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The Coltaran Chronicles: Reborn! Chapter 1 (OOC Discussion/OPEN)

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For those of you who do not know me, I'm Miss Valence :) It's great to meet you! Welcome to one of my very first RPs that I introduced to Canterlot...and perhaps one of my biggest favorites. It is based on the fan-fiction I have written, and I absolutely love the potential it has as a full-action role-play! Now, first things first, I decided to move it to the Free-For-All thread-page so that way I can receive more members. As we all know, Crossovers (where my RP originated) isn't very popular...but this part of the site is :D so, I hope to get a lot of peeps in to join in on this massive, magical, and intriguing adventure that is just WAITING to be unleashed! I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I will!

P.S. Just to make sure you guys don't ask, if you recognize Wheel of Time references, then the reason behind that is that those books are a great inspiration to me, and I thought making a ponified adaption would be an amazing feat.

This will be the thread in which you post the characters you want to be immersed in the CC World. There are a few details on how characters are made, and the rules for making characters. If you have any questions on the information below, please leave your comments. Also, I have made a clear introduction to the Coltaran Chronicles as well, for those of you who might not get the lore or need a bit of a confirmation on it.

[colour=#800000]Long ago, there was a land known as Coltara. Beautiful, wild, and filled to the brim with magic, it was paradise on earth. For hundreds of years, the ponies of the world flourished under the rule of Astral Magus, the grandfather of all pony kind. When he passed on from the world, his children took up the reigns and also ruled in peace. However, no peace lasts forever. The two younger brothers, Stalliar and Coltan, were jealous and hateful of their elder sister Marella, and thus war between their nations Heavana, Rainor and Saharai broke out. After five years of war, the two defeated their older sister and had her executed at the Heavana capital of Golden Mane, while her subjects and two children made it over the barrier-like Mountains of Mist.[/colour]

[colour=#800000]Soon enough, the two brothers waged war against one another, wanting full control over the continent. The war was disastrous, and in a fit of insanity and rage, Stalliar tried to use the Ascending Lights, magical artifacts crafted when the world was new, as weapons. The result was self-destruction on an apocalyptic scale, creating a deep crater in the earth and sending shockwaves throughout the world. In preparation for this, the ponies who had traveled across the mountains used divine magic to create the Elements of Harmony. So, when the shockwaves hit the Mountains of Mist, Coltara and the other land became separate dimensions, unable to ever connect again and creating a dimensional barrier, which only the strongest of magicians could break through. While the ponies in the other land (Later to be named Equestria) suffered none of the repercussions of Stalliar's madness, the land of Coltara went through a catastrophic shift. The entire landscape changed, cities went beneath oceans or under mountains overnight.[/colour]

[colour=#800000]When the dust finally settled, the remaining ponies warred against one another for control. This constant battle with eachother weakened them further, making them ripe for an onslaught of monsters from the crater where Stalliar died, also known as the Pit of Nightmares. As the monsters went out and purged the land, they brought a taint with them that killed off the life it crept on. This poisoned land would later be known as the Plains of Midnight. However, a group of powerful Sages and magicians united and struck back, pushing the monsters back to the Pit. It is there they encountered the reborn Stalliar, now known as Darkwing. They defeated and imprisoned him using the Ascending Lights, and began a new era in Coltara under the watchful eye of the Wardens of the Seal, an organization they created to keep Darkwing locked away.[/colour]

[colour=#800000]For hundreds of years the ponies lived in relative peace, until the Darkspawn (monsters from the Pit) reappeared and began their invasion once more, far more organized and powerful than before. Ten of the Wardens' strongest ponies left, stealing the Ascending Lights and becoming the first Night Children, (Later named The Heartless for their cruel actions in the war following their betrayal) and used the Lights to free Darkwing from his prison. It was then that a pony named Silvan Lightbinder united the nations under a single coalition and defeated the darkness once more. However, he had made a grave error in resealing Darkwing, and Darkwing took advantage of the momentary weakness to poison the Ascending Light of Magic with his venomous hatred. Once tainted, all the astral magic in Coltara became unusable, causing any who wielded it to go insane. This required a mass extermination of many Unicorns, and reduced their population for over a thousand years.[/colour]

[colour=#800000]Five hundreds years later, a young conqueror by the name of Ashmane Drake stormed the continent, taking over each and every nation. Having grown to despise magic, he laid siege to the last home of the Wardens, who were still able to practice magic safetly, in the ancient Solaris City. After ten years, the city fell and the Wardens slaughtered. Afterwards, Ashmane Drake died, his last breath cursing the Wardens. At first there was conflict, but after slaughtering his brothers and sisters, the eldest son of Ashmane took up the crown and created the Dragoran Empire, becoming the first Emperor of Coltara. Now, two thousand and seven hundred years since that last conflict, the Empire has become stronger than it has ever been before, and the seal on Darkwing's prison is starting to crumble away. The Night Children tie their strings around Coltara's throat, and beyond, starting to make connections in the cross-dimensional land of Equestria. It is modern day now, Equestria completely ignorant of the Coltaran incursion and the darkness extending its influence, in preparation for the world's destruction. So, will you join the forces of darkness, or protect the world as a hero of light? The choice is yours to make.[/colour]

Character Creation:

[colour=#ff0000]1. Names: The naming for Equestrian creatures is the same, as are the normal creatures in Coltara. However, Coltaran ponies actually have two names, their Birth Name, and Destined Name. They obtain their Destined Name after their Destiny Mark appears, and base their new names off of it.[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]2. Sexes: The sex of any species is irrelevant when it comes to opportunities in either Equestria or Coltara, so you need not think much on this.[/colour]

[colour=#008000]3. Ages: Ages can determine how your character reacts to the CC World and other characters. Some will not have different dialog with you, but many will. If you are, say, a Filly, older characters may not consider you worth talking to because you are so young. Where as if you are an adult and you are talking to younger characters, they will often differ to you and give you what you want.[/colour]

[colour=#008080]4. Species: Unlike other MLP-themed RPs, species severely affects your character's background in Coltara. In Coltara, Pegasi are usually the upper class, Earth Ponies the middle class, and Unicorns the lower class. Please refer to the lore for more information as to why Unicorns are the ones who are the lowest in social structure.[/colour]

[colour=#800080]5. Appearance: No rules on physical attributes, besides the standard Cutie Marks and Destiny Marks (Which are on the chest). (However, don't go crazy please.)[/colour]

[colour=#808080]6. Origins/Residence: This is essential to how your character will interact with other characters in the CC World. I would suggest you read up on where the popular places are for the RP before you make your character, OR have your character be a roamer.[/colour]

[colour=#8b4513]7. Bio/Background: Now, your character summary will be crucial. I would like to see who your character is, what they are like, and how they can fit in best in the CC World. Now, once placed into the story-line, you can influence it to a major degree, no matter who you are.[/colour]

[colour=#b22222]8. Cutie Mark/Destiny Mark (Ponies/Zebras only): Depending on whether your OC is from Coltara or Equestria, if they are a pony/zebra they will have a Cutie Mark/Destiny Mark. Cutie Marks are Equestrian (I don't believe I need to explain these) and Destiny Marks are Coltaran. Destiny Marks are earned very differently from Cutie Marks. While CMs are found when a pony finds his/her special talent, DMs are discovered when a pony's fate is realized, and thus are earned later than CMs (it is not odd to find a Coltaran at old age without a DM, for some never find their destiny). Also, Destiny Marks reflect the wearer's spirit and soul, not their abilities.[/colour]

Coltaran Social Order:

[colour=#FF0000]The Imperial Family: Consisting entirely of pegasi who are descended from Ashmane Drake, they are the highest in Coltaran society. Among the Family, each member strives to obtain more power and to inch closer and closer to the Crystal Throne, by any means necessary. It is not abnormal to hear about the Emperor/Empress' children fighting over who would succeed to the throne, sometimes leading to banishment or assassination (Or sometimes both). Those in the Imperial Family are identified by braided tails and red-painted hooves, and those who are in the immediate Family also carry tattoos on specific parts of the body.[/colour]

