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[Ponyville] Winter Setup (Open)


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[/colour][colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy awoke to a gentle, yet insistent tapping between her ears. Blinking in the darkness, she looked up to see a bat hanging upside-down from her bed's headboard, tapping her with a wing. "Mmm... Mister Bat? What's wrong?" she asked the creature in confusion.

The bat gestured toward the wall of the bedroom, where a clock hung. The light from the moon illuminated the face, showing that it was 5:00 in the morning.

The pegasus stared at the clock in puzzlement for a moment, before her memory finally caught up with her. She'd asked one of her nocturnal friends to wake her up at this time. Tossing back her covers with legs and wings, she stood up and stretched all of her limbs. "Oh! Thank you so much Mr. Bat. Now you go off and get some sleep!" she said to the fruit bat quietly, as to not wake up the other animals still sleeping in the cottage

With an up-side down nod and a yawn, the bat flapped off to a small open window, then flew off to his daytime roost.

Fluttershy carefully stepped around her room in the dark. She wasn't usually up quite this early, but today was a special day. Today was the day that she started getting all of the animals around Ponyville ready for the winter. She had to make sure all the hibernation dens were ready, to make sure that the squirrels had enough food stored up, do wing exercises with all the birds before their flight south, and a dozen other things. Before all that though, she had to get herself ready, because this was going to be a long day

She made her way to a basket on the floor, and nudged it with a hoof. The rabbit in the basket opened one eye to look up at the yellow pegasus, then closed the eye again before pulling his blanket up over his head.

Fluttershy bent down to the basket, nudging the bunny with her nose. "Now come on Angel Bunny," she said, still keeping her voice low. "It's time to get up. You promised that you would help me today!"

Angel sighed reluctantly, and sat up. One ear was flopped down over his eye, while the other was draped down the side of his face. With a shake of his head, both of his ears finally perked back up.

Fluttershy smiled, and gestured for Angel to follow her. The pair quietly descended into the kitchen. Fluttershy put a kettle of water on her stove to make some tea. She'd gotten this particular blend from Rarity. It was something the unicorn drank when she was working late nights at her shop. Fluttershy thought she might need the pick-me-up to get through all the things she had to do today. Angel, meanwhile, was preparing some fresh fruit for the pegasus, while munching on a carrot himself.

When the bunny and pegasus were done eating, they headed outside. It was still dark, but a bright autumn moon lit up the ground. Fluttershy hoped that by getting started this early, she be able to get all of her jobs done, as well as her normal rounds with the sick and injured animals in her care. She had donned her "Animal Team" vest from Winter Wrap-up, and Angel was riding between her wings.

When Fluttershy looked at the moon-lit ground, she saw what looked like several balls of fur. Upon closer inspection, the fur balls turned out to be a family of moles. The moles gathered around her as she approached. "Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Mole!" she said brightly to the two largest moles, who waved in greeting. "And how is Junior's leg today?"

One of the smaller moles stepped forward to show off his healed hid leg, then did a little back flip. Fluttershy giggled at him. "Well, that's good to hear!" she told the younger mole. "And thank all of you so much for coming out and helping this morning," she told the group. "We need to make sure that all of the hibernation dens are ready for the winter, and that none of then were damaged over the summer. Can you all help me with that?"

The father mole gave a salute with his big front paw, and the family dove into a nearby tunnel that lead out into the fields. Fluttershy followed on hoof, ready to start the first job of the day. [/colour]

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[colour=#000000]Everypony in Ponyville got excited come Winter Wrap Up time. It was a big deal, and every single pony was needed to get the big job of clearing the winter done. The change from autumn to winter, however, was not one that brought with it quite as much excitement and anticipation. That was, of course, unless you happened to be a weather pony like Cloudchaser. There was a lot of work that went to it. It wasn't as simple as just making all your rain clouds drop snow instead. [/colour]Snow had to be produced in the weather factories in Cloudsdale and brought in. Clouds had to be adjusted, wind patterns set, temperatures dropped and on top of it all they had to make sure everything was ready for it before they dropped the snow. It was a lot to keep track of, and especially so for a relatively simple, carefree mare like Cloudchaser. Still, she did as told and did her best and progress was slowly made. Before long, with all of their hard work, Ponyville would be ready for the first snow of the year.

[colour=#000000]As she continued to make her rounds, adjusting the clouds outside Ponyville during the early morning hours one day, Chaser's eyes found a certain pegasus down below. Fluttershy was friends with Rainbow Dash, the leader of the Ponyville Weather team. She was really meek and quiet, but always seemed like a nice pony. Cloudchaser could still recall her critical role in creating the tornado to bring water to Cloudsdale. She had been pretty cool, and especially so for a usually so meek pegasus.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]She was also apparently really into animals, just like Chaser's fillyfriend Flitter. Well, it wasn't quite the same. Flitter was a student of biology who studied animals and read a whole bunch about them in really thick books full of words Cloudchaser didn't understand; Fluttershy on the other hand apparently just lived around them and instinctively understood them. For the young weather mare, both were impressive things that she couldn't hope to do, so she wasn't out to compare approaches. She was interested in seeing what this pegasus was up to, however.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Heya, Fluttershy!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she called out loud and cheerful, swooping down from behind the pegasus and popping up suddenly.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"Whatcha doing? Helping your animal friends get ready for the winter?"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she added, smiling bright. Considering the day, this was the most likely option, after all.[/colour]
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[colour=#ff4080]"Eeeeek!" Fluttershy's wings shot straight up in fright as somepony came up from behind and scared the life out of her! She spun on her hooves and instinctively began backing away before even noticing who the pony was. It took her a moment before her panicked mind recognized the pegasus who'd dropped down behind her. She stopped moving, lifting a hoof to cover her heart. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she blurted out, her breathing still rapid. "You frightened me!" [/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy recognized the other pegasus as Cloudchaser, one of the weather ponies that had helped during the tornado. She also remembered that Cloudchaser had been one of the ponies who had made fun of her for her poor flying during her first test. The mare seemed friendly enough now, but Fluttershy could still remember the laughter... She was therefore hesitant as she answered Cloudchaser's question. "Um, er, well, yes, yes I am," she finally managed. "I, um, we, ah, have to fix the birds, and exercise the dens and... Oh dear..." she finished, lamely.[/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy worked to calm herself down. She knew she shouldn't be this nervous when talking to ponies, but she just couldn't help herself sometimes. It wasn't like this was some dangerous mission, it was just talking! Taking a beep breath, she apologized again. "I'm sorry, I just didn't expect to see anypony out here! W-what brings you around so early in the morning?"[/colour]
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[colour=#000000]Fluttershy seemed kinda surprised or something. Had Cloudchaser surprised her? She didn't mean to. Then again, she hadn't really thought about it. Maybe she shoulda approached more slowly or something? She wasn't sure, but she was kinda sorry that she had made the other mare jump. When the mare calmed down, she still seemed kinda off somehow, like all shy like. Though that was normal, right? This was Fluttershy, after all; shy was in her name. Still, she seemed extra shy and stuff; did she not like Cloudchaser? The pegasus frowned a little. She just wanted to chat.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"My bad, Fluttershy. Didn't mean to scare you. I was just makin' my rounds and I saw you and I thought I'd see what was up," [/colour][colour=#000000]she said with a typically vacant grin, running a hoof through her mane.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"As for what I'm doing out at this hour, didn't you know? I work the late night shift! Keeping your nighttime weather in order and moving as scheduled!" [/colour][colour=#000000]the mare cheerfully added, waving her foreleg out toward the sky above proudly.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"My weather shift ends about this time everyday."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]The spiky maned pegasus gave a strong nod[/colour]. [colour=#ffffff]"Though what with the winter coming up here, I'm sure we'll all be working overtime pretty soon to get it all prepared just right,"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said.[/colour]
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The Wonderbolt was in the small town of Ponyvile, he had heard that they were setting up for winter and figured he could lend a helping hoof or two, the only part of his normal WonderBolt get up were his goggles since he had sorta decided to show off on the way here...though he had come alone so whom he was showing off to was anyponys guess really! Once he was close enough he did a sharp landing, though nearly bumped into two very pretty ponies that he coulda sworn he seen before.

