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The Academy Chapter 3 Daylight's End


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Welcome to The Third and Final Chapter for The Academy

(Open to join)

2 Years Have passed since the Battle of the Skies at the Academy. The Wonderbolts had arose triumphant against the Shadowbolts, They had a Goal to Bring back Nightmare moon and Bring about Eternal Night with the use of a gem that Spitfire had purchased for defence of the Academy. The Academy had taken a large toll and lay in disrepair and disarry for 3 months after the event.

Many of the Graduates of the Final test had been impored by Celestia to Join the royal guard and make the SERS (Stratiegic Equestrian Responce Squad) In order to watch for the Shadowbolts once more. It has been 2 long years and not one trace of evil has been seen in a long time, it seems that they had finnaly been defeated. Or so it seems.


The sun had risen above Canterlot, The large city lay quietly on the mountainside Watching over The lands below. In the royal district of the city however many guards were bustling back and forth, Shifts changing, Guards going to bed, Guards giving reports about their patrols. Nothing was out of the ordinary for them except the presence of The SERS that had joined awhile back, most had thought that Velocity and Shimmer were foolish for brinning wonderbolts of all things to become guards. Most had even picked fights with the members of the squad, Celestia Tried to keep them under control but a underlaying mistrust still waned between the two groups. Thy sky Raptors had returned with a squad and had trained and watched over the SERS, They watched their talents grow with each day. They are now The 2nd most Elite guards in the city under the Supreme guard.

Flashbomb lay on his cot sleeping after a very long day yesterday of training and hard work.

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(Neo Trio is now cannon...I think.)

[colour=#0000CD]"You really should find a marefriend Time." [/colour][colour=#000000]Gadget said to Time Spinner. They were in his normal house in canterlot. He had told Gadget of what happened earlier and how he was an official Royal Watcher. He was tasked with the goal of watching and keeping track of Twilight sparkle. It was a bit odd when you think about the fact that Time was watching her do everything...EVERYTHING not really everything but close to it. Right now they were in his house and Time was looking through a book full of combat spells.[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"Why should I?"[/colour]

[colour=#0000CD]"Because you never go outside anymore."[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"What are you talking about? I go outside all of the time."[/colour]

[colour=#0000CD]"No you don't. Why are you looking through a combat spellbook."[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"I'm trying to memorize the spells." [/colour]


[colour=#696969]"You said that luna said an evil was coming, well If that evil is coming, then if evil destroys my house again, I can blow it into small pieces and eat it."[/colour]

[colour=#800080]"Maybe it's phrases like that which makes us think you need a Marefriend." [/colour][colour=#000000]Said a purple pegasus coming down the stairs. Swift Blitz had moved into Time's home almost a year and a half ago. She needed a home and Gadget knew that Time had a plethora of space available. Time was less than amused but did not deny Swift a room. She became almost like a little Sister to him. Ironic considering his other housemate was his 'brother'.[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"Socialites, the both of you!" [/colour][colour=#000000]Time said as he closed the book very loudly.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]They were currently in the living room of his house. It was made of mahogany and featured a red sofa with two chairs. They were faced towards a fireplace which on top of it featured a mantel. Time had learned of a new thing in canterlot called 'arcade games' and quickly bought three cabinets which were facing the wall behind them. Right behind the sofa was a staircase that took you upstairs. The right featured a bar kitchen and the left had the main door. It was a very nice house, one that Celestia had given him after the events of his last battle with evil. It never needed rent or payment on things such as water or heat due to something called the royalty claim. Time only learned that due to Celestia giving him the house he never needed to pay for any of its other things. He did have his job as a watcher as well as his job as a historian but they were fairly minor. [/colour]

[colour=#0000CD]"Your just upset cause were wonderbolts."[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"It's been 2 years Gadget, if I was ever jealous do you think I still would be"[/colour]

[colour=#800080]"Yes." [/colour][colour=#000000]Swift said causing Time to sigh.[/colour]

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Lyria woke up from a nap, which she had been taking quite recently lately. She had been getting extremely bad headaches, and would start passing out randomly.

Dawn trotted around her room anxiously. Her mother had told her about the dangers of her friend, and she hadn't slept since. She wanted her to be okay, for it not to happen... But she knew it would.

