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Running of the Leaves: Stage Two- Sweet Apple Acres (Closed: See OOC Topic)


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Gilda's race didn't get off to an ideal start. She had tripped herself up on the landing from her initial leap forward and lost some valuable seconds. A few ponies had raced ahead of her in those seconds. Now, sure keeping your energy for later on wasn't such a terrible idea in a race like this, but there was a line. Fall too far behind and there was no way to catch up. Gilda may have gotten a slow start, but that just meant she had to make a quick recovery. She could pull ahead if she fought for it. She had confidence enough in her athletic prowess to pull through and reemerge at the front of the pack in time.

Her thoughts briefly turned to the idea of underhanded tactics. She had to be smart if she wanted to pull this off, after all, and there was no smarter strategy for winning a game than playing by your own rules. Gilda frowned off the idea quickly though. It was too early to resort to cheating. This close to the start she stood a far greater chance of getting caught at it and ejected from the race by the lame ponies running the thing. Moreover, while she had no qualms about breaking the rules, but she didn't want to use it as a crutch. If playing dirty alone was how she forged her path to the finish line, she wouldn't be satisfied with the victory. No, she had to pull through, at least partly, on her own strength. She had conquered Iron Pony; she could conquer this race as well. It was all just a matter of hanging on and never letting herself lose focus on the goal in front of her.

For that reason, she ignored them. Normally she'd give herself more time to play with the pathetic ponies around her, but she just didn't have the time. She'd take some time to eye through her competition later on and see what they were all about. For now, the ponies all about her were just obstacles to weave around, knock out of her way and on some occasion, even bound cleanly over when it was a viable option. If any of them tried to talk to her, she didn't hear it. She didn't have the time just yet. The scenery was treated similarly to start. They were currently running through the lame ponies' lame apple orchard. She didn't care. All that mattered was pulling ahead and claiming her well deserved victory. She was the coolest griffon around and she was going to prove it. She was going to win and show these stupid ponies just how ridiculous they were.

In time, she felt she was making up lost ground. Some of the ponies seemed distracted by each other and by the surroundings while she focused on the race. Confidence hit Gilda, so she opted to take a moment out from her running to launch herself upward and slice one of the juicier looking apples from one of the apple trees populating the path with a talon. Gilda did always kind of have a taste for apples, and the energy the sweet fruit would give her would be worth the few seconds it took for a griffon like her to cut it loose.

Making short work of the succulent fruit, Gilda bounded ahead readily. She was confident she was making gains, but she still couldn't tell just where she was in the standings, save that she wasn't at the front. She had time. This was a long race. She could still win... she just had to make sure that she kept pushing herself ahead. These ponies couldn't hope to hold her back!

((OOC: meh... cutting this one really close. Didn't plan this round particularly well. Just glad to at least get some sort of post out in time... :sleep: ))
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