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Hello, so I have a character that I made, she was my first and I haven't been able to use her as the person I was Rping with dissapeared. I really want to use her again, and while this RP check is aimed at it, I am not against a hook up rp. I am fairly open minded so just throw an idea out and I can look at it and if I like it we can talk.

Also due to my work schedule (3-11) and my home internet being down I am only active a little during the day, I want you to know that now, but I will always try my hardest to get at least 1 post up on the RP every day.

Thanks!! :D

Moonlite frost

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I could do an RP with her and my OC Gerrard. Here is his profile

As for specific RP ideas though, hmmm let me think about that for a moment~

Gerrard lives and works in Canterlot, he could easily meet her at the library, but what sort of RP idea, I am not sure. He loves to playfully antagonize shy ponies though.

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