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Changeling: The Masquerade ((OOC: Currently looking for Mane 6 Roleplayers))

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Hello, and welcome to the OCC of Changeling: The Masquerade. This is my first forum roleplay so I hope this goes well.

[colour=#282828]But anyway, what I'm looking for are roleplayers who can roleplay as the Mane 6, and Cadance, Shining Armor, and maybe Spike if there are actually roleplayers interested for those roles. Of course if anyone can roleplay as 2 of these characters that's fine. Just as long as you give each character equal activity, I don't want a character to be silent for like 3 posts.[/colour]

[colour=#282828]I should warn you that there may be a bit blood, violence, and guns (My excuse, griffins invented them) will be present in this. So if you aren't comfy with this idea I'd suggest you wouldn't sign up for this roleplay.[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Basically what I would do is be the storyteller of the roleplay, create characters for you to interact with which you can, canonically and in character as possible, reply with your character anyway you want. [/colour]

[colour=#282828]The roleplay I'm planning is titled "Changeling: The Masquerade" so yes changelings will be involved with this roleplay. This is a description of what's going on: "It has been around nine months since the changeling invasion. Since then speculation as to whether they would strike again has been creating fear and paranoia to some residents of Equestria. Recent reports of changelings in the city of Los Pegasus have come to Celestia. Knowing that sending soldiers would create panic she sends the Bearers of Harmony to investigate about the sightings of changelings."[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Thank you for reading this. If you wish to partake in this please leave a reply and what role you want to take.[/colour]

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Oh, sorry, I didnt see this post before I posted on the one in the RP thread. Anyway, as I said, I'm fine with taking Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, or any combination of the three.

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Well, I can be on from 8:50ish till 10:00 weekdays, and most afternoons from 3 till 5ish. Though, that's East Coast time, since I'm in NC.

Ok so since I'm in the Central Time Zone (About 7:52 PM when I posted this) That must mean you're an hour ahead of me. What about the rest of you though?

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