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What Element is your character?


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Hi! This isn't a prerequisite for an RP or anything, it's just, well, general OOC chatter.

Anyways, I thought of an idea the other day, that might be interesting to share. The idea? See what kinds of Elements of Harmony we can invent with our OC's! Now, what we're going to do in this thread is discuss which Element our OC most represents, or make one of your own (and justify why it's needed for friendship)! And please, for the love of ADWEIQ, don't say gushy stuff like "fabulosity"- it's not necessary for friendship - or brash things like "hate". There's goodness in everypony! But with that aside...

I believe my main OC, Maple, most represents the element of Humility. Firstly, humility is a vital part of friendship because other ponies won't like you if you're showing off all the time! It's sort of a mix between Honesty and Generosity, because you're willing to give up the glory in favour of the truth. But why Maple? In my opinion, Humility would be her Element because she's never afraid to admit that she's wrong (which she is more often than not), or made a mistake. Also, her maple syrup is more than just delicious - it has a mood-lifting quality to it. But even if she sold the best maple syrup in Equestria, she'd never be one to brag about it nonstop.

So what about you guys? Let's hear your stories!


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As a base, I've devised a tree diagram that shows what Elements you get, in my opinion, if you mix two together.

Please note that the chart below is alphabetically organized, not organized by importance.








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Hmm, going just on the original six elements, I'd classify my 20 characters in the following way:

  • Radiant Steel - Loyalty - being fiercely loyal is one of her defining traits.
  • Hopesong - Laughter - kindness would work too, but being mischievous and fun loving is one of her key points.
  • Snowfall - Generosity - she's affluent but endlessly charitable; always willing to give chances to those who need them.
  • Damask Luster - Kindness - he's the sort who doesn't judge; romantic and compassionate.
  • Serendipity - Honesty - she has a tendency to be rather aggressively blunt.
  • Lady Luck - Generosity - her core nature is one of giving and compassion, as much as she'll try and deny.
  • Midnight Brand - Loyalty - whether to her daughter or those who get close enough to be friends, she is a fiercely loyal spirit.
  • Ardent Fate - Kindness - kinda hard to place; deep down, she's a rather sweet child though, with a certain innocence.
  • Starless Shroud - Laughter - sociableness and humor are things she values. Being entirely selfish and deceitful she hardly qualifies for the others.
  • Spirit Flame - Loyalty - another hard one; she's undeniably loyal to those she cares about though, forming bonds based on trust.
  • Dazzle Dawn - Kindness - being kind is her entire schtick; she recognizes the good in everypony and tries to make it shine brightly.
  • Arcana - Magic - None of the others fit; magic is also her obsession and her life.
  • Steel Dagger - Generosity - hard fit, but he does like to help others in his little ways, even if it doesn't show always.
  • Gray Lexis - Laughter - almost went for magic, but his silly irreverent attitude and general lightness makes this a better fit.
  • Verity Essence - Loyalty - she's ever committed to REIN, her partners, her friends, her family and her missions. Loyalty is big with her.
  • Sierra - Honesty - she doesn't mince words and favors being direct.
  • Vivid Flair - Generosity - she's motivated to protect her city and those within, even ponies she has never met.
  • Gilda - Loyalty - almost went with Honesty, but really she's too quick to not be true with herself or others. Nothing is perfect for her, but my Gilda is the sort who can become rather attached in ways that aren't obvious; there is an underlying sense of loyalty to her, even if she'd readily claim she's only loyal to herself.
  • Rarity - Generosity - the obvious one.
  • Cloudchaser - Kindness - a number of them could fit her; she's a very kind and good, innocent pony though. It's a defining feature.

So that brings the totals for Phill's Fillies to:

Loyalty - 5

Laughter - 3

Generosity - 5

Kindness - 4

Honesty - 2

Magic - 1

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  • Gilda - Loyalty - almost went with Honesty, but really she's too quick to not be true with herself or others. Nothing is perfect for her, but my Gilda is the sort who can become rather attached in ways that aren't obvious; there is an underlying sense of loyalty to her, even if she'd readily claim she's only loyal to herself.


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Hm, interesting...

