voice of caution when it comes to anything seen as risky. Flitter can be also pretty bookish at times, especially when she is enthralled with whatever she is reading, easily losing track of time. Despite this, she does keep herself fit and has some affinity for various pegasus sports.







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