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First Annual EQGirlsCon! //Closed Registered Guests only


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(Note if you wish to participate you need to read THIS thread first and Register there<3)

It was finally ready! QuickLime had spent hours and countless bits to arrange this! Advertisements everywhere! Guest Lists! Food Prep! Spa treatments! The whole nine yards! In fact the Lime coloured Pony was pacing in front of Town hall a little nervously, mane pulled up in a high Ponytail for the event, a hoof moved to push her glasses up and for a moment a little bit of dread washed over her! What if nobody showed? What if she was fooling herself!? Though she assured herself quickly she was being foolish...

The Town Hall was all prepared! There was a table near the side that was loaded with munchies to tide them over till lunch! A big bowl of delicious sparkling punch, trays of puffed pastry bites with cream cheese and spinach, peanut butter balls rolled in roasted oats, carrot and celery sticks, small cucumber sandwiches, all sorts of lite spa food ! By that table was a station with assorted teas set up, along with several pretty porcelain tea pots, so that you could brew a whole pot of your favorite tea and take it over to one of the sitting tables and enjoy it with a friend! There was Coffee as well and a small bar that was set up, though right now it mostly contained fruit juices and sparkling water, since Lime felt that the REAL beverages could wait till later in the evening...

She poked her head in real quick to make sure everything was in order, getting out her check list, checking again... and again... going upstairs, checking the bedrooms, coming downstairs, checking the spa equipment (Hoof Soaks, hoof polish, curlers, make up all that goodstuff) And finally checked out the quality of the sandwiches by snagging one and muching it, she snickered since they were perfect!

After the clock struck 8 am she moved to unlock the doors and put out the welcome banner, waiting on baited breath for the guests to come in, Going to sit at the registration desk, she had made each guest a name card, as well as a small bag of goodies!

There was a sign by the door that said

”Please Register at the Desk! And Welcome to EQGirlCon!”

This was a little nerve wracking but Lime felt like she could DO this!

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[colour=#000080]~~~Ice Storm~~~[/colour]

[colour=#000080]It was bright and early as Ice Storm made her way from her shop towards the town hall. She had heard all month of this girls only convention, and considering that she rarely got out anymore to do much, she figured this would be a great way to make new friends! Thankfully it was a beautiful morning, and the pegasi had not a cloud in the sky. Celestia's sun hung gently over the horizon to the east. She made her way up to where the door was, and saw the sign that said to register at the desk. She smiled and walked in, and approached the desk. [/colour]

[colour=#000080]Behind the desk was a rather tall lime green pegasi with a black mane with a green strip pulled back into a pony tail. She smiled and Introduced herself. [/colour][colour=#008080]"Hi there! I'm Ice Storm! Am I the first one here!?"[/colour][colour=#000080] she asked enthusiastically before looking around at the still empty room. [/colour][colour=#008080]"Ehehe... I'll take that as a yes..."[/colour][colour=#000080] she said with a small smile and waited for her badge to be handed to her. [/colour]


[colour=#ff66cc]It had been a very long time since Aloe herself has had the luxury of a spa treatment. Sure she was the co-owner of Ponyville Day spa, but theri spa was open for them to give the treatments to everypony else! Surely it wouldn't look good for business if the owners were taking days off to get a treatment in their own spa when they could be giving the same treatment to their customers! With that in mind, as soon as Aloe heard that there was going to be spa treatments at the convention she simply had to come. Perhaps once her own treatment was finished, she could help with the treatments. After all, Spas where here area of expertise, so she'd be the perfect pony to help if they needed it.[/colour]

[colour=#ff66cc]When she reached the town Hall, she noticed that Ice Storm had already arrived and looked to be checking in. She thought to herself and she really thought that this would be a good time for her to get to know the mare a bit more, considering she's only ever seen her twice, and both times were at the benefit of Rarity. Other than that, she didn't really know much about her. Gracefully, she trotted up to the desk behind Miss Storm and waited for her to gain entry before speaking to be polite. [/colour]

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Excitement had been swelling inside of Whirligig for days now, as she'd been looking forward to a girls-only con. She had wanted to bring her mother, Windygust, along and make a sort of mother-daughter thing, but Windygust had gone down with the feather flu a few days prior and was still recovering. Whirligig was going to cancel her own registration along with her mother's, but Windygust had insisted that her daughter head down to the small town to enjoy herself, even if her mother couldn't make it. None of her other friends had been able to come either, so that left Whirligig alone. Oh well, she thought to herself it's not like I've ever had any trouble making friends. I think I'll be able to enjoy myself anyways.

It was a bit of a disappointment and certainly not a good note to start off on, but as the town of Ponyville came into view she put concerns about her mother behind her when she saw all the mares slowly making their way to town hall. The weather ponies in this particular town had a shining reputation, and Whirligig admired their work; indeed, there wasn't a stray cloud in the sky. The warmth of Celestia's sun on her back lifted her spirits further, so that when she finally came to a halt in the town square, she was positively giddy. Her hooves barely touched the ground before she was in the air again, choosing to fly close to the ground rather than walk along it. In this manner she made her way towards the tall, round brown building that was Ponyville's Town Hall and the venue for the first annual Equestria Girls Convention.

She entered the building - the big ballroom was beautifully decorated. There were snack tables piled high with goodies and fruit drinks, and a spa area set up to one side. A small queue was forming near the registration table, so Whirligig fluttered over to them. She smiled widely at the green pegasus who seemed to be in charge of registration and introduced herself. "Good morning, bluebird. Or greenbird, I should say. Wow, you've done a great job getting everything organized - this room looks amazing. I can only begin to imagine all the work you put in to get this party started. My name's Whirligig!"


It seemed a bit silly to her, really. Town Hall was only a short trot from her front step, and yet here she was packing an overnight bag for a convention that would take place in the small town's building. Oh, well, she had done crazier things in her life than attend an all-girls convention, and was sure that crazier things were to come.

She threw a few things together: a currycomb, a toothbrush and toothpaste, what little make-up she owned, a bathrobe and nightcap, some bath soap and a towel. She struggled to think of anything else she might need for the weekend. What did mares do when they were all together? Gossip and read magazines about the latest fashion trends in Canterlot? Cherry Berry didn't care much for those sorts of activities. Actually, she didn't have a clue in the world as to what she could expect from the convention.

She slipped her green saddlebags over her shoulder to rest on her back and let herself out of the small house two-story house she was renting on a Ponyville side street. She locked the door behind her and set off for town hall.

She could see ponies coming from all directions into the town. A blue unicorn trotted into the building, followed by a pony she recognized from the spa, though she had a hard time remembering which of the twins was which. A red-maned pegasus made a rather rough landing in the square in front of the hall before flying though the door. When she looked back she saw a number of ponies approaching from the direction of the train station.

She smiled. It was only a small smile, and rather uncharacteristic, but it was a smile. In spite of herself, she was actually looking forward to this weekend and getting the chance to meet other mares. She climbed the steps of town hall, noting the sign welcoming her and urging to register, and entered the decorated ballroom. There were only a handful of ponies there at the moment, but she knew it wouldn't be long before a queue would form as more guests arrived. She took her place behind the chattering pegasus and waited for her turn to come.