"Oh goodness glaciers! A thousand apologies my fair maidens!" He bowed low and grinned "Names Gale, I'm here to help you pegasi set up for winter in any way , shape, or form...and who might you two visions of radiance be?" He asked, winking at them both...

The first one was a adorable yellow pony, with deep soft eyes, and a cute pink mane that practically framed her face with a heart, she was so sweet that he was sure that if her hoof touched the snow it would start to dissolve!

And the second one was a mix of soft purple, and a white and light blue fluffy mane! It was over the top, and she seemed like an over the top gal, just like Gale he bet she stuck herself in situations where trouble was bound to happen!

This was going to be fun, he could feeeeeeeeeeel it!

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It was that time of the year again, time where Luna's night would dominate and the shortened days grew colder, but it was also the time of festivals, including the wondrous Hearth Warming Day. Of course everything had to be prepared for the winter season; the snowflakes had to be finished and ready to go, the clouds prepared for their delivery, the last of the leaves cleaned up, and of course, making sure the animals are ready, especially those who hibernated. It was that latter job that Flitter was assigned to helping with, her first time signing up too! Sure, she was a pegasus, but she had far more interest in the living creatures of the world then the clouds of the sky - that was more her love, Cloudchaser's expertise.

Flitter flew towards the meeting location in a rather lazy S pattern, convinced she was actually early. It was quite nippy out that morning, the sun yet to rise over the horizon, although the first light of dawn had already illuminated the sky into a dark blue. Flitter was ready though, adorned with a warm scarf of bright lavender and periwinkle and thick leg warmers to match, her saddlebags stuffed with all the necessities: Food, warm gear for Cloudchaser, and most importantly, her papers and pencils! She was determined to figure out how Fluttershy had such a natural, deep connection to the animals, it would definitely help with her research paper!

It didn't take long to reach the pre-arranged spot, Fluttershy was already there, as was Cloudchaser! Score! As well as a blue pegasus stallion with a midnight blue mane whom she didn't recognize, but somehow looked familiar. That's alright, of course there would be plenty of other ponies to help and she didn't think they would really interfere with her research goal.

[colour=#cc99ff]"Hey guys!"[/colour] Flitter waved with her forehoof as she lazily flew in for a landing next to the yellow pegasus. Flitter trotted up to Cloudchaser and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the nose. As Flitter stepped back she gave Cloudchaser a knowing smirk, [colour=#cc99ff]"you never dress up for winter! Don't worry though I have just the stuff!"[/colour] Flitter instantly pulled out from her saddlebag a warm purple hat with a powder blue trim and a fluffy bobble at the top and placed it on Cloudchaser's head. Without muttering another word or giving Cloudchaser a chance to reply, Flitter then pulled out an equally cozy knitted scarf of light and dark purple stripes and wrapped it around her pegasus love's neck.[colour=#cc99ff] "There you go! Now you're adorably ready for winter! You know how I worry about you up there in the cold skies."[/colour]

Satisfied with her winterizing of Cloudchaser, Flitter turned to the other two pegasai there, smiling cheerfully, [colour=#cc99ff]"heya Fluttershy, we're on the same team, perhaps I can help you personally, if you don't mind."[/colour] She doubted Fluttershy would object.[colour=#cc99ff] "Plus it'll help me with my research; I'm studying the recessive ley properties in atypical phenotypes in regard to earth-based fauna manipulation and you're perfect as the keystone study!"[/colour] Flitter just had a ridiculously wide smile after that explanation; certainly it made perfect sense, right? Sure it did! Of course there were one other pony there, the oddly familiar looking stranger.[colour=#cc99ff] "Hello! I'm Flitter, you from Ponyville? You seem familiar, but I don't remember from where, oh well! So what's your name?"[/colour]

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[colour=#ffffff]"My bad, Fluttershy. Didn't mean to scare you. I was just makin' my rounds and I saw you and I thought I'd see what was up. [/colour][colour=#ffffff]As for what I'm doing out at this hour, didn't you know? I work the late night shift! Keeping your nighttime weather in order and moving as scheduled![/colour]

[colour=#ff4080] "T-that's OK," Fluttershy murmured, acknowledging the apology. At Flitter's explanation, Fluttershy looked up to the clouds. Even at this early hour, she could tell they were a bit thicker and more grey than they were when she had gone to sleep. "Oh, I see!" she said to the other mare, brightening a bit. "I can see how that would be a lot of work!" She wasn't a weather pony herself, of course, but she had grown up in Cloudsdale, and living in that city could give anypony an idea of the work that went into making Equestria's weather. "My friend Rainbow Dash always complains about the extra work when the seasons are changing," she added with a bit of a smile.

