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The Adventure to Unyasi Begins! (Come here for Updates and Logs)


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Zecora has decided after a long time in Ponyvill that it's time to return home! But she doesn't want to go alone! She's going to be recruiting a group to sail the sea's with her!

There will be six slots! And this will NOT just be one rp there will in fact be SEVERAL of them over the course of the next few months, to lead up to the big return home! (This doesn't mean you can't rp elsewhere ofcourse)

Zecora is looking for interesting ponies that love adventure and other cultures! We also need Zebra's to populate Unyasi



The slots are NOT first come first serve! In your post, post which character you want to go with Zecora, why they want to go, and what they can bring to the expedition! When all slots are filled I will post a Rp in Ponyville with Zecora getting everyone acquainted and ready to go, then we will go off to Unyasi! There will be several threads! Feel free to pm me with plot ideas that you personally want to do that involve adventure!

This would be a great use for a much neglected area of Equestria so I think we'll all have a lot of fun!

Edit! All current slots full but post anyways! If enough people express interest I'll open up :2 additional slots

The Crew has been selected!

1:Falco Kestrelson

2:Steven Magnet

3: Sierra

4:Lyn Banished ):


6: Emerath User hasn't posted leaving post in the Meeting thread

7:Pocket Change



10:Pathfinder herself!

The adventure continues!

Day One : The adventure starts

Day Two: A adventure sets sail!(thread coming soon )

Coming soon!

Zecora's Log

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  • Character: Falco Kestrelson
  • Reason to Join: An ex-sergeant and part-time survivalist, Falco has braved the wilds of numerous wilderness locations throughout Equestria and Aquellia. Thus, he seeks to add the land of Unyasi to his list of places that he's traveled to and conquered.
  • Skills: Should something go wrong out in the wild, Falco has the survival skills to help the group make it back to civilization. Moreover he has little to no fear of predatory creatures, making him well suited to the task of distracting hungry or irate animals.

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•Character: Steven Magnet (yes, Steven Magnet)

•Reason of Voyage: Steven wants to see a new place, to explore the world! Besides, zebras are what got the sea serpent into fashion!!

•Skills: Steven, capable of living underwater, can find many seaside resources, such as food, materials for food, and (of course) fashionable clothing. Who says you can't stay fabulous while fighting for your life in the uninhabited desert!?)

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I want in, I think.

As for my character I really have no idea... so I'll let you pick, Lime! :P

Here are what look like the best options to me:

Character: Starless Shroud

Why they would want to go: Opportunity to profit; Unyasi is an exotic land full of all sorts of things not common to Equestria. Always motivated by her desire to line her pockets, Starless would delight in an opportunity to take advantage of as many of the rare resources as she could.

What they bring to the expedition: Starless has been a part of a ship's crew before, and knows the protocol of a sailor, which could prove valuable for the voyage. She's also tough, and can hold her own in a fight. Furthermore, from an RP standpoint, being as she's a less trustworthy, often deceptive character, she might provide a good bit of antagonization that could make things more interesting for everyone.

Character: Verity Essence

Why she would want to go: Verity is a zebra, but she was born in Equestria and has little connection to her ancestral homeland and in fact little interest in it (she's a total city mare). She however works for the Royal Equestrian Intelligence Network, who's goals can be a little vague, so an excuse for her to tag along could easily be produced in saying that there is some critical object or piece of intelligence to be collected by her down there. If so, her want to go would be solely to complete her mission.

What she would bring to the expedition: Having a zebra who is so unlike the Unyasi zebras around might provide an amusing and interesting plot hook as well as an opportunity for Verity to grow as a character. She's also a tough character with a well honed set of spy skills and a supply of zebra potions made her mother.

Character: Sierra

Why she would want to go: Sierra is an explorer for hire. Navigating wild areas is an area of expertise for her. We're someone to pay her, she would definitely take an Unyasi job.

What she would bring to the expedition: Sierra is a teen sky dragon, and though a small one, she is rather tough and could help keep others safe. As an explorer, she could also help guide them where they need to go. She is also friends with Bellosh's Falco, so if he's in, that could make it fun for her.

Character: Serendipity

Why she would want to go: Serendipity was told of a location on the southern tip of Unyasi called Amani by Princess Celestia in the AMA letter thread. As a thrill seeker, Serendipity desires nothing more than to see this place.