Luna ran over to Celestia. [colour=#0000cd]"Sister! The Nightmares! They are about to take Lyria to the moon to make the final changes to her! The poor thing is getting worse every second, and...

Not even I can stop these Nightmares. They are too strong."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Lyria started to wobble around when she stood, and she collapsed on the floor. Something was creeping up her back legs, and she turned. Black misty figures were pulling her to this dark abyss, and she didn't know where to go. She tried to run forward. She screamed loudly, and tried to grab onto something. [/colour]

[colour=#800080]"HELP!!"[/colour][colour=#000000] She screamed, [/colour][colour=#800080]"Angel! Luna! Dawn! Anypony! Help!" [/colour]

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CloudDasher Rolled over in her cot, The sun light came through the windows and hit her face. The warmness of the sun caused her to wake up. She quickly hid the Teddy Bear she snuggled with every-night, She still had A image to uphold. She attempted to get out of the cot but got her hind hoof stuck on the strap and fell off the hanging bed, Though they were comfy, They were hard to get out of. This was the 3rd time this week. She got up and dusted off her coat and trotted over to the closet. She grabbed her goggles and hung them from her neck and also took the SERS Hoof band. She never wore the uniform, Too uncomfortable. These last 2 years had changed CloudDasher A lot. She was more responsible but still had a Cocky attitude. She trotted down the hall of the new building. It was much different than the academy. Much more clean and bigger. She came to a pair of double doors and opened them. She trotted inside a big room that had a big map overhanging the walls. It showed all of equestria and had pins that marked suspicious behavior One area marked was the BadLands, But it seemed as if it was always marked. In the middle of the room was a round table with a battle plan space in case it was needed. So far, It has not been used. To the right on the wall was also rows of books on for reading and entertainment A few couches lined the staircase leading up to the book shelves. CloudDasher trotted over to the map. Part of her job in the SERS was to update it every now and then. A few papers laid on the table. She picked them up and read off the usual area's that the SERS Kept a eye on. No new ones appeared on the paper so she threw it away and trotted back out of the room. She needed some breakfast.

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Celestia was attending to Various matters around the Castle. Repairs on a cracked pillar that she assigned workers to, The apple family reunion to which she sent a couple shipments of Plates and other items to. She had alot more to do and was starting the adrees the Trade root down south when Luna had busted into the room. She fratically told Her about Lyria and how the darkness was going to take her soon. Celestia raised an eyebrow to these Allocations She was going to inquire further until she heard Lyria scream down the grand hallway. Celestia called a troop of guards and ordered to follow her. They charged down the hallway twoards Lyria's location.

Flashbomb stirred when A hoof hit him in the muzzle, He sat up sleepily and yawned. He saw Cloud dasher had gotten up and fell. He chuckled slightly, she was still the silly mare he knew 2 years ago. He pulled himself out of bed and fell himself [colour=#0000FF]"Dumb cot," [/colour]He growled. He unfastened his Hoof and stood up, his legs cricked slightly. He felt as though he was getting to old for this ( even though he is 23 in human comparison.) He scratched his Blond mane and sighed, He saw Angel Snapp was still out of it. He trotted over and nudged his cot [colour=#0000FF]"Wake up you Grumpy survailence expert." [/colour]He said. He laughed And turned away, he trotted over to the Closet which held each pony's outfits, Cloud dasher's Armor was hanging next to his. Her armor was a black tone, it was the lightest set out of Everypony's armor. He grabbed his own suit of armor, knocking off cloud dasher's Scout helmet. It landed on Flash's front hoof with a thump causing him to cry out with pain. He grabbed it and looked at it, It had a tactical one eye scanner for scouting and a couple tally marks on the side, He had no idea why she put the marks on but that wasnt his buissiness. He placed it back on the shelf.