[colour=#b4b4b4]((Edited with permission))[/colour]

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lgcFVs.jpgLouise LaMare


250px-Ms._Harshwhinny_id_S3E12.png Ms. Harshwhinney

The excited in the Town Hall was very contagious to a brown furred Pegasus mare wearing her famous cowpony hat and boots. She was Louise LaMare, famous novelist who's best selling books were all about ponies living in Pioneer times. Walking into the Town Hall with her was an orange furred Earth mare wearing her favorite purple shirt and carrying her flowered luggage. This stern looking blonde mare was Ms. Harshwhinney, Equestria Games Inspector who was now on break from her job.

[colour=#ff8c00]"Really Miss LaMare, I don't know HOW I let you talk me into this so-called adventure," [/colour]Ms Harshwhinney nickered.

[colour=#8b4513]"Oh come now," [/colour]Louise said confidently, [colour=#8b4513]"Didn't you tell me you wanted the chance to socialize with other ponies? To make new friends and to, 'expand your horizons' as a citizen of Equestria? This is a grand opportunity to do just that! There's going to be ladies here from all over the kingdom! You and I will have the best time together!"[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]"I DO hope you're right, Louise. I certainly hope none of our fellow convention attendees are like that loud, boisterous green mare I had the misfortune to meet at the Train Station. THAT mare has all the manners of a wild Timberwolf and is SO outrageous she makes Pinkie Pie look calm by comparison."[/colour]

[colour=#8b4513]"Oh, that's just Tankena, or Tank Mare as her friends call her. She's from the wilderness region of Stalliongrad and I'm sure she didn't mean to knock you off the train platform or scare you half to death with her dancing and singing."[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]"Well, I certainly hope SHE'S not coming to this..." [/colour]Ms. Harshwhinney stopped speaking, gasping in horror as Tankena burst through the front doors of Town Hall.

[colour=#008000]"GREETINGS MY FELLOW COMRADES! TANKENA IS HERE!" [/colour]the green pelted goggled Earth Mare shouted as she wheeled in her huge luggage cart. [colour=#008000]"I bring everything for real fun-ski in Convention!"[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]"Please don't let her see us, please don't let her see us..." [/colour]the conceited orange mare mumbled to herself moments before Tankena came up from behind her and Louise, throwing her front legs around them both for a strong hug.

[colour=#008000]"Great to see you again, comrades! Sorry about all dat stuff that happened at Train Station, but now we can let bygones by bygones and become best of friends, da?"[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]"Will you PLEASE just go away you..."[/colour] Ms Harshwhinney snarled as she struggled to loose herself from the iron embrace of the excited green mare.

[colour=#8b4513]"Oh, hi Tankena! How, great, to see you again." [/colour]added Louise, trying hard to be polite.

[colour=#008000]"Please comrades, call me Tank Mare! I am loving Convention already!"[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]"Yes, we are all SO thrilled to be here, Tank Mare. If you will excuse us, Miss LaMare and I are going to sign in at the Front Desk so.."[/colour]

[colour=#008000]"Great idea, Comrade Whinney! We all share room together!"[/colour]

[colour=#8b4513]"What?" [/colour]the brown Pegasus mare uttered in shock.

[colour=#ff8c00]"US? Room with YOU? I would rather jog st night in the Everfree Forest before I agree to.."[/colour]

[colour=#008000]"WONDERFUL! IT IS SETTLED THEN!" [/colour]Tankena shouted as she rushed up to the Front Desk where Quicklime was waiting when her turn in line came. [colour=#008000]"Greetings Comrade! I am Tankena, dis is Louise LaMare and dat is Ms. Harshwhinney! We come to register and ask dat all three of us share room together!"[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]"NOW SEE HERE, YOU CRAZY FILLY!"[/colour]

[colour=#8b4513]"That will be fine, thank you Tank Mare," [/colour]Louise said with a giggle. The novelist mare felt that this gathering was going to be a VERY memorable experience indeed!

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QuickLime glanced up at IceStorm and just nodded, though she couldn’t help but feel the big empty room was a bit of a clue... “Ah yes IceStorm” She checked the list and she was on there, handing the other over her name badge that had

”[colour=#0000ff]Ice Storm[/colour]” Written in lovely blue cursive, with a ice diamond beside it.

”Here you are welcome to the Con” She said and grinned lightly, before glancing at the second mare in line, this one she had seen around “You must be Aloe “ QuickLime slid her badge over to her as well “Here you are”

The badge said “[colour=#ff0099]Aloe[/colour]” And had pretty lotus blossom on the side.

The next pony however made her raise a brow as she was called blue bird..then green bird...a brow raised.. but she seemed kind enough “I’m glad you like it, It’s been a process but it’s worth it! Whirligig..” She muttered pushing her glasses up “Ah HAH here you are..!” Lime exclaimed in victory, taking out the others name tag.

”[colour=#0000ff]Wh[/colour][colour=#ff0000]irli[/colour][colour=#ffff00]gig[/colour]” And it had a coloured pinwheel on the side

”Welcome to the con”

The other was yet another mare that she had seen around, and she knew what her name was...Cherry Berry, at least she wasn’t being a grumper today! “Ah Cherry Berry! Good to see you”

She slid over her name badge

”[colour=#ff3399]Cherry[/colour] [colour=#dda0dd]Berry[/colour]” With a picture of a cherry on the side.

That was the end of the peace as in came a bunch of trouble that made Limes ears pin back, as it was rude, loud, and disturbing...

”I need to ask you to quiet down, shouting isn’t necessary, we’re in a large space and the sound echos” She gave Miss HarshWhinney a gentle look “Miss if you don’t want to share a room with them you don’t have to do that”

Handing them each their name badges


”[colour=#ffff00]Miss [/colour][colour=#ffd700]HarshWhinney[/colour]”

”[colour=#d3d3d3]Louis [/colour][colour=#ff0000]LaMare[/colour]”

She glanced at all the current checked in Guests “Now that you are checked in feel free to mingle with each other or go upstairs and relax till the activities are under way, there is light snacks set out if you are hungry!”

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[[colour=#ee82ee]Berry Punch[/colour]]

Well, this had been an exciting wait - Berry had known about this idea for a while thanks to Quicklime bringing it up to her some time ago, but she was honestly excited that such a thing was taking place...it wasn't often that mares in general had themselves a full convention for themselves, so Quicklimes idea was a brave and hugely interesting one. Berry had offered her support and help as much as she could, but given that she had her own life to take care of seperately of all of this, what with Pinchy and the bar, that she hadn't been able to give it the 100% that QuickLime had been able to.

Berry had prepared several bottles of some varieties of wines and punches...she'd worked her flank off in her spare time to make sure that her personal contributions to the event were top notch and suitable for such an event - there was no way she didn't wanna be part of this, and thus as a result was going to bring her finest brews to the table to make sure everything was complimented with some of the best tasting drinks available. Berry was already approaching the desk with a small trailer full of the bottles of the 'non alcoholic' drink - she was going to fetch her own selection of said liquids later, in readiness for when the night time gatherings were in full swing

She signed up at the desk and gave the familar face of the green mare a small grin. " [colour=#ee82ee]This is gonna be a whole lotta fun, I think...I can't wait t'get started[/colour]! "

the Magenta coloured mare practically hops in excitement, only to catch herself and settle back down with a small clearing of the throat as she waits for her badge!

