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No Cake?

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There's only one thing about This Day Aria that really confuses me.

"I wont partake in any cake!"


I mean, if I were a mighty changeling queen pretending to be the bride of Shining Armor I would certainly have my cake AND eat it too!

Is she AWARE that the cake is a lie? Is that why she wont have any cake?

Did she hear "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" on the Royal Equestrian Radio and think "Wow, Cake ain't my thing! I just don't care for it! Trumpets are weird!"

Did she ever watch Cake Boss and think "Man, this show sucks! They call him Buddy, but everyone knows that I, Queen Chrysalis, am the boss! And ignore the cake, I'M THE CHANGELING BOSS!"?

Has she ever played Minecraft and realized that the cake block is practically useless? Did that make her upset? I can picture Queen Chrysalis throwing her remote at the screen and shouting at creepers and such. That needs to be made into a mod.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that she should've just PARTOOK IN CAKE. If I saw Princess Cadance standing around all high and mighty while everyone else was stuffing their face I'd be weirded out! I'd go ask Cadance "what the love, Princess? EAT!"

I think if I was Cadance's mother I'd be worried she was anorexic! "But Cadance, you used to love cake as a child! EAT!"

Maybe I'm thinking incorrectly. Perhaps Queen Chrysalis had a scarring changeling experience as a child that left her traumatized. That's sad.

I'm sorry, Chrysalis.

Whatever you do...don't eat that cake.

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