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Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony, the movie


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As you may know, the long anticipated documentary produced by John de Lancie has just released. This topic will discuss the results of the film, and give users a chance to display their opinion and review.

If you have no seen the film yet, but would like to, a download is available at http://www.scrnland.com/p/bd/. The formats available are DRM-free, which means you can open it in any program and is in HD MP4 format, which is compatible with most media software and hardware, including most generation 7 gaming consoles.

Backers of the project got a message from John de Lancie when the e-mail codes were released. Please read:

Dear Contributors,

At long last the documentary is finished. It was made possible by your generous contributions and the work of many professionals. When we first started, we were asked by many a concerned Brony if their parents, friends, and loved ones would find the documentary appropriate for viewing. Most emphatically, yes. As promised, the film is respectful, insightful and entertaining -- we present it to you with love.

Now, to a more down-to-earth matter: Please enjoy the documentary with family and friends but, please, do not upload the documentary to the Internet (YouTube, etc.). Why? Let me explain.

When we first had the idea of a Brony documentary, it was budgeted at $60,000. We figured two days of shooting with two cameras, followed by six weeks of editing. However, when the response to the Kickstarter campaign resulted in five times the original goal, Mike and I felt duty bound to expand the scope of the show. Immediately, this translated into four more cameras at the convention site in New Jersey. It also meant including four additional cities in the United States as well as traveling to Israel, Germany, Holland, and England. Of course, with this major expansion, we were now dealing with hundreds of additional hours of raw footage that necessitated the need to hire yet more editors, sound engineers and video engineers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As is customary in the film business, one tries to defer salaries so that all the money is put on the screen. Of course airlines, hotels, restaurants, camera operators, sound techs, video and audio post houses do not defer their costs. Neither do law years or insurance companies. These people are paid up front. The people who traditionally defer their salaries are the writer, the director and the producers. There are six of us who have worked on this film for over eight months with the hope that our efforts would be recompensed AFTER the film is released. Mike, in particular, has worked an extraordinary twelve hours a day, every day for the entire eight months. This is why I’m asking that you not upload the film to the Internet. If someone, other than yourself and close friends, would like to see the documentary please direct them to www.BronyDoc.com (or directly at our online distributor, www.scrnland.com). It’s a modest amount to pay and it would be greatly appreciated. Also, while we are on the subject of the Internet (YouTube in particular), we want to take this film to the next step in distribution because we think the Brony message needs to be experienced by the general public and not just Bronies. However, for festivals and film distributors to take the film seriously and to give it a wider viewership, the documentary cannot have been available on sites like YouTube.

Please honor our request.

Thank you,

John de Lancie

So, that aside, what did you think of it? Please try to avoid spoilers and review in vague. If needed, use spoiler tags for specifics. I think its funny that only in this fandom can one 'spoil' a documentary.

I loved the film. I thought it was well produced and very entertaining for all viewers. I think that it lacks more deeper stuff geared towards the brony demographic, but its sacrificed for the greater demographic, the non-bronies who will eventually watch this. I was a little disappointed in that the $300,000 was overspent. Apparently the producers are waiting to get their end of the fair share, because more money was spent on other things. This was why it's so important for it to not be pirated or youtubed. The producers said it stands a good change of being on networks like Netflix, but only if its not available for free. I, however, think it's worth the small investment, even if the documentary can sometimes sound like a cry for understanding from the fandom.

My favorite part of the film was

when Lauren Faust was talking about her shock on attending Bronycon, and how she had mixed feelings about being apart of a show con that she was no longer apart of. Its a touching moment, and it gives me goosebumps seeing her perspective.

In short, I give it a 4/5. Very entertaining, and insightful. My biggest frustration is that the first thirty minutes were a bit dull, but only because it was attempting to monologue certain individuals who's stories are being told. The last two-thirds of the film really took a different direction. And the animation added to it was amazing!


here are some teaser screenshots:






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why not pal, its for good cause...

It's not charity work. And I really hope you don't intend to define brony-dom as a subculture that needs financial recognition. This movie is really just a documentary about bronies. It could very well cater more towards people that like documentaries and less towards actual bronies and fans of the show.

There's also the chance that there are people who think this movie is just a cash grab or an excuse for psychologists to act like they know what they are talking about when on camera. And this is also a valid point of view. Not everyone is going to appreciate the movie. And thats ok, they don't have to participate.

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It was a good documentary. Pay the money or don't pay the money, but above all else, don't pirate it. From Tara Strong to De Lancie to those who did the work to put it all together, it was an undertaking of some effort and they haven't seen a profit yet. If you don't care, don't watch, but don't mock those who on one hand we claim to support by pirating it.

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*cringes and shudders*

Scared of something? :P

Anyone know when the Blu-ray version is coming out?

Sometime next month. Expect delays though, lol. They said that the blu-ray production is not a simple task. But its suppose to come at the end of February.

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Sometime next month. Expect delays though, lol. They said that the blu-ray production is not a simple task. But its suppose to come at the end of February.

Thanks. As long as it comes out before Megacon I'll be a happy camper. As long as the cover is decent, I'll probably get it signed by peeps.

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It was extremely insightful and inspirational! I tell you what - if I appear at this year's B.U.C.K. and meet Dan Richards, I'll shake him warmly by the hand, because being that I have the same condition as him, I know how it feels. And the fact that the Bronydom has spawned a marriage is just wonderful!

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when i have the free cash, i think i'll purchase this.

it looks really good, and i think it will help me feel a little more...

comfortable.... being apart of the community.

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You think seeing Lauren's reaction was great on film? I was there in the audience. I was blown away. I'm pretty sure at least half of the audience shed tears.

I can't even imagine.

Until that scene, I was thinking "This is fine, but it really isn't worth $12." That redeemed it for me though.

Is this a movie you would show to non-bronies? I can't tell...

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Is this a movie you would show to non-bronies? I can't tell...

More importantly, is this a movie you would show to people who don't like documentaries? There may be someone who doesn't mind the brony story, but can't stand the sight of documentaries. It would be a shame to see someone disgusted over having someone insist they see the film, and be closed off to the 'brony story' not because of their conservative view points, but because they simply don't like documentaries. And let's remember this is not an evangelical tool and bronyism is not a religion.

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did anyone find the documentary rather out of sync a little bit,? or is it just me

It was fine when I saw the digital copy on my laptop, but when I put it on my PS3, i did notice the lipsync was a bit off. I don't know why it would change just because of it being on a PS3.

EDIT: yeah, scratch that, it is a bit off overall. If you have VLC player and are playing this from your computer, all you have to do is go to Tools>Track Synchronization and mess with the timing until you get it perfect. Its only a quarter of a second off, if that.

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