Just that moment, another pony landed almost on top of the two mares.[/colour]

"Oh goodness glaciers! A thousand apologies my fair maidens! Names Gale, I'm here to help you pegasi set up for winter in any way, shape, or form... and who might you two visions of radiance be?"
[colour=#ff4080]The blue stallion was wearing flight goggles, and bowed as he gave his apology. Just as Fluttershy was finally opening up, Gale's arrival sent her into fright again, and then immediately into embarrassment at his compliments. Her checks began glowing pink, and she ducked her face back behind her mane to avoid eye contact with the stallion. "I-I'm... um... Fluttershy and, um..." she answered, her voice fading until it was nearly inaudible. Then, Fluttershy realized what the stallion had actually said. "You... you're here to help?" she asked, a bit of hope creeping into her tone.

The preparations for winter weren't as extensive as Winter Wrap Up, on the ground at least. The Running of the Leaves had taken care of the trees, the farmer ponies already had their crops harvested, and the pegasus weather teams were changing the temperature and cloud cover. With so much already done, ponies sometimes forgot that the animals also needed help getting ready. So anypony volunteering to help made everything just that much easier. "That would be wonderful!" she told Gale in a soft tone. Looking around, she saw that many of the migratory birds has awoken in the area. The glanced back to the blue stallion. "Um, maybe you could help the birds exercise their wings?" she asked, then quickly added, "If you don't mind, that is..."

Yet another pegasus arrived then, and Fluttershy recognized this mare as well. Flitter was Cloudchaser's friend, and had been another that had laughed at Fluttershy during the tornado training. But, given the warm greeting she'd been given by Cloudchaser earlier, maybe the two mares were not as mean as she'd assumed. Flitter immediately began fussing over Cloudchaser, draping the other mare with a scarf and other winter gear. Fluttershy giggled at bit at the banter between the pair, but hid it behind a hoof. When Flitter turned to Fluttershy, though, she was taken aback by the lavender mare's request. It sounded like she wanted to study Fluttershy, but the string of technical jargon had left the yellow mare bewildered. Why would someone want to study her? Maybe Twilight would have understood that, but Fluttershy just looked confused. "Um, you want to research what?" she asked.[/colour]
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(ooc: establishing this thread as having taken place before Wonderbolt Academy. I hope this is okay with everyone)

"T-that's OK. Oh, I see! I can see how that would be a lot of work! My friend Rainbow Dash always complains about the extra work when the seasons are changing,"

[colour=#000000]Cloudchaser grinned and nodded as the reply came from the meek pegasus. [/colour][colour=#ffffff]"Hehe. Dashie might complain, but only after she's put the rest of us on the team to shame. She is the lead pony on the weather team for a reason,"[/colour][colour=#000000] she started excitedly. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]They were about the same age and stuff, but Chaser really did see Dash as a role model of sorts. She was just so cool! Every weather pony in Ponyville thought so.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"it is a lot of work though. Nothing compared to the wrap up, but you get so much help for that, you know?"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she started with a sigh.[/colour]

"Oh goodness glaciers! A thousand apologies my fair maidens! Names Gale, I'm here to help you pegasi set up for winter in any way , shape, or form...and who might you two visions of radiance be?"

[colour=#000000]It was about then that they were approached by some stallion Chaser didn't know. He seemed like a funny guy. He sure had a colourful way of introducing himself to the two of them at least. That wasn't what Cloudchaser noticed most though. Her eyes went straight to the fancy goggles the dude was wearing. They were totally Wonderbolt style. Cloudchase could only conclude that this dude must be a fan. What pegasus wasn't? The Wonderbolts were kinda amazing.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Ignoring his questions and other comments, Cloudchaser stepped toward the stallion, staring at his goggles.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"Those are pretty sweet, man. They look almost like the real deal! Where'd you get 'em?"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]She smiled and after a paused added.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"I'm a huuuge Wonderbolt fan. I even submit an application to the academy... though I dunno If I'm gonna get in,"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said with a shrug. She wasn't banking on the Wonderbolt deal. She was good, but she wasn't Rainbow Dash and just generally wasn't sure she was up to it all. Flitter had faith in her getting accepted though, so who knew?[/colour]

[colour=#CC99FF]"Hey guys! Y[/colour][colour=#CC99FF]ou never dress up for winter! Don't worry though I have just the stuff! [/colour][colour=#CC99FF]There you go! Now you're adorably ready for winter! You know how I worry about you up there in the cold skies."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Speaking of Flitter, suddenly there she was. She spoke and offered a embrace and a little kiss. Cloudchaser smiled and nuzzled her fillyfriend tenderly. She continued to smile, even as the other mare threw a hat and scarf onto her. [/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Aww, but it might mess up my mane..." [/colour][colour=#000000]she complained, though half heartedly. Truth was she didn't mind being doted on by Flitter at all. She was so thoughtful! It was great, especially since Cloudchaser was admittedly quite scatterbrained. An awesome mare like Flitter who's kindness she could rely on was the best![/colour]

[colour=#000000]Flitter proceeded to talk to Fluttershy. Cloudchaser didn't know what her mare was talking about when she went into this mode. Big words didn't really get along with the spiky maned pegasus. Sciencey stuff made Flitter really happy though, so Cloudchaser still loved seeing this. She was very proud that her fillyfriend was so smart. She really was the best![/colour]

"Um, you want to research what?"

[colour=#000000]Fluttershy seemed just as lost as Cloudchaser was. Chaser laughed. She stepped toward the yellow mare and spoke quietly.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"I think what she just said translated out to 'animal stuff',"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said with a nod. [/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Flitter's a... what's it called again... a biologyist," [/colour][colour=#000000]Cloudchaser said, beaming with pride.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"She's really smart about all sorts of stuff!"[/colour]

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He chuckled at that "Yes I'd love to help the birds exercise their wings" He nodded "Anything to help out Ponyville! It's truly a pleasure to meet the both of you" He glanced at the pony that asked him if he was from around here and he shook his head "No Ma'am I'm from Cloudsdale! Gale Flurry is the name" He bowed then, the sight that unfolded was amusing, and the hyperactive pony's antics were amusing,....though at CloudChasters question he couldn't help but grin lightly "They came with the WonderBolts uniform, I woulda worn it today but it felt too show offy and really I just want to help out" He nodded, putting a hoof on her shoulder .

"Now now don't doubt yourself like that! I'm sure you'll get in " he winked at her "I 'm sure you'll ace the Academy with flying colours too, you seem like a good flier"

He moved a hoof up to adjust his goggles then, making sure they were straight.

