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I'm from a small town in Scotland but currently live in England (British Brony! Yay!) well yeah... I'm a little shy to start with but that's just who i am >.<....Oh Also, Luna and Vinyl are best ponies >.<

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Hi, welcome to Canterlot. :)

If you're a gamer, check out the gaming section.

I also have an account on MLPForums.

Looks like Bellosh got to it before you. :P

He's out for yout mod job


Welcome to Canterlot the greatest city in Equestria! You'll fit in great here I just know it! The names Lovin' Moonlight or LM for short, it's a pleasure. (Trust me...its easier to just call me LM. :smug: )

What kind of games do you play? I've been into Nintendo for a while now although I have an Xbox and PS3 as well. Just got the Jet Set Radio HD remake.

How about the anime you watch? Every heard of an anime calle Fairy Tail?

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