He trotted over to a table and Began to put his armor on, It wasnt to heavy like Velocity's and Shimmer's but that was completely fine with him. His armor was a Dark blue Camoflauge pattern, it had the SERS logo on the sides Like everypony elses. It was a Medium Class set with .75 inch Dragon aloy fiber. It had a Tactical Helmet that housed his Mask on the Face hatch just like Vel. He had gotten the armor on and secured it tightly to himself, He placed the helmet in a clamp on his side. He trotted over to Angel one more time [colour=#0000FF]"Im gonna go to the map room, if you want breakfast you better get up soon." [/colour]He said to his friend. He trotted at a steady pace out of the barracks and into the hallway, His armor making a distinctive sound as he moved. He got to the Map room and saw Cloud dasher leaving. He Trotted inside and grabbed a file marked Cloudsdale, He left and followed Cloud to the mess hall down the hallway, The Military wing was very large. He entered the Mess hall and grabbed a tray, When he got his food he sat at a table and started to eat. The food wasnt any better than the slop at the Academy but it was edible. He paged through the Cloudsdale file and read as he ate.

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[colour=#b22222]"They'd be proud of you guys you know."[/colour]

[colour=#696969]"And what makes you say that?"[/colour]

[colour=#b22222]"Many things. One, you're their children. Two, you helped found and train one of the most elite teams in the Equestrian Military. Three, you guys are [/colour]the[colour=#b22222] personal guards of a Princess. Her 'Sentinels'. I like to think that Celestia deliberately named that rank."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Velocity and Shimmer's brother, Carmus, poked both of them in their armored chests, right on one of the three small emblems, the one of Twilight's cutie mark, grinning, [/colour][colour=#b22222]"And that, dear children, is why they'd be proud of you."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]He chuckles slightly. The three siblings were standing in a small circle like formation outside of the SERS barracks. Carmus smirked, narrowing his cobalt blue eyes, [/colour][colour=#b22222]"[/colour][colour=#b22222]But you know... There is one more thing you guys could do that would make them even more proud of you..."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Velocity raised an eyebrow at that, [/colour][colour=#daa520]"Care to explain just what that might be?"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Carmus' smirk grew, [/colour][colour=#b22222]"Well, for one thing you guys could try and find yourselves a special somepony."[/colour]

Shimmer rolled her eyes, [colour=#696969]"Really Carmus? I don't know if I could find a place for girlfriend duty in the mix with my guard responsibilities, and Velocity's to childish sometimes."[/colour]

[colour=#DAA520]"First off Shim, I resent that, despite the truth in it. But she is right Carmus, do we really need to talk about this now? You really don't have room to criticize us on this anyway! You're older than both of us and you still haven't found yourself a mare!"[/colour]

[colour=#b22222]"I've been on tour for the past few years guys, I didn't really have time to! And there is nothing else to discuss!"[/colour] Carmus' normally low voice rose to a comical pitch at that last sentence. He caught himself and got his voice back under control, [colour=#b22222]"The Commander and [/colour][colour=#b22222]I have been coming here on and off for the past two years to help you guys train the SERS. We've talked about everything."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]*Drell, who'd been toying with a twig a few steps away from the Pegasi siblings, fluttered over, throwing the stick at Carmus' helmeted head, [/colour][colour=#006400]"Spitfire. Not talked about her!" [/colour][colour=#000000]He said haltingly, imitating Carmus' voice.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Carmus looked at him in disbelief, [/colour][colour=#b22222]"First off, did he just throw a stick at me? And second, since when could he talk?!"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Shimmer shrugged, [/colour][colour=#696969]"Since two years ago. He just kinda started, we don't know how he learned."[/colour][colour=#000000] Her ice blue eyes narrowed. Now it was her turn to smirk, [/colour][colour=#696969]"But he has got a point... We haven't discussed the topic of you and the Wonderbolt Captain yet..."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Carmus sighed, [/colour][colour=#b22222]"You guys have an overly intelligent bird that can talk. Now nothing I say is sacred." [/colour][colour=#000000]He shakes his head slightly, purposely causing his helmet's visor to fall across his face, which had begun to take on a noticeable darker shade of red than normal, [/colour][colour=#b22222]"I don't know what you're talking about." [/colour][colour=#000000]*[/colour]

[colour=#000000](OOC: I placed that last bit in asterisks since I wasn't sure if that headcanon bit carried over. So if it didn't, ignore that last bit of text.[/colour]

[colour=#000000]I haven't finished my mental designing of the Sky Raptor's armor yet, but I can say that it's the same colour scheme and design as the USAF Thunderbird's.)[/colour]

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Lyria whimpered, and disappeared into the abyss when the guards arrived. The last thing that was left of Lyria was her hair tie, and nothing else.