[[colour=#800080]Vinyl Scratch[/colour]]

Vinyl had pulled into the station on the train about 10 minutes ago - a basic travel kit and a suitcase of other stuff floating behind her as she makes her way through Ponyvilles town fringe - she was partly disguised, wearing her saddlebag so it just about covered her cutie mark, and her mane subdued in a near ponytail to help keep attention away from her wherever possible until she hit the scene...she had wanted only the events organiser to originally know she was coming in order for her to get there without being immediately tugged in every direction by all of those who would know of her. Right now, things were quiet and peaceful enough for the DJ Unicorn that she could safely assume that this was definitely what had taken place, and that was cool...as much as she loved being mobbed by her fans, she wasn't just here for the purposes of being Party mare at night - she was mostly here to, for the most part, be a casual guest to proceedings!

Being subdued wasn't something she cared to do, of course, but when it meant not attracting attention to herself in a small town like this and causing a ruckus where it wasn't needed, then she was all for a little incognito if it meant being able to get from A to B. the only thing that would possibly get her noticed was a pair of Bright red sleek shades on her muzzle...but considering the day was pretty bright out today, she wasn't likely to be considered TOO much of an outsider in that regard - many other ponies, she noticed, were wearing some themselves for just such a reason.

Anyhow - it wasn't too long until she arrived at the town hall - she checks behind her to ensure that her luggage was being carried correctly...levitation magic was hard to keep going for a long period of time without breaking or losing something by mistake if a pony wasn't careful. Luckily, everything was still loosely in place...sure it wasn't neat, but spacial awareness was hard to maintain when on the move sometimes, and as such she just gave her baggage a small magical 'realignment' to ensure that it was properly stacked again and floating ahead of her - only letting it down onto the ground once she was at the registration point to sign in, after which she would then raise an eyebrow and look at the event host, a vaguely familiar face from a train ride not so long ago.

" [colour=#4b0082]Yo - the evening entertainment has arrived[/colour]! " she asked, looking over her shades at QuickLime as she chuckles slightly. " [colour=#4b0082]This must be 'marecon', right? I've lookin' forward to this[/colour]! "


Spike had woken up early for a change - not because he was asked via Twilight for anything, and not because of owlowiciuius interrupting his sleep with incessant hoots...but because of an ACTUAL, Honest to Luna reason - he'd been asked by QuickLime, a friend he'd made some time ago, to lend a claw at Marecon. He'd questioned originally as to why a male dragon would even be on the guest list at all, but he was the promptly given the pleading eyes of a mare who clearly needed assistance, which was somethinghe just couldn't turn down without feeling bad about it for the longest time.

He was also told that a certain Mare might be showing up - at which his interest piqued...his crush on Rarity was still very much a thing for him, and as such he couldn't help but throw himself at the role of assistant when it was mentioned that the fashionista was going to be a very likely guest. Perhaps this whole marecon thing was a blessing in disguise...afterall, he was always willing to help out the Unicorn whenever she needed any - well, when he COULD help out at least. If he could show he was an invaluable help to her during this whole event, then perhaps she'd take him more seriously...sure it wasn't likely to be an easy task, but for any chance at Raritys affections, he'd give it a shot!

Hurrying his way out of the Treebary, he rushes to the town centre as fast as his little legs could carry him...and although he was only a baby dragon, he could be pretty quick off the mark when it was needed - he didn't wanna leave Quicklime hanging if he could help it, considering how nice to him she had been in the past. After narrowly dodging, avoiding, skirting around and hopping over various ponies, obstacles, carts, barrels and whatever else threatened to delay his arrival, the young Dragon skidded to a halt by the registration desk...before leaning up against it and finding himself forced to catch his breath.

" [colour=#008080]Hey...*pant* Quick*pant*Lime...[/colour] " the dragon just about managed to wheeze out. "[colour=#008080] Got....here as...*pant* fast as *pant* I could[/colour]! "

Spike really didn't wanna be late to something he'd promised to help out at, even though he'd probably strained something in the rushed and ill-planned dash to NOT be!

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Fuchsia Blooms got off the train from Canterlot and adjusted the flower baskets slung across her back. Then she picked up her valise and started trotting towards the Ponyville town hall. This was going to be exciting! A convention for just the ladies of Equestria. A chance to meet new ponies, and have a relaxing weekend getting to know her new friends. Being a shopkeeper in Canterlot meant that she didn't have a lot of spare time to go out and meet new folks, aside from customers coming in to the store.

As she arrived at the doors of the building, she saw several mares gathering already. She danced a little with giddy glee, then approached the green pegasus behind the registration table.

[colour=#800080]"Hello, I'm Fuchsia Blooms, and I'd like to check in! I've brought some flowers from my shop, if you wanted to put them on some of the tables as decorations, or snacks. I've got daisies, carnations, gladiolas, some tea roses, and a few lilies. I'm so excited, this is going to be great fun!"[/colour]

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[colour=#800000]"This is going to be soooooo sweet," [/colour]Sweet Surprise exclaimed as she trotted merrily through town towards the Town Hall. It had been a while since the chocolate hued pony last set her hooves in Ponyville and the EQGirlsCon was a perfect excuse to do so.

At last she reached the front desk of the convention and approached the green mare.

[colour=#800000]"Hi there. I'm Sweet Surprise! I'm checking in for this [/colour][colour=#800000]super fun convention!"[/colour]


Carrot Top looked back at her house and the surrounding garden before making her way to the Town Hall. The orange manned mare felt like she needed a little break from farming and a change to get to know more ponies. Of course owning a farm meant that she didn't have the luxury of just getting up and hopping aboard a train to some other town when she felt like it. The convention therefore was her best change to take a little holiday while still being close enough to her house in case she needed to return.

[colour=#ff8c00]"Hello there," [/colour]Carrot Top said as she approached the registration desk, [colour=#ff8c00]"I'm here to sign up for the convention. Oh, and I brought along a carrot cake in case you want an extra dessert."[/colour]

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In the group of mares there were three other mares. One who had a brown cap with a cute yellow, four-holed button on it, a dark blue pegasus who wore a green Camp Little Lake sweatshirt, and a dark coloured pony with noticeable light pink mane. They hardly knew each but until each one of them meet every other mare, it was destined for them to meet each other.

They lined up after each other at the registration desk. They introduced themselves.

"Hello, I'm Jigsaw coming from Stalliongrad." The blue mare neighed politely and signed herself in. "I like how you did this! Thank you so much for your hard work! I bet it's going to be a great convention." Next in line was the dark gray unicorn.

"I'm Mended Heart." She set her bag filled with something inside. "I brought my heart shaped cookies if you need it, otherwise I can just share with everypony else!" The tan coloured unicorn with the hat stepped up after Mended Heart.