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Flitter smiled broadly at her fashionable creation, which really didn’t have much in the way of what any sensible pony would call “fashionable” but at least it was going to help keep Cloudchaser warm; and the fluffy bobble hat and scarf looked adorable, at least to her. [colour=#cc99ff]“Sorry about the mane hon, but you know I’ll just worry if you’re not wearing anything up there! Besides, you know I’ll help you fix it later.”[/colour] Flitter had a stupidly big grin by that point; her mane care skills weren’t the best, well they were pretty lame actually as exemplified by her own simple style, but that didn’t dampen her enthusiasm any as she gave the hat one last adjustment. [colour=#cc99ff]“I know the wrap-up part can be crazy hon, but I am going to totally sign up for the weather team for that one and help out. Sure I’m not like Dash, or you...[/colour]” she smiled as she gave Cloudchaser a cute little bloop on the nose, [colour=#cc99ff]“buttt I am sure I can push a few clouds around.”[/colour]

Of course that was three months away and didn’t afford the grand opportunity she had before her now for her thesis paper. Cloudchaser painted her as some genius in this regard, but the truth was quite a bit more humbling as she smiled at Fluttershy, [colour=#cc99ff]“Well… I am not a biologist yet! I am really just a biology student, well I mean I have a degree in biology, but this is for the graduate program! See to get the graduate degree and get into the sciences as a career ya have to do a master thesis on a specific area of study[/colour]”. Flitter had to ponder for a few seconds as she held her hoof to her chin in apparent deep though; how to explain this so Fluttershy would understand? [colour=#cc99ff]“Umm.. Well ponies have a special connection to animals; well earth ponies do anyway, well normally. Not the hocus pocus way unicorns do, but a deeper intuitive ley connection that just comes naturally to them. We are not sure on all the details on how or why, but it’s the same general concept as with us pegasai and clouds!”[/colour]

Flitter was about to go into detail to how this actually concerned her wanting to study Fluttershy when the dashing blue pegasus stallion mentioned he was a Wonderbolt! It suddenly dawned on Flitter that where she had seen him before. At the shows! [colour=#cc99ff]“Ohhh woooooooow!! I so didn’t know who you were at first; you’re Gale Flurry! Look Cloudchaser its Gale Flurry!!”[/colour] Flitter wasn’t a Wonderbolt enthusiast like Dash or Cloudchaser, but to her they were the definition of cool so it was no surprise to her that Gale then practically endorsed Cloudchaser as wonderbolt material! [colour=#cc99ff]“I told ya Cloudchaser!”[/colour] Flitter smiled confidently, [colour=#cc99ff]“she is so totally Wonderbolt material; I know she’ll breeze right through the academy! Oh! Since you’re here, she can gets some extra pointers!” [/colour]That may have been a little too much to ask, but Flitter was running on pure enthusiasm.

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Bramble Rose hurried around his tiny upstairs apartment, trying to get everything together. He'd meant to leave earlier, to get everything together, but last night's photo shoot had gone long. Very long. Glitzen's artistic muse tended to perfectionism at time, but Bramble didn't mind. Too much. It gave him the bits he needed to save away something for travel, and that meant the most to him. But then he'd needed to check the greenhouses for Lily, and then he'd overslept, and he'd never even gotten to get his notes together!

He raced around his room, stuffing papers and notebooks into his bag, anything that seemed like he might need them. Bramble had helped with the Running of the Leaves, and with the Winter Wrapup, both of which had to do with his specialty - flora. This, though, had to do with fauna - a subject he'd had a few more problems with in college, and which old Hoss back at the university had suggested he might want to flesh out his research with. He'd gotten only two papers published since he'd graduated, and he really needed a more active academic presence - expanding the scope of his ongoing research would certainly help!

He threw the heavy saddlebags on, grabbed the scarf in his teeth and whipped it round his neck, grabbed his hat with his magic and shoved it over his head, hopped into his boots, and hurried out the door. [colour=#808080]"See you later, Lily, kids!"[/colour] he called to his boss. [colour=#808080]"I'll check greenhouse three tonight!"[/colour] Then he was running all the way to the meeting place.

The delicate little unicorn arrived panting, even smaller than any of the mares here. His green hat, marked with snowflakes in silver thread, was matched by his scarf in the same colours. Three of his boots were simple green, as well, which went well with his purple coat, but his left rear boot was pink and topped with a white fluff - though he hadn't realized that he'd accidentally put on one of Lily's boots, yet. His long silver mane tumbled out of his hat a little messily, and papers stuck out of every crack of his overstuffed saddlebags.

[colour=#808080]"Ah... ahh... sorry ... I'm late!"[/colour] he panted. [colour=#808080]"Bramble Rose, reporting for duty! I didn't know ... what notes I'd need! I'm a little... behind in my ... fauna research ... and I want to ... be able to help ... as much as I can!"[/colour] He looked around in surprise ... this was for setting up for animal-care, right? He'd been expecting mostly earth ponies, but there were so many pegasi here! Excellent! This would be perfect!
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[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy just smiled at Cloudchaser's comments. She didn't want to embarrass the mare, but she'd seen that look on other ponies who were fans of Rainbow Dash. It was no secret that there were many ponies in Ponyville that admired Dash; There was even a rumor that some of the fillies and colts in the town had formed a 'Rainbow Dash Fan Club.' Cloudchaser had that same look in her eye when she talked about the head of the weather team.

When Cloudchaser explained that Flitter was a biologist, though, Fluttershy looked confused again. On one hoof, it was exciting to meet another pony who was obviously so enthusiastic about animals, but that still didn't explain why Flitter seemed so intent on accompanying her.[/colour]

[colour=#cc99ff] “Umm.. Well ponies have a special connection to animals; well earth ponies do anyway, well normally. Not the hocus pocus way unicorns do, but a deeper intuitive ley connection that just comes naturally to them. We are not sure on all the details on how or why, but it’s the same general concept as with us pegasai and clouds!”[/colour]

