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Hello everyone! I'm Fireraven23, I'm sure some of you recognize me. I have been brimming with ideas for pony fanfics, and recently, I have decided to enter the wide wide world of fanfics as a writer. I am hoping for some suggestions. About anything related to writing really. Whether it's about how to get it popular, helpful things to know, things people want to hear, or some ways that help you guys in writing. I'm open for trying about any suggestion, as I want my first fanfic to go over well. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for your suggestions!

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Try writing a short piece, 'properly' for want of a better word BUT try not to get too attached to it. Then release it into the wild and ask for criticism. Unless you're perfect off the bat you'll receive criticism, hopefully constructive, and then you take that and use it on pieces you start caring about. Depending on where you release it you may see why I suggested not becoming too attached.

Another thing, if you have the time and patience, is to ensure you let it sit periodically and read it from the start now and then to give it a 'fresh pair of eyes', You'd be surprised how many things you pick up yourself. (E.g. my personal habit is to assume all readers have my exact level of knowledge on world lore or even 'head-canon' and then not bothering to explain things. I was always getting picked up for this at school when writing stories based on my D&D exploits...)

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