[colour=#0000FF]The High Blood: Consisting mostly of pegasi and some earth ponies, these ponies are the highest among nobles, and thus tend to be the leaders in society. While many of the High Blood are among the Ever Victorious Army (The Empire's main military), a good amount work with the cities, usually as governors or business leaders. One may become of the High Blood if they perform a great feat in service of the Empire. If one of the High Blood were to shame themselves in front of the Imperial Family, it is not uncommon for them to take their own lives. Ponies among the High Blood are identified by the upper mane shaved and hooves painted blue.[/colour]

[colour=#008000]The Low Blood: Consisting mostly of earth ponies and some pegasi, the Low Blood are not as powerful as the High Blood, but still hold significant militaristic and civic power. While many earth ponies are born into the Low Blood, a large amount are commoners and must serve in the EVA for a certain amount of time and/or become a high-ranking officer. Those who shame themselves in front of the Imperial Family are stripped of their titles, land, and property for the least severe of cases, or executed at the Tower of Midnight for the worst of crimes. Ponies among the Low Blood are identified by their lower manes shaved and their hooves painted green.[/colour]

[colour=#DAA520]The Commoners: Consisting of earth ponies and unicorns, they are the backbone of Empire. Strangely enough, they possess the most freed among the social classes. While they are not powerful in political, economical, or social structures, they are not constricted by the same laws that govern the Blood. Essentially, they trade power for freedom. Commoners are treated fairly and given trial for every crime. However, if a commoner were to shame his/herself before the Imperial Family, then he/she and their entire family will be executed at the Tower of Midnight...a place few would dare even think about. These ponies are identified by their lack of mane and hoof decoration.[/colour]

[colour=#800080]Tov'Kin (Property): When one shames themselves to a severe degree, usually by insulting the Blood or deserting the military, authorities may arrest them and convert them into Tov'Kin, or "property" in the Ancient Dialect. Afterwards, the pony is sold to one of the Blood as a servant. They are usually bought by the member of the Blood who they had insulted, or bought by the EVA for labor. Once made Tov'Kin, they and all their children will remain Tov'Kin until released from service. Tov'Kin are identified by their manes shaved, tails cut short, and wearing a Blood's crest or the emblem of the Ever Victorious Army.[/colour]

[colour=#696969]Rahmane: Meaning "One who is leashed", a Rahmane is a unicorn that is controlled by a Soulshackle. Due to magic having been warped long ago, shackled Rahmane are saved from insanity, but are used as weapons. However, all Rahmane are female, since males are too unstable and are often executed when their magic reveals itself. Rahmane can be identified by the silver collar around their throats, and are always near a Sul'jin.[/colour]

[colour=#A52A2A]Sul'jin: Meaning "One who embraces", a Sul'jin is a pegasus of the Low Blood who has passed a test to control a Rahmane. Usually affectionate, Sul'jin act not only as caretakers for Rahmane, but occasionally lovers as well. However, they can be brutal with non-Dragoran Rahmane, since they do not know Dragoran customs and must be taught them by any means necessary. Sul'jin are identified by star-patterned outfits and a silver bracelet on one of their front legs.[/colour]

Coltaran Organizations:

[colour=#b22222]The Hoof of Dragora: Also known as "Inquisitors", these earth ponies are Tov'kin to the Empress herself, and are charged to act as a secret police force, being able to arrest anyone for any crime except for the Empress. If one is arrested by the Hoof of Dragora, they will be taken to the Tower of Midnight until they have proclaimed themselves guilty. Being among the most feared organizations in Coltara, few of the Imperial Family take their chances with them, while none in the lower social orders dare get in their way. They wear cloaks with the Imperial Seal and have black-painted hooves.[/colour]

[colour=#006400]The Nightingales: The greatest among the Guard to the Imperial Family, they are an elite force of warriors and runecrafters and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the Imperial Family. They serve all of the Family, but their main concern are the Empress and her most important children; the Princess of the Seven Seals and the Prince of Ravens. They are Tov'kin to the Empress, except for the Baraki (moon wolves) in her service. They wear an extremely dark-green and crimson colored armor, the dark-green often mistaken for black.[/colour]

[colour=#40e0d0]The Wardens of the Seal: A group of magicians and warriors whose job was to fight evil and keep an eye on Stalliar's (Darkwing's) prison, they lasted about one thousand years before being annihilated by Ashmane Drake. Their home city was Solaris City, now a desolate ruin which is cursed by the spirits of the slaughtered Wardens.[/colour]

[colour=#0000cd]The Night Children: Loyal to the darkness, these followers of evil seek to bring chaos and death, as well as obtain power through the Specter and his return. There are Night Children in every form of society, including the Imperial Family. When someone is discovered as a Night Child, they are immediately arrested and executed, with no trial or mercy. However, sometimes innocent people are named as Night Children and are killed in this fashion as well. In order to contact the Night Children, one must perform a blood ritual, and summon a darkspawn known as a Messenger Imp. Once told where the next gathering is held, the pony goes and submits themselves to the Oath Rod, and take three oaths.[/colour]

[colour=#0000CD]1. I swear to serve the Great Lord, in both life and death.[/colour]

[colour=#0000CD]2. I swear to uphold the laws of the Children, and forget all other oaths.[/colour]

[colour=#0000CD]3. I swear to never speak of the Children's secrets.[/colour]

[colour=#800080]The Heartless (The Lost Ones): Ten of the strongest Wardens in the Darkspawn Wars, they had sworn to serve Darkwing in exchange for power, love, fortune...Coppernicus, teacher of the famous/infamous Silvan Lightbinder, is the leader of this group, or Kal'Kiri (master). The Heartless were responsible for several, horrible atrocities done in the Darkspawn Wars, one of them in particular where they slaughtered a whole nation's foals in front of their parents' very eyes, and then did away with the rest of the families. At the end of the Darkspawn Wars, Silvan had sent them and all the other Darkspawn into the Seal which Darkwing now sleeps. However...one managed to escape some time ago, and has his/her hoof controlling Coltara from the shadows.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]The Bloodhooves: The best assassins in the Empire, they are completely obedient and show no mercy. They employ Ro'Maga, a form of parasitic magical tools from the distant past. These specific Ro'Maga, however, are unique. When they activate by a small drop of the user's blood, the Ro'Maga give the wearer supernatural strength and speed, as well as the ability to disappear entirely in shadows. The cost, however, is that once the Ro'Maga activates, they die in a matter of days. Bloodhooves are used to weaken enemy armies or to assassinate and leave no evidence behind. They wear their signature blood-red and black clothing, with the bone-like Ro'Maga necklaces around their necks.[/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]The Order of the Redeemed: A large organization of unicorns and earth ponies that act as a resistance movement against the Empire. They are descended from the Wardens of the Seal, and have carried with them their ancient secret of cleansing one's magic of Darkwing's taint. The Order is extremely well-hidden and has staged multiple rebellions over the centuries. Their current leader is unknown, but whoever it is has strong connections within the Empire.[/colour]

(New) The Forerunners: A new, rebellious organization in Equestria, it is led by Black Moon, and their goal is to take down Equestria's government, and pave the way for an impending invasion by the Dragoran Empire, who have learned of Equestria's existence. Their activities are unknown, but it is said their spies lie in every town in Equestria, and their numbers grow every day.

(New) The Elemental Sages: An ancient group of powerful practitioners in primal magic, their kind has long since disappeared from Coltara, due to the advancement of technology and civilization. However, there are still Sages on the edges of the world, studying the magics of nature in quiet and relative harmony. Dragon Sages are for Fire, Water Serpent Sages for Water, Wind Sprite Sages for Air, Minotaur Sages for Earth, and Baraki (Moon Wolf) Sages for Spacial magic.

Magical Items and tools in Coltara:

Qai'Maga: Translated into "Magic Tool", Qai'Maga are the most common of magical items from the First Age, and perform a variety of functions, many usable without the user being attuned to magic. Each Qai'Maga serves a specific purpose, and it is known to be dangerous to figure out the purpose on an unknown Qai'Maga. Due to the prohibition of internal magic by the Empire, ponies use these for when they need magical help.

