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He's a Little Runaway! (Open! Attn: Kayden)


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Heart Monitor had been doing nothing on this day. He was visiting the small town of Ponyville once again. He lived in Trottingham but he loved to visit this town every now and then. This was probably his fourth time to visit the town. He loved everytime he came down here.

The light brown stallion made sure to keep his dark brown mane out of his face and eyes. He knew that he was of a smaller build than your average stallion. But he didn't care. He was one of the ponies that strongly believed in the "brains over brawn" thing. While he wasn't mean to anypony he just saw no reason to try to get big. Besides. In his line of work being big didn't matter. He was a doctor after all. He worked in the doctor's office in Trottingham. It was a small hospital. But when he visited Ponyville he stayed away from work. He had spoken to Doctor Stable a few times before but never got in his way.

He knew what work stress could cause. So he took a break every now and then.

Being the medical pony he was. He always loved to see ponies being happy. Or at least become happy. Everyday in Trottingham he would see unhappy ponies that were unhappy because of their injuries. He remembered a pegasus that cried a lot because of her broken wing. But he made sure to visit her everyday and he helped her recover. She became happier every day.

That was his life. Making ponies happy.

But not now. He was taking a break. From the doctor's office that is. He never took a break from making a pony happy.

Heart then closed the book he was reading and placed it on the table in front of him. He was sitting in a small park by himself. He loved the quietness. He had been deemed one of the "awkward" ponies. On account of how he met new ponies. Which wasn't very well. But he was a very friendly pony.

He saw a few ponies coming and going. A few gave him friendly smiles and waves. He didn't know them but he waved back. He was sure they didn't know him either. He took a heavy sigh and glanced around.

He figured today was going to be like any other.

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How wrong the young medical pony was however. Today was not destined to be just a run of the mill day.

High in the sky, flying on swift air current above the town was none other than Silver Starlight. A young alicorn by all standards who had run away from home some time ago. He'd bit off more than he could chew in his latest flight and had not rationed enough supplies. He was running on nothing but fumes now and his wings flickered slightly, he took a steep nosedive, silver sparkles coming off his wings as he did so. He groaned a little bit and saw a town down below. At least if he fell it'd be somewhere he could rest. His right wing buckled slightly and that was it. Both of his wings gave out at the same time and using what little strength he had left in them he glided down towards the town. The silver sparkles coming off of his large wings making him look like a falling star in the daylight.

Silver Starlight was a sturdy pony by all standards. He didn't look the part since his body was built in a rather feminine way, and he looked like he could break like a twig in the wind. His long silver mane that reflected several colours ranging from white to silver hues blew in the wind and his tail flicked lightly. He was wearing a black travelling cloak and his saddlebags were slumping to one side of his body. Many ponies in ponyville looked up as the bright silver Alicorn flew towards the town at a high speed. It was as if the ground was coming up to meet him and he quickly closed his deep grey eyes just before impact.


He slammed hard into the ground, his right wing becoming a cushion in the fall and absorbing most of the impact. He heard a slight crunch as he hit and he hit with enoughf orce to dig a bit of a crater in the ground but luckily he wasn't seriously injured beside his wing. He groaned lightly and slowly opened his eyes from behind his hood. His body ached all over and already he could hear the murmurs of the gathering crowd coming to investigate whatever had just made a big hole in the ground in the middle of their town.

The Alicorn was covered in a good layer of muck and grime, but not from just the impact but from travelling. He had no posession, nowhere to stay. He was a runaway. News of the runaway Alicorn from Reinwood (A neighboring kingdom.) had spread quickly but nobody knew what he looked like thankfully so he did his best to hide his horn inside of his hood as he climbed shakily to his feet. His head spun slightly from the pain in his wing which was twisted at a slightly painful angle, he breathed heavily and his thoughts were going a mile a minute.

~Do they know who I am? Is my wing ok? I should leave...oh boy...What have I done? I hope I didn't damage anything or hurt anybody!~ His mind trailed off and he tried to calm himself for a minute.

A normal day had just been tossed out the window it seemed.

