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school Days! (Fillies,open join!)

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"Wasn't this morning just,fun?"Delilah asked her friend Thunderbolt,"I don't know,like I know what you did this morning."He replied waving a hoof in the air and fluttering his wings a little,Delilah changed the topic,"What do you want to do when you grow up?"She asked,"I want to be,a Wonderbolt!Everponies dream!"Thunderbolt said happily while waving his hoofs in the air even more rapidly,then the bell rang,and class started.

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Cherrilee stood in the front of the class as school started. She absolutely loved her job as a teacher. She loved the students and everything they offered her. She smiled at all of the students as the class bell ended.

She quickly examined the classroom and made sure that no ponies were absent or new. She saw one missing seat((My OC :) )) but that was it.

She then trotted to the very front of the classroom and said in her happy voice, "Good Morning Class! Are we ready to start?!". She smiled a big smile as she waited to here what her ponies would say.

Applebloom was sitting in class waiting for Cherrilee to start the class.

Coming to class was one of her favorite things to do! She loved it because she got to see her best friends!

She examined the classroom and chatted a bit with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. They laughed and smiled and then stopped when they heard Cherrilee start talking.

She heard her ask if everypony was ready to start. Applebloom jumped up and shouted a big Yeah! With a few other ponies.

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((Ah hah hah... a little late???))


Jigsaw and Spin Art trotted together to class.

"For Celestia's sake, hurry up Spin Art!"

"I'm coming!!!" Spin screamed after the dark blue pegasus. She didn't know that the two of them are going to school together. Both of them didn't like each other, so this was pure bad luck. One very mature and a bit impatient, and the other goofy and lost in her world. But somehow they might become good friends until they learn....

Spin Art instead flew right next to Jigsaw. The second bell was about to ring any moment.

"Sooo I can't wait to meet more ponies!"

"Me too... away from you." Jigsaw scowled under her breath. The two dashed into class and hopped into a random chair, unsurprisingly right next to each other.

The bell rang.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Somepony asked.

"I want to be a Wonderbolt! Everypony's dream!" Said another. Spin Art immediately glanced at the pegasus. Unsure if she wanted to say something and that pony turned out to be another Jigsaw, she kept her trap shut. Spin is too, another Wonderbolt wannabe. But she saw Delilah.

"Hey Deliliah!" She squealed.

"Shut up Spin! Class is starting!" Jigsaw hissed.

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Cherrilee smiled and scoffed a bit.

She then turned around and wrote some simple addition problems on the chalkboard behind her.

She knew that there were ponies talking while she was writing on the board. She wanted to turn around and say something directly to the fillies but she didn't. She felt like letting them talk for a bit.

She finished writing the problems and turned around.

She examined her class and saw a few ponies examining the board. She smiled at all of them.

She then took a deep breath and said rather loudly, "I see that most ponies are ready to start.". She chuckled just a bit and trotted over to her desk.

She took a very quick glance down at the pieces of paperwork some fillies and colts had turned in. She then looked back up at her class and smiled at them.

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Spin Art glanced at the board. MATH? You've got to be kidding her....

Jigsaw scribbled down her paper and turned it in. Darn, if she was able to scribble it down faster she could've gotten there first. But Jigsaw sighed and smiled and set it down before Cherrliee.

Spin Art on the other hand was doing horrible. She raised her hoof.

"Miss Cherrilee?"

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Cherrilee widened her eyes. She took the paper and said, "Well I was going to go over the problems...but ok..". Cherrilee shook her head and placed the paper on her desk.

Applebloom watched the whole thing.

She never talked to Delilah. She looked over at her CMC and said, "How'd she?" then the CMC shrugged their shoulders and they all giggled.

Cherrilee still a little shocked from the student finishing so quickly said to her whole class, "Does anypony want to come up and solve this?". She glanced at Delilah and the at the equation. The math problem was 10 + 25. (Sorry i don't know what problems they do.XD)

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Thunderbolt did his paper neatly,then handed it in,sitting down,he began to read a book,though not a small book,a 3 inch tall chapter book,"Yay..."He murmured to himself,"What the?"Delilah looked over at him,"What is that thing?" "A book." He replied. Delilah raised her hoof and said,"Me,me,me,me,me,pick me!"

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((LOL joining))

In the corner of the room there was a very anti-social colt. He didn't have friends, nor did he want any. He never had an interest in fillies, nor did he plan on it. All he preferred to do was do the schoolwork, or listen to his music. As he was watching what was currently going on, There appeared to be a filly that was quite good at math. Interesting.

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"I-I can't do this..." Spin whispered so nopony can hear, being pretty much the only one who can't do math in this class. How embarrassing! "But since you're doing it on the board, that's fine... I can do it."

Jigsaw leaned back when Delilah was screaming her head off. Geez, she's already smart, Cherrilee is probably going to pick her.

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Thunderbolt got lost in a book,he was in the land of Alagesia when the book ended,he let out a ,"Noooooooo!!"Before putting the book in his saddle bag,he had nothing more to do than sit there.

((I'm being like myself in realife,for both my OC's :D ))

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((But funny thing is that I put Spin Art totally quiet in her WoE app which I use for any type of roleplay. Um. Not anymore.... Must reduce loudness.... :P))

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Cherrilee was about to pick Spin to come answer the question on the board but she heard her mumble something to herself. Cherrilee shook it off and figures she would pick a student. She watched as Delilah was going crazy by raising her hand. She admired her enthusiasm but she knew she could already to the problem. Cherrilee needed to do her job as a teacher to make sure every filly knew how to do the problem.

She examined the classroom and spotted a a colt who was reading apparently just got done reading a book. She signed and said, "Lightning.". She let out a slight giggle. "Will you please come show the class how to do the problem?". Cherrliee smiled at Lightning. "Don't worry. I will be here to help you and so will your classmates.". She then placed a piece of chalk on the board and waited for Lightning.

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