Kael'Maga: Translated into "Magic Enhancer", these magical items are not as common as Qai'Maga, and are often hard to find. These artifacts help the user focus their internal magic and perform far greater feats than they normally could. They come in a variety of shapes and strengths, and many of them are dangerous. Due to the nature of Kael'Maga, many of the ones that are found are sent to the Imperial Vault.

Likael'Maga: Translated into "Grand Magic Enhancer", Likael'Maga are the rarest of magical creations, and are by far the most powerful. Through these artifacts, a unicorn's magical power can be increased immensely, the strongest of Likael'Maga are said to give the user the ability to move mountains and boil oceans. Only three Likael'Maga have been discovered, two of them in the Imperial Vault, and the last one within the Moon Tree, guarded by it's Baraki inhabitants.

Ro'Maga: Translated into "Magic Parasite, Ro'maga are as dangerous as they are rare. These vampiric artifacts give the wearer great power, but always at a price. Some take away the pony's magical energy, others their blood, and a few kill their hosts. Usually in the shape of necklaces or bracers, the way most of them activate is by offering blood. An organization that is famous for using them are the Bloodhooves.

Soulshackle: Created by the High Blood scientist Moonais Rocklance, it serves as a way to control Bel'Rahmane (Translated: "One who is not leashed"). It works by linking the spirits of a Rahmane and a Sul'jin, restricting the flow of magic in the unicorn's body at the will of the Sul'jin. In order to work at it's fullest potential, the Rahmane must be completely submissive and willing, which is generally not a problem for Coltaran unicorns, since they know of the madness that comes with not being shackled. Soulshackles come in two pieces, a necklace and a leg brace. The Rahmane wear the necklaces, while the Sul'jin wear the leg braces.

Aishanidari: Translated into "Blade of Fate", Aishanidari are weapons infused with potent magical power, and are given to young members of the High Blood and the Imperial Family when they finally obtain their Destined Name. However, a pony may also earn one by being a warrior of great accomplishment and proven to be a weapon master. When a wielder masters the weapon, a raven will appear on the black metal, and unlocks the weapon's true potential. When given, the Aishanidari transform into the weapon that best matches the wielder's soul. Runes can be applied to these weapons, but only once the raven-mark has appeared, otherwise the weapon will be rendered useless. In rare cases, if a pony bonds with their Aishanidari in a strong way, the weapon will develop a consciousness. Also, Aishanidari can be summoned to battle whenever the wielder sees fit.

Shadar Anku: Translated into "Relic of Shadow", these dark magic atrocities are as few as Likael'Maga, and possess odd but powerful abilities. It is said that Darkwing himself made these with the Ascending Lights, and given to the greatest of the Night Children. After the last war with the Darkspawn, the Wardens had destroyed many Shadar Anku...but apparently they did not destroy them all.

Portal Stone: Located all over Coltara, Portal Stones are ancient platforms created in the First Age as a means of instantaneous transportation. However, their magical energies disappeared at the beginning of the Dragoran Empire. Now, after nearly three thousand years, the Portal Stones are reactivating, and no one can explain why. While many Portal Stones already have predetermined locations, there are some which can teleport the user wherever they wish, but require a large amount of astral magic.

Important places in Coltara:

Golden Mane: The ancient capital of Heavana, it was considered the greatest metropolis to have ever existed in Coltara. Many say it would rival the Imperial capital of Ashen Gate, but this is an understatement. Home to the world's largest library and greatest collection of magical artifacts, hundreds of scholars and treasure hunters search for it every year, but none have seen it since the First Age. The city is said to be made of gold, diamonds, and several other precious ores, all architecturally sound and beautiful. Perhaps the most mysterious legend of Golden Mane is about the Hall of Stars, which is said to be the place the Ascending Lights were crafted. It is said that Golden Mane will reappear when the world needs it most, and only then will its secrets be revealed.

The Pit of Nightmares: A hole in the earth miles deep, it is the place where many struggles against the darkness were fought, and also where the Ascending Light of Magic was corrupted. Now, it is Darkwing's prison as well. Despite the Empire's refusal to believe such tales, a large military-state was built up around the Pit as a precautionary measure. At it's very bottom is a gigantic white crystal, said to be the prison. It is currently being mined and sold as a precious gem.

Solaris City: Also known as the City of Lights, it was once the capital city of ancient Solaria, and home base of the Wardens of the Seal. Now, it is a bleak, cursed ruin. Despite the evidence that all of its treasures had been taken long ago, treasure hunters still seek the famous Archwarden's Cache, which is said to hold the most powerful magic tomes and artifacts in Coltara.

The Moon Tree: A gigantic silver-bark tree in the Imperial capital, Ashen Gate, it is a legend among Coltarans. Ancient manuscripts suggest that the first pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies were created here. The Baraki make their home here, and worship the Moon Tree as a sacred monument. Created by the moon spirit, Luna (Not associated with Princess Luna), it was a gift to the world and her Baraki children before her passing.

Ashen Gate: The capital of the Dragoran Empire and Coltara itself, it is home to the Imperial Family and the Moon Tree. Being the largest city in the empire, its estimated population is around five hundred thousand. According to urban legend, there is a crypt beneath the Imperial Palace said to hold the bones of strange, monstrous creatures, perhaps those of darkspawn from long ago. Not only is Ashen Gate the largest city, but also the most beautiful and well-made, most of the city having been crafted from the mountains surrounding the Moon Tree. After two thousand and seven hundred years, those mountains are gone now, and in their place are the many complex buildings of the capital.

The Tower of Midnight: Part of a vast prison complex to the west of Ashen Gate, the Tower of Midnight is a place that inspires fear in every pony of the Empire, even among those of the Imperial Family. The horrors that those in the Tower of Midnight do to the criminals taken there are beyond gruesome, and cannot be described here. The Hoof of Dragora makes their headquarters here, and they make sure that there is absolutely no escape for those who are sent to the Tower. There is one lesson this place teaches..."Never anger the Empress"

Other Coltaran Cities:

Riptide Bay: The largest port in the Empire on its eastern shore, its economy is the most stable and it is ruled by a council of earth ponies rather than pegasi, which is odd compared to most of the Empire. Considered the only place close to paradise in Coltara, ponies and other races from all over come here in hopes of getting away from the troubles in other parts of the Empire. Hosting the second largest population in Coltara, it is estimated to nearly four hundred thousand inhabitants. There are rumors that the Order of the Redeemed make their base here, but such reports are unconfirmed. However, confirmed rumors of Riptide Bay say that a new trade-link has been opened up to a distant land, and that the portal stones at the city's docks have finally became active, after losing their magical energies the last two and a half thousand years. The reason for this is a mystery, but excitement is in the air, as the name of a land named "Equestria" resound on the lips of the ponies living there, a place where the downtrodden could finally escape to...? Those who live here tend to be care-free, generous, and gentle.

Coltan's Rest: The military state that exists around the mythical Pit of Nightmares, it is the fifth largest settlement with around eighty-five thousand ponies. Some of the Empire's greatest warriors come from this city, which was named after the great warrior Alicorn, Coltan. Currently, the pit that the city circles is being mined for the rich white ore at its bottom, and is rumored to resonate with magic. The famous Crystal Throne that the Empress herself sits on is crafted from this very crystal, and it is said she can use it to detect the presence of magic anywhere in Ashen Gate. Those who live here tend to be crafty, stubborn, and brutal, due to the militaristic surroundings. The city is ruled by a congregation of military commanders.

Icewalker's Dominion: Far to the north of the empire, this city was created only a few hundred years before, with the final conquests of the Empire. The native ponies here are bizarre compared to the rest of the Empire, and have an extreme dislike for their Dragoran occupiers. Icewalker's Dominion makes the best clothing and armor in the Empire, the natives being some of the most expert blacksmiths and tailors. Also named the Alarr Kal'Kiri (Sacred Masters), the natives are extremely spiritual and hold many secrets from the Empire, denying them the right to pass through the gigantic Coldstone Gate that is embedded into the center of the mountains on the Empire's northern border. Those who live here tend to be emotionless, fair, and cunning. The city is ruled by an Imperial Governor.

