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100 Country Kisses updated: (1/20/2017) Looking for more characters


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We're on the homestretch!  The line is short so I'm making another PSA to inform you that you can join this thread, buy apples and get a free kiss from AJ as per promotion.  You can have as many characters in the thread as possible, as long as it is one at a time.  If you have questions, PM me.




34 Kisses left!

(If the line order is incorrect, please tell me in PM)

Memory Lane, Charming Masquerade, Maple, Brawny Boulder, Luminous Charge, Cherry Berry, Wild Riot, Survey, Savory Spell

Problems and rules log (please review):
UPDATE: Users are now allowed as many characters as they want. Please try to use one character at a time. Cast or original are both acceptable.


-Characters that are inactive will be put on hold when they get to the front of the line. If you are going to be inactive, please PM me. No one is in trouble, and everyone is still being included in the story, should they want to continue. Just give me a heads up.
-If you need to speak out of character with an individual, try to do it in a private message. If you 'have' to do it in the thread, make sure it's at the end of your posts under a spoiler tag. If it is not, it will be reported for deletion.
-Line order is not a posting order, just the order in which they are lined up. If it is your turn in the line or if its coming up soon, feel free to post whenever you want to advance the story. Please refrain from posting too much if you are deep in the queue.
-Limit two characters for each player receiving kisses until further notice. Maximum is now four (4). Unlimited characters allowed, one at a time.
-Please keep in mind that a purchase gets your pony a kiss from AJ, not AJ gets a kiss from your pony. If you want to do something 'crazy' that involves AJ, please PM me for permission.

Questions? Post your questions and suggestions in the out of character thread here.

1. Carrot Fields :smug:
2. Reno Golucky
3. Lore Weaver
4. Dunder Blust :?
5. Gentle Sol
6. Flam watapplejackbyfelixkotd.png
7. Starburst :?
8. Astral :smug:
9. Flim watapplejackbyfelixkotd.png
10. Silverbolt :smug:
11. Klondike :smug:
12. Lyra Heartstrings
13. Donut "Pony" Joe
14. Rarity ajscreen.png;)
15. Pigpen :smug:
16. Cherry Jubilee :?
17. Misty Morning :smug:
18. Pathfinder :?
19. Earth Writer :smug:
20. Thorn
21. Metal Maker :smug:
22. Twilight Shine
23. Opal Shards
24. Bon Bon
25. Electric Vibe :smug:ajscreen.png
26. Princess Luna
27. Guiding Light
28. Mythos Gray
29. Harrington Sleuth
30. Pumpkin Cake
31. Inkwell
32. Pinkie Pie :smirk:
33. Star Storm :smug:
34. Master Mustang
35. Parhelion
36. Prime Meridian
37. Razor
38. Dr. Spin Tale
39. Professor Ashen Smirk
40. Quiet Harmony
41. Ice Storm
42. Heart Line
43. Pocket Change
44. Sugar Rush
45. Moonstone II
46. Valen Orange
47. Mojo
48. Trixie :shifty:
49. Princess Twilight Sparkle
50. Zelda


51. Curiosity Sparks
52. Flash Sentry
53. Gadget
54. Professor Clyde Krashkop
55. Carrot Top
56. Presteza
57. Prince Blueblood
58. Princess Celestia :Celest:
59. Princess Cadance
60. Ruby Pinch
61. Berry Punch


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updated. Come on in guys, make it make sense for your character. It's not an Applejack ships with everyone thread. :smug: even though, we know that would totally work.

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updated. Come on in guys, make it make sense for your character. It's not an Applejack ships with everyone thread. :smug: even though, we know that would totally work.

Celestia is there to just mess with blueblood. Though I'm sure she won't mind kissing AJ to help the farm.

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It's not an Applejack ships with everyone thread. :smug: even though, we know that would totally work.

Huh, now you've got me wondering how a Blueblood x Applejack pairing would work. I don't think I've seen that done before. Not that I'll try it here, but perhaps this won't be his only visit...

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This is a bump.


The line is short for this thread.  If you would like your character to participate, simply post in the thread that your character got in line.  All you need to read is the first few posts of the thread to get an idea as to why this thread is happening in the first place, and then maybe the most recent couple posts to see where we are at now.


If you have questions, PM me.

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Oh my god, this thread is still going?

It's been years.





I just checked it's actually been going for over three years.

RH, dude.

What the pluck.

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It's not too uncommon to see threads go on for a few years.  The real amazing thing about this thread is the number of posts and unique players.

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