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Favorite type of pony  

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  1. 1. Which of the following is your favorite type of pony?

    • Earth Pony
    • Pegasus
    • Unicorn
    • Alicorn
    • Other creature (such as Discord)

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I've seen a few people here and there on the internet do this for their OC so I thought I'd give it a go.

What question(s) or other chatter do you have for Lovinity?

To avoid confusion, all responses from my account on this thread are from Lovinity's character. (I thought for this it'd be appropriate)

When saying something here, imagine you are talking to an actual pony from Equestria. Do not ask or say something you would not ask or say to a pony.

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Are you friends with any griffons?

I haven't met any griffons personally but I'm willing to be friends with every pony and every creature.

Is there any griffons in specific you'd like me to meet? (smiling)

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I don't get it. Ponies these days are loving some kind of...animal that's bipedal. That thing is for FILLIES, yet colts and stallions are liking this. I mean, it isn't even good!

- Long Drive

I'm sorry but I don't understand.

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