Well, Earth Writer is easy: Honesty. He's an academic sort, and is quite interested in finding out the truth of things and telling it, in his own way.

Flying Brick... Probably loyalty; she really is quite patriotic for her home city of Stalliongrad.

Wordsworth Psmith, gonna have to go into the secondaries with this one: Sociability. He really takes a genuine joy in the company of other ponies, any other ponies, which goes a good way towards redeeming his faults.

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Cress, well. its a close race between determination and courage but im gonna have to go with determination. Friendship can sometimes take hard work. there are going to be times that you are angry at your closest friends and during those times its difficult to see why you would ever want to see them again. It is then that your fortitude is tested, and you determination really put to work. Do you have the irk to say "oh well this doesnt have to end this way"? or give up and try not to think about the future you relinquished.

Crescent Blaze I know would never give up on somepony. As neither would I. As many times as He or I am pushed away for an unjust reason or whatever it may be you will always see us by your side. Even if you have given up on yourself, we will be there, we will never give up on you.

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Ooh, I love thought exercises. But I'll stick with the mane six elements because they are the ones that are well defined already.

Penumbra - I almost wanted to go to one of the sub elements here. But sticking to the mane six, I'd have to go with Generosity. She tries so hard, physically hurts herself with sleep deprivation, for the purpose of being a good friend by sticking to their schedules over her own weird one. I think self sacrifice for the sake of others is definitely Generosity (I think a case could be made here for Loyalty as well).

Wordplay - Honesty, because this girl always tells it as it is, never lets herself be stopped by other's feelings or customs from telling what she knows to be the truth.

Swan Dive - It's somewhere between Laughter because of her childish nature and Generosity since she loves other ponies and puts their stories above her own at all times. In the end I thought that her Generosity defined her more, however.

And who cares about my other two characters? They don't appear anywhere!

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Let's see if I can't give this a try...

Fantasy Trope: I'd say something like kindness. She's extremely polite to just about anypony. It is a bit hard to classify her, though. This one took some thought.

Silver Lining: Definitely Generosity. She spends the vast majority of her time making cloud sculptures to share with the world, she rarely charges for them, and she constantly makes them because they don't last as long as she'd like.

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  • Scootaloo- Loyalty for certain! Rainbow Dash is her hero, she's always there for her friends, and she follows through with commitments (like finding her cutie mark)
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey- Loyalty- he trekked across Equestria his entire life to find Matilda!
  • Lightning Dancer- Honesty. This pegasus has strong morals, well rooted in truth.
  • Heart-Shaped Box- Laughter. She's bucking hilarious!
  • Bebe LeStrange- Magic. She's not a very nice person in general, but she sure has the beauty working for her!
  • Heidiara Nobeli- Generosity. She's a nurse, and she loves to help other griffons.
  • Kazina Kwato- Kindness, she's so sweet!
  • Miss Understudy- Kindness is almost all she has going for her, being so shy and all.
  • Black Moon- Magic. The things he can do on a keyboard 0.0


Loyalty- 2

Laughter- 1

Generosity- 1

Honesty- 1

Kindness- 2

Magic- 2

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Going to show Autumn Moon some love here...

He's very honest, more so with himself than others. He quickly came to terms that he indeed had a love for cross dressing and being feminine. Not many could do such a thing and would probably have a tough time accepting it.

The sub groups are very much correct :) He has a high tolerance for those who don't understand his ways and why he does what he does. He is willing to teach them, and let the come to a more informed decision about crossdressing and his feminine ways. (No he's not gay or anything...)

He is spiritually and mentally connected to his twin sister, Harvest. It is hard for him to be away from her for long periods of time and he constantly finds comfort from the things in the world that hurt him. (Such as how he is sometimes ridiculed for the way he is.) If they weren't twins, Autumn would definitely be considered the little brother in many cases.

He is quite open as well. Quickly coming to terms with the way he is, he is no stranger to flaunting it, as well as acting feminine. He may even flirt with guys at times, albeit .he's NOT gay.

As for freedom, he takes full advantage of it. Believing that he is free to act anyway he wants without the ridiculing of others, and will continue to do so.

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