"Hi! I'm Coffee Rush!" She took the registration pony's hoof and shook it not wildly but enough to show her happiness. Coffee had her dose of coffee during her train ride so she was pretty much jumping all over the place. But she promised herself not to crash into other ponies and whatnot. "I'm excited! Are you excited!? .... There is coffee right?" She contained herself.

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Cadence let forth a soft groan as she stepped from the train, her joints clicking as she stretched her body and wings, a little squeak escaping her throat as she settled back into a more natural position. Ever since she was a filly, she hadn't been a fan of long journeys, motion sickness and being trapped in the same position for extended lengths of time made it troublesome for her. Now, though, she was in Ponyville, for the first time, too. And she was alone. Well, alone apart from the two hoofmaidens who had accompanied her upon the trip, who were currently struggling with a dozen or so baskets of crystal berries they had brought with them.

[colour=#ee82ee]"Oh... do you think it's too much? Perhaps we should only present one basket? Ohh, but what if everypony else has brought more, will that make me look like I am being stingy? Oh, ponyfeathers, let's just bring half for now..."[/colour] she said, as the two mares looked on with mild irritation. She galloped forwards, and into the town itself, gasping gently as she looked around. [colour=#ee82ee]"Ohhh! It's so adorable, I can see why Twily and her friends love this town so much!"[/colour] she exclaimed, giggling to herself as she trotted around in a quick circle.

With her assistants now at her side, she made her way through the town at a quick pace, following the crude map she had been given to the town hall, where a small line of mares had formed. She waited patiently for them to introduce themselves to the mare at the desk, before approaching herself, bowing down graciously before her. [colour=#ee82ee]"Good morning, noble deskmare. I am Cadence, and I humbly present myself to you. I have brought a gift from the Crystal Kingdom, sweet berries known for their crunchy texture,"[/colour] she said brightly, her head dipping low, her horn touching the table as her wings spread out wide around her.
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Finally a familar and very well loved face! “Berry!” She grinned, handing over her badge that said

”[colour=#cc3366]Berry Punch[/colour] EQCon Staff” That had a pile of fresh fruit as the picture, this also had a gold star over it, unlike the others.

”Oh I am so glad you are here..it’s going to be a lot of fun but I’m already starting to feel a little overwhelmed!” She admitted and bit her lip “I didn’t expect so many to come but so many have! “ She took a moment over to move and give the mare a hug “Thank you so much for being here, it means so much to me that you are..”

The next guest made Lime smirk a little bit, since she recognized the Dj.. “Well if it aint Slicks McCool” She said and chuckled “Yep this is it! Thanks for coming Vinyl, I’m sure the guests will love you “

She held over a special badge to her as well, It said

”[colour=#0000ff]Vinyl Scratch[/colour] : Entertainment Vender “ and had a music note by her name, as well as a silver star. “This should get you any help you need setting up equiptment and such” Lime was glad the other had come, she knew the others talent for music, making the place thump and bounce...would really liven things up!

And then it was like Heaven’s gate opened up and magic was to be sprouted everywhere! Her help had arrived! Granted Spike would probably be mostly doting on a certain guest...

”Spike! You made it!” She was glad her dragon friend could make it, she had been afraid he would slepe in and missed it “You are just in time! No worries! “ Lime moved from behind the desk for a moment and brought him over a glass of water and some of the snacks .

”Here you must be thirsty from that run...eat something and rest up, Rarity should be here soon, I figured you’d want to help her check in?” She knew that would be the case, the other practically floated with that white mare was nearby!

”Oh! Before I forget!” She snagged his badge from the table, it said “[colour=#800080]Spike[/colour]: MareConStaff “ and had a little green flame by his name as well as a gold star.

”There all official like! Rest up and I’ll check these next ladies in hn?”

The next mare seemed nice enough, and she had brought several baskets of very sweet smelling flowers! “Why they are lovely!” QuickLime said and chuckled “Thank you so much I’m sure they’d be lovely decorations for some of the snacks, and beautiful on the tables” She called for one of the helpers to come over, The pony was glad to remove the baskets, setting to work putting some arrangmenets on the tables, making the whole room smell lovely.

”Fuchia Bloom here you are!”

She handed her over her badge, that had

”[colour=#ee82ee]Fuchia Bloom[/colour]” on it, as well as a pretty pink flower.

”Enjoy your stay here!”

She didn’t recognize the next two but smiled at Sweet Surprise, checking over the list and nodded, handing over her badge

”[colour=#800000]Sweet Surprise[/colour]”

Carrot Top made QuickLime tilt her head as she had broughten a cake , but it was a nice gesture “Ofcourse, just place it on one of the snack tables! Thank you for coming to the Con the both of you! I really hope you enjoy your stay!”

She handed over Carrot Tops badge

”[colour=#00ff00]Carrot [/colour][colour=#ff8c00]Top[/colour]” with a picture of a carrot on the side.

The next three seemed nice enough, her cheeks flushed slightly at Jigsaw’s compliment “Thank you, I certainly hope so....it’s been a lot of work but worth it..”

Handing over the name tag that said

”[colour=#00ffff]JigSaw” [/colour]with a puzzel Piece by it.

Mending Hearts offer was very sweet, she took one cookie and sat it by her seat “Thank you so much! Why don’t you put the box on the table so everypony can enjoy your tasty treats?” She asked.

Handing over the others badge

”[colour=#ff0033]Mending Heart[/colour]” With a sewn up heart beside her name.

The next Pony..oooh Lime was not awake enough to deal with this, her hoof was grabbed and violently shaken.. “Woah woah woah!” She pulled her hoof back, ears pinning back “Yes ofcourse there is coffee...” She handed Coffee Rush over her badge.

”[colour=#8b4513]Coffee Rush[/colour]” with a cup of coffee by it.

And then the room went quiet as Princess Cadence herself walked in, Lime could tell the other was a little stressed out about being there, but she just gave the pink mare a gentle smile..though raised a brow as the other bowed.. and her head touched the table...

”It’s a pleasure to meet you Cadence, thank you for bringing the berries! I’v been so curious about those! It’ll be a real treat for everypony” She said and tilted her head chuckling.

”If you don’t mind standing up I’ll be happy to get you your badge so you can make yourself at home! It’s really wonderful to have a Princess such as yourself here! I’v heard so much about you”

She slid a badge over to her

”[colour=#ff3399]Cadence[/colour]” The badge said, with a blue heart by it.

”Thank you all for checking in” She said at her checked in guests “Feel free to mingle , enjoy yourselves and enjoy the tasty treats you’v all brought! I appreciate you all coming so much! It means so much to me that you all came”

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Mares like sweets. Mares like sweets a whole heck of a lot. And Princess Cadance had the sweet tooth of a thousand starving foals surrounded by an endless sea of chocolate. And for the next few days, one place in the whole of Equestria would have such a devastating arrangement of mares and Cadance that any chocolatier worth her salt would do big business for three days straight. And by Celestia, Bon Bon was a businessmare and a chocolatier of some skill and she couldn't pass up a chance to make mint. All that was needed was a good enough excuse to round somepony else along with her so she didn't feel like running out of the convention screaming like a madmare the last time. Of course the chances of this convention being the plaything of some malovent entity disguised as chocolate was low, but she wouldn't have suspected such a thing was possible last time.