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Heart turned his head towards the sky and saw...a star? No way. He got up and turned his head closer in the direction of the star. He squinted his eyes and gasped.

"A meteorite?"

He knew that stars could fall to the ground. He had heard of them falling before. But this was his first time to see one really falling. But then he got a closer look. It wasn't a star at all. But...a PONY?!

Heart began to panic. The panic looked as if it was falling fast and there was no way it could stop itself. Heart wanted to pony to stop itself but it never did. All he saw was a bright grey mass smash into the ground.


Luckily, and somewhat conveniently, the pony landed near Heart and the park. Heart left his book on the seat and ran towards the crash site. He noticed that a few ponies had gathered around and were watching the pony. Heart moved through the ponies and pushed a few aside. For a smaller stallion he could be quite rough when it came to another pony being injured. Heart then finally caught a full view of the pony.

It was a stallion. He had a grey eyes and had a long silver mane that seemed to reflect colours. Heart actually saw the mane as quite elegant. But he figured a stallion like this pony wouldn't call their own mane elegant. But anyways. The pony was wearing a black cloak and seemed to be confused. Heart's curiosity got the best of him. He figured Dr. Stable would check this pony into the hospital soon. Word about a crash landing pony can spread quickly in a small town.

But Heart wanted to speak first.

Heart approached the pony. Nervous and scared and said,

[colour=#8b4513]"Um..Hello. Hello there." [/colour]He shook off his nervousness once he reminded himself that this pony was just a regular stallion. But then he realized. Oh no...this pony was an Alicorn! Oh..he didn't want to mess with royalty! But he needed to know if this pony was alright.

[colour=#8b4513]"I...um..wanted to check on you. I'm...I'm Doctor Heart Monitor. But I go by Heart."[/colour] He smiled at the Alicorn. [colour=#8b4513]"Now what was that all about? Are you hurt?"[/colour]

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The Alicorn fluttered his wing weakly, it hurt more than the rest of him and he knew it wouldn't be long before a crowd gathered but he didn't have the strength to up and move just yet so instead he just sat down, snorting slightly and clearing his airways of the dirt he'd inhaled on impact. Now he hadn't inhaled much dirt in his lifetime but something about the earth seemed purer than other places...fresher smelling if that made any sense. He was used to the big city so the backroad country town was unfamiliar.

A small voice echoed over the edge of the hole and he turned his head slowly and looked up from behind his hood, a small brown stallion was looking right at him and speaking. Silver shook his head slowly and cleared his thoughts and said, "Erm...hello." He climbed towards the edge of the hole and tugged himself into a laying position on the soft grass beside it and the stallion.

"Heh...thanks for coming to see if I was alright Heart. I just kind of ran out of juice mid-flight..." He flexed his wing and hid the wince a little bit, "I should be fine, just...have to rest a little bit." He drew in a deep breath and used one hoof to adjust the hood to keep his horn hidden, hopefully the small stallion hadn't already figured out he was an Alicorn. He glanced to the side and studied the area around him, a few ponies had come over to investigate but now that Heart had come to check on him most of them went on their way. Silver was secretly appreciative for that.

"Erm...might be a silly question after crash landing in the middle of your town. But where...exactly am I?" He asked slowly. He didn't recognize the town at all, it was completely unfamiliar to him. Then again he didn't know many towns beyond his own home city of Reinwood. He'd never got to travel outside of his homeland which was part of the reason he'd run away in the first place. He'd felt like a bird in a cage back home.

A soft, hesitant smile was offered to Heart and he might have asked why he had come over to check on him, but he'd said he was a doctor. That alone was enough reason, he hoped he hadn't caused any damage or hurt any other ponies that might now require a doctor.

(Sorry about delay. The site wouldn't load last night for some reason O.o)

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((Same here))

Heart moved back from the stallion. He could see that he was bigger than him but that didn't change Heart at all. He didn't care. But then Heart noticed his wing. He examined it closely and made a few tsk noises with his tongue. He looked back at Silver who was giving him a small hesitant smile.