[colour=#0000cd]"What are we going to do my dear sister?" [/colour][colour=#000000]Luna whimpered. [/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"Welcome young one." [/colour][colour=#000000]A voice called out to Lyria. Lyria blinked, and noticed she was on a throne, and she whimpered. [/colour]

[colour=#800080]"Who are you?!?" [/colour][colour=#000000]She screamed.[/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"A friend." [/colour][colour=#000000]The voice smiled, and came out as a misty dark shadow into Lyria's view.[/colour]

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CloudDasher trotted down the hall. The maps were only part of her job. Most of the times she was sent out to scout out possibly dangerous situations for the SERS Before they went in. It was fun, She got to work alone for the most part and didnt get slowed down by somepony else. But every now and then she kicked some pony's flank. She would inscribe a little dash in her helmet. There were 7 Now.. She hadn't seen much combat. Equestria was extremely peaceful. She dealt with a few minor crimes like burglary and minor assault over a pie.. Which was... Interesting. She sighed and saw Shimmer and Velocity talking to somepony she had seen but never meet before. She guessed it was there older brother. She trotted passed them and said "[colour=#00ffff]Sup guys[/colour]" as she passed. The mess hall was just down the hall. She looked back. Velocity was a interesting pony, He spiked her interest a lot. And so did his sister Shimmer. She was looking forward to meeting whoever they were talking to.


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Shimmer nodded to Cloud Dasher as she passed, Velocity doing the same with a friendly smile. Carmus gave her a jokingly ironic salute in greeting. After she passed he leaned heavily on his little brother, a smug look on his face. Velocity shook his head and pushed his brother off.

Shimmer sighed laughing softly, [colour=#696969]"You guys are idiots."[/colour]

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[colour=#800080]"A friend?!? What are you?" [/colour][colour=#000000]She growled.[/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"A Nightmare. And we've been looking for a new queen." [/colour][colour=#000000]They smiled.[/colour]

[colour=#800080]"I'm not going to agree!" [/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"We've made our offer very clear-"[/colour]

[colour=#800080]"Clear? You know whats crystal clear? That I'm not going to agree! I would never and will never stay here. Equestria is my home."[/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"Oh, but we know that all you ever want to do is help...

Without you, our entire existence is meaningless... Your help would save us."[/colour]

[colour=#800080]"No! My friends! They need me!"[/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"Do they? Or will they reject you when some other kind, and loving pony comes along?"[/colour]

[colour=#000000]Lyria thought for a moment. The thought of her friends abandoning her over took her mind... And Angel, would he leave her for the new pony as well?[/colour]

[colour=#800080]"But they wouldn't forget me... Would they?"[/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"Stay with us and your kindness will never be taken for granted, and you will never be forgotten."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]A magic beam of light came from the nightmare, and started to come closer to her.[/colour]

[colour=#800080]"Never...? I just want to help..."[/colour]

[colour=#000000]The light clashed into Lyria's eyes, and the dark shadows started to swirl around her wings and legs. Her eyes glowed with a white intensity, and the Nightmare's smiled.[/colour]

[colour=#ff0000]"And you will help... More then you ever dreamed..."[/colour]


[colour=#40e0d0]"Angel! Angel!" [/colour][colour=#000000]Dawn said, frantically running around. She found Flashbomb instead, and ran up to him, panicking. [/colour]

[colour=#40e0d0]"We need to head to the moon, and fast. You, me, Velocity, Angel, Shimmer, and Gadget need to go. Now. Help me round them up. Please." [/colour]

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CloudDasher exited the kitchen with a piece of toast in her mouth. Still half aleep she saw Dawn charge in and start yelling at FlashBomb for some reason. All she heard was ''The moon" And she continued to trot over to a table where she sat down a cup of OJ and ate the rest of the toast. She also heard her tell FlashBomb to round up just about everyone, Though she didnt hear her name called. She let out a angry shrug. It seemed like Dawn and lyria just ignored her Existence So what if she had a Crush on Angel.. its not like she was going to swoop him off his hoofs right from under lyria. She sighed and finished her OJ then got up. She trotted out from the mess hall and passed Shimmer, Velocity and the other guy "[colour=#00ffff]Sounds like dawn's gone crazy[/colour]'" She told him. "[colour=#00ffff]Who's this[/colour]" She gestured toward the stallion she had never met before "[colour=#00ffff]You a recruit? If you are. Stay out of my stuff.. [/colour]" She told him with a slight grin.