So she talked to Lyra about going, and it went just as easily as Bon Bon could have hoped. She was always a sociable gal looking to go out with her fillyfriend, so a convention was a good place to have that plus do other fun things, like hooficures and pther things Bon Bon paid others to do in her spare time. She wasn't sure what else was on the docket but the point was that very soon she'd be rolling in the bits, and Lyra was bound to have fun too. Nothing could keep her down and while she was having fun and being a good filly, Bonnie would be greasing the wheels of an early retirement. CHA CHING!

A few weeks after she had signed them up, the day had come and they had arrived early to set-up. It had gone well enough, her stand well-stocked with bon bons the likes of which no[pony had ever seen! She'd gone all out. They were of the highest quality, made from the finest chocolate, perfected by a true artist and given the care and attention to appearance that amateurs were singularly incapable of. They were in every way some of her finest work, which made the fact she couldn't find her price signs a wee bit vexing.

[colour=#0000cd]"Where in the name of a diamond dog's hidey hole are these things?!"[/colour] She whispered from underneath her cart, the aroma of devastating deliciousness dripping off of the very air around her as she tossed the normal price signs away. No, no, these were even higher quality than her high quality excalibur collection ware. Prices changed accordingly. Then it struck her. Bon Bon's head swiftly shot towards Lyra's saddlebag, which sat on the seat next to Bon Bon behind their cart-storefront-booth. The mare who owned it was not in sight at that moment, so she didn't feel bad about rummaging in another pony's things- and finding the signs!

[colour=#0000cd]"Yes!" [/colour]Bon Bon screamed with glee as she slapped the prices up on the front of the booth. Bon Bon's Bonbons was now officially open for business at the convention!


Six Bonbons- 3 bits.

Small Bag- 8 bits.

Marecon Special- 12 bits.

Large Bag- 15 bits.

Delights of Equestria(medium bag)- 20 bits.

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Ever since she had first heard about it, Rarity had been looking forward to EQGirlCon. It sounded like a rather intriguing event, with mares coming from all across Equestria to enjoy the company of one another and the joys of sisterhood. On its own such an event had merit just for what it provided the mares of the world, but there were a couple things that made the unicorn even more certain it would be an absolute delight. For one thing, she would be attending the event alongside one of her dearest friends, Fluttershy, with whom she hadn't had much time to enjoy quality time with lately. For another thing, the event meant she would be in an enclosed space with countless mares from all across Equestria; this would present the perfect opportunity to promote Carousel Boutique!

Approaching the registration line, Rarity was quite surprised to see a familiar face alongside the green pegasus working the desk. Spike was a very dear and treasured friend of hers, so it was definitely nice to see him--however, being he was a very male dragon child, it seemed kind of unusual that he would be here. She flashed a smile his way and then gave a nod. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for some good natured teasing.

[colour=#663399]"Spike darling, what an unexpected surprise to see you here at Girl Con,"[/colour] she started playfully. [colour=#663399]"If you'd like I could whip you up a gorgeous dress so you'll fit right in!"[/colour] she added with a wink.

Rarity then turned to address the desk mare, smiling as she did. [colour=#663399]"Hello there, miss. I, Miss Rarity of Ponyville's one and only Carousel Boutique, am here with the intent to have a fabulous time!"[/colour] she brightly declared.

[colour=#000000]EQGirlCon had seemed like a good opportunity for the young mare named Harlequin Salad. She was a mare driven by a bold and passionate dream! She would become a famous and renowned chef like not the world had ever know before! She would redefine Equestrian cuisine as she built her mighty empire of food. Sure, a means to grasp this dream was at the moment quite illusive, but Harl was determined to gallantly push ahead in the face of her perpetual failures and claim her triumphant victory. This con would be a stepping stone on her ever-winding path to true culinary glory.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]To accomplish this task, Harlequin had with her a basket of food she had prepared that she was planning to pass off to ponies she met. She had tried out lots of intriguing combinations and was very eager to collect feedback on them. GirlCon provided an exciting grounds for her to do so. It was also bound to be fun on its own of course; Harlequin was looking forward to partaking in all the entertainment and new friends the event offered and even if the results of her endeavors were as disastrous as they typically were, she was sure she would enjoy it. Nevertheless, she remained a mare on a mission as she approached the green mare at the registration desk.[/colour]

[colour=#ff3399]"Greetings! Harlequin Salad here, ready to supply this event with the flavour it deserves!"[/colour] Harlequin announced herself theatrically, offering up a goofy smile as she faced the pegasus.

[colour=#000000]Lyra couldn't wait for things to get started. EQGirlCon had sounded like a fun time ever since Bon Bon had first told her about it. If there was one thing Lyra loved it was having a good time, and spending time with Bon Bon and a whole bunch of other mares from all over the place sounded like a blast. She was ready for absolutely anything. As Bon Bon was to vend her sweets at the event, the two of them had been able to sign up early so they could set up Bon Bon's cart. Lyra was happy about this. She didn't particularly care for lines. They were boring. Being able to go in early with Bon Bon was much preferable.

As the guests started to finally arrive to sign up at the registration desk, Bon Bon was still finishing up setting up her cart. Having gone to observe the line, the unicorn returned just in time to see her mare retrieve the signs she had put in her bag earlier. She smiled proudly as she watched Bon Bon put the finishing touches on her cart. She didn't mind in the slightest Bon Bon going through her things; as far as she was concerned everything she owned was Bon Bon's too. Joyously she returned to greet the earth pony.[/colour]

[colour=#339999]"It looks perfect, my Bonny Bon!"[/colour][colour=#000000]Lyra started with a bounce and a nod, glancing at the cart.[/colour][colour=#339999]"And just as well, as it seems like the guests are finally starting to arrive~!"[/colour][colour=#000000]she declared readily.[/colour]

[colour=#339999]"You ready to sell some chocolate?"[/colour][colour=#000000]she asked, grinning brightly.

Giving another bounce, she cheered,[/colour][colour=#339999]"This is going to be so much fun!"[/colour]
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EQGirlsCon, eh? Moondancer thought it sounded fun and all when she first saw ads around the university, but it baffled her to no end why the event wasn’t in Canterlot... or at that new Heartland Convention Center place they finished building a while back. Surely it’d be a fool’s errand to trying packing a whole lot of mares into Ponyville’s town hall without squishing everypony to death? Nonetheless, it turned out her friend Ice Storm was participating as a vendor at this event; ergo, Moondancer figured that this event would be worth a shot.


Fortunately, the unicorn’s schedule allowed her to attend the convention for the weekend, and so she traveled by train to Ponyville. With each trip to the town, Moondancer became more and more able to transverse the community without a need for maps and directions. It didn’t hurt to also simply follow all the other pony herds as they made their way towards town hall. When in Canterlot, do as the Canterloters do... right? That naturally came easy for Dancer, having lived in Canterlot all her life.