[colour=#8b4513]"Oh. Now I don't think just resting will help that. You may need to go to the hospital and get that looked at."[/colour] He pointed at his wing. Which was banged up. Heart had seen worse injuries but any injury was no laughing matter. They all needed to be taken seriously. Heart looked away and saw that the crowd of ponies was dispersing. He was happy. He figured this stallion didn't want much attention.

So Heat then turned his attention back to Silver. He remembered he asked where he was so Heart decided to answer him.

[colour=#8b4513]"Oh. Where are you? You are in Ponyville. Nice little town. Don't really get many crash landing ponies these days but hey anything can happen!" [/colour]He chuckled a bit. [colour=#8b4513]"Where were you from exaclty?"[/colour] [colour=#8b4513]"Because I--" [/colour]He then cut himself off and put a hoof on Silver's shoulder and said, [colour=#8b4513]"Look you need to go to a hospital. You're worrying me. Look I'll tell you what. Let's go and I'll check on you ok? Sound go? Good." [/colour]He then trotted a bit away from Silver and then turned back to him.

[colour=#8b4513]"Come on!" [/colour]He waved his hoof. "[colour=#8b4513]We can talk more when we get there." [/colour]He gave Silver a half smile and waited for him.

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(Guess we were both in the same boat then ^_^ Hearts a sweetheart btw :))

Silver sat there and let his eyes scan the area slowly. It was definitely a rural town by all means, and there was a big dark forest nearby. That rang in the back of his mind as something familiar but he really wasn't sure why. He shrugged a tad and then looked over at his wing quietly, he couldn't refute the stallions logic. He'd need to be able to travel again. He folded his good wing in against his side and then offered a gentle smile towards Heart. Sometimes the kindess of other ponies surprised Silver, no matter where he ended up it seemed that he ran into those who were willing to go out of their way to help others. It was a refreshing feeling to find such things, his home had never been like that.

"Ponyville huh? Never heard of it." He glanced to the side, he saw a spa, a dress shop and other buildings like the library. It was an interesting little town, maybe he would stay here and relax for a while. After all, those chasing him likely wouldn't look in some rural town first would they? He turned his silver gaze back to Heart as the hoof touched his shoulder, his injured wing fluttered slightly and his right hoof shook a bit, "I'm...just a traveller. But perhaps your right. Thank you." He stood up to his full height, which was rather tall but at the same time not completely overbearing and moved to follow the small brown stallion as quick as he could muster.

Could he trust this little stallion? He wondered if he could really trust anyone. News of unknown royalty popping up tended to spread fairly quick. But judging by the remoteness of the town he figured the news might not spread too quickly if he did tell Heart where he was from, he owed him that much for the kindness showed to him at this point. He made a note in the back of his mind to at least tell Heart and nobody else for now. As he trotted along behind the other pony he let his eyes explore a little bit and he attempted to tuck his wing against his side to stop any sort of pain.

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[colour=#282828]"Ponyville huh? Never heard of it."[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Heart stopped and turned back to Silver.[/colour][colour=#8b4513] "What?? Oh..well this town is pretty small. I can understand. But it is a very very nice little town." [/colour]

[colour=#282828]Heart then turned away. He kept trotting along and saw that the stallion, who seemed to have grown taller, was still following him. He was glad. He could tell that this pony was hurt on account of how he had his wing folded in. He hated to see him like this. But he was going to help him. Heart moved along. [/colour]

He could tell that this stallion was fascinated with a few sights around Ponyville. He to took in the buildings and the architecture of the buildings. He saw Rarity's boutique. Funny. He knew the mare's name but he had not said a word to her. Only heard things about her. He saw the library and a few other shops. If Silver plans to stay then he will need to learn this town. But he was probably just some pony who was flying. Probably from Cloudsdale. Or something. Maybe this pony was a weather pony. But anyways.

Heart moved along with Silver.

Heart knew where he was taking Silver. Well guiding him. He was going to take him to the hospital but he was going to check on him. Not Dr. Stable. Besides Heart was sure he wouldn't mind. He didn't plan on doing surgery or anything. Even though he never really did that. But he had before. He would just get him in check up on him and then get out.. He could do that. He kept trotting along and looked over at Silver.