What she would bring to the expedition: her "difficult" attitude, mainly. She doesn't have a lot of skills aside from dealing cards. She says she's the luckiest mare in Las Pegasus though, so maybe that would help? Mostly she'd just be there to goad the other characters and create friction.

I'd be happy to play any of them. ;)

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Let's see...

Well, I haven't used Alchymia yet, and she would want to go on the expedition to help using her special talent (changing objects like a block of wood into a carved bunny or ingredients into an instant meal, FMA style). She's also on this constant self-discovery journey thing, so she'd want to go just to visit a new place.

There's Misty, the Peryton, who's out looking for her sister. She has some Peryton magic, certainly not as strong as Unicorn magic and definitely lacking the usual levitation magic. She knows a bit about plants, having grown up in a forest, and her magic is centered around growing them, although since she's still very little it's not strong. But she's spunky and spry and full of energy.

Or there's Piper, former Pirate who, at current, is without a crew. She's good at swimming and fighting, so should they run into any trouble she could help out with defense. She's supposed to be living in the Everfree Forest, so she may be able to run into Zecora sometime prior to the expedition.

Take your pick... or don't pick any of them. :P

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Character: Lyn

Reasons for Interest: Lyn is a historian, an adventurer and an excavator. He lives to learn about other cultures and seeks to increase knowledge pool. Travelling to Unyasi would be an excellent chance to learn some Zebra history, study the land, and get acquainted with some artifacts of Zebra origin.

What he brings to the table: Lyn has braved the harshest environments in the Badlands for most of his life making him an expert in survival. His knowledge of geography would be very helpful navigating the land if they get lost. As an explorer and extreme sports junkie, Lyn usually carries equipment like shock cord, collapsible ladders, and pitons. With Lyn around we'd be ready to traverse any terrain. He has a pet falcon that can perform recon rapidly. He's a treasure hunter so his knowledge of ancient structures, trap layouts and puzzle solving skills are good.

Also he's a lightning breathing dragon...take that as you will.

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[colour=#282828]Character: Kazina Kwato[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Why they would want to go: Unyasi is Kazina's homeland and she would love to visit family, friends, and locations once more.[/colour]

[colour=#282828]What they bring to the expedition: Kazina knows Unyasi like the back of her hoof! She'd be an excellent guide, translator, and lore-master. [/colour]

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-as per request by Limey-

Character: Emerath

Reason: Having experienced one adventure and raring to go on another (not to mention to escape his father's ever watchful eyes and become his own pony) Emerath believes that going on an expedition to the zebra homeland is a great idea! His adventure to the far and icy north taught him many great experiences that he believes will aid Zecora and her companions on their quest. Not to mention, Emerath is an experienced helmspony and quartermaster, and can aid the crew in these aspects as well.

As a side motive of his own, Emerath hopes that going to the zebra homelands will give him an idea for an original play to write, and will be ever watchful for opportunities to create a captivating story.

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[colour=#282828]Character: Kazina Kwato[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Why they would want to go: Unyasi is Kazina's homeland and she would love to visit family, friends, and locations once more.[/colour]

[colour=#282828]What they bring to the expedition: Kazina knows Unyasi like the back of her hoof! She'd be an excellent guide, translator, and lore-master. [/colour]

Sorry! Emirath secured the last spot D: I might open up some if more people are interested

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I know all the slots are filled, but I'll throw my application in case something happens or whatever. xD

Character: Huscarl

Why would he want to go?: In order to experience a new culture, and to gain knowledge of the Zebra race and it's history. Maybe they don't hate dragons as much as ponies do? Also, being a book worm, maybe Huscarl could reclaim much reading material and precious gems for his collection at his home outside Canterlot. He has nothing to lose by going on this expedition.

What he brings to the table: Although not the easiest dragon to work with, especially in a group. He is well versed in survival skills due to his younger life, and not to mention, if something goes wrong. Who else would you want protecting you back then a loyal, strong teenage dragon?

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If you're going to open up new slots, please consider...

•Character: Pocket Change

•Reason of Voyage: Became rather jealous of a family friend who got to explore the Unyasi before he did. Pocket also has a thing for Zebras and would probably tail-wrestle a dragon if Zecora asked him to.

•Skills: The unicorn is both an experienced adventurer, professional archeologist, decent spell-caster, and member of the mage's guild in Canterlot. He also has access to useful equipment and is a skilled photographer. He's also good friends with Emerath and they both have been on an adventure together before, in the past.

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