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"Hello again." Velocity smiled

"This is our Captain Carnus, our older brother." Shimmer said, gesturing he head towards the brother in question.

Carmus nodded to her again, "But don't worry, I'll still stay out of your stuff." He said with a friendly smirk

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"Hello again." Velocity smiled

"This is our Captain Carnus, our older brother." Shimmer said, gesturing he head towards the brother in question.

Carmus nodded to her again, "But don't worry, I'll still stay out of your stuff." He said with a friendly smirk.

When Dawn came rushing over, the three siblings turned to her, Carmus asking, "We can provide whatever assistance you need. What is it?!"

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Flashbomb sat at the table with the Cloudsdale file, He read over the pages with interest about the recent happenings and strange coincidences happening there. He read the page carefully.

"cloudsdale has been basically quiet, Nothing strange to report." Scout requius Report.

"Slight disturbance down town, fight over pie, Soarin involved, defused the situation." Scout Flightwing Report.

Flashbomb sighed and flipped a few pages, they caused a puff of air that moved his spiked blond mane. He read a most recent entry.

"Bad dreams affecting up to 20 residents of Cloudsdale. Sent to hospital for health check." Scout Flightwing report.

"Dreams spreading to over 40 residents of Cloudsdale. Sleep deprivation and visions reported." scout Tornadowind report.

"Dreams reach critical, Most of Cloudsdale affected, SERS responce requested." Scout Requius report.

Flash Marked the final report. What could the SERS do to help with bad dreams? They were a tactical squad not Physicians. Flash closed the file and drank his drink. He swallowed and crossed his hooves over the file.

He opened his eyes to see dawn Infront of him, He didnt have much time to compreheand what she was yelling about. [colour=#0000FF]"The Moon? Are you nuts? We wont have any air. Your crazy Dawn....." [/colour]He said to her. He didnt mean to Be mean to her but he Thought that she needed to calm down. He saw that she started talking to Cloud dasher. He Rolled his eyes and drank from his glass, his armor shifting and clacking as he moved. He looked at his new Scars on his face in the Reflection of his drink. He looked back at the file, they should probably respond to the allocations of Nightmares soon.

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Lyria smiled, and watched as her nightmares started to corrupt others.

[colour=#800080]"Now... For Celestia." [/colour][colour=#000000]She smiled, and flew over to the castle. She walked up to Celestia from behind, now as tall as her, and her wings were more majestic. Her mane flowed gently, a dark nearly black purple. Her light purple fur was now pitch black, and her light blue eyes were crystallized. [/colour]She grabbed the princess, and disappeared into the shadows.

[colour=#800080]"Now your banished... To your precious Sun." [/colour][colour=#000000]She giggled, and Celestia disappeared. The moon rose, and she laughed evilly. [/colour]

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CloudDasher heard Shimmer call the stallion [colour=#282828]Carmus. And he was also there captain. "[/colour][colour=#00ffff]My apologies sir..[/colour]" She told him. She was about to say something cocky but before she could let the words leave her mouth Dawn rushed over again. Carmus seemed to respond with the intent to help.. Although CloudDasher was pretty sure that he didnt know about the whole "moon" Situation. CloudDasher sighed "[colour=#00ffff]If you need me Velocity, Ill be gearing up for patrol.[/colour]" She told him, then trotted off to the barracks. Once she was in there, The uniforms were still hanging on the racks. FlashBomb had taken his, And Angel was still sound asleep. CloudDasher giggled at how the stallion could basicly sleep through the apocalypse. She sighed and took down the uniform and slipped it on. A saddle bag next to it contained a pair of binoculars and some first-aid supplies. Apart from being a scout. She was also functional as a team medic. She was no doctor, But she could patch pony's up of need be. She had to use it twice. Both times on herself. She picked it up and set it on her back and also put on the helmet.