After the usual wait in line, Moondancer was next up to register only to see a familiar-looking green pegasus. Well, a loosely familiar-looking green pegasus, but the white-coated unicorn recollected her rather easily. No matter; less than a minute of making it to the front of the line, and already a chance to reconnect with somepony presented itself. “HEY!” Dancer shouted at the green pony; “I remember you girly! You’re that shy pony I met on that train t-”



“HERE I AM EVERYPONY; SIGN ME UP!!!” Leave it to Derpy Hooves to not bother at all with line protocol and swoop down in front of an annoyed Moondancer, but she didn’t want to miss EQGirlsCon too. Not only did it sound fun to the googly-eyed pegasus, but maybe she finally had a place to organize an indoor Derpyball tournament with all these mares about. Maybe the young mare would finally get her big chance to make Derpyball an official sport for the Equestria Games?


Then again, Derpy forgot her ball back at home, so her signature sport would have to wait another day. The chance to mingle with her fellow ponies was a good a reason as any for Derpy to remain where she stood. Not hearing the cries from the line telling her to go to the back, Miss Hooves waited patiently for one second before excitedly leaning towards the green pony and nagging; “So, when do I get my badge? How much longer will it take?”


If there was one thing Moondancer learned just now, it would be never to do as the rude pegasus in front does... and she never said that for hardly any ponies.....

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So many guests left to go...! Even with Spikes help and Berry's support Lime was starting to seriously feel the strain of her job already... she was feeling tired, and nervous at the same time, it was so hard to work with so many ponies when she herself was far from social..it was starting to really get to her! However Lime just pushed her glasses up and fixed her mane that hung in her face, ready to get to work yet again.

The next guest was a white mare with a purple mane, QL had seen her around Ponyville often, in fact she owned a very popular boutique! QL never really went in there as she didn't see the point...besides she was so tall and gangly she'd probably just make the seamstress's job even harder than it already was!

"Ah yes...! Rarity! I'v got you on the list" She said and smiled, sliding over her name tag

"[colour=#800080]Rarity[/colour] :Rarity: "

Was what the nametag said

"Thank you so much for coming, it's always good to have a local shop vender here!" She said and glanced around the space "If you wish you can advertise your products..I could get you a table, and you could go to your shop and get some samples?" She offered before turning to the next guest.. who seemed to have brought..more food?

"Ah...I see" She chuckled..oh dear what a character... "Well you are on the list haha here you are"

She slid over a tag that said

"[colour=#8b4513]Harlequin Salad[/colour]" With a slice of tomato by it

"Welcome to MaresCon and I hope you enjoy your stay?" She offered, though glanced at the others..dish a funny smell was coming from it, and it took every ounce of politeness to not wrinkle her nose..guh...

Moon Dancer! Ugh QL Remembered her from their train ride and was about to greet her when a Derpy bombshell bolted through the line and was RIGHT.INFRONT.OF.HER FACE!

"Ghn..Derpy Hooves.." She would know HER anywere, everyone in PONYVILLE probably knew about Derpy Hooves.. She nodded and slid over the badge

" [colour=#d3d3d3]Derpy[/colour] [colour=#ffff00]Hooves[/colour]" with a few bubbles right by it

"There you are..move along" She leaned her head back and glanced at Moon Dancer...

"I remember you too, it's a pleasure to see you.." She offered, sliding over her badge as well

"[colour=#ee82ee]Moon Dancer[/colour]" with a cresent moon by the side....

"We should catch up and such later hn?" She offered, though was glad that the line was getting shorter and shorter... Derpy had really frazzled her though, not comfortable with ponies in her personal spaaaaaaaaaaace.

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[colour=#ff4080]Fluttershy trotted beside her friend, looking around a little nervously. She hadn't known quite what to expect when Rarity invited her to this convention, but she wasn't prepared for the number of ponies that were waiting in the registration line. She kept her head down shyly, using the new hat that Rarity had given her for the occasion to hide her face. "Um, Rarity, are you sure this is a good idea?" she asked the white unicorn. "I... I didn't know there was going to be so many ponies here." [/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]As the two mares advanced, Fluttershy got a better look at the interior of the building. Ponyville's town hall had been completely redecorated, and now truly resembled a spa. She tried to think positive. She liked going to the spa, it was a very nice way to relax. This would be just like the spa only more... crowded. She began to spot familiar faces in the crowd. Most of the mares she recognized were from Ponyville, but... wait... was that Cadance? Was the Princess coming to this convention?[/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]Before Fluttershy could get a better look at the pink pony, the line moved forward and she found herself at the registration desk next to Rarity. There, she spotted another familiar face, one that instantly gave her a smile. "Well, hello Spike!" she said to the dragon brightly. "Are you helping out at the convention?" Hearing Rarity tease Spike, Fluttershy giggled, and added "Oh yes, I'm sure we could find some ribbons to tie onto your spines!" [/colour]

[colour=#ff4080]With a guilty start, Fluttershy realized that she had not yet spoken to the green pegasus at the desk. "Oh, um, I'm sorry," she began. "I'm, um, Fluttershy, and I think I'm supposed to have a room with Rarity?"[/colour]

**Topaz Tremor**

[colour=#ff8c00]Topaz looked at the elaborately decorated building around her and felt totally out of place. She was taller than nearly every other mare in the room, but that was normal. What made her uncomfortable was the, for lack of a better word, femininity of the place.[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]The geologist had spent the past several months in and around Ponyville, ever since the Running of the Leaves in fact. She had not intended to stay quite this long, but, as it had turned out, this area was fascinating! The terrain around Ponyville had many features that, to her logical mind, should not exist. Hills where there should be none. Up-thrust cliffs where there had been no known seismic disturbances. A vast gorge, several miles long, but with no evidence of a river to carve it. Not to mention the rock farms around the town. After some correspondence with her professors, they encouraged her to investigate more deeply. So Topaz had spent the last few months digging, chipping at rock faces, and writing up her findings. In other words, she was enjoying herself immensely![/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]But the constant work was tiring, and Topaz's mother had sent her a ticket to this 'EQGirls Con' in an effort to get her to relax. Mother was a jeweler, and more used to things like spas and beauty treatments. Topaz had no experience with that sort of thing, but she did feel she needed some time off.[/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]But just looking at the other mares in the line made her feel uncomfortable. Like the pair in front of her, a white unicorn and a yellow pegasus. The unicorn had all the class and mannerisms of the noble unicorns in Canterlot, and the pegasus, frankly, looked like some pony that could be a super model. In fact... hadn't she seen that face before somewhere? Meanwhile, Topaz, with her big draft pony body and her plain looks, felt like she didn't fit in. [/colour]

[colour=#ff8c00]Topaz sighed wearily. Ok, she could really use some relaxation, and some time away from rocks. She made up her mind to try and enjoy the weekend. Adjusting her glasses, she approached the registration desk. "Topaz Tremor, checking in," she said, looking down at the green pegasus at the desk.[/colour]

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Riff Run jumped out of the train with a massive smile on her face, looking around at her surroundings excitedly. She was absolutely giddy! The coffee-coloured jazz mare had hopped onto the train with the intent of riding the rails for a bit and choosing her next town to conquer on a whim, and while she was drifting off for a snooze she happened to hear quite a few ponies going on and on about a convention just for the ladies happening in Ponyville! It seemed as though she wasn't the only one excited for a weekend of mares-only fun, which meant the charismatic jazz vocalist was going to make a lot of new friends whether they liked it or not!