[colour=#8b4513]"So Silver. You just crashed...why? And how? I mean..if it's personal then you don't have to tell me." [/colour]

As they were trotting along he saw a few ponies that waved at them. A few stared at Silver but Heart made sure not to mention it.

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[colour=#808080]Silver stopped in his tracks almost simultaneously and said, "I'm...from pretty far away. I'm not familiar with the area around here. The only place I really know is Canterlot, and even that is pretty unfamiliar." He picked up his pace again to follow the quick little stallion. He wondered why he was being so helpful to a stranger? Especially one who'd crashed in the middle of the town for no apparent reason.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]There was plenty to see that was for sure. He made a note to follow his nose later at some point as the smell of cider hit his nose. There must be an orchard nearby he figured and much like every other pony he thoroughly enjoyed anything to do with apples. He cast a sidelong glance at Heart who asked him about why he'd crashed and how exactly he'd ended up crashing.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]Silver hesitated slightly on answering the question but eventually forced himself to answer although in hushed tones so that nearby ponies couldn't hear him, "Well, I've been flying for three days straight now. One tends to...run out of strength after such a long journey. I guess you could say...I'm on the run. Look, you helped me so I'll tell you. But I'd appreciate it if you'd keep it between us. You've heard I assume of the missing royal child in Reinwood? The neighbouring kingdom to the northeast? That would be me."[/colour]

[colour=#808080]He slowed his pace a bit to let the tidbit of information sink in. He hoped he'd made the right choice in telling the stallion who he was. If not then it wasn't hard to make his way to another city. He glanced at his wing, or maybe it was. He could always go on hoof he figured but he guessed that time would tell. Maybe if he was lucky he could rest in this town for a few days at least. The last time the guards had caught up with him he'd barely managed to sneak away and he knew his parents were getting desperate.[/colour]

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"Well, I've been flying for three days straight now. One tends to...run out of strength after such a long journey. I guess you could say...I'm on the run. Look, you helped me so I'll tell you. But I'd appreciate it if you'd keep it between us. You've heard I assume of the missing royal child in Reinwood? The neighbouring kingdom to the northeast? That would be me."

Heart stopped in his tracks. A runaway? From Reinwood? Royal child? Neighboring?! Heart gulped and smiled faintly. Was this stallion a criminal? Is that why he is running away? That must be why he crashed! Heart began to think a bit. [colour=#8b4513]This stallion must be a criminal of some kind! Ohh...and I'm helping him! Ohh...I don't want to go to jail![/colour]

Heart then calmed himself down and took a few deep breaths. Maybe he was overreacting and this stallion wasn't a criminal. Maybe he was just....Heart didn't know! Why would a royal child runaway from home?

Heart gulped again and started to trot again. His eyes were a bit wider than they were. He glanced around and saw a few ponies trotting along. He figured he would have to kiss goodbye to this Ponyville. He could see it now.

The runaway criminal and his accomplice captured!

He could see a flyer that read that. Heart shook his head. He was overreacting. He needed to calm himself down. As they trotted along he got the smell of cider in his nose. It really helped him calm down. He loved a good cup of cider. But he couldn't get one yet. Heart then turned back to Silver and said, [colour=#8b4513]"Well. That is very interesting." He decided to go for the long shot here. His voice was raspy when he spoke. "You aren't by chance..Um...care to tell me why you are...running away?" [/colour]He raised an eyebrow and smiled a weak a funny looking smile. He darted his eyes back to the road and could see the hospital in the distance. It relieved him.