[colour=#ff4080] "S-so, you want to study my Special Talent?" Fluttershy asked, uncertainly. She knew that her talent was a bit unusual in a pegasus, but nopony had ever wanted to study her for it. The thought made her want to shrink in on herself. Fluttershy didn't like being the center of attention, if she could avoid it. But she also didn't want to hurt anypony else's feelings. "Um, y-yes, you can come with me, i-if that's what you want." she finally replied with a blush. [/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]She was glad for the distraction provided by Gale. When he mentioned that he was a Wonderbolt, Fluttershy brightened. She wasn't really a fan of the Wonderbolts herself; some of the stunts they did were terrifying! But, she had grown up in Cloudsdale, and anypony that was friends with Rainbow Dash got to know all about the current team. "I've heard of you!" she said, smiling. "You're the Wonderbolts' best storm flyer!" Fluttershy shivered a bit at that. She much preferred to have her hooves firmly on the ground during heavy weather. Preferably inside her cottage... maybe under the bed... She was suddenly struck with a guilty feeling. Gale had volunteered to help, yes, but he was a celebrity! "Um, are you sure you don't mind helping out the birds Mr. Gale Flurry?" she asked, a bit timidly. [/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy then noticed another pony galloping up to them. At a distance, she thought it was a mare approaching It wasn't until the unicorn approached and spoke did she realize he was a stallion. [/colour]

[colour=#808080]"Ah... ahh... sorry ... I'm late! [/colour][colour=#808080]Bramble Rose, reporting for duty! I didn't know ... what notes I'd need! I'm a little... behind in my ... fauna research ... and I want to ... be able to help ... as much as I can!"[/colour]

[colour=#ff4080] "Don't worry, you're not late, we haven't gotten started yet!" Fluttershy said to the panting unicorn. Wait, this unicorn was doing research too? Did that mean she would have two ponies following her around all day? Her eyes widened at this thought and she felt her legs lock in place, picturing ponies all around her, studying her, watching her every move..[/colour][colour=@ff4080].[/colour]

At this point, the white bunny on Fluttershy's back had had enough. He recognized the signs of an oncoming panic attack from his mistress, and resolved to put a stop to that. He hopped to the top of Fluttershy's head, and thumped one of his back feet to get her attention. When the pegasus turned her eyes up to him, he folded his front paws and looked down at her, tapping a foot in impatience.

[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy looked up to see Angel's impatient expression. She gasped, realizing the bunny was right. She took a deep breath, then told the ponies around her, "Oh! Angel Bunny says we ought to get started! There's a lot of work that needs to be done today!"[/colour]
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[colour=#CC99FF]“Sorry about the mane hon, but you know I’ll just worry if you’re not wearing anything up there! Besides, you know I’ll help you fix it later. [/colour][colour=#CC99FF]I know the wrap-up part can be crazy hon, but I am going to totally sign up for the weather team for that one and help out. Sure I’m not like Dash, or you...[/colour] [colour=#CC99FF]buttt I am sure I can push a few clouds around.”[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Chaser smiled at her mare and blushed. [/colour][colour=#ffffff]"Aww, that'll be awesome! Can't think of anything that'll make all that work go faster than having my favorite mare ever by my side through it,"[/colour][colour=#000000] she gushed romantically, her grin as wide as Flitter's was.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"As for the mane, it's cool. I'll deal,"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said with a small shrug as she adjusted at the less than fashionable hat Flitter had forced onto her head. [/colour][colour=#ffffff]"I'm just glad to have you always looking out for me,"[/colour][colour=#000000] she added sweetly. She'd wear it with pride.[/colour]

"No Ma'am I'm from Cloudsdale! Gale Flurry is the name. They came with the WonderBolts uniform, I woulda worn it today but it felt too show offy and really I just want to help out! Now now don't doubt yourself like that! I'm sure you'll get in. I 'm sure you'll ace the Academy with flying colours too, you seem like a good flier"

[colour=#000000]Chaser stared at the stallion. Gale Flurry? that sounded kinda familiar for some reason. Chaser couldn't really place it. Had she met this dude before somewhere? She didn't think so. He seemed pretty alright though. He didn't even know her or anything and was encouraging her about Wonderbolts Academy and all. That was pretty cool. She guessed he must be a huge fan of the team if he had his own uniform and everything. Maybe he knew stuff about the academy?[/colour]

[colour=#CC99FF]“Ohhh woooooooow!! I so didn’t know who you were at first; you’re Gale Flurry! Look Cloudchaser its Gale Flurry!! [/colour][colour=#CC99FF]I told ya Cloudchaser! [/colour][colour=#CC99FF]she is so totally Wonderbolt material; I know she’ll breeze right through the academy! Oh! Since you’re here, she can gets some extra pointers!”[/colour]

[colour=#000000]The pegasus was confused at first. It took about half a minute before it all coalesced together for her. Gale Flurry? As in the Gale Flurry? The one who was with the Wonderbolts? So then this wasn't just some fan with the goggles and his own uniform, this was the real deal? Whoa! That was kinda unreal.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Wow... you're really the real Gale Flurry, for real?"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she asked with some excitement as she looked the other pony up and down.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"Aww, man, I really gotta remind myself you Wonderbolt guys can take the uniforms off.... I never woulda known..."[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"That's like totally cool and stuff,"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she added chuckling and rubbing the back of her head. [/colour][colour=#ffffff]"You're like only the second Wonderbolt I've ever met in person."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]She blushed and grinned vacantly. [/colour][colour=#ffffff]"And it means a whole lot to hear I got both the best mare in Equestria and one of the Wonderbolts on my side for this whole Academy thing... so... uh... thanks,"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said, laughing some more.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"I wouldn't mind a few pointers... though I guess we're probably gonna be busy for that... huh?"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she started, going off what Flitter had suggested.[/colour]

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He felt a little overwhelmed momentarily since now everypony knew what his job was, though his ears raised clean up and turned forward at Fluttershy asking if he was sure ! He moved to take her hoof then and planted a gentle kiss on the top of it "My dear Fluttershy it will be an honor to help your town and your beautiful birds!" he said and grinned winking "Don't worry about it It will be nothing but an utter and absolute joy"

Hearing CloudChaser he chuckled "I tell you what, after we get all this wrapped up and delt with, I'll stay around town for a bit and give you some pointers m'self okay? Maybe we can go for a flight? If you are interested ofcourse, " he was flirting a bit yes, it wasn't often pretty mares were in his presence...

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Flitter had a huge smile based on hope, the hope that Fluttershy would not mind if she was part, nay, the centerpiece! Of Flitter's thesis proposal! Fortunately the kind, yellow pegasus agreed. [colour=#cc99ff] "Well my thesis is more than just your special talent,"[/colour] Flitter pointed to Fluttershy's trio of butterflies on her flank,[colour=#cc99ff] "but it does represent, in a very visual way, what I hope I am allowed to research. That is why I need your help, so my thesis proposal can be accepted!"[/colour] Flitter gave Fluttershy a huge, strong hug. [colour=#cc99ff]"Don't worry though, I will totally help! It'll be like I am your shadow!"[/colour]

Flitter pranced in place on all fours, giggling with glee, she was sure that when the university received her dissertation proposal, that they'd be very impressed! maybe Fluttershy would even consent to be a participant in her ongoing research! She wouldn't mind would she? Of course she wouldn't!

