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Yo, I'm a sorta net artist and have my own pony tumblr blog thinger called ---link removed, contains inappropriate content------ (as of this post tumblr is down right now, so eh..wait for it to come back online after they finish deleteing pony tumblrs)

I will most likely be trying to play as Ween, my harmless whackjob earth pony thing for the sake of laughs and prodding people into situations outside their normal comfort zones for the sake of character developments. I do enjoy reactions but I won't be trying to -------------please review the rules------------ off, just nudge them off balance to see what they can do with their character other than get huffy for not treating them like the worlds gift to RPers. Its alright, Ween's friendly! Just....overly excitable.

-- Image removed by staff --

Edited by Autumn
Alcohol references, bad language & inappropriate link removed due to complaints. - See site rules for details
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Hey there and welcome to Canterlot. I'm a punk rock fan myself! Do you listen to A Day To Remember? Or Fall Out Boy? Perhaps Panic! At The Disco?

Well, anyways, I'm Midnight, but you can call me Eric!

I'm more of the Choking victim, Los fastidos, and funeral dress kinda dude, but hey thanks for tossing the welcome to me anyways Eric!

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