Harin'Dor: Translated into "City of Innovation", it is located deep in the Sandspire Desert, and has been a center for science and technology for three thousand years. It has the third largest population, a size of two hundred and seventy thousand. Being home to the Empire's best engineers and runecrafters, it is an ideal place for those who wish to reach technological and scientific enlightenment. Harin'Dor has the largest known library in Coltara, and contains records dating back to the First Age. Those who live here tend to be intelligent, witty, and often disconnected to social and political matters. The city is ruled by an elected official, who also acts as their representative to the Empire.

Moonrise City: Located in the south-western edge of Coltara, it is the one place the Empire had never truly conquered. Being a place of worship to the Moon, the inhabitants had fought tooth and nail to protect it from the Empire's iron grip. After fifteen failed sieges on the fortress-city, the Empire finally resolved to make a treaty with the ponies and Baraki of Moonrise City. Being a city of complete harmony and unity, it is said that simply walking through the gates will instill the creature with a sense of peace and ease. Those who live here are calm, spiritual and virtuous. Also, many of them are nocturnal, and thus sleep during the day and are active at night. The city is ruled by a Steward, who watches over the vacant throne meant for the Lightbinder Reborn.

(More to be added later.)

Patron Saints/Deities of Coltara:

Phoebus: Deity of the Sun, Light, and Creation. Phoebus is known to be the being that created the world and the other Six Primary Deities. Often represented as a floating globe of rainbow light, he is the most mysterious and least-known of all the deities and patron saints, due to his disappearance shortly after the world's creation. His symbol is a hammer and anvil, symbolizing creation.

Other Names: The Creator, He Who Gave Life, Worldcrafter.

Ignis: Deity of Fire, Anger, Disaster and Dragons. Ignis is the eldest of the Six Primary Deities, and is often revered as the father of Dragonkind. Known to be easily angered and hard to deal with diplomatically, he is worshiped by all Dragons in Coltara and was a figure of respect for the once-great Imperial Dragonlances, who were wiped out after the assassination of Empress Dandela II. Ever since, worship of Ignis has been banned, and the Dragon Hunts began.

Other Names: The Infernal, Wrathbringer, He Who Scorches.

Aquavi: Deity of Seas, Storms, Peace, the Harvest and Water Serpents. Aquavi is one of the Six Primary Deities, and is known as the creator of all Water Serpents. Revered among sailors, she is often prayed to for safe travel on the ocean waves, and also for a good year's crops. Riptide Bay has the largest temple in Coltara dedicated to her, and is a local hot-spot for day-to-day activities.

Other Names: The Tiderunner, Mistsong, Maid of the Waves.

Ventus: Deity of winds, mischief, nomads, scribes, and Griffons. Ventus is the second youngest of the Six Primary Deities, known for his mischievous nature and pranks on many of the world's races. Being the only Deity living, he has secluded himself away into an unknown part of the world. He created the Griffons as friends and fellow tricksters, but after his seclusion the Griffon race has forgotten him in all but name and worship. The most notable of his creations is his son, Discord; God of Chaos.

Other Names: The Wind Sprite, Skybreaker, Child who Soars.

Terra: Deity of the earth, love, forests, history, and Minotaur. Being the middle-child of the Six Primary Deities, she was the caretaker of the forests, swamps, and other natural places of the world. Her children, the Minotaur, aided her in keeping the peace. After her death, the Minotaur forgot their sacred duty, and began to change from gentle, loving creatures...into the beast-like, warrior race they are today. However, they still maintain the historical libraries that Terra had left behind before her death, in which books are created and written by unknown magical energies, recording all events that happen in Coltara and other lands.

Other Names: The Great Librarian, The Earth Mother, Treebinder, Mother of All.

Luna: Deity of the Moon, beauty, passion, the Baraki, and Changelings. Said to have been the most beautiful being to have ever existed, she made herself appear as the perfect representation of one's desires. Being almost as worshiped as Astral Magus, she has her largest collection of followers in the fortress city of Moonrise, which is said to be built on her tomb. The Baraki are the only of the two races she had created that still remember and celebrate her, where as the Changelings have forgotten all about the one who had created them (with the exception of those remaining in Moonrise City).

Other Names: The Lady of the Night, Heartbreaker, Lover of Many, She Who Shines At Night.

Astral Magus: Deity of magic, knowledge, innovation, the Afterlife, and Ponies. He was the youngest of the Six Primary Deities, and was awfully strange compared to the other deities. Essentially, he has created four races, where as his siblings only made one or two. Astral is the creator of Alicorns, Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies, each possession certain parts of his being in their creation. Alicorns are of his body, made by his own blood, Unicorns were made from his mind, Pegasi from his spirit, and Earth Ponies from his heart. At the point of his death, he charged the first three Alicorns to protect the Ascending Lights, a relic of immense power that he and the other five Deities had created.

Other Names: The Lorekeeper, The Greatfather, He Who Guards Death.

(More to be added later.)


Earth Ponies: The middle-class of Coltaran society, they are the jack-of-all-trades. Earth Ponies are found in virtually every part of society except the Imperial Family, and thus the easiest race to choose when settling into the Coltaran world. Their particular characteristics include the lack of wings and a horn, being quite the most plain of races in terms of extra appendages.

Pegasi: The upper-class of Coltaran society, they are primarily found within the Blood and the Imperial Family. Pegasi look similar to Earth Ponies, but with the exception of having bird-like wings on their backs that allow them to fly (and as an added bonus, seem to give them an additional sense of grace). So, naturally, most Pegasi are of noble lineage or military commanders within the Ever Victorious Army of the Empire.

Unicorns: The lowest class of Coltaran society, they are constantly looked down upon and avoided by any creature with sense in Coltara. For over three thousand years, the magic in Coltara has been tainted...and thus Unicorns are vulnerable to going insane or a multitude of magical diseases. So, as a way to prevent such a thing from happening, most Unicorns do everything they can to prevent themselves from using magic. When a Unicorn is discovered who uses magic, the females are immediately captured and made Rahmane, whereas the males are executed due to their magical patterns being too difficult to control.

Changelings: A small population of Changelings still remain in Coltara, despite the fact that most of their race had disappeared long ago. While they are scattered across the continent, a multitude of them live in Moonrise City. Unlike the Changelings in Equestria, in Coltara they feed on their original, primal source...the moonlight. Being one of the two races born from Luna, Coltaran-native Changelings still feel the strong attachment they have with the moon.

Baraki: Living only in Moonrise City and at the Moon Tree in Ashen Gate, they are one of the two races created by the Moon Goddess, Luna. Baraki are very similar to wolves in appearance, except their ears are longer and their fangs are extended like a sabertooth tiger's. Commonly known as 'Moon Wolves', they are a very peaceful and domestic race that wish for nothing more than to care for their gardens and families (also, many are surprisingly vegetarian). However, there are a select few who are born to become the future 'Gardeners', a select group of warriors from their race whose primary duty is to protect and serve the Empress of Coltara alongside the Nightinggales.

Griffons: Most of the Griffons in Coltara tend to live separately from Dragoran Imperial rule, but still act as subjects toward the massive Empire. The Griffons are found within the mountain peaks of the continent's many mountain ranges, and are allowed to create and govern their own communities as long as they pay a special tax from the Imperial Family. However, Griffon warriors are highly prized amongst the Ever Victorious Army, and tend to act as special aerial shocktroopers in the Empire's airship fleets.

Zebras: Living mostly in the Sandspire Desert, they live in a congregation of clans and nomads amongst the twisting dunes of the arid region. However, the more enlightened Zebras go and live in Haren'Dor and serve as the Empire's greatest inventors, rune-crafters, and historians. Zebra society is perhaps the most diverse and intigrated of all other races, ranging from practically any occupation imaginable, and any social class within the Sandspire region.

