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The Equestria Chronicles Part I: Chaos Returns


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This roleplay is about two colts who must work together to save Equestria from the return of the villains of Equestria (Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra) from killing Celestia and ruling over Equestria.

More details later on...


Michael - Fawful117

Snapshot - Opal

ShadowSmith - SlayerZorgin

[colour=#282828]David MasonField - MorningDawn[/colour]

Twilight (normal and discorded) - [spot open]

Applejack (normal and discorded) - [spot open]

Rarity (normal and discorded) - [spot open]

Pinkie Pie (normal and discorded) - [spot open]

Rainbow Dash (normal and discorded) - [spot open]

Fluttershy (normal and discorded) - [spot open]

Princess Cadence - PrincessCadenceGal

Zecora - [spot open]

Discord - TotalEcplise

Queen Chrysalis - [spot open]

Princess Celestia (normal and Chrysalified) - [spot open]

Princess Luna - [spot open]

More Cast Coming soon!

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