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Crystal Ponies: The Mysterious Citizens of the Forgotten Arctic Empire


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Crystal ponies are a newly discovered pony species hailing from the frozen wastes of the Badlands north of Stalliongrad. Only recently have they returned to this world, having been lost to time for a millennium along with the Crystal Empire which they call their home. Equestria now makes strides to establish contact with and thoroughly understand these unique ponies. While there is still much to learn, some information has now become apparent.


Like earth ponies, crystal ponies display a wide spectrum of coat colors and mane types. They also exhibit subtle physiological traits that set them clearly apart from their equestrian cousins. Crystal ponies possess peculiarly glossy manes, quite unlike anything one might see in Greater Equestria. Additionally, polygonal shapes are reflected in their eyes, giving them a gem-like quality.


News of sparkling, translucent crystalline bodies was quick to leave the Empire upon its sudden return. Though fantastical, the effect is real. The Crystal Empire is protected by the Crystal Heart, an artifact possessing great magical power channeled to it by all the crystal ponies within the empire. So long as its magic is not allowed to fade the coats of crystal ponies everywhere gleam like crystal and their manes shine like diamond. Evidence suggests that even ponies and other species not native to the Empire can gain crystalline bodies and manes when the Heart is at it's strongest, such as the time during and immediately following the Crystal Faire, but only while inside the Empire's boundaries.


Early reports indicate that the crystal ponies as a whole possess neither unicorn horns or pegasus wings. The same research suggests, however, that they are indeed disparate from earth ponies on the basis of the nature of their magic. The true limits of crystal pony magic is shrouded in mystery, but it is known to be distinct from the life magic channeled by earth ponies, the power of weather channeled by pegasi, or the active manipulation of the aether by unicorns. Crystal ponies’ magic is tied instead to emotions. Because of this affinity, most crystal ponies are very empathetic, easy to talk to, and often artistically inclined as well.


Though we are just getting to know our newly returned cousins from the north, we look forward to interacting with them further. Like the other species of Equestria, they bring with them unique charm, interesting culture, and powerful magic. In time, as bonds are allowed to deepen between Equestria and the Empire, we are confident that we will be able to provide the public with additional information.

~Canterlot Research Journal

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