[colour=#000000]I hope that covers a lot of questions you guys might have about this :) please feel free to ask any other questions I might not have answered directly.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Extra Information:[/colour]

The difference between magic for Coltaran and Equestrian unicorns:

Coltaran Unicorns rely upon the magical energies of the land, where as unicorns in Equestria obtain their magic from within. This makes Equestrian unicorns impervious to the mind-altering, twisted magic in Coltara. However, if an Equestrian unicorn is in Coltara for a long enough time, they begin to change their source of magical energy to that of the other unicorns in Coltara, and thus could go insane.

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Introduction, A word from Astral Magus:

(It is highly recommended that you read the scenario below before you decide to submit/create a character for the story. Understand that this is a highly more detailed version compared to the summary in the initial post.)

You awaken to find yourself in a dark hallway, surrounded by gray walls and with no other way to go except forward. As you continue down the bleak corridor, you begin to see a light. You move closer and closer, picking up the pace. Finally, you reach the end of the hallway and into the light, only to find yourself in a large, circular library. At the center, you see two comfortable red linen chairs next to a fireplace. Suddenly, you hear a voice in your head and the room surrounding you.

[colour=#008080]"Ah...you have finally arrived, I see. Please...please sit down. We have much to discuss, you and I."[/colour]

You do not know who was talking, but you decide to do as the voice said, since you had nowhere to go anyway. You make your way for the chair and sit down, sinking into its warm embrace. After a couple of moments, a eerie form appears from the fireplace, slowly transforming into a pony-like shape. You watch, transfixed, as a figure is made, and the form becomes a fully physical being. In front of you stood a large Alicorn, wearing soft-looking white clothing, and a large wide-brimmed silver hat on its head. Its coat was in a constant shift of colors, as was its mane, wings, and tail. You realize that the Alicorn before you is a male, and watch him with a mix of curiosity and suspicion. He gives you a disarming smile to set you at ease, and sits down himself. After a few quiet moments, he finally begins to speak.

[colour=#008080]"I am glad you made it...many do not know how to reach this sanctuary of mine. Oh, but where are my manners...? My name is Astral. Astral Magus. As for why you are here, and who I am, I will explain shortly. Right now, you are in a transference between worlds, and so I must prepare you for what you will see. Tell me...do you know of Coltara?"[/colour]

You shake your head, wondering why he asked such a question. Astral chuckled to himself, nodding.

[colour=#008080]"Yes...I assumed as much. Of course, I cannot blame you, for it is a land of mystery that so few outside of it will ever see. Now, for some answers that will ease your troubled mind. The reason you are here, is because you are dead. You have passed on from your previous life, and are now moving on to the next. Do not be alarmed, for this happens to every creature who dies. Who I am...it is a complicated story, and one I will tell you if you request it."[/colour]

You nod a bit shakily, for you have been caught off-guard by the revelation that you are dead, and now wish to know what this mysterious creature had to say. The horn that protruded from his hat glowed with a soft white light, as a small book flew over to him.

[colour=#008080]"I was born into the world long ago, when it was barbaric and young. Back then, there was almost no sentient life, and everything was made by the seven primal energies of the world. It was created by the same being who created me, Phoebus. He gave me, and my five other siblings life. Underneath him, we grew and grew, until it was time to perfect the world we were put on. My father, brothers, sisters, and I each represented the elements that fueled the earth, and thus used our natural talents to create much of what you'll see in this world today. This creation went on for seven days, until we had created the start of a perfect world. Phoebus, at the end of the creation, said that we must make a few more things in order for life to flourish...and they were the Ascending Lights. Each of us put our own power and that of the world into these seven jewels, so that they would keep everything balanced. My brothers Ignus, Ventus, and Terra created the Lights of Fire, Wind, and Earth. My sisters Aqua and Luna created the Lights of Water and the Moon. Then at last, my father created the Light of the Sun, and I...I made the Light of Magic. On their completion, life began to swell across the globe, and we had finally finished what we were made to do."[/colour]

You sat in silence during the whole speech, taking in the words Astral had spoken, a flurry of questions swirling inside your head. Astral took in a deep breath, and sighed.

[colour=#008080]"...while we were the parents of a whole new world, my siblings and I simply weren't satisfied. Our father, Phoebus, disappeared shortly after the Creation, and we did not know what to do with ourselves. Eventually, we decided to have children of our own. Taking pieces of ourselves and copying them, we created several creatures in our own image. Ignus created the dragons, Aqua created the water serpents, Ventus created the wind sprites, Terra created the minotaurs, Luna created the Baraki...or Moon Wolves, so the term is translated, and I created the Alicorns. While my siblings created their children in massive numbers, I only made three...for three were all that I needed. Their names were Marella, Stalliar, and Coltan, and I loved them more than anything else in the world. However, there came a time when they grew up and left, thus I became lonely once more. Suddenly, a thought occured to me. What if I made a race of my own, as did my siblings? However, greedy as I was, one was not enough for me, so I made three. After many centuries of work, I finally finished my own family...and created the first Pegasi, Unicorns, and Earth Ponies. Each group inherited a part of my very being...Unicorns inherited my mind and magic, Pegasi inherited my spirit and wings, and the Earth Ponies, they inherited my heart."[/colour]

You looked at Astral with an incredulous expression. You could not determine whether to believe him or not, so you concluded to keep listening. Astral gives you a knowing glance, a slight smirk on his lips, and he began again.

[colour=#008080]"As with all great things...they all must come to an end. My time on that world was ending, and I would soon have to say farewell to all of my foals. My other siblings had long since passed, and so I left the knowledge of the Ascending Lights to my sons and daughter, so that they would keep guard over them after I died. Not only did they take up the mantel of protecting the Lights...but they also took up the mantels of leaders. For a couple thousand years, the three pony species I created grew to incredible sizes in population, and my foals served them all as kings and queen. In Coltara, where this all began, it was known as the Age of Peace, and rightfully so. Each of my foals to resent each other, until they finally showed out-right hatred. My youngest son, Stalliar, was perhaps the worst among them for this. He hated his sister Marella, and his hatred soon led to the first war of pony-kind. United with Coltan, they invaded Heavana in order to obtain its wealth. The horrible fighting continued for five years, until on the war's fifth anniversary, my daughter's army and ponies vanished. When Stalliar and Coltan discovered this, they rushed all the way to Heavana's capitol, Golden Mane. Upon arriving, they found Marella as the city's only inhabitant. Out of the anger and spite he had for her, Stalliar...ordered her capture and execution. Before her death, however, she said she had sent her two foals over the Mountains of Mist into the lands beyond, and that one day they will return for what is theirs by birthright. Even I am uncertain who these two children are...but if I were to guess, they'd be a powerful couple of Alicorns."[/colour]

Astral laughed to himself at the last statement, but there was a deep sorrow within his eyes. You drew several conclusions as to who these grandfoals, but kept them to yourself. Astral put the book he was reading from to the side, and gazed intently at you.

[colour=#008080]"That is the end to my story...but the beginning of a whole other story. After the death of my daughter, Coltara went through a great change, and has been through more suffering than many other lands would ever feel. My sons enjoyed the wealth they obtained from Heavana for a long while, but by then their hatred for each other resurfaced as well. Then, Rainor and Saharai broke out into a war with one another as well. In this battle, magic was forged into weaponry...and became one of the most brutal conflicts in existence. Stalliar, in the hopes of swiftly defeating Coltan, searched for the Ascending Lights. For two years, he wondered, while Coltan refused to use the Lights, honoring my wishes. Eventually, Stalliar found the artifacts that I helped create...and tried to use them to wipe Saharai off the map. Of course, he did not know of the trap that was set to trigger on activation of such dangerous magic. The Lights tried to reverse the magic, to shut themselves off. To my despair...my son fought with their power, and in the end causing his own death, and the deaths of many others. A powerful explosion went off from the battle of wills, and it left the whole world shaking from the disaster. It set off a cataclysm of apocalyptic proportions, changing the landscape in Coltara and beyond forever. Out of the ashes, several city-states and small nations appeared, and began fighting over the land that the kingdoms of Rainor and Saharai used to possess. For one hundred years, they fought among themselves...while an even darker threat loomed. The explosion that was created formed large crater and pit, and deep within these holes, evil creatures started to manifest, monsters of nightmare and horror. Apparently, the magic in that part of the land had become tainted, and the very elements themselves started to become twisted. Like a swarm of bees, the monsters climbed out of this place, now refered to as the Plane of Midnight. The weaker nations to the north were destroyed in a manner of days, and all hope seemed lost. However, out of the darkness came a small light, created by the unicorn known as Heartblaze. After witnesses the destruction of these evil creatures, he gathered the strongest ponies in all of Coltara, and united the remaining nations together under a single banner. United, this war coalition punched through the disorganized creatures, pushing back the monstrous horde and regaining the lands that were lost. After many years of fighting, they finally arrived upon the doorstep of the insidious Pit of Nightmares, located in the center of the Plane of Midnight. Heartblaze and six of his strongest ponies went alone into the darkness, and met face to face with the worst creature of all: My son, Stalliar, now refered to as the Specter. He had been forever transformed, both in body and soul. Together, Heartblaze and his friends defeated Stalliar, and imprisoned him beneath the Pit of Nightmares with the Ascending Lights. On returning back to the heartland of Coltara, Heartblaze gathered the greatest ponies in Coltara to form the Wardens of the Seal, an organization (primarily unicorn) whose sole duty was to fight against the monsters that came from the Plane of Midnight, and to be ready for when Stalliar breaks free from his prison."[/colour]

