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The Super Awesome PonyVille BBQ (Open)


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(Ooc: Go read here first :


It was the day of the first annual Ponyville BBQ meet up! The summer season was almost over, and fall was tiptoeing in on everypony! So one last bash before the cold weather settled in was just what Ponyville needed to end the summer properly!


Zecora was one of the first to arrive, BrightEyes perched on the top of her head, chin resting on the Zebra's forehead , tail waggling with excitement. In the Zebra's mouth was a basket that was filled with wonderful smells for Zecora had brought some special treats that she made with her homelands recipies! After a quick look around she moved and sat the basket on the picnic table designated for dish drop off, She had brought some delightful yams for grilling, and some sweet fruits that only grew in the EverFree forest; Zecora was really looking foreward to meeting up with all the other Ponyville Civilians and mingling proper.

She went over to a shady spot under a tree and yawned "Oof I do like carrying you little one, bringing you along will make this event fun!" She said as her blue-green eyes glanced up at the bright eyed grey fox that rested on her head, BrightEyes let out a happy "YIP" at that and wagged his bushy tail.


Red had been in town due to his families reunion and was more than happy to go to the picnic! He had dragged his cousin Lady along with him. He sat down a casserole dish on the picnic table that contained his favorite savory apple dish! Fried Apples N' Onions! Since frying them together made the Onions sweet. Now free of the dish he bucked his back legs in the air and went to start meeting people, Giving his cousin Lady a gentle eblowing " Don't be such a wallflower Lady, be sure to go play jah?" He asked. Wondering if any foals in the area would appreciate a good yodel lesson!


Pink Lady rubbed her arm where her older cousin had elbowed her and she let out a soft “Hmpf” She did not need a lesson from the weirdo that thought he was Germane and yodeled! “I Can mingle just Fine Red darling don’tcha worry your pretty little head” She said and scoffed, flicking her tail in his face as she passed him. Eyes instantly on the prowl for any handsome stallion in the area because Lady would preffer to spend this time in the company of a gentlecolt, or perhaps her friend Gilda but she doubted she’d show up at such a place. She then facehoofed going over to the table and put her tray of fresh sweet corn on it, so that the others could grill it to their liking later “Honestly I would lose my head were it not stuck to my shoulders” She said putting a hoof to her chest, sighing slightly dramatically.


Tipping her Stetson back AppleBrown Betty surveyed the picnic area which was near Sweet Apple Acres, her place of birth dontcha know? She smiled as it truly felt good to be back in Ponyville if only for a little while, after setting her dessert on the table (AppleBrown Betty what else?) She went over and teasingly messed up Pink Ladies mane, getting a rather irritated look from the pink maned pony as she fixed it “Ah Pinky! Dun be so sour! S’ a BBQ! We’re here to swim an have a good time and eat delicious grub!” She exclaimed , she was glad to see that Red wasn’t’ being such a sourpuss like his female cousin whom seemed more interested in nabbing a stallion than enjoying the festivities.

You could smell the coolness seeping into the air, and Betty paused taking a gentle sniff of the air, a shiver running down her spine since the smell of fall approaching was one of her favorite scents “This year is gonna be better than the prior” She muttered, finding a good spot to ponywatch.


SilverSpoon was the first of the foals to arrive it seemed, she didn’t bring anything, her parents did! So since none of her usual crowd was there she decided to go down by the water, dipping a hoof absentmindedly into the clear water she sighed, these past few days were a bit of a blur, what with her report at school, the excursion into the woods with Snails and Haywire, and then ANOTHER not nearly as pleasant one into the woods with Applebloom. It was enough to make a filly question who she was in the world! These were not pleasant thoughts to have on such a nice day but she couldn’t help it, there was no one here to pressure her to act a certain way, so for this moment she could be herself and noponyelse. “I hope they play horseshoes later” She murmered quietly, moving her hoof to rub the side of her face, she really did enjoy horseshoes.


Normally Agate Bilinda Pie did not come to Ponyville! She tended to stay in her beloved Appppleoosa! As the neighborhood greeter would say! But her sister lived here, and her other sister lived nearby! So she couldn’t resist coming to see them both! It was so exciting! Agate put a plate of her Sugar and Herb cookies on the table before glancing around for anypony she knew, ofcourse she didn’t see any! Having not been to Ponyville for so long it was a sea of strangers but that was OKAY! Strangers were just ponies that weren’t your friends yet right? Right! She took a breath and walked into the thick of the crowd, today was a good day and she couldn’t wait to be a part of it!