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Celestia Stared at the dark void in which Lyria had sunken into, She had failed to save her, they were to late. She heard Luna ask what to do now, [colour=#FFD700]"This isnt good Luna, you are in grave danger, you need to Find The SERS and Find safety. They will come for you next and you need to....." [/colour]She said but was interrupted by Hooves grabing her and pulling her into a dark portal. She came to and found herself on the sun. She whipped around and Saw a corrupted Lyria biding her farewell. She had dissapeared and left her stranded upon the burning mass of light. She knew what was to come next, Lyria now corrupted by the darkness would now reinstate the Shadowbolts and create an army. She couldnt however Corrupt Luna right on the Spot without a massive power source such as the crystal from the first battle. The only one that she knew of was in the SERS headquarters. She couldnt do anything now to help but sit and hope for the best.

Flashbomb had finnished his drink and ate his last bit of food. He got up and took his tray to the cleaning window. He returned to his table and picked up the file, placing it in his Inventory Bag on his right side. He trotted over To Dawn [colour=#0000FF]"Im sure your majesty that whatever this is about will be sorted out soon. No disrespect but if you were to teleport us to the moon i dont think we could survive long in that atmosphere. If you wish to have some food to calm your nerves your free to it." [/colour]He offered to her. He looked to Velocity,Shimmer and a pony he recognized as their brother Captain Carnus. He bowed to them slightly out of Respect for they were all his Superiors. He Looked up again [colour=#0000FF]"Its good to see you again Captain. I wish i could stay and talk but i must be going to Cloudsdale. I am going to check into that Dream disruption that seems to be frolicking freely there. I will file a report on my progress when i return." [/colour]He said. He trotted away with his armor clanking with the movements. He entered the barracks and Saw Cloud Dasher Gearing up to go on a scouting run. Angel snapp was still surveying the inside of his eyelids. Flash chuckled to himself and looked to Cloud Dasher, He still after the 2 years they had been in the Squad still had his Crush on her. He had hinted time and time again but she seemed to be falling For Velocity, He didnt mind to much but part of him still stuck a thorn inside his heart at how upright he was taking it.[colour=#0000FF] "Hey Cloud, Im going to check out Cloudsdale, Ricochett should be there soon to lend a hoof but it could be nice if you joined as well after your scouting." [/colour]He offered to her. He pulled his helmet of of his holding clip on his armor and slipped it on, the Visor faceplate still un the upright position so his face could be seen. He saw her helmet and laughed slightly [colour=#0000FF]"So you still put those marks on your helmet eh? I dont get why you do." [/colour]He pulled the faceplate down and the mask attatched to it Conformed to him adding 1 inch of Flight Armor over his forelimbs and wings. He trotted over to Angel snapp and shook the cot until it was about to flip over [colour=#0000FF]"Equestia to Angel snapp, Do you copy? WAKE UP SLEEPY HOOVES!!" [/colour]His voice brodcasted from the mask. He chuckled slightly to show he was joking and trotted out of the building. He looked to the skies to see the sun beginning to falter down the horizon. He raised and eyebrow and sighed [colour=#0000FF]"Celestia is slacking....." [/colour]He said. He flapped his wings only ove and the flight mask suit of armor Shot him into the skies above and off to Cloudsdale.

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CloudDasher turned to see FlashBomb enter. "[colour=#00ffff]Hey there Flashy.[/colour]" She replied to his greeting "[colour=#00ffff]Ill just tag along. Scouting is going to be pretty dull today, I was just going to do a sweep of PhillyDelphia, But they have been silent for months.[/colour]" She told him. Slipping on the arm band that had the SERS's Logo on it. "[colour=#00ffff]And these notches represent experience in the field I guess you could say its sort of like a score. To bad your too slow to keep up[/colour]" She joked. FlashBomb trotted over to angel and fliped his cot. Angel awoke instantly and got tangled in the cot. He began to thrash around struggling to get free, he heard FlashBomb laughing, As well as CloudDasher. Eventually he broke free "[colour=#800000]Was that necessary? I was having the most amazing dream..[/colour]​" He sighed and got up, Rubbing his eyes. "[colour=#00ffff]Were heading to CloudsDale. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, But Flash might need me to bale him out.[/colour]" She laughed. She trotted outside with him, "[colour=#00ffff]Alright, Dont go to slow ok?[/colour]" She joked as she took to the skies.

