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I don't know how are you guys with the Google Chrome web browser but I think it won't be my favourite and it's possible that I'm staying with the Mozilla Firefox.

I started to use the Firefox a little earlier before it has reached it's offical 1.0 version and I still use it but around last September I started to use the Google Chrome nex to it. Somehow i don't feel that it could be my Nr. 1. webbrowser plus I just found out it's possible best service could couse the biggest problem for me. It happened that I spent 5 days at my uncle in Stockholm not too long ago so it came useful that I can log in into the Chrome with my Google account and afther that I can use my settings away from my laptop but I faced with the big problem on the day before I came home that how hard is to sign off from the Chrome and how hard I can remove my settings from the browser afther I finally signed off with my Google account. The worst thing is that fact is that even I used a guest profile on my uncle's computer while I was out it Stockholm it seems somehow somebody found out my facebook name because yesterday I got a message fom facebook about someone tried to sign into my facebook from somewhere Stockholm so I must quickly changed my facebook and other passwords which I done but still it's a bad experience with Google Chrome.

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Unfortunately, I'm falling into the problem of not having a browser that I like. Firefox annoyed me enough to start using chrome, but chrome seems to be derping on me in some other areas. And then I even tried IE, and its newest version, while it being less problematic, has a frustrating interface that I personally can't stand.

I'm using Chrome at the moment, but I feel plagued with a lack of quality browsers at this current time.

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I loved my precious Firefox until a certain update made it chug at the rate of SLUDGE. I've been using Chrome ever since and I haven't had any troubles.

Although, I have been thinking about Waterfox...

P.S. Did you try deleting cookies and wipe your history/cache when you were trying to get off the guest account?

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