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[colour=#808080]Silver had been glancing to the side when Heart put on the brakes. Incidentally this lead to the awkward situtation of Silver running right into his rump and falling back a bit, "Huh?" He blinked a bit as the stallion hurried off again. What had that been all about? Had his story perhaps made him suspicious or something? Maybe he had erred in telling him. He snorted at himself a bit and made a note to be more careful in the future. He flexed his wing ready to take off but the pain that shot through it reminded him he should stay.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]He glanced to Heart who started talking again. Now he understood why he'd stopped suddenly. Silver softened his gaze a little bit and said, "It's nothing bad. I promise. It's just life back home isn't all that great. I'm a royal pony who never gets to leave the castle it's like my parents think I'm some sort of trophy sometimes. I just...hated the way they treated me. I want to see the world. So I ran away. They've been chasing me ever since." He stopped this time though and stared right at Heart for his reaction.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]Silver saw the hospital in the distance and gave Heart a small nudge, "If...your worried about getting mixed up with me I understand. We can split ways now if you'd like?" He asked in a softened voice. It was obvious that Silver was a kind pony, but he tended to be cautious and a bit suspicious at times as well. That was just the way a pony on the run tended to be, you never know who'd turn you in for a quick few 'bits'.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]Silver glanced towards the sky above and let his mind roam a little, ~Well, looks like rest isn't in the books this time. To the next city I go. Maybe I'll give Canterlot a try? Wait...Celestia likely knows my mother. Ugh. Stupid royalty.~ He grumbled a little bit as he was lost in thought. Some people would say his head was in the clouds alot of the time.[/colour]

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Fleur de Lis watched from a distance, eyeing the Alicorn, "Ah what a handsome stallion," she muttered, "And royal," she said and turned to face where Cantwrlot was, "You had your chance Fancy!" she spat a bit and shook herself a bit and began to casually trot toward the duo, when she recognized Heart. It was odd how she knew, they had neve met, but word of mouth back in Canterlot let her know he was, by far, the best Doctor around! She smiled warmly as ahe began to approach

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"It's nothing bad. I promise. It's just life back home isn't all that great. I'm a royal pony who never gets to leave the castle it's like my parents think I'm some sort of trophy sometimes. I just...hated the way they treated me. I want to see the world. So I ran away. They've been chasing me ever since."

Heart stared in shock. Then he exhaled and let out a big sigh of relief. Silver was not a criminal and everything was going to be ok. He sighed yet again and smiled at Silver.

[colour=#8b4513]"Well...I..I see..funny story. You see I thought you were.."[/colour] He then cut himself off and laughed. He swiped his forehead with a quick swipe from his hoof. He shivered a bit to shake the nervousness off. He knew not why he was nervous. But he still was just a bit. He let out a tiny sigh and looked towards Silver. He never noticed how grey his eyes were. But one thing was for sure. He had to look up to see them.

[colour=#8b4513]"Well I do hope everything works out for you. I hate to hear that. Anypony should be able to live their own life how they want." [/colour]He smiled at Silver again. He could tell he was a kind pony. Just something about his air made him seem compassionate. Either that or Heart hadn't seen alot of ponies. No! This stallion was one of the nicest! He could feel it.

So they kept trotting along. They were getting closer and closer to the Hospital. Just then Heart happened to casually look over and he saw a mare coming towards them. She was taller than he was. But he didn't care still. He stopped and looked at the mare.

[colour=#8b4513]"I didn'! Oh wait.."[/colour] He glanced over at Silver and chuckled nervously. "I um.." He cleared his throat with a good cough. His voice then came out a bit deeper than it had been. It was his true voice. [colour=#8b4513]"He-Hello there. And who might you be?"[/colour] He examined the mare carefully. But not to carefully. He didn't want her to think he was one of "Those" stallions.

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[colour=#808080]Silver blew a few strands of silvery hair from his face and nodded quickly, "Something bad I'm sure. Worry not. I'm used to that reaction by now." Silver chuckled a little bit too. His voice was pretty high and rather feminine at the same time so his chuckle came out as a bit of a giggle. It was a tad awkward. He quickly nodded to dismiss it and then moved to keep up with Heart as he seemed to dismiss things and move on.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]"Thanks Heart. I appreciate that sentiment, though with my parents thats like saying I hope a rock will grow legs and get out of my way." He laughed a bit at his own joke and then decided this pony would deserve more than just his thanks after all this was over. He'd been shown kindness and understanding. Both two things he was more or less unfamiliar with. But it also made him happy, this was the best crash landing he'd ever had. And also the only one for that matter.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]They weren't too far from the hospital when Heart stopped again and started to speaking to the mare that approached them. Silver kind of turned sideways a bit to hide his horn inside of his hood and then smiled at the newcomer and said, "Greetings." In an awkward tone of voice as he cast Heart a curious glance. Had the stallion just spoken in a deeper tone? That was odd to say the least. Maybe he just enjoyed speaking in a higher voice. He reminded him of himself in a tiny way.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]He glanced over the mare that had come over curiously from behind his hood as well, he wasn't exactly subtle about it either. For all he knew it could be one of his mothers guardsponies in disguise. Being on the run made every move you made extra careful, otherwise you'd be caught just as easily as the next pony. He offered an awkward smile in the girls direction.[/colour]