AngelSnapp trotted outside to the hall, Shimmer, Velocity, And [colour=#282828]Carmus. "[/colour][colour=#800000]I swear, Flash is going to wake me up one day and im going to strangle him.. Why cant he just open the curtains and shake the cot a little like Cloud does? Jezz[/colour]" He laughed to himself as he passed by them. He entered the Mess hall and grabbed a hot coco.

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Carmus looked mildly disconcerted at the rapid motion of events. He nodded to those speaking to him, only partially hearing them.

Shimmer smiled and chuckle herself at Angel's remark.

Velocity glanced at his brother after everyone had past. Carmus armor was a lighter version of his own, and had a very streamlined design. It was built to allow him to pull off incredibly agile maneuvers at high speeds, while still offering decent protection. It bore two emblems, on the chest, and a third on either shoulder. The chest emblems consisted of the striking talon insignia of the Raptors on the left, and the SERS logo on the right. Velocity looked at his brother's exp<b></b>ression, "What's the problem Carmus?"

Shimmer looked at both he older brothers, one eyebrow raised as Carmus shrugged, "Something doesn't feel right to me," he began trotting away, towards the exits, pushing the metal and glass visor of his helmet down (it's supposed to resemble a pilot's helmet) , "Come on you two. We're going to help investigate whatever is going on in Cloudsdale."

Shimmer and Velocity nodded and followed their brother out, sliding their masks down as the went. In the past two years their armor had undergone a few changes. It still bore the same Twilight Sparkle themed colour scheme, and extra golden accents as it had two years ago, but had aesthetical and practical design differences, as well as two new emblems alongside the old Twilight based one. The two new emblems were the SERS logo on the right, the Twilight mark in the chest, and the mark of their rank of Sentinel - one pair of wings curled in a circle as if a shield, with another pair outstretched as if in flight directly behind the first. Velocity's armor was designed to allow him to withstand a large amount of damage or force, and his mask's ability proved to be a defensive one, allowing him to generate a several differently sized force fields. The larger the force field, the shorter it lasted. He was capable of focusing the magic in a single area to act as a shield.

Shimmer's armor was lighter than both of her brother's, but not quite as streamlined as Carmus', to accommodate her smaller frame than theirs, as well as her method of combat, which involved the use of electrified blades attached to her foreleg armor. Her mask ability was the offensive based one, which heightened her reflexes to the point where time seemed to be moving slower for her, and raise her speed to twice it's precious, allowing her to dodge and counterattack easier, or cover a certain distance incredibly quickly.

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Lyria smiled, and shifted into a purple mist of magic and made her way to the Everfree. Her friends needed to come out, and help her lead Equestria.

[colour=#800080]"Come my dear Shadowbolts! The princess of the day is captured! Now for the night to rule!" [/colour][colour=#000000]She smiled as they started to appear out of the dark corners of the forest.[/colour]

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(Rainboom dash, i figured that there are only 5 Shadowbolts left to wander the forests after the battle. The main force of shadowbolts would come from Cloudsdale, So i will rp these 5 for more interaction and character.)

The everfree forest stayed silent for a few moments after Lyria called to it. The underbrush started to rustle in the cool air, and soon enough 5 Shadowbolts emerged from the shadows of the trees. They each looked up to the sky and watched as the sun had fallen slowly, dark magic burning it and draining it of its power. They smiled in evil way, they looked back down to the new Commander. Although they had been knocked into exile after the battle of the skies at the Academy they still had a pretty good Morale about them. Their uniforms were torn, their goggles cracked and their manes dirty from the Everfree forest. One whom was the tallest of the bunch stepped forward to the new leader, His mane a ghostly white and silver.

[colour=#000080]"Welcome To our humble abode, Bringer of the night. I suspect that you are here to redeem ourselves in the eyes of Nightmare moon." [/colour]He said in a dark smooth tone. [colour=#000080]"My apollogies where are my manners? I am Nightingale, Thunder Swift's right hoof Stallion. Well i was till he threw me aside like a piece of dried up Parchment. We are all that is left of the Shadowbolts my Liege, I wish there were more but alas there are not." [/colour]He said.