(Part One of 2 due to glitchyness)

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The Saddlebag maker was deeply out of his element here! It was outdoors for one, and while he didn’t mind getting a little dirty he was not one for roughhousing! He felt bad unable to contribute to the spread, but he planned on setting up an area to make some small coin purses for free! Since he was indeed pulling a wagon that had his stands supplies in it. After a moment he had a small tent set up and a sign out front “Free coin purses custom made today!” He got all of his fabric scraps, gems, and other such decorative bits all organized in their bins. It was all stuff left over from the year which was rapidly coming to a close so he figured he’d do something nice and also used up the last gubbins of his stock.

Once everything was organized he moved a hoof to slick back his purple hair, horn glowing with purple magic as he worked on a small side project for one lucky foal! It was a doll with a body made of soft pink fabric, he was using brightly colored yarn scraps for the mane so it would be multicolored and fun, he couldn ‘t wait to find the right filly or colt to give this to.


This was going to be a disaster, QuickLime could feel it in her bones.

After depositing a pot of her coffee on the table, as well as some mixed herb salads ; the tall Pegasus started to pace as her parents and younger brother were going to be meeting her to celebrate the day with her, even though she’d much rather be in the company of the mare she had grown so fond of! Her apprentice was running a little late but QuickLime knew she’d be there soon and would have fun and frolic with all the other foals! On the Horizon Quicklime could make out the shape of her mother and inwardly she cringed since her mother just loved LOVED LOVED to make her embarrassed it seemed…Please don’t tell the barrel story..please don’t tell the barrel story.


Verde spotted her little Quicky-Pants from a distance, which wasn’t that hard considering her eldest child was so tall! She waved eagerly and went over pulling her into a tight and firm hug “Quicky! It’s so good to see you sweet heart!” She cooed before releasing her daughter “I’m certainly hoping we’ll see this mare that you go on and on about in your letters!” QuickLime just offered a light shrug since there was no gurantee Berry would even show up, let alone be ready to meet her mother! Verde just seemed to move onto a different wave of thought all together as she looked around “My isn’t it just such a lovely little town here!” She exclaimed, glancing at her husband “Don’t you think it’s wonderful dear?”


LymeStone just gave his wife a smile and a soft nod, glancing around the area as it seemed to slowly fill with life, a zebra lounging under a tree, two cousins talking, a foal enjoying the lake, it was a very lovely day to be out. He glanced back at their son that had fallen asleep on his back during the flight over and the stallion smiled softly, nudging his boys head with his nose to wake him “Come on now Key you’ll miss the entire bbq by sleeping through it” He said, causing the smaller colt to stir and yawn, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and get down though wasn’t quite awake enough to do any moving about just yet. Once he was down LymeStone gave his daughter a hug before going to try and help the other stallions get the bbq lit.


After his father left KeyLime was starting to feel much more awake! He stretched his back, then stretched his wings, and let out a yawn as he rubbed his face with a hoof and glanced around, there was only one other foal there and SHE didn’t look like she would be any fun, however there was a hill over just yonder and the young Pegasus grinned moving to run over to it!

The hill was covered in daisies! With their bright yellow stomachs and soft white petals they would make a perfect daisy chain! Settling down in the flowers KeyLime got right to work, plucking them and starting to weave them into a proper daisy chain, maybe when he was done he’d give it to his mother! She’d wear it proudly that was for sure.


Lemon Sparkle had tagged along with her family but had a slightly harder time getting there having walked! She was wearing a pair of special saddlebags enchanted to keep food icy cold! Once she got to the picnic table she took out a pitcher of her fresh sweet lemonade for every pony to enjoy, after making sure it was all set up she went over and gave her cousin a biiiiig hug, making the lime green and MUCH taller Pony just look uncomfortable and push the shorter, yellow earth mare away gently.

Since her cousin was being a crabby pants Lemon decided to go see what games there were set up, one group had decided to play volleyball and needed another player! So she eagerly raced over and joined in with the fun, butting the ball hard with her head and sent it over the net “Goal!”