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She smiled warmly at the Stallions, "Fleur de Lis, pleasure to meet you both," she turned, "And if you are the stallion I am thinking of, then.." she raised his hoof with her own, "Pleasure to meet you Heart Moniter, I have heard many great things about you in Canterlot," she then turned to the 'Pegasus' and smiled, "A hood may hid the physical horn but a true Unicorn can sense magic," she said with a warm smile, "I hail from Canterlot yet have never seen you Alicorn, who?" she asked

(Who basically asking name BTW)

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[colour=#282828] "Pleasure to meet you Heart Moniter, I have heard many great things about you in Canterlot,"[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Heart was certainly not expecting this! He smiled at seemed to relax. He was feeling fine now and all of his nerves had gone away. He sighed a bit and smiled at the mare. [/colour]

[colour=#8b4513]"Why..thank you. It means a lot."[/colour][colour=#282828] He smiled at her. [/colour]

[colour=#282828]This mare said she reined from Canterlot. So could she be of royalty as well? It wouldn't surprise Heart. He had already met a runaway prince. So anything could happen. He kept his smile on his face. It never seemed to leave him. He looked around and then it hit him. His eyes went wide and he gasped. He turned to Silver and then moved in front of both him and Fleur.[/colour]

[colour=#8b4513]"Hey. Miss Fleur. We have to go do something.."[/colour][colour=#282828] He then sighed. There was no sense in trying to keep it a secret. He didn't even know why he was trying to keep a secret. He pointed over at Silver and said, "[/colour][colour=#8b4513]I am taking Silver here to the hospital. He needs to be checked up on. And I was wanting to hurry along. Would you like to come with?"[/colour][colour=#282828] He smiled a bit.[/colour]

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[colour=#808080]Silver bowed his head gently to the mare and watched her introduce herself to Heart. It seemed he was a little more well known than he let on. Silver couldn't help but smile at thw two. That was until the mare spoke directly at him. He frowned a little bit and adjusted the hood, "Perhaps you are correct. But let us keep it a bit quieter. I hail from...elsewhere." The change from being open with Heart to closing himself off from this mare a little bit was more than a little obvious. Silver did not want to have himself known to any more ponies than he had to.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]He left the mares question hanging in the air and nodded to Heart in agreement, "Good idea." He didn't mind the mare being invited along simply because he knew if she came with them there was less of a chance that she'd be spreading the news that none other than a royal Alicorn had just crash landed in the middle of the small town. He stood up to his full height once more and glanced to the side in silence.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]"So...that's the hospital huh?" He asked glancing at the building they were heading towards. He'd never had need to go to a hospital before, he swore if his parents could have kept him wrapped in bubble wrap they would have. He'd never left his home castle until recently and had never really had a chance to get hurt as a young foal. He snorted a little bit and glanced at his wing and decided that maybe that hadn't been a bad thing, it hurt more than a little bit.[/colour]

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Fluer did a 'hmpf' spud and turned her head away from the Alicorn, "Well I never!" she said feeling very dissrespected, she turned back with ees in slits to him, "Look Alicorn, I have never been so insulted by royalty, but if I want to find out who you are I have my ways!" she then turned bright and cheerful to Heart, "Oh heart I would love to be your company!"