[colour=#daa520]“Let’s do this!” [/colour]she called out to nopony in particular, and followed some of the ponies she had overheard towards the EqGirlCon!

When she arrived, the place was already starting to fill up and she was quite a ways back in the lineup. She occupied herself by singing quietly (quietly in her opinion, mind) to herself. “It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that-” and then a bit of scat slipped out!

When it finally came to Riff’s turn to register, the mare lit up with a smile, her eyes shining.

[colour=#daa520]“Riff Run’s the name, but friends call me Birdy! I’ll be roomin’ with Dissy, er…Harmonic Dissonance. She’s the maddest pianocat you’ll meet! I don’t think she’s here yet, but that’s fine, yeah?”[/colour]

In all honesty, Riff had no idea if Dissy planned on coming to the convention. She had an inkling that the pianist would show up, however – call it the shared intuition of drifting jazz mares! In any case, she was about to find out!

[colour=#daa520]“Say there, kitten,”[/colour] she added, putting her front hooves on the table and leaning in, eyes twinkling with mischief. She gave a wink to the baby dragon sitting next to the green pegasus and spoke, [colour=#daa520]“D’you have a piano in this joint? Dissy and Birdy the Travelling Jazz Mares Extraordinaire would put off quite the little impromptu show if you would give us the honour.”[/colour]

Riff chuckled to herself - no doubt she sounded like a kook, but she was very fond of the silly name she had assigned to herself and her new friend. A dynamic duo needs a official-like title with pizzaz after all!

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Fire Walker & Zelda

Two figures entered the Town Hall and were already in the middle of an heated discussion. “Still can’t believe you actually wore that thing!”, a black furred griffon who wore a brightly coloured hooded sweatshirt groaned as she opened the door for her friend. This companion of hers, was a young red Pegasus mare who kept her mane braided and wore a proper military dress jacket adored with badges and an single silver bar, which indicated her as a ‘First Lieutenant'. "You're just hoping to run into some of your old high school pals or ex-colt-friends and impress them with your shiny military insignias.", the griffon rolled her eyes as she admired her own reflection in one of the pony's badges that hung from her shirt.

"[colour=#800000]Oh Zelda[/colour].", the mare returned the groan, "[colour=#800000]I generally prefer to look my best at these fun little social events, and I heard there was going to be several ponies of great importance attending this little convention. I'm not sure who will be attending it, but I was hoping maybe some of my superiors would be here, Like Captain Spitfire and er...Zelda[/colour]?", she noticed where her griffon friend was at just moments ago, was now an empty space. The energetic griffon was now standing next to a small dragon who was busy behind one of the desks, "Hey Fire! Take a picture of me with this cute little dragon baby! He's so cute! Just wanna squeeze his little cheeks!", she thankfully did not handle the little creature, but instead struck a humorous pose near the boy.

The Pegasus shook her head and produced no camera from her packs, [colour=#800000]"I don't believe Mister Spike is here to pose with convention goers as it seems he is here to work, so I would suggest you return to the line, or you might risk annoying the most powerful sorcerer in Equestria. Might turn you into a feather duster if she sees you messing with her er, son[/colour].", she wasn't particularly sure what the relationship the dragon and Princess Celestia's 'favorite student' had shared, but she knew the two were very close. She caught sight of Ice Storm as she had left the tables with her new name badge and bag of 'goodies' and while she considered fleeing the building altogether, the pony decided to stand her ground. While the last few meetings with the unicorn had been incredibly awkward, she had swore to herself that she was gain the friendship of her very best friend's very new wife, even if it killed her.

Once the two made it to the front of the line, the griffon announced their presence, "I'm Zelda, formally of Rockwington, now a resident of Canterlot. This little pony friend of mine is Fire Walker, also of Canterlot.", the two filled out the registry, took their name badges and goodie bags, thanked Quicklime and got ready to move into the next room.

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Regal disembarked from the rolling deathmachine others refered to as a train as expediently as she could manage without being horribly rude to the other passengers. [colour=#696969]"My apologies!" [/colour]she apologized to the poor young stallion she had just bowled over in her haste. She put some distance between herself and the accursed machine as her luggage was unloaded. She made haste to the center of Ponyville, wanting to be as far from the train station as possible. This convention had better be worth the mental anguish she had just gone through!

She approached the town hall; levitating her luggage behind her, the bags slightly squished by her iron magical grip. As she neared the building a wonderful sight caught her eyes, a bon bon stand! She hurried to the stand and giggle-snorted in excitement.[colour=#696969] "Excuse me I would be most delighted if I could purchase the," [/colour]she looked at the prices, [colour=#696969]"Delights of Equestria please." [/colour]Registering could wait until after she had delicious sugary goodies!

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Things were really starting to become overwhelming, but the next mare to speak to her looked just as nervous as she felt! “Ah yes..I know I have it on the list” She assured FlutterShy with a kind smile, handing over her nametag


:Flutter: "

”Please enjoy your stay, and you seem nervous” She pat the others hoof gently “I am too don’t worry hn?It’ll be lots of fun I promise!”

The next one? Struck closer to home than the yellow pony did...The other was tall, her and QL seemed to be near or exactly the same height she couldn’t tell, and the other was looking at the others and then sort of down.. she felt out of place too..

Lime chuckled as the other approached..and looked down probably expecting Lime to be short(or at least shorter than her) and she moved a hoof to tip the others chin up so that she was looking Lime in her own glasses framed eyes.

”It’s a pleasure to meet you Topaz! I have your badge right here!” She put extra effort into being chipper for her, and handed the badge that said

”[colour=#008080]Topaz[/colour]” with a rock hammer next to the name.

”If you are feeling a little out of place why don’t you room with me hn?” She offered “I’m sure we’ll have lots in common!”

The next mare was a little..interesting something that was for sure, Lime wasn’t sure what to make of her..and then she put her hooves on the table and then Lime leaned baaaack..what was with people invading her personal space like that hn?

”Oh that’s fine, yeah ofcourse..”

She handed Riff Run over her badge that said

”[colour=#800000]Riff Run[/colour]” with a shot glass spilling liquid out of it on the side.

”Piano? yeah sure there’s one in the main hall, but could you not play until later this evening? Don’t wanna over stress some of the guests and I do have someone here that registered as a musician for the event, but later I’m sure it would be great to hear you play!” She assured the strange..hep cat..

She was all set to meet and greet the next two a Griffon and a Pegasus, but before Lime could get a word out the Griffon had stated their name, and snatched their badges up and were gone before she got to say boo..

”...Alright then...” The rather quick and dismissive attitude made Lime’s ears pin back, her good mood muddied by the rude treatment..

There was one last one in this group and Lime did her best to put on a kind face, though her spirits had been dampened...

”You are..-” And the other was gone, past the check in line and over purchasing bon bons... QuickLimes face burned with embarrassment now and she looked down at her desk, tail flicking.. it only took two people to make you feel like poo after doing so well...