Almost as exciting was that a Wonderbolt was part of their setup crew. Cloudchaser was right though, seeing a Wonderbolt out of uniform took a little getting used to; she whispered into her mare's ear as she nudged Cloudchaser's side,[colour=#cc99ff]"is because they look so good in them, am I right?"[/colour] Just one more reason to see Cloudchaser sport the uniform. The fact that Gale agreed to offer some pointers only confirmed in Flitter's mind that her love was most certainly Wonderbolt material, so much so she audibly squeed as she smiled, [colour=#cc99ff]"see, told ya Cloudy! Yer totally Wonderbolt material, I can't wait to see you in a uniform!"[/colour] Without any thought to the social awkwardness of her words, she just smiled at the other two pegasai, [colour=#cc99ff]"wouldn't she just be sooooo hawt in a Wonderbolt uniform?!"[/colour]

As another unicorn came trotting up, Flitter thought a unicorn mare was joining their group - but looking closer, she was sure the magenta pony was a stallion. Well, pretty sure. The lavender mare elbowed her spiky maned marefirend as she tilted her head towards the unicorn while she worked to not laugh out loud at the fact he was wearing a filly's boot on his left hind leg.

Fliter couldn't help herself though,[colour=#cc99ff] "nice boots! I especially like the rear- wait… Did you say fauna research?!"[/colour] Suddenly everything changed. Was he there to write a thesis proposal?! Oh Celestia, some other pony had the same idea she did! This wasn't good, this wasn't good at all!

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Bramble Rose let out a sigh of relief, sagging a bit, and trying to catch his breath. [colour=#808080] "Oh, oh good,"[/colour] he panted, his voice light. He slung his bulging and overstuffed saddlebags off of his back and set them down before him, smiling to Flitter, who'd addressed him. [colour=#808080]"Thank you!"[/colour] he said proudly, lifting up one forehoof to admire the dashing green boot. [colour=#808080]"I got them at Glitzen's, they're new. Just breaking them in today!"[/colour] He looked up to her and smiled a little bit bigger, his cheeks pink from the compliment. [colour=#808080]"And your stuff is really nice, too, really matches your coat and mane. And I've always liked legwarmers."[/colour]

He opened up one of his saddlebags as he waited for Fluttershy to tell him what to do, trying to arrange the assorted papers he'd just stuffed in there, a dozen at a time coming out and re-arranging themselves into nice neat stacks, then tucking back into the bags. [colour=#808080]"But yeah, research... I'm really more florally focused, so I wasn't sure which of my research I was going to need to be able to help today... I'm not really good at animal magic, and I might need a refresher."[/colour]

He paused, thought a moment, then stuffed the current papers away and stepped forward - his foot caught on a rock and he tumbled over it, going face-first into the dirt, a puff of dust lifting up around him. He scrambled to his hooves and brushed off his front, paying special attention to getting the dirt off his scarf, before he glanced up at her again, his face flaming scarlet. He lifted a hoof towards Flitter, his soft voice a little nervous as he said, [colour=#808080]"Oh, my apologies! Ramble! I mean, Bros! I mean, Bramble Rose! That's my name!"[/colour]
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[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy thought she saw a bit of nervousness cross Gale's face when everypony started to recognize him. But he did seem to take it in stride. Fluttershy had never gotten used to ponies recognizing her during her brief modeling career. Gale, at least, usually had relative anonymity when not in his uniform.[/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]The yellow pegasus was taken aback when the Wonderbolt suddenly kissed her hoof. She blushed hotly, and stammered out "Th-th-thank you..." to his complements. [/colour]

From his vantage point atop Fluttershy's head, Angel glared down at the blue pegasus. He gestured first at his eyes, then pointed at Gale, as if to say "I'm watching you, pal!"

[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy's embarrassment only grew when Flitter suddenly grabbed her in a hug. She squeaked, feeling the air squeezed out of her lungs. She barely noticed when Angel, knocked off balance by Flitter's sudden hug, fell to the ground. Again, Fluttershy had to admire Flitter's enthusiasm, but she was not sure she wanted a 'shadow...' [/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]Gale's gesture did remind Fluttershy of something though. She hadn't assigned any jobs to anypony else! Well, Bramble Rose and Flitter seemed determined to stu... to follow her. Her mind jerked away from the idea that ponies would study her. So that left... "Um, Cloudchaser?" she said, turning to the weather mare. "Would you mind, I mean, if you're not busy, helping Mr. Gale?"[/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]She turned to the remaining pegasus and the small unicorn. "And, um, if you two want to follow me, we really need to check the animal burrows. Some of them may have collapsed over the summer, and we need to dig them out, or the poor little animals won't have any place to sleep!"[/colour]
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"I tell you what, after we get all this wrapped up and delt with, I'll stay around town for a bit and give you some pointers m'self okay? Maybe we can go for a flight? If you are interested ofcourse, "

[colour=#000000]Cloudchaser gave an excited laugh.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"Whoa, really? Flying with a Wonderbolt? Dude, that'd would be totally sweet. If you're offering, I'm so in!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said effortlessly, smiling bright, completely unaware of any attempts to flirt from the stallion.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"Might be just what I need to get a leg up on the competition."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]It sounded seriously awesome. Private training with a member of the Wonderbolts? Not even Dash probably had that kinda deal going on. She had seriously just lucked out here, hadn't she? It sounded like a totally sweet deal.[/colour]

[colour=#CC99FF]"see, told ya Cloudy! Yer totally Wonderbolt material, I can't wait to see you in a uniform! [/colour][colour=#CC99FF]wouldn't she just be sooooo hawt in a Wonderbolt uniform?!"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Flitter seemed enthusiastic about the idea too. Personally Chaser didn't really go for the Wonderbolts like that. Ponies like them or Dash were cool and all like she wanted to be, but she was more after somepony super cute and nice like Flitter. She supposed she did understand the appeal of the idea of having the one you like dressed in a skintight suit though. That was probably pretty universal. Regardless, she blushed and smiled at her mare's comments.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Not as hot as you always are, love,"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she responded with an admittedly cheesy line and a somewhat goofy grin.[/colour][colour=#ffffff] "Though I sure wouldn't mind having a nice Wonderbolt uniform to wear for you!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she added cheerfully.[/colour]