Rosehip had stayed home a little later than she would have liked but she had some homework to finish and she was the type that couldn’t stop a project once she got started on it! And she had struck a moment of pure inspirational bliss! But now she was done and could fully enjoy the bbq ! Once there she saw her aunt and uncle walking off to do their own thing, and decided not to bother them, heading over to the lake she pulled the ribbon out of her mane and sat it on the grass before hopping into the cool shallow water, using her wings as a scoop then opened them quickly to fling water in the air and cool herself off , shaking the water out of her mane and grinned… now she just needed someone to drag into the water!


Alabaster was in the lake ofcourse, having found a very nice rock to rest his upper body on, watching the ponies contently from a distance. He moved to flick his head in a circular motion to make his make get out of his eyes, it was such a lovely day, the kind of day that made him wish his fin was a pair of back legs so that he could go on land with the other ponies. But then again this tail had carried him all the way from the islands, following the sea, then the river to get here! It was just by luck that he had found this group of gathering ponies, and what luck it was! So many interesting ponies to look at, some with horns, some with wings, and some almost just like him but with back legs instead of a tail.

He glanced down at his own tail and wiggled the tip of his blue and pink dipped tail and smiled, maybe having a tail wasn’t that bad. He was currently working on a necklace, stringing black pearls on a bit of line.


He normally didn’t come to these things, but a friend of his from childhood had insisted that the former guard come and attend the picnic. Reaver found the whole thing absolutely repugnant! The smell of dirt and grass in his nose made him snort! The eye that had the scar on it was half shut due to the bright sunshine and was really irritating! So to save himself some discomfort he moved to park his regally clad fanny in a nice shady spot, glancing around at all the others, there were some very pretty mares, and some very handsome stallions! It was a Casanova’s paradise really, but Reaver was in no mood to flirt and flounce today, he just wanted to eat some low class food, enjoy some mindless entertainment, and maybe… He glanced over at a set up of hay bales and some bows, it was a archery game they had set up, and he chewed on his bottom lip…it did look like fun.


Why did the captain want to stop here? This place was not their usual fare! It was a small and quiet town, one that Medic was not used to in the slightest, but the more he thought on it …it was a very nice town, and a little piece would be very much appreciated after such a hectic schedules it was very good to just find a nice sunny spot, stretch and enjoy the- He sneezed then and groaned, there were pegasi in the area and his OWN feathers didn’t help any “Oh mein Luna..feazers everywhere” He muttered rubbing his nose which was starting to turn pink.

Reaching into his vest pocket he took out some allergy medication and popped a few of the pills in his mouth, sighing softly in contentment. “Much better” He could already feel it working, though it wasn’t as instant as he’d like..


GangPlank was just sitting under a shady tree, sunglasses covering the unicorns eyes which were closed. The Captain of the FreeWings was enjoying a pleasant snooze and the warm sun after being in the chilly winds felt amazing on his face and body. A yawn escaped his mouth and he opened his eyes half way to watch the other ponies going about their business, he figured Ponyville was the perfect place to just lay low for a little while, so peaceful and friendly! The kind of place he could see him trying to protect, and the kind he could see potential wares to be bought! They had a great market here!

But that was for later, now he was going to enjoy the BBQ.


HartCord had come to Ponyville because she needed something that she couldn’t get in her own shop, she needed a specific kind of wood from a specific tree that grew mostly in Ponyville, and a seller there had some, while she was waiting she noticed the BBQ and was instantly glad she had brought her boyfriend with her “Come on Deci!” She hugged his upper hoof and rested her head against his neck “Lets go see huh? It could be so much fun! We’d probably get a few of them interested in the club” She was thinking of hoards of ponies coming all the way to Canterlot just to come to her club!

It was a total stretch but a girl could dream could she not?!


Decibel sighed softly as his girlfriend clung to him and gave him those eyes he couldn’t really say no to. He nuzzled against her head and chuckled nodding “Yeah babe we can totally go over there if that’s what you want” He personally wanted out of this no good hick town, there was no city, no thump, no NOTHIN! It was stale and dull, he felt he could fall asleep on his feet! But Hart was so excited that he couldn’t say now, and found himself being dragged over to the bumpkin bbq despite his protests to the contrary. “Babe I doubt any of these losers are going to be interested though” He tried to say it gently but tact was not something he was very skilled at.