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The whole idea still seemed somewhat silly to Star. She wasn't sure how she had heard of the convention in end. Was it a poster? A flier? Or perhaps she simply overheard some ponies talking... But still, there she was, standing in Ponyville again in front of Mayor's offices. She felt really uneasy. Something told her that there would be not a single pony she'd know. All alone against all those strangers? Of course, it's not that she was shy. Quite the reverse actually, she'd have no problems making contacts. But given her narrow and unique field of interest, she wasn't sure if she'd find a single topic to talk about. A few times Risi asked herself a question 'Why is she doing this?'. The answer was always the same: 'Because I need a break from my work finally and this sounds like an entertaining idea'.

She let out a single sigh of disbelief, accompanied by a single thought which echoed in her mind: [colour=#9900cc]"What am I doing here...?"[/colour] Still, she WAS a mare and it was EQGirlCon after all. Everything seemed in perfect order, but somehow Star couldn't shake the feeling she's doing something she has no idea about. With a clueless expression, she stiffly advanced forward. But all her fears dissipated as she spotted the mare behind the desk. It was always encouraging for her to meet somepony of comparable height. Otherwise she tended to feel a bit awkward in conversations.

[colour=#9900cc]"Rising Star from Canterlot, checking in."[/colour] - the sign helped her in deciding what to do first. But, what shall she do next? [colour=#9933cc]"Uhm, I'll admit I'm kinda nervous about this. Any tips what should I do for the time being?"[/colour]



"[colour=#ff66cc]W[/colour][colour=#3399ff]hy didn't she wait?[/colour]" - Lotus seemed to be a bit confused. Oh of course it was predictable that she'd probably wake up too late... But still, they were sister's for pony's sake, and they were supposed to attend the con together! All in all, Aloe's sibling could probably blame only herself for this. Their spa was closed for the time of the convention, and there was an information hanging on the doors which explained the reasons behind it. EQGirlCon. It sounded like something Lotus was going to enjoy. Besides, it's not that often when she has time to do something really interesting with her sister. And there were spa amenities being advertised! For once they could compare their work to somepony's different! Not mentioning the fact that they'd finally be the receivers. She could already see herself wrapped in- ... ... ... on the other hoof, the longer she thought about it, the less she was certain of her enthusiastic approach. Knowing so many secrets behind the spa work and some products used in it could easily discourage her from trying those services out.

She spotted the town hall from afar, and managed to fish out a few mares entering it. Upon reaching it, she directed her steps towards the registration desk at once. There was no time to waste, all the fun awaited her. Fun... and gossip, rumors! She was so excited on the idea of hearing out various stories that she feared she'll start trembling in a second. "[colour=#ff66cc]L[/colour][colour=#3399ff]otus Blossom, signing in. Pleased to be here! Oh, and I believe Aloe mentioned we'd be glad to share a room together?[/colour]" - it was a must. For once they'd be able to have some fun instead of only discussing " today's customers " or, the opposite, complete lack of them.

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Lyra was a bit more cheerful about the whole thing than Bon Bon was. It wasn't going to be as much fun for her as it would be Lyra, seeing as she was going to be stuck behind the table most of the convention. Still, one out of a pair happy was better than zero, and she gave Lyra a big hug.

[colour=#0000cd]"You go out there and have some fun sweetie, okay? Make sure to get me a hat or something equally terrific. If you come back empty-hooved, you sleep outside when we get home. Get? Got it? Good!"[/colour] She playfully ruffled Lyra's mane and looked out and about. The convention was kicking off into the highest of gears- within just a few moments it seemed that town hall was becoming crowded.

That was good news for her, because if you were crowded and needed a treat, she had the perfect one for you. A bonbon wasn't like a cinnamon roll or a piece of fruit, a candy bar or ice cream sundae. It was small, portable, delicious, you could get bags and bags of the stuff and put them anywhere. They wouldn't melt. Bonbons: The perfect convention treat, as far as the biased Bon Bon was concerned. And reasonably priced. CHA CHING!

She came back to reality in time to see a customer approach. A fine looking unicorn mare with a grey coat and yellow eyes approached, and she looked harried to an extent that would be worrying had she not ran to a candy stand first. The way she spoke reminded Bon Bon of her earliest days in Canterlot and she adjusted herself accordingly- the art of the sale in full effect.

[colour=#A52A2A]"Well, what a wonderful selection you have made, madame. The Delights of Equestria are a refined yet superb blend that you will not regret experiencing,"[/colour] She spoke, her voice carried on the wind near the end like any higher class pony. She soon had a bag full of the deliciousness and on the table.

[colour=#a52a2a]"Twenty Bits, madame!"[/colour]

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[colour=#A52A2A]"Twenty Bits, madame!" [/colour]The mare behind the counter said politely as she placed the large bag of confections between them. Regal's bits were out as fast as her frazzled nerves would allow, her magic pulling coins from her saddlebag as if the unicorns life depended on it. She counted out the correct number of bits as hastily as possible and offered them over, replacing the remainder whence they came.

[colour=#808080]"Thank Celestia you were here," [/colour]Regal says as shewaits for the businessmare to confirm the correct number of bits were allocated,[colour=#808080] "these are exactly what I needed." [/colour]Fidgets as little as she can manage as the transaction is finished. Regal lifts the bag from the counter, taking extra care with her magic not to damage it. She draws one of the morsels from the container and pops it into her mouth, savoring every moment of its consumption. She nearly blurts out praise for the chef, stopping short and waiting till she finishes.[colour=#808080] "My compliments to the chef." [/colour]She says gratefully, her nerves slowly calming as the sugar seeps through her. Regal decides she will most definitely have to get out of Canterlot far more often if wonderful things like this await her.

Saying her; possibly momentary, farewell to the businessmare she heads toward the line forming at the town halls entrance. She waits at the back of the line, her reserve of tasty treats quickly dwindling. Her mind wanders to the expactations of fun to be had this night. She had travelled farther than she ever had for this event and coudl not wait to hit the spa in hopes of taming her nerves more fully. As she reaches the front of the line, someone has to say something to snap her from her reverie.[colour=#808080] "O goodness apologies," [/colour]Regal says quickly as her rudeness dawns on her,[colour=#808080] "I am Regal Steel, I registered via mail."[/colour]

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The next mare was nervous, and Lime could understand her fear and nerves ! “Ah Rising Star..here” She handed over the others badge, “I suppose you should just um relax and enjoy yourself? Maybe eat something..?”

Lime was trying to be possitive but her good mood was sorta shot for now.. haha the last few guests had really done it for her, but she did her best to be possitive.

”I hope you enjoy yourself..”

And the last guest was Lotus, Lime nodded”Yes she mentioned it and is already here”

Handing over the others badge “Go on in and enjoy yourself hn?”

All current guests were checked in and she sighed softly resting her front hooves on the desk, before glancing at Berry “Can you take over for a little bit? I um..need a breather..”

She scarcely got this out when one of the rude ones that had barged past earlier came back, apologizing helped a little but didn't smooth it over, Lime just handed over the others badge and nodded "Very well miss, I hope you enjoy your stay at the Con"

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