Another Shadowbolt mare trotted up and bowed to Lyria, She had a Dark red Mane that had the length of 2 feet. She looked to Nightingale, [colour=#800000]"Brother, The age of Darkness has come, Daylights end as fortold by Nightmare moon herself. The dark essence is at work in the city of the clouds. We are to follow this mare...." [/colour]She was interrupted by Nightningale [colour=#000080]"Do not Trifle with me as though i dont know of the Prophecy Remorse! I know what we are to do and in following this Mare we will redeem Nightmare moon!" [/colour]He yelled at Remorse. He took a deep breath and glanced back to Lyria, he pulled his goggles from his eyes revieling his glowing red irises. He smiled to Her [colour=#000080]" We are at your command Nightbringer." [/colour]

Flashbomb flew thew the skies, He looked down at ponyville. It was much larger than when he lived there with Angel Snapp,Lyria and Silver Star. He hadnt seen much of Either Lyria or Silver, he wondered how they were doing. As well he realized that he hadnt seen much of Gadget either and that came off as strange as well to him. Usually all members of the SERS stayed in the military district and in a group. He shook his head and cleared his thoughts. He Marveled in the feeling of flight once more, The wind rushing around him and the cool tingle on his hooves. He glanced over to See Clouddasher had followed him, [colour=#0000FF]"Exellent! Now i feel more reassured! I dont know how we could help with bad dreams but atleast we could try." [/colour]He yelled over the rushing wind to her. [colour=#0000FF]"Maybe you could take care of a Juvinile delinquent while we are there!" [/colour]He chimed. Cloudsdale now came into sight, the large gleaming city shone ine in the sunlight which was mysteriously waning today. He flew a little faster, [colour=#0000FF]"Alright I guess we will look around and ask some questions. I doubt we will run onto any trouble but if we do it cant be to much for us to handle." [/colour]He said to Cloud. They Had gotten closer and closer to the city and finnaly landed on the soft Clouds with a thump. Pegesai were trotting back and forth across the moisture. Many to the surprise of Flash looked very very tired, so much to the point that bags were drooping under their eyes. [colour=#0000FF]"Wow, things are worse than i thought." [/colour]He said pulling the faceplate mask up to reveil His Orange irises. He looked as the ponies attempted to do menial tasks such as move clouds, It was looking Utterly Difficult for them in their Drowsy state. Flash had no idea where to start, He looked to Clouddasher for Guidence on the matter [colour=#0000FF]"Where should we start?" [/colour]He asked her.

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CloudDasher formed on FlashBomb's Wing, He said something back to her that she couldn't quite hear. But she was sure it was something to do with her joining him. She got a little closer to him.[colour=#282828] [/colour][colour=#0000FF]"Maybe you could take care of a Juvinile delinquent while we are there!"[/colour] He told her "[colour=#00ffff]Juveniles? Im a highly trained scout for the SERS... Sounds like fun[/colour]" She replied with a slightly evil grin on her face. CloudDasher descended to CloudsDale with FlashBomb. Her hooves touched the soft cloud cover, A feeling she hadn't felt for a while. She was half way tempted to lay down and take a nap. But there was work to do. While she was distracted Flashbomb mentioned that things were worse than he though. She looked around at all the tired pegasi. FlashBomb turned to her and asked her where they should start. "[colour=#00ffff]I Suppose we should ask around Flashy, See what there dreams are like and stuff..[/colour]" A few pesai turned there heads to them. She guessed they weren't used to seeing the SERS In CloudsDale

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[colour=#800080]"I see..." [/colour][colour=#000000]Lyria thought, and pondered. [/colour][colour=#800080]"Looks like we need some more. NIGHTMARES!!" [/colour][colour=#000000]She called, and the shadows of ponies worst fears and dreams crawled from the shadows. They formed into shadow ponies. [/colour][colour=#800080]"We need you to join the Shadowbolts."

"Nightingale, these should help us rule. They have no distinct body form, so-"[/colour][colour=#000000] She kicked one in the chest, and its body re-materialized into its pony form. [/colour]

[colour=#800080]"This fact should help us make sure we can't be stopped." [/colour]

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