All he got for that was a dirty look… geeze women eh?


Ah it was nice to be back in Ponyville! The air was sweet and he was just in time for the bbq! Having brought some pumpkin spice bread to contribute to the picnic! By the time he got there the grill was already going and the smell of roasting veggies and fruit could be smelled in the air! It was enough to make his mouth water a little, but he wanted to burn some energy before he pigged out, there was a two legged race going on where one ponies front and back leg was tied to another ponies and they had to work as one cohesive pony! It looked like fun so he went over first to watch, and then to see if he could find someone to be his partner.


Pepper was tending the grill, flipping some corn ears over so they’d blister good, there was some sweet potatoes in the coals, and some baked potatoes wrapped in tin foil as well! The whole air smelled good with charcoal lingering as a subtle note. It was delicious and she was so glad she got to do the grilling, she used to grill all the time when she lived here, and was glad to come back and be grill masta extreme again! “Food’s almost done!” She called out to give the surrounding ponies a heads up that deliciousness was almost ready to go in their mouths.


Reno’s daddy was away it seemed but his father had managed to get his very unenthused Aunt to leave her busy job in Canterlot to watch her small earthpony cousin. Reno had been dragging Fortune around Ponyville all day, and now they were at the BBQ! Reno went to bound off to find other foals, prefferibly Ruby and Haywire as they were two good friends of his, the bunny that he had gotten from the fieldtrip holding onto clumps of his mane with it’s wee paws as it rode on the ponys back like a brave knight charging into battle.


Honestly the WonderBolt was just there to watch, he didn’t want to go down there and start a fuss, sitting in a cloud watching from above, having left his uniform at home so he was just wearing his normal glasses currently, he sighed nestling down cozily in the soft cloud, just listening to the sounds of busy ponies enjoying the festivities. The smell of yam reached his nose and he couldn’t help but think that maybe he would go down later to enjoy some of the delicious food that was calling to him like a siren calls sailors to their doom…Dang seductive yams!


Tiny was still in town from his date, and was enjoying a game of horseshoes with a few other stallions his age, he had just scored 5 points and grimaced since it wasn’t that colossal but it was better than a zero that was for sure! He grinned and let out a content breath.

He lost the game, so when it was done decided to go down by the edge of the stream, dunking his front hooves in the cool water and watched the swans swim in graceful circles, they were so pretty that he felt like he could watch them for hours.

The fish were putting on a show, swimming in various patterns and spirals it was truly hypnotizing, and he found himself leaning closer and closer to the water.


Miss Fortune scoffed as her nephew ran off to rough house and frolic with all the other grubby earth ponies, she did not like having to be here, keeping her nose firmly in the air until she noticed there was dirt on her hooves, she gasped softly and moved to brush it away from her white coat, “Oooh that..that brother of mine is so lucky I owe him a favour, otherwise he’d never get me to come to such..such a DREADFUL place” She hissed icly under her breath, though noticed a patch of beautiful sky blue flowers nearby.

The florist in her drew her closer to the pretty flowers and she sat down in the middle, taking a deep breath and took in the sweet and light fragrance “Alright then.. maybe it’s not too terribly awful” She mused to herself


Ooh wee! Was he going to enjoy a shindig ! He had heard about the bbq and since he was coming through here to get some supplies he couldn’t get quite yet in Appleoosa, like some new quills and parchment paper to do his finances on. He shoved a plate of his apple slices glazed with his home grown honey to contribute and went to go play a game of horseshoes, a small stallion had just lost the game but was taking it well so HoneySuckle flashed him a grin waving, taking his spot in the game “Ah-lright best two outa threeh?” He asked.


Nuqua was crouched low, eyes narrowed in concentration as his target perched upon a rock ready to meet it’s maker! Nuqua smirked and then flung himself at it, tackling the poor frog that had just been minding his own business and then BAM colt out of nowhere! The little Zebra smirked and held the frog in his hooves proudly; his parents were mingling in the crowd, speaking to family friends and other such leaving the little mute to his own business.

Nuqua looked the frog over and marveled at the smooth green skin, bright eyes, and delicate webbing between each of it’s fingers. Once he was done looking he let it go, going back to watching the wildlife by the creek, enjoying the scenery.

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