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Crystal Spire - Market District


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The capital city of the Crystal Empire is known for its many diverse and specialized districts. One of the most frequently busy of these districts is the market district. The commercial center of the Empire, the market is home to a wide variety of shops and businesses catering to the needs of both the Crystal ponies and the now burgeoning tourist trade alike. A hotbed of activity, the market enjoys more hoof traffic each day than any of the other districts.


The businesses that can be found in the district are as varied as the Crystal Ponies themselves. Tourist shops have popped up closer to the train station selling crystal-themed trinkets while produce markets and general stores cater to the locals. A wealth of restaurants, workshops and specialized boutiques find themselves frequented by all visitors to the district. The Crystal Spa deep within the district with its unique and rejuvenating crystal mud baths is a particularly notable local landmark. It is said to be a favorite spot even for those within the palace.


Though usually bustling, during Crystal Faire times the Market District slows down almost entirely. Most shops are closed during the event, the merchants and artisans who own them flocking en masse to the Crystal Plaza to set up shop there at the heart of the festivities to better attend the droves of fairgoers. As lively as the fairgrounds are, some specialty shops can do more business during the Faire than they do the entire rest of the year.

~Canterlot Research Journal

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