When he was finished, he summoned a book over to the table in front of you, labeled: "The Darkspawn Wars". You stare at it curiously, then at Astral, who nodded in the direction of the book. You pick it up, and begin to read the words inside...

[colour=#DAA520]"...in the year 560 P.E, Coltaran society was at its highest state in several thousand years. It was a time of invention, science, and ingenuity. Populations and technological advances seemed to increase every day, and everything seemed right with their world, or so it would seem. Along the Plane of Midnight, sightings of Darkspawn had decreased to perhaps one skirmish a month, the lowest it has been since the foundation of the Wardens. There were rumors of a growing Darkspawn invasion hiding in the Plane of Midnight, however, the Wardens of Solaris City decided to declare these false. However, shortly after the declaration, a large Darkspawn army poured out from the Pit of Nightmares and descended onto the nations to the East. Even worse, ten of the Warden's greatest members betrayed their allies and stole the Ascending Lights, taking them to the Plane of Midnight. Ever since, they've been referred to as "The Heartless". It was Coltara's darkest time, and the darkness was near victory. One unicorn, however, saved Coltara, and possibly the rest of the world. His name was Silver Lightbinder, a prodigy amongst the Wardens and a master of magic. Similar to the scenario of Blazeheart, he united the nations and engaged in battle against the Darkspawn. However, the ending to this tale is much, much more miserable. Upon arriving at the Pit of Nightmares, Silvan had to go on by himself to save the world from the Heartless. Once he entered into the darkness of the Pit, he came upon a chamber bathed in light. Sitting on a diamond throne was a handsome Alicorn with a sleek black coat and even darker mane and tale. The Alicorn's eyes were a bone-chilling blood red. Supposedly, this Alicorn was the infamous Stalliar, or more commonly known as the Specter or Darkwing. Reports say that the two became locked in battle, and that Silver was victorious, but the entire story is not known, due to lack of suitable evidence. However, something occured in their conflict that has changed the face of Coltara forever: the Ascending Light of Magic became tainted, and all the magic flowing through Coltara became a poison for all who use it. Anyone who was directly connected to magic in Coltara slowly began to go mad, causing untold destruction throughout the Pre-Imperial world. So, in essence, while Silver Lightbinder saved our home, he destroyed it in the process. Few facts are known on this matter, and thus this tome is incomplete."[/colour]

You close the book after reading the summary, and you begin to look at Astral with a new sense of understanding. However, more questions kept going through your mind: 'Why is he showing me this?' 'What does he want with me?' 'How does this have anything to do with me?'. You ask the first question, and he smiled gently.

[colour=#008080]"Well, it is because I do believe you will be connected to Coltara through fate, young one. You see...I can see the strings of destiny tied onto you. However, I cannot say in what way you are connected to it all. Also, I am unsure as to whether you will be born in Coltara or Equestria once more. Although, I will say this. Coltara and Equestria are linked far more than many believe...destruction for one will lead to the destruction for the other. One question you may ask is 'Why has no one in Equestria found Coltara?"...well, due to the mixing magical currents of the Ascending Lights and the Elements of Harmony, a slight dimensional barrier was been created. Only creatures with immense magical abilities can open the rift to allow the crossing between worlds. So, it serves as protection from outside entities for both worlds. Even in the realm of death, I can feel the barriers weakening...so who knows what may happen? There is one more book I'll have you read...perhaps the most important of all I have told you. It is about what has created the modern Coltara..."[/colour]

Another book drifted over to the table, resting on top of the previous one. The title was in a fancy form of writing, and said "History of the Dragoran Empire". You pick it up and begin to read the first chapter.

[colour=#B22222]"...Year 13 P.E. Before our glorious empire was created, Coltara was in a state of conflict. Civil wars, bloody successions, and petty national rivalries divided the land, with Solaris City being the only sanctuary from the fighting. Despite the chaos, one nation still flourished. Located on the eastern shore of Coltara, our great mother kingdom of Dragora grew from the land that used to belong to the mythical Rainor of old. A new king had been raised, one with the ambition to unite the world under one ruler. We know him as the First Emperor, but he was known back then as Ashmane Drake. Once a simple peasant, he was chosen by fate to rise to power and lead the Dragoran nation to glory. Among us, he was courageous, kind, and selfless, while his enemies knew him to be crafty, strong, and ruthless. For years he amassed his armies, waiting for the right time to begin his impending invasion. With his allies at his back, he conquered many of the nations to the East with ease using force or persuasion. By the year 10 P.E, all of Coltara belonged to him, and he was crowned High King. It was then that he turned his attention onto Solaris City, last bastion of the Wardens. Growing up to have severe distrust in anything that has to do with magic, he knew he had to destroy the Wardens if he was to make the land perfect. The siege lasted ten years before his forces broke through the magically enchanted walls and slaughtered the remnant Wardens inside. Among the magical items and treasures he had obtained were the Ascending Lights, and this marked the beginning of our Imperial Era. He kept the Lights with him until his death in 31 I.E, and was succeeded by his eldest son and named himself the Emperor of Coltara. At the end of his reign, each speck of land was under Imperial rule."[/colour]

You place the book down, somehow knowing that it was all you needed to read, and you look up to see Astral with his back turned toward you, gazing intently into the unnatural fire.

[colour=#008080]"...so now you know what you must know. I have given this information to you so that you can forge your own destiny. In Coltara's current era, Unicorns are suppressed and discriminated...they are despised for their natural affinity to magic, and they struggle to prevent any magical contact so that they could live. It is truly a miserable time...but perhaps you, or someone like you, can fix it."[/colour]

Astral turns to you and gazes deep into your eyes. You could feel him penetrating to the very depths of your spirit, reading it. After a moment, Astral nodded and smiled.

[colour=#008080]"I see now that I made the right choice. Go, now...go and become a part of the world once more. I will be watching, and guiding, you and all that are like you."[/colour]

You'd feel yourself get lighter and lighter, your vision slowly turning dark, and as you begin to return to the living world you hear one sentence resound in your mind countless times:

[colour=#008080]"...do not forget who you are, or who you will be..."[/colour]

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Sweet celestia..... I want to apply but wow..... I wouldn't know where to start lol. Btw, are you allowed to rp as Baraki? You didn't really specify it.

Yes, you are allowed to. I should probably make a list of playable races :blush: but currently, these are the current options:

Earth Ponies




Baraki (Moon Wolves)



That's pretty much what I have so far...I'll put in a couple of the new races from my fan-fic and post their information soon. Please, take your time in reading the info and making your App, if that is what you want ^^

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Alrighty then, and do expect this to be edited, but here's my app.

Name: Moonfire Starborn

Sex: Female

Age: About 17 years old.