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Heart stopped trotting and turned to Silver and Fluer. He then took a quick glance over at the hospital. He was worried that Silver was perhaps scared of the building. He knew a lot of ponies that were afraid of hospitals but he was sure Silver would get over it. Maybe he could get a nice piece of candy when he was done. Ok clearly that was not going to happen. Maybe. But Heart looked around the building. He could see some places that were dark. He hated the dark. But he wondered what the others thought. As he moved his head to Fluer and Silver he came back to Fluer going on about how disrespected Silver was. Heart moved in front of the mare and Silver. He put a hoof on Fluer and looked back and forth between them.

[colour=#8b4513]"Please. Calm down. We don't need to yell.[/colour]" He smiled at Fluer and Silver and then took his hoof off of her. He turned back away and kept moving a bit.

"So...that's the hospital huh?"

He had heard a few things Silver said but this one stuck out the most. Mainly because it was a question but that didn't matter. He heard him say things like "Good idea" and such and it made Heart feel smart. He like the feeling. But now he figured and answer was due. So he turned to Silver just in time to hear Fluer.

[colour=#282828]"Oh heart I would love to be your company!"[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Heart smiled back at her. [/colour][colour=#8b4513]"Good to hear that." [/colour][colour=#282828]His smile grew warmer. He then turned to Silver. He hesitated to speak because he was confused. Fluer's tone had changed from being mean to Silver to being happy and cheerful to Heart. Perhaps to quickly..But anyways! Heart shook his head and said, [/colour][colour=#8b4513]"Why yes. This is the Ponyville Hospital. I'm afraid I do not know of any other hospitals in this small little town. But then again this is only my fourth time to be here. I live in Trottingham. But anyways! This is a great hospital. You have nothing to worry about. Normally Dr. Stable would be checking on you but that is my job now." [/colour][colour=#282828]He chuckled a bit and kept trotting towards the Hospital.[/colour]

[colour=#282828]Once he got the front door he opened it. He moved his hoof in a motion at both Fluer and Silver[/colour][colour=#8b4513]. "Come on! Come on!" [/colour][colour=#282828]He smiled at them. Though he really did want to hurry Silver along. Injuries can get worse if they are not cared for.[/colour]

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[colour=#808080]Silver couldn't help but frown at the Mares sudden outburst and his mind quickly ran back through the things he said. Had he said something offensive? Maybe it was not answering her question that offended her. He looked to the ground quietly and then said, "I apologize if I've offended you. I'd just prefer not to let every pony in the immediate area who I am. Have the word royal tacked onto my name doesn't help me with discretion." He turned away with that as Heart got between the two of them and sighed lightly. What more could possibly happen in the day?[/colour]

[colour=#808080]Silver sighed lightly and glanced to heart and nodded quickly. It was an interesting building to say the least though he found himself a little distracted when Heart mentioned Trottingham. He scoured his mind for a few moments and tried to remember a map of Equestria, "Trottingham...? Is that nearby?" He assumed the town was nearby if Heart hadn't been here very often. It seemed the most logical explanation anyways.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]Silver hurried up to follow Heart once more and made his way through the door, turning a little awkwardly since he couldn't properly tuck his wing in. He looked around the sparkly white interior and wrinkled up his nose a little bit at the smell of the many chemicals in the hospital. He'd never even liked the smell of soap unless it was citrus scented. That was just one of Silver's more 'odd' traits. Anything that smelt like a chemical was gross to him.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]He glanced around from behind his hood and saw that there was only a single receptionist at the desk who wasn't paying attention and no other ponies in the waiting room. Silver breathed a sigh of relief and let a bit of magic slip into his horn, tugging his hood back and drawing in a deep breath. His very long silver mane tumbled down the right side of his neck and he shook a little bit and then glanced down at the floor at the dirt falling from his mane. His cheeks flushed lightly.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]"My bad...forgot I kind of took a roll in the dirt when I got here."[/colour]

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The mare followed, "Hmpf well an apology will do for now," she said, not admitting that she would do anything for him. She loved royalty, and he was so handsome, but so was heart, she was in good company. She shook her he's an walked in, then the dirt dropped and she jumped back, "Ei!" she said and her horn glowed as she put the diet in trash, "Ugh I hate dirt so!"

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"Trottingham...? Is that nearby?"

