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Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!


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[colour=#dda0dd]Hello Canterlot! It's been quite a while since I've forayed anywhere but the roleplaying forums, though I'd say the current holiday is a pretty good excuse to make the visit. I can't explain it, it's almost like I was compelled to come here and wish you all a happy Hearts and Hooves Day. Either that or it's some inherent love princess duty. [/colour]

[colour=#dda0dd]So anyway, have fun today/tonight/yesterday as the case may be! Share some candy, let those you love know you care, and bask in the warmth that comes from sharing your heart with others![/colour]

[colour=#dda0dd]I'm not really sure what the point of this thread is beyond conveying that message, but I'll take a moment to mention those ponies whom I've met in the past year that make my own heart glow a little brighter:[/colour]




[colour=#dda0dd](Note: To save time and preserve familiarity I have used nicknames

[colour=#dda0dd]Star Swirl[/colour]
























[colour=#dda0dd]Buggy of the Jade Pandas[/colour]


[colour=#dda0dd]Ginger Mint


[colour=#dda0dd]I know I've missed a few of you and I'm sorry, it's like trying to find some weird red-striped pony in an oddly-spaced crowd. Thank you all for the special moments, and know that a small piece of my heart is with each of you! Feel free to share your new friends if so inclined.[/colour]



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Meh, nothing really special happened this Valentine's Day for me. Just like with all others once we were too old to get candy from classmates during class. So.......... meh.

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My boyfriend and I had a home-made spaghetti dinner, discussed grunge music, and watched ponies of course! Definitely a fun time. Also, he got me a tiny little turret from Portal that lights up and talks. I adore him :)

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