Species: Baraki

Appearance: Moonfire has quite a petite figure, not being as big as the other males she grew up with. Being small, she was often called names like 'runt' or 'midget'. She soon proved those naysayers wrong though, excelling in astral magic and athletic events, being almost unnaturally fast. She has a brilliant white coat, dazzling blue eyes and a black birthmark around her right eye, similar in shape to a wing, inherited from her clan. She will often be seen carrying around a shoulder bag, which she keeps all her supplies in, and wearing an ornate silver necklace with a sapphire embedded in the center, a gift from her grandmother, which also serves as her Qai'Maga, allowing her the levitation abilities of a unicorn.

Origins/Residence: Moonfire has always lived in, studied and loved Moonrise city, and has never been outside it's walls. She adores the city, but finds it boring at times, and has always dreamed of visiting the Moon Tree in Ashen Gate.

Bio: Being born into the Starborn clan, one of the most high up and respected Baraki clans in Moonrise city, a lot was expected of Moonfire from an early age. As the runt of her litter, she was always overlooked, cast down as weak and useless. But soon after her fifth birthday, Moon began to excel dramatically in astral magic, having an innate talent for the ancient art. Now, most Starborn clan females are expected to be quiet, hardworking and immensely wise characters, the alpha female of the clan, and Moon's grandmother, indeed being the best it has had in decades. Moon was anything but. Being boisterous and tomboyish, she always played with the males as a pup, caring less for boring things like studying. As a result, Moon became a very energetic and stubborn figure, quite different from the norm of Baraki society. Soon enough though, Moon's natural skill for astral magic was discovered, and she was ripped away from her casual life, being flung into the rough and often violent world of politics, serving as her grandmother's assistant. After her fifteenth birthday, she was allowed into the upper circle of Moonrise city, to the distaste of many of the other clans, as they believed she was too young and inexperienced, however skillful with astral magic she was. Even though it is a mandatory requirement for her to appear at all hearings, she often forgets her duties, preferring instead to study the ancient history of her city, explore, or simply gaze and howl at the moon. However, she has not been seen in the upper circle chambers for the past week now, believed to be locked up in her apartment and studying something. She has indeed been doing just this, but has been furiously studying an ancient organisation she knows only as 'The Gardeners', trying to crack the secrets of the mysterious order.

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Hmm...I guess, as long as you can make it work. I honestly haven't considered how the populace of Coltara would react to half-pony half-dragon hybrids, lol. But, if it were my guess, the Empire would probably seize them as weapons, like any logical superpower.

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I'm so getting in on this but I'm gunna take a creative approach with a tribute character of mine. Enjoy! ^^

BTW, this whole thing reminds me ot the Guilds from the world of Ravnica in MTG.

1. Names: Sub-Zero

2. Sexes: Stallion

3. Ages: 28 (in human years.)

4. Species: Earth Pony

5. Appearance:


Sub-Zero is a stallion of medium height but he appears much taller as he is one of the few known ponies who have adapted to walking bipedally on their rear hooves. This is more of a social custom of his clan but its also very effective in combat. Sub-Zero has a very strong and defined physique. His coat is a cold cyan, and his eyes are an icy sky blue. He has a short mane and tail and are brilliant, almost biolumnescent, ice blue. His physical features are only known to his clan and anyone outside has never seen him without his mask, let alone his armor. His cutie mark is that of a frozen ninja star.

6. Origins/Residence: Sub-Zero and his clan live in the far frozen north just outside the Icewalker's Domain. His clan avoids the city as they are seen as nothing more than ignorant tribals and thus bring unnecessary attention to themselves. They are rather isolated within the mountains north of the city. His village is hidden amungst the lone tundra forest within a caldera of an ancient extinct volcano.

7. Bio/Background: Sub-Zero is a earth pony of his clan, the Kori no Yurei, the "Ice Ghosts" in his clan's ancient language. His bloodline is that of nobility in his clan and thus he is very well respected and highly regarded. He is the current grandmaster of his clan like his father before him. His childhood was formal and tough. Endless amounts of training make him as strong and as cold as arctic ice. He never knew what love was. The closest thing was his mother's affection which for some reason she would only show in private. Perhaps she wished to keep it secret so that Sub-Zero's father wouldn't think that she is weakening him. The only emotion he has ever shown was anger otherwise he was and is very lacking in emotional expression and ties. His parents are dead and he has no siblings, only a few cousins. He vowed to his father at a young age to be the strongest warrior ever. Today his clan has fallen on hard times and he is the only cryomancer left in his clan regardless of the many strong assassins he has. So, Sub-Zero has taken it upon himself to abandon his clan's isolation and step out into the world as a mercenary. His loyalty is to the highest bidder but still only second to his clan. 90% of his earnings he sends back to his people so they can afford food and medicine. The rest he keeps for his travels.

Hows this? ^^

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Peagsi are the upper class? Hell I have to read that wall of text when I get the time. I read.

I know Val, you probably would rather have me as changeling since you know me and how I act with them, but my heart always was with pegasi, I like the changelings soley due to Chrysalis and since she isn't in that RP by default I would rather not have her in at all.

Instead I want to be your independant, complex and warm-hearted pegasus from the high blood. I will think of an App later, once I know with what character I want to go in... so many choices.

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Hmm, okay. I'll address you all one at a time.

MasterMustang: If you don't mind me asking, what kind of interaction has Kori no Yurei had with the Dragoran Empire? If you could, perhaps you could add that piece of information to the mix. The Empire is a continental presence, having existed over two thousand and seven hundred years...all of Coltara is their domain, except Moonrise City and the country-side around it. Has their influence in the Icewalker region done anything negative/positive to Sub-Zero's clan?

P.S. I forgot to add Cutie Mark/Destiny Mark for ponies in the App Requirements :lol: let me edit that.

Scythe: You are quite correct on the lack of Queen Chrysalis in Coltara. However, I believe I forgot to mention that this RP will occur in both Equestria and Coltara...both worlds are linked by the threads of fate. I have no problem with you being of the High Blood :) and to also point out, Apps of OCs who are members of the Imperial Family will be taken into very special consideration.

Sevofthesands: If Draco is of the High Blood, will he be a pegasus in this RP then? If he has dragon wings and is of the High Blood...either he is being kept hidden by his parents or was placed into Imperial Care (a.k.a. trained to be a warrior from birth in the Ever Victorious Army.)

TotalEcplise: Well, that isn't surprising :P so are you going to reapply your previous OC? Might be a good idea, considering that everyone here besides me doesn't know him.

Whew...okay, I'm going to have to add some stuff and make changes to the Reference Post, so that I don't have to address this as much...lol

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The Coltaran Chronicles hold a special place in my RP heart. It marks the time where I actually started posting on the site regularly.

I don't see how I could not reapply!


[colour=#000000]Name: Crystal Cove/ Soul Slasher[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Sex: Male[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Age: Stallion[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Species: Pegasus[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Nationality: Coltaran[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Organization: The Night Children[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Social Class: Former High Blood[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Eye colour: Silver[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Coat colour: Taupe [/colour]

[colour=#000000]Mane/tail: Light Beige[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Physique: Lithe[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Cutie Mark/Destiny Mark: Black, red, and gold demon with a scythe.[/colour]


[colour=#000000]Origin/Residence: Formerly Ashen Gate/Wanderer[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Occupation: Assassin[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Personality: Enjoys death, but not killing. He believes that death in service of a cause is the greatest honor. Patient, calculating, and ruthless (to a degree). When on a mission he is but a shell of himself, but when he's not advancing the Night Children's goals he allows himself a somewhat normal life.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Family: Only son of the pegasus Honor Bound, a highly respected general of the EVA. His mother died giving birth to him (His mother named him with her dying breath), causing his father life long grief. Honor Bound blamed his son for the death of his wife. This lead to Crystal Cove being neglected and abused by his father. His father is now deceased, slain by Crystal Cove's blade. [/colour]

