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Crystal Spire - The Gates


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The Crystal Empire Gates are sure to be the first thing to draw the attention of any visitor to the Empire. Four identical gates exist around the Crystal Capital, marking the cardinal directions along the outer perimeter and looming over the major highways leaving the city. Each gate is comprised of two angular, crystalline towers each standing many ponies high. Between these towers three diamond shape crystals are suspended in the air by the gates magic, adding to the distinctive appearance and mystique of the structures.


While striking, the Empire Gates' purpose is not a purely aesthetic one. The exact mechanics remain unclear, evidence suggests the gates play a critical role in extending the magic channeled into the Crystal Heart to the land and keeping out the harsh winter elements. Additionally, entry into the magic field protecting the Empire is only possible by passing through the gates. Despite the magic they hold, the gates mark approximately the point away from the center of the empire at which the crystal coat effect for non-crystal ponies during Crystal Faire times will cease.


The gates play an important role in Crystal Pony culture. Accounts from Empire residents suggest that more gates might have existed at one point, marking a greater territory once held by the Empire in the distant past. While only the four main gates are currently thought to exist, they stand proudly and remain a nonetheless important symbol of the empire, its solidarity, ingenuity and defenses.


Further inside the crystalline gates resides a recently constructed train station, which connects via long train tracks to Canterlot, Ponyville, and beyond. Since it was built after the Crystal Empire came to find peace, it is made with wooden materials imported from Ponyville, with accents in compliment to the surrounding structures of the Crystal Empire. Here, ponies from all over come and go; many sit at shiny crystalline benches quietly reading papers as they wait for the next train to come. A blow of heat steam and a long whistle indicate the approach or departure of a train.

~Canterlot Research Journal

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