[colour=#FF4080]"Um, Cloudchaser? Would you mind, I mean, if you're not busy, helping Mr. Gale?"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]At this request from Fluttershy Cloudchaser grinned enthusiastically. She reclled what Fluttershy had requested of Gale earlier. So they were supposed to help the birds exercise their wings, huh? That sounded cool to her. She nodded.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Yeah, I'd be down for that, Flutters. Happy to help really, 'specially if it means getting to work alongside a Wonderbolt!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she replied with a pleasant smile.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]She took to wing then and flew in place.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"Let's go find some birds to help, Gale!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said to the Wonderbolt, excited.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Oh, and Flitter, be sure you aren't too hard on Miss Shy here now!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said with a playful laugh to her mare.[/colour]

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Flitter was about to make some sarcastic remark in regards to the purple unicorn's ignorance of his boot faux pas when he complimented her on her own clothes. Flitter wasn't used to that, other ponies occasionally referring to her accessory choices as "dorky" or even "foalish", especially when it came to her insistence in wearing a bow in her mane. "Oh!" Flitter looked down at her leg warmers, "do you really like them? Thanks, they're.."

Before Flitter could even finish her sentence, the poor unicorn tripped over himself. At first Flitter just snickered, but stopped herself and took a hold of the purple unicorn's hoof and helped him up as he told her his name,[colour=#ff99cc] [/colour][colour=#9999cc]"You alright? I'm Flitter by the way, and this is… Oh no! Your papers!!"[/colour] Without hesitation Flitter flew up and quickly grabbed the individual sheets of paper that shot out of Bramble's bag when he tripped, knowing the experience all too well of losing track of one's papers outdoors.

Of course the lavender pegasus couldn't help but that a quick peek at the contents of the papers she was now holding, it was definitely a research paper, it even had some of the actual formulas written out, familiar ones actually… Flitter had read this before!! It was a one of the science papers she used as a footnote once for a project for school! Wait.. Was he? Could he?

Fitter swooped down and landed right in front of the silver maned unicorn, [colour=#9999cc]"hey you're Bramble Rose! You wrote some papers about alternate aetheric phenotypes at odds with the primary phenotypical expression for Scientific Equestian!! I totally used that as part of my senior thesis! Oh wow this is so cool!"[/colour] Flitter looked up at Cloudchaser who was about to depart with Gale, [colour=#9999cc]"hey I know him! He is one of the scientists I cited for my senior paper, you know, the one I worked on for weeks to get my bachelorette?!"[/colour]

Flitter was so excited in the moment so almost totally forgot why she was even there to begin with, or that Fluttershy addressed her, and wouldn't have until Cloudchaser spoke up and playfully reminded her about being good to Fluttershy. Flitter saluted, as she gave a mocked serious look in Cloudchaser's direction, [colour=#9999cc]"Oh right! You bet'cha! I'll be on my best behavior ma'am! You can count on me! Don't forget to get Wonderbolt advice!" [/colour]There was no doubt in Flitter's mind Gale would be happy to show some moves once he realized how awesome Cloudchaser was.

[colour=#9999cc]"So umm..Fluttershy, sorry, what did you say you needed me to do again?! And don't worry, I'll totally be paying attention to your every move, er command, er request! Yeah!"[/colour] Flitter was becoming a little overexcited, after all this was working out even better than she thought! Not only did she have the perfect subject for her proposal, she had some pony who she could totally bounce the whole idea off of and maybe, just maybe, help find an adviser for her!

Wasn't sure if there is a strict order here in posting, just didn't want to be in trouble for inactivity so I figure I would post Flitter's reply

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Bramble swelled with pride. She'd heard of him! She'd used his article as reference material! She'd really heard of him! His article! Reference material! Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh! Calm down, calm down... Play it cool.

[colour=#808080]"Oh, wow, really?!"[/colour] finally came out, as he trotted along next to her and Fluttershy,[colour=#808080] "Wow, that's so neat! What a small world this is! I hope ... I mean, I'm glad it was useful for you!"[/colour] He grinned happily. [colour=#808080]"Well, perhaps we can talk shop while we're out helping Fluttershy here get ready for winter!"[/colour]

He tugged briefly on the edge of his stocking cap as he nodded to Fluttershy, a gentlemanly gesture - if it had been anything other than a stocking cap, at any rate. [colour=#808080]"Rightio, miss Fluttershy! I'll be glad to help. I don't know where there's supposed to be burrows, but I'm good at working with soil, though usually it's for prepping a flower garden. You point out to me where I need to dig, and I'll dig there!"[/colour]
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"Gale is just fine Miss Fluttershy, I will be more than happy to aid you in any task that you require it in" Gale said with a slight bow of his head, eyes catching sight of Angels gesture and a soft smirk crossed his face, before glancing over at the mare that was also roped into this task, giving her a kind smile "I surely look forward to this ! Yes let's get to it" He spread his wings then, flying up, doing a bit of a loop to stretch "Those birds are in good hooves with the two of us on the job!"

Gale was still a little internally flustered at Fluttershy calling him the WonderBolts best storm flyer...it was true he loved to fly during a storm, he was a master at weaving through tricky weather...but she almost seemed surprised he would want to help! A WonderBolt was supposed to aid those in need! It was a duty that he was more than happy to uphold!

"Miss Cloudchaser shall we be off then?"

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[colour=#9999CC]"Oh right! You bet'cha! I'll be on my best behavior ma'am! You can count on me! Don't forget to get Wonderbolt advice!"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Cloudchaser giggled at Flitter's response. Her fillyfriend really was so cute. She did kind of worry about Fluttershy to an extent though. Flitter could be a touch excitable at times. There was a chance it could be a little much for the especially meek pegasus mare. Still, she was sure she could trust Flitter to not go too far. [/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Hehe. Of course! Just watch me, I'm gonna make bold strides on the path to Wonderbolt greatness!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]Cloudchaser assured her mare with a smile before moving back toward Gale.[/colour]

[colour=#9999CC] [/colour]

"Miss Cloudchaser shall we be off then?"

