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Ponies falling to earth (Humanized Pony) (Need another Pinkie Pie!)


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Something went terribly wrong!

Just when the Mane Six had Chrysalis on the ropes, she pulls out her last ace in the hole, casting a spell to send them far, far away, even catching a few bystanders in the crossfire! Where they were sent is a mystery, even to Chrysalis. Unfortunately, she too was caught in the spell...


Ah, everyday life... nothing special to write home about, not really anything thing for anyone to look toward to, until the skies flash and "lighting" strikes, though there's not a cloud in the sky! As if that wasn't weird enough, some strange black clouds appear low to the ground and drop someone through them!

The ponies wake up to a creature most unsual. Nearly hairless, walking on only their hind legs, and covered in strange clothes. But something's not right. Where did their wings or horns go?! Why is that creature looking at you like that??


Who is this crazy cosplayer, and what're they going on about?? Oh well, they seem to be alone, and in need of assistance.... Moreover, something's telling you that hu not lying, in spite of their tall tales... Little did you know, you'll have strange, but lucid dreams about ponies, witness these "ponies" do things that no human can do, and actually find others who are having the same bizzarre experiences you're having...


Onto everypony's favorite part: the rules!

Everyone/ everypony:

- You may play up to two four characters of your choice!

- One application per character. Feel free to post all apps in the same post. In fact, it's easier that way!

- I will be pairing one pony to one human at random. Even my own character. Pairs will be chosen by drawing names!

- You cannot interact with just yourself in the RP if you're playing more than one character. For expamle, if RPer A is controlling both Applejack and John Smith, John Smith will not be the one to find Pinkie Pie. RPer A will instead be paired with RPer B's or RPer C's character.


- As a human, you will not have your wings or horn, and your magic will be weakened, but not gone.

- You needn't be a unicorn to possess magic. There will be times where your character will be able to display some unusual ability, or e end have their wings or horns pop out.

- If you were a unicorn, there will be a faint star shaped mark on your forehead. If you were a pegasus, there will be a pair of faint wing marks on your back. If you were an earth pony, you'll still have your strength and stamina.

- Sorry, no Alicorns, other than the princesses (though that is still up for debate) .

- All ponies will still have their cutie marks, and they will be on their "flanks"

- All ponies will be clothed. The clothing should be in what your coat colour used to be.


- No magic, but you may have skills that you're especially good at, so long as it's realistic.You can have skills like composing music, being a survivalist, or just being really, REALLY good at being a Brony!

- Though you may not have magic, you have the powers of communication! I hope to have the humans get into a chatroom, and then contact each other via email, Skype, what have you.

- Exnay on the dark, tragic past! You don't have to have the perfect family, but I really don't wanna see your character endure tragedy after tragedy.

- Though not recommended, you may play as yourself. No personal information is to be given, however.

- Try to answer all of the pony's questions. Even the weird and uncomfortable ones. Do this to the best of your ability.

- Keep them from the dangers of the human world to the best of your ability.

- And last, when it comes time to explain that humans eat meat... Good luck with that!

Cast list:


Mane 6:

QueenChrysalis747: Rarity

Shadowbolt0: Applejack

Frost137: Rainbow Dash

Kaibunny94: Fluttershy

Harringtonsleuth: Twilight Sparkle

Starbuster: Pinkie Pie


QueenChrysalis747: Queen Chrysalis

Puzzlebeat : Spike



Frost137: Spin Art (Former Pegasus)

MorningDawn: David Masonfield (Former Pegasus)

Shadowbolt0: Shadow Flare (Former Pegasus)

MorningDawn : MorningDawn (Former Pegasus)

NeoExlucky :Time Spinner (Former Unicorn)


HypnØticD: Colette Irving

Puzzlebeat: Charles Van Meter

Shame : Artyom 'Arty' Cherstvennikov

HypnØticD : Connor Whitney

HypnØticD: Stephen Hagemann

HypnØticD: Shawn Hagemann

MorningDawn: Jesse May

HarringtonSleuth: [colour=#282828]Lance Finnigan[/colour]

[colour=#282828]HypnØticD: Seth Brandt[/colour]

QueenChrysalis747: [colour=#282828]Harvey McTavish[/colour]

[colour=#282828]NovaArkwing : Ryan Avalon Talbot[/colour]

Shadowbolt0 : Jim Cook

NeoExlucky : Alan Davis

Morning dawn :Josh Martinez

NeoExlucky : Matthew Thompson

Pony Application

Your name:

Your species (Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Pony)

Age (In human years) :




Description of your pony form:

Description of your human form (hair and eye colour will remain the same):

Cutie Mark:

Human application

Your name (first and last) :

Your age:




Distinct features (if any):


What city do you live in? (make one up if you'd like) :

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Wow! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised! I'll get a plot and list whipped up!

Hi there I'm interested, if still open. Would love to play Rarity or Fluttershy if allowed

Kewl! I'd like to see Rarity in action, but take your pick!

I'd like to play too, as a human^^

If possible even as myself xD

Sure! Though I think it would be better to play as a character, this RP will need more humans!

I would like to try it out! I would play pony.....

Sure! Mane 6 or OC?

I would play someone!

Sure! Pony or human?

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Sure! Though I think it would be better to play as a character, this RP will need more humans!

So... Should I play a character ir a human now? (ain't like if there are too many human characters to choose from anyway^^

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As I'll play myself (with small changes), my characters name will be Magdalena, or Magda for short.

The picture will be send to thr other players as soon as it's about to begin (I don't want it to roam around already)

Your name (first and last): Magda(lena) (last name won't be written here for an obvious fact)

Your age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: ~170cm (5' 6")

Weight: 55kg

Distinct features (if any): likes/love to be in her uniform

Occupation: Soldier in the austrian army

What city do you live in?: Vienna in Austria. For this rpg it's possible to say that I'd be anywhere in america because of a exercise and walking around during my free time.

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Your name (first and last) : Colette Irving

Your age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 pounds

Distinct features (if any): Hair that is dyed fire-engine red with a large blue streak in the bangs. Also has three piercings in each ear, and tend to dress androgynously.

Occupation: High School student / works part time at a Hot Topic

What city do you live in? (make one up if you'd like) : Racine, Wisconsin

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Your name: David Masonfield

Your species: Pegasus

Age (In human years) : 16

Gender: Stallion

Height: 6.5

Weight: 150lbs of pure awesomeness + extra muscle weight

Looks like human and pony. Has black hair with strips of red.

Cutie Mark is a mining symbol.

His human form is the same weight and height, his hair is the same as well. His skin is a tan colour, resembling his past brown coat.

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Name: Spin Art

[colour=#282828]Your species: Pegasus[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Age: 15[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Gender: Female[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Height: 5"3[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Weight: 124[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Description of your pony form: Shorter than the Mane 6 by an inch. Eye colour is very dark brown, so dark almost black but noticeably brown. Has furry dark grey fetlocks. Coat colour is dark blue/grey. Mane is slightly careless and in layers, bangs hang from face. It's colour is black. The body is in the between of scrawny and brawny.[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Description of your human form: Average sized girl, (5"3 and 124 lbs..) Tan skin, normal hands (regarding as to the furry fetlocks D: )[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Cutie Mark: A rainbow tornado[/colour]

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Awesome piccies! But ya gotta submit forms!

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