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[Canterlot] Bellissimo Pasta [Open]


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The lightbulb lighting a sign stating that the Itailian restaurant is open flickers through the polished window. Ponies sit at tables, laughing and talking as they eat breads, pastas, and soups. Even while standing outside, the very dim sound of chatter can be heard. Beyond the oak doors, the walls have a wallpaper with a leafy pattern on them-- a light green against an even lighter one. The floor is boarded with a dark wood that squeaks in a few places. Lamps hang from the ceiling, adding a cheery glow to the room, but candles are available for those who are feeling like romance. Jars of herbs recognizable as oregano, rosemary, and line the counter, behind which a few pots can be seen bubbling and steaming as chefs tend to them. A green unicorn who appears to be between the ages of filly and mare pulls a golden-brown foccacia out of an oven. She glances towards the door to see if any ponies are entering, but they aren't. There are many empty tables, and the scents of basil and tomato emanating from the restaurant smells enticing. Maybe it would be a good idea to go there sometime...

OOC: If you would like to join, just have your character enter the restaurant.

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