[colour=#000000]Chaser laughed at this question. "Miss" Cloudchaser? She couldn't recall ever being addressed like that before. Fancy, formal stuff wasn't really her scene. It was interesting to hear, and from a Wonderbolt no less. She wasn't entirely sure it suited her very well.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Sure thing! Just lead the way!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she started with an affirming nod, taking to her wings.[/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"And no need to be all formal like with this mare. Just Cloudchaser is fine,"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she said with a vacant smile.[/colour] [colour=#ffffff]"Or Chaser, Chase, Cloud, Cloudy, CC, or whatever else you want to shorten it to. I'm not very particular!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]she assured. [/colour]

[colour=#ffffff]"Though, hay, you're a Wonderbolt! You could call me Stormwalker or something and I'd still answer!"[/colour] [colour=#000000]Cloudchaser added, continuing to grin widely.[/colour]

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[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy looked back and forth between her enthusiastic helpers, bewildered. Flitter had read something that the unicorn, Bramble Rose, had written, and had used it in her own paper. Fluttershy understood that part, but the subject they were discussing went completely over her head. She felt like she needed somepony to translate Flitter's scientific terms.

She stared at the two science ponies for a moment, suddenly feeling inadequate. Fluttershy understood animals, but her knowledge was mostly instinctual, or learned from experience. These two ponies were smart, educated, and Bramble Rose at least seemed to be an expert in... whatever they had been talking about. Yet they said they wanted to learn from her? Fluttershy felt a strong desire to bolt back to her cottage. Only the knowledge that the animals needed her kept her hooves in place.

The unicorn and the pegasus were once again looking to her for direction. Fluttershy steeled herself. "O..Ok," she began, "Many of the burrows and dens are going to be under the roots of the trees. Or, sometimes, inside the trees. We need to make sure they are all in good repair." Fluttershy relaxed just a bit, warming to her subject. She knew the creatures around Ponyville very well, and she had been helping them prepare for winter for years. "Now, some of the bigger animals like to winter in caves," she continued. "We'll just need to sweep them out, and clean them up. But some of the small animals, well, a pony is just too big to dig out the right sized den. That's why I've asked my friends the moles to help out."

Fluttershy gestured to the little family of diggers. The moles had nervously moved away when so many ponies had started arriving, but they came forward again at Fluttershy's coaxing. The yellow pegasus kneeled down to get closer to the moles. "Don't worry, my friends, there's no reason to be scared!" she said to them, soothingly. "These ponies are here to help! Now, are you ready to go?"

Mr. Mole stood up, and saluted Fluttershy with one big forepaw. Then the whole family seemed to dive into the earth, and began tunneling towards the trees. Fluttershy turned back to her helpers, and said, "Um, OK, we'll start over this way, um, if that's OK with you..."[/colour]
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Flitter waved to Cloudchaser as her partner zipped up into the air to join the blue Wonderbolt. Hopefully the spikey maned pegasus will come back with some cool new tips or tricks to show off. Flitter enjoyed those, she could never do most of them herself, but watching Cloudcahser demonstrate her latest aerial acrobatics always made Flitter’s day.

Perhaps even more exciting was that not only had actually met one of the university scientists who she cited in her senior thesis back in Canterlot University; but that he was genuinely interested in hearing in what she had used of his![colour=#cc99cc] “Oh! Well, what I used of yours for my thesis was the paper you wrote about aetheric dissonance and how it relates to social clustering, it was really amazing!” [/colour] Flitter was so happy about sharing that tidbit, she buzzed a few feet into the air. Why not share the awesomeness of this moment with Fluttershy though? Flitter quickly turned to the yellow pegasus mare with glee, [colour=#cc99cc]“with your own submotive predispositions, I bet you’d really find his article on nonfocused discharge techniques and the agency of carrier reverberance to be fascinating!” [/colour] Flitter just smiled widely, surely Fluttershy would find that exciting, right? Of course she would!

Flitter landed and gasped as she peered at Bramble more closely, realizing that she had seem the purple stallion before! [colour=#cc99cc]“Saaaay, aren’t you a clothes model as well? Yahh! You were in some issues of [/colour][colour=#cc99cc]Fashionista Today[/colour][colour=#cc99cc] as a model! Wooooow! A professor and a model! Who in Equestria would have ever though that would happen in a million years?!”[/colour] Flitter gave another huge encouraging smile, [colour=#cc99cc]“ooh! Ooh! Fluttershy here was a model too, a supermodel in fact! You can tell just by looking at her, doesn’t she looks like a model!”[/colour] It was true, most ponies who knew the shy pegasus saw her as exceptionally stunning; if Fluttershy wasn’t just so.. Well, Fluttershy, she’d be living the rich supermodel life with thousands of fawning fans over in the fanciest part of Canterlot.

Flitter started to coast towards the first cave, flying just a few feet off the ground. [colour=#cc99cc]“Don’t worry Bramble, you’re pretty cute too. Wish I had the looks to be in magazines. Oh well, shall we get started?”[/colour]

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Bramble Rose was more than ready to talk shop with Flitter, but was rather caught up short when she recognized him from Glitzen Glamour's work. he felt a faint flush rising in his cheeks - sure, anything for a few bits to help fund his work, but it was embarassing to be Glitzen's model. Though perhaps that's because of what Glitzen kept wanting him to wear ... but Flitter was talking about suits. It was perfectly fine for a cute mare to be complimenting his looks for suits.

Besides, his dam had always taught him not to discredit another's love - and if Fluttershy had a great love of modeling, he could not be rude! [colour=#808080]"Not a professor, not yet - just a researcher. And the modelling is just a side job for me, hardly a passion ... I happened to be in the right place at the right time, nothing more than that."[/colour] Demuring, though, that was always polite. [colour=#808080]"But Fluttershy, I can see that you're a natural - you always seem to move with such inherent grace and delicacy, like every step is thought about ahead of time, yet not in a self-conscious manner, like your careful demeanor is just part of who you are. It brings an elegance to everything you do."[/colour]

He hadn't really met Fluttershy before, but his dam had always told him - nopony ever turned down a bit of flattery. His own cheeks were certainly still warm from Flitter's compliments.

[colour=#808080]"And I'm sure you, yourself, would do quite well in modeling, Flitter. You have that mare-next-door comfortableness that many models would give their tail to be able to emulate ... but for you, it's natural. I personally am more interested in your senior thesis, though. My Phenotype research was actually based on my own senior thesis - research, I say, when mostly it was just thousands of hours worth of sitting in public records and detailing primary phenotype versus primary signature, along with a few hundred surveys of ponies to determine ratios of secondary phenotyping with regards to primary signature and primary phenotyping... and then matching that up to family records. Honestly, some days I felt like I was just building family trees for a living, except I wasn't getting paid!"[/colour] He let out a soft chuckle at the common student's lament. [colour=#808080]"What were you working on that made use of my Phenotype research, then? And what are you researching now?"[/colour]
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