[colour=#000000]Background Story: His early life was hard, the beatings and the emotional neglect made him a very withdrawn colt. One day, when home alone, the Crystal Cove picked up one of his father's regular short swords. He took to the blade like a dragon to the skies, he posed and swung the sword around mimicking the forms he had seen his father practice. Happiness rushed through him as he went through the motions with the blade, "If only I was stronger, like dad, maybe he'd look at me, maybe he'd stop hitting me." He thought. Crystal Cove swung the sword at the door to his home where his father soon entered. He immediately dropped the blade and pleaded with the awe stricken stallion, he didn't want the pain to come, but it never did. Honor Bound grabbed his son up in a large hug and cried. "We have much to talk about son, I-I never knew you had such potential."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]From that day forward for the next 11 years Honor Bound took his son under his wings and put him through rigorous training, no longer were their beatings, now there were sparing matches; No more neglect, now there was arduous exercise and bountiful meals afterward. Every moment of Crystal Cove's life was filled with happiness, his father loved him and that's all he ever wanted. His fighting skills continued to develop into it's own style, wide arcs and slow power strikes combined with pegasus agility, vicious hoof to hoof styles, and daft bladework. The result was an unorthodoxed style that was both hard to read, and hard to utilized because no training weapon truly fit with him.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]On his 16th birthday, during a sparring match with his father he gained the upper hand, he stared into his fathers eyes with a soul rending gaze and finally defeated his master. The moment his father fell defeated his chest burned with pride, he rubbed himself and looked at his chest, seeing his Destiny Mark he fainted on the spot.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]When he awoke He found his father knelt beside him and presenting the him with an[/colour] aishanidari. "I never thought this day would come," he said as he raised the weapon to his son. Crystal Cove accepted the weapon, once in his hooves the weapon pulsed to life and shifted form into a great scythe, a weapon like nopony had seen before nearly It's pole handle was nearly as long as Crystal as was its blade. He prepared to think of his destined name, but his father stopped him. "Allow me son, from what I saw today I feel that the name Soul Slasher is perfect. Your gaze cuts into the souls of stallions and you ferocity in battle cuts into their hearts, now you have a blade worthy of your skill in which to reap your enemies with."

Crystal was immediate enlisted into the army and was soon in service directly under his father. Most of the time it was boring inane duties. But when Crystal was twenty the largest rebellion the empire had ever seen erupted and he fought side by side with his father on the frontlines. For three years they slaughtered rebels rebels back to back as father and son. He believe in the empire.

One day during a purge while they looked for Night's Children he actually looked at what he was doing, these were unarmed citizen, he didn't even know if any of them had done anything wrong. Night's Children was the alleged villains, so why were the heroes the ones committing mass murder? He couldn't do this, he wouldn't. He voiced his concerns to his father, he was rewarded with a back hoof and harsh words for his trouble. He pushed back this time, he was no foal his father would not force him to do anything.

The argument turned into an all out fight between father and son, blades clashed and blood was spilled but in the end the elder won out. She was sat down, bloody and beaten in front of his comrades and friends and berated by his father. Honor Bound held Souls Slasher's own aishanidari to his sons throat and whispered in his ear "You killed her - I brought you into the battlefields to watch you die, but It seems that I get do the honor myself." Wide eyed Soul Slasher closed his eyes and let the tears stream freely, he was resolved to his fate. "What have I been fighting for?" He asked himself as his father slide the scythe blade across his jugular. As he felt to the ground, life fading from his eyes quickly, he re evaluated his life. The one thing he had always wanted, that he thought he had, never existed and was unobtainable. He'd lived a lie, all his heart desired now was to reap his fathers eternal soul.

His father left his lifeless body there in the middle of the purged town. That day proved that aishanidari and pony could be more than just weapon and wielder. The bond he had with his aishanidari and the magic within the weapon stitched his wounds just enough to keep him alive. Hours later he awoke, the memory of what had happened rushed back to him, bringing the tears with them. He ran over to the house where they actually did find evidence of Nights Children and poured through books and notes until he found the Night Children's summoning ritual. He didn't care if his reasons were selfish all he wanted was revenge. He drew his own blade and slashed his wrists and quickly made the circle for the ritual. A darkspawn appeared before him and put Soul slasher through the binding vows of the Night Children.

[colour=#3D3D3D]1. I swear to serve the Great Lord in life and death. 2. I swear to uphold the laws of the Children, and denounce my previous oaths. 3. I swear to never tell the secrets of the Great Lord and the Night Children.[/colour]

[colour=#3D3D3D]The vows made, and the necessary information passed down the darkspawn was dispelled leaving Soul Slasher to pass out.[/colour]

A week later he attended his first gathering attended, yet his status was not unknown and he was tasked with assassinating General Honor Bound. He took this task with bright eyes, eager for his revenge. He met his father in the dead of night in their old home. He attacked the general head on and dueled him to a near stalemate. He locked eyes with his father and the old stallion froze, and in that moment of hesitation Soul Slasher decapitated him. He hung Honor Bound's corpse from the house for all to see, he had his revenge.

He had no home anymore and he definitely couldn't return to an honest living in the, so her went underground and traveled constantly, answering the Night Children's call whenever he heard it. They weren't mindless killers like the army and from the Specter didn't command entire races to be killed off or persecuted. So he contributed to heartily, even if all he could donate was bodies.

A year of service later he found himself on a mission with the target being an imperial family member, a mare who specialized in advanced runecasting, who allegedly had access to a vault containing the two Likael'Maga. This however, was no more than an imperial ploy to draw out the Night Children. Soul Slasher ambushed the noble mare, who revealed the entire plot to him stating that she did only to protect her daughter who was a unicorn. While talking to the mare they were both ambushed by soldiers who declared her a traitor for telling Soul Slasher about the plan. The assassin killed soldiers and told the mare to tell him where her daughter was. She told him that her daughter was to being held at her home my the army. She lead him there an he slaughtered every soldier that stood between them. He released the young unicorn filly and watched the family reunite. His scythe pulsed with light while watching the two. A raven flashed into existence on the the pole of his weapon, At that moment he understood what he was fighting for. The noble grabbed her things and Soul Slasher helped her escape the city. They traveled for a week together searching for a safe place for them settle. During that time, as payment for his actions, the noble mare took Soul Slasher's aishanidari and carved powerful necromancy runes into it. Allowing it to live up to his masters name. He now had a blade that could drink the souls of those he fell, and recall them or their energies for his use. He found the family a home far to the north of the empire. He never learned their names.

With his new weapon in hand he serves the Specter and reaps the souls of the corrupt empire.


And he's back! Mwahahahahaha!

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Scythe: You are quite correct on the lack of Queen Chrysalis in Coltara. However, I believe I forgot to mention that this RP will occur in both Equestria and Coltara...both worlds are linked by the threads of fate. I have no problem with you being of the High Blood :) and to also point out, Apps of OCs who are members of the Imperial Family will be taken into very special consideration.

Does that mean you are thinking about me ... imaging me as... member of the Imperial Family?

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Name: Draco

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion... err.. around 18 in human terms

Species: Pegasus

Appearance: His wings are dragon-like with Hard scales instead of feathers his coat is Green and his mane is Forest green

Origins/Residence: Ashen Gate he currently wanders the streets

Bio: his Mother was a poor pegasus who loved a high blood pegasus who loved her unconditionally but unbeknownst to him she took a job with a group of scientists to get money to buy a dress for the wedding but they had lied and said they would not hurt her unborn foal instead the tests centered around him unbeknownst to her.. and a day after the wedding the foal came and when he was born they tried to take him due to the wings.. in the struggle the mother.. was killed the high blood father ordered thier deaths and ran with his newborn colt and raised him in seclusion in his manor warning him of the dangers of the country but the father did share the secret with his Horrible brother who wanted nothing more than all the money when the father enlisted and died in the army the cold uncle abused the orphaned foal and told him he was garbage and that it was his fault they died then secretly ploted the foals "suicide" aided by him but on the day Draco Ran and now he hidden under his cloak a high blood hiding amongst the alleys of ashen gate.

Destiny mark: None currently..

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Does that mean you are thinking about me ... imaging me as... member of the Imperial Family?

Perhaps ;) I might have a lovely role available for you...that is, if you are willing to consider it, of course.

Honestly... I'm not the best writer, Val... maybe you can help me?

I would be delighted to help you, Mustang :) we can discuss it over PM, okay?

hows dat?

We'll have to go over a few things via PM before I approve it.

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