Heart shook his head. "Mmmm...no. It's not nearby. But it isn't forever away if that makes sense." He chuckled a bit and continued to trot along. And just then the group entered the hospital.

Heart noticed that there were no ponies in the waiting room.

Either no ponies were injured and waiting on ponies to come see them. Or there was just no visitor today. Heart glanced around some more. He saw the lone receptionist as the desk. He smiled at her and trotted over to her.

[colour=#8b4513]" Hello there."[/colour] He smiled at her.

The mare smiled back. "[colour=#4b0082]Hello Dr. Heart." [/colour]She giggled when she spoke now. [colour=#4b0082]"You do know you don't work here correct?" [/colour]She raised an eyebrow.

Heart laughed as well. [colour=#8b4513]"Ah yes. But I just wanted to check on a friend of mine. You see he...he um. Is .." [/colour]He shrugged and smiled. The mare laughed again. [colour=#4b0082]"I see. Well you know what you are doing Doctor." [/colour]She smiled at him. Heart smiled back and said, "[colour=#8b4513]Thank you."[/colour] He smiled yet again.

He kept the same smile as he came back to the group. Silver was standing tall as usual and Fluer was..freaking out about dirt? Heart couldn't help but smile even wider. His thoughts about this mare changed every minute. He moved so he could see both of them.

[colour=#8b4513]"Um. I think the ponies appreciate you cleaning that up..But we need to move on. Come along then."[/colour] He smiled and then moved through a door. He held it open for Silver and Fluer. Once they came through he pointed towards a door to the right. It was the closest door. On the door was a sign that read Room 1. Heart just pointed at it.He knew what the inside of the room looked like. It was a beige coloured room with a two windows looking outside. It had a few bookshelves and things that ponies need when they are bored. Should be fine for this moment. He smiled at Silver and said, [colour=#8b4513]"If you two would be so kind as to wait in here for me. I'll just be a second. Silver. Please sit on the bed in the room and do not touch your wing. And Fluer."[/colour] He gave her a serious look. [colour=#8b4513]"Make sure he doesn't touch that wing." [/colour]He smiled and then trotted down the long hallway. He had to get some things for Silver's examination. While this wasn't surgery he still had to get a few things.

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[colour=#808080]Silver was glad that the mare at least accepted his apology. It was a start at least. He blew a few loose strands of hair from his face and then watcha s she jumped back and magicked the dirt away. He stifled a bit of a chuckle and then said, "I love the dirt...it feels good on ones hooves on a warm summer day." Silver had always loved nature and everything about it. Though he'd never really got to explore it that didn't change his thoughts and feelings on it from what he knew. He was very naive to the ways of the world though, perhaps it was odd of him to admit such a thing in public.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]Silvers eyes wandered from the mare to Heart who was speaking with the receptionist, luckily she seemed completely unaware of the fact that Silver was sporting both a horn and wings. He was glad for that. While they waited Silver took his time sniffing around a bit. Being stuck in a castle most of your life made most things interesting and new to see. He looked at the various magazines and the way the room was built. It was a good distraction from his wing and a good way to keep himself busy.[/colour]

[colour=#808080]He glanced back at Heart who told them it was time to move along. Silver moved to follow him through through the singular door into a hallway. They wer emotioned towards a door that was indicated as 'Room 1' he figured it was likely some sort of exam room. He looked back towards heart and nodded quickly. He'd do his best not to touch his wing though admittedly he wanted to put a hoof on it as it ached more than he'd like to admit. He pushed the door open with his butt and moved into the room, making sure to hold the door for Fluer (Is it Fluer or Fleur?).[/colour]

[colour=#808080]Once inside he moved to sit on the bed gingerly and all of his muscles and joints almost groaned in thanks. He'd been travelling for so many days now he hadn't had a chance to rest on something comfortable. He let out a deep sigh of relief and laid down on his belly on the covered bed his good wing resting against his side comfortably and his other just kind of sticking out. He glanced back at the wing for a few moments and then looked to Fleur curiously, "So...erm. Dismissing the rudeness earlier. I would appreciate it if you didn't tell too many people about my heritage." He offered her a soft smile as he tried to make a bit of a better apology.[/colour]

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