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Entering Equestria-OOC

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Soooo I've had this idea on my mind for a while, and I wasn't sure where I should post it, so I'll try here if it's okay. I've been looking for Mane 6 ponies, especially Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight, for an rp idea i had in mind. I have the post in mind, just...wanted to do a little interest check for another player or two. The girl I'm playing is about fifteen years of age, lives on a farm with her parents and older siblings, and ended up getting chased into a forest by bullies and ran through to the other side, and somehow ended up in Equestria(I'm kind of unsure of how to go about this, so suggestions are open!) And she's desperately trying to get back home, but needs the help of the ponies to do it. It wouldn't happen right away though, maybe not for a good, long while.

A twist though, she's equinophobic. In other words, she's got a fear of horses and ponies, stemming from an incident that had happened when she was young. She's a shy, but hardworking character to begin with, however she just has that fear plaguing her. So in other words, she's probably going to be really timid and fearful of ponies at first, and I'm hoping to get somepony to play a mane six character, or, if not, then perhaps a background mare. OCs would be welcome too, I'm just looking for the mane six ponies the most. <:

Thanks, and I hope it's okay that I post this, here.

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AFB-You can just join right away in the topic, if you'd like. Don't HAVE to make an application, but if you want to you can just list the basics, the name, stallion or mare, type of pony, brief history, etc etc.

QueenChrysalis-That'd be lovely.~

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Name: white lighting

Age/gender: colt

Species: Pegasus

Eye colour: sky blue

Coat colour: white

Mane/tail: white, and short.

History: white lightning was born in cloudsdale and throughout most of his childhood, went through the flight academy. Be began flying at a really early age and was often made fun of being the youngest in the academy. After graduating the top of his class, he decided to practice to become a wonderbolt. He greatly admires Soarin and wants to grow up to be just like him.

Other stuff: white lightning is generally a pretty nice pony, but can be full of himself at times. He hates it when ponies are mad fun of and he'll go out of his way to stand up for the victim. He's got the capability to fly faster than the speed of sound, but has a hard time controlling himself at times when he goes that fast. He's usually fearless, but he freaks out when he sees spiders. He doesn't admit he's afraid of them and will say "they just have too many eyes! Watching your every move..." Though he won't openly admit to being afraid of them.

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