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School Days: The Revival (Open to Fillies/Colts)


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Cherrilee stood in the front the desks in the school building. She was ready to get her school day started, like always. She knew that every day would always different because of her wonderful students. They always brought smiles on her face and great joy in her life. She also loved how she felt like she brought joy into her students lives by teaching them new things and that they retained the information. Well, she hoped they retained the information.

Cherrilee moved over and scooted one of the desks over so it was straight with the other rows. It didn't bother her that much because she knew that it would probably just get moved again by one of her students. But then again...it didn't bother her. Once the seat was moved she looked down at the ground and noticed a student's folder was on the ground. She rolled her eyes and gave the inanimate object a half smile. She huffed and leaned down and picked the folder up. She brought it over to her desk and laid it on the front of the desk. She hoped that once the students arrived the right one would pick it up.

She then took her eyes away from the desks and moved them towards the clock. She noticed it was about that time so she moved towards the front door of the schoolhouse and propped it open to look outside. She stood in the doorway and decided to wait here for her students. She would greet each of them as they came in as she always does. It was time to start class.


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Shady just got done with his morning preparations and was ready to head out the door to go to school. School. He loved school. It was where he got to see his best friends and Miss Cherrilee. He loved it everyday. He worked on the newspaper staff as well so he got to go to the basement a lot so he felt like a special pony.

Shady grabbed his bag and gave it a quick check for his school supplies. Everything was there! So Shady waved goodbye to his parents and headed out the door. He did live a bit of a ways away from the schoolhouse so he always left a bit early. He has never been late to class and doesn't plan on being late ever. Shady had a small bounce in his step as he made his way towards the shoolhouse. He was ready to get the day started.

As Shady approached the Schoolhouse he saw Miss Cherrilee standing out front like she always did. He came up to her and gave her a friendly wave. [colour=#000080]"Good Morning Miss Cherrilee!" [/colour]

Cherrilee smiled at Shady. "[colour=#800080]And Good Morning to you Shady."[/colour] He then moved through the door and found his seat in the classroom. He looked around and saw that he was the first student in class. It made him smile.

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School. School was like torture to Tornado Bolt. There was nothing wrong with the teachers or students there; they were all good-natured and welcoming. Actually, scratch that. She did like school. She just didn't like the time between arrival and dismissal, as that was the most boring part of school hours. At least she had her friends to pass the time. Tornado really felt like volunteering to help the weather team now; that was all she could think of after she had acquired her cutie mark.

But then, she had to get out of her bed, go downstairs, eat breakfast, get packed, and get ready for school. It was tiring to do for Tornado , and she had to complete the same routine over the over again...today, she thought, will be no exception. Tornado sluggishly got out of her bed. Her alarm clock was not set up, and so it did not create any beeping noise, even when supposedly it was time for the clock to do so. She half-expected herself to have twenty minutes remaining before school begins, and, in an energy lacked manner, looked at her clock. What she saw brought her into surprise. Somehow, she miraculously had more than an hour remaining before she was actually late for school.

She felt like going back to sleep, but she began considering doing such an action. Maybe she can use this chance to impress her parents just this once, that is, if this was the only time she'll ever wake up this early. Anyways, she couldn't force herself to sleep anymore, as she had stayed awake for too long, meaning that it will take too much unnecessary time to get back to sleep.

[colour=#a9a9a9]"Tornado! Time to eat your breakfast!"[/colour] was the shout from downstairs, in which Tornado could most certainly conclude was her mother. At the same time, her suspicion rose. It was extremely rare of her to be so rushed, and her mother would have predicted that Tornado will sleep late. It was almost like she already knew from the beginning that she had awoken. Carefully but quickly, she rushed down the stairs and flew directly into the kitchen. There she saw her mother, calmly cooking up a lunch for Tornado's father. A bowl of hay cereal was prepared especially for Tornado, and a daisy sandwich along with orange juice and salad was stored in her lunch box, which was open. The original appearance of the lunch box could no longer be seen, as Tornado had taped several of her friends' pictures onto the lunch box in the past.

It felt quite unusual of her to sit down on the table and enjoy her breakfast for a change. Tornado was able to actually taste the food she was eating rather than swallowing as much as she can in one bite. Finally, Tornado finished her cereal, and stood up. [colour=#c1c5d3]"Why are you doing this?" [/colour]Tornado blurted out, saying the question that she had withheld in herself during her whole meal.

[colour=#a9a9a9]"Making old habits brake."[/colour] was her mother's rejoinder. [colour=#a9a9a9]"Now off to school with you. No idling off to anywhere else, you hear? Don't want to be late for school." [/colour]Tornado, after hearing this, dashed off to the school. She didn't like school, but she knew better not to disobey her mother.

She still raced like she was in a fight against time, even though she had very much time to spare. Tornado was flying at full speed, and came to a full stop in front of the school. She then galloped inside, finding her classroom, and sliding to decelerate into the class. Upon her arrival, Tornado saw absolutely nopony, with the exception of one specific colt. Tornado, greeting the teacher, said, [colour=#c1c5d3]"Good morning, Miss Cheerilee,"[/colour] and sat on her seat, lying her face down on the table, while secretly peeking at the colt nearby.

It was him. Shady Daze. He has been praised for initiative, effort, and hard work. Tornado and Shady were both opposites, and Tornado saw Daze as her competitor. Tornado couldn't lose to him! Shady doesn't even have a cutie mark! Tornado was always seeing the best of his traits, leading to her wanting to "beat" him. Of course, if she had more will to participate in class, it might have been a different story.

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Cherrilee smiled at Tornado as she sped to the schoolhouse. As she slowed down and galloped into the building she gave Cherrilee a friendly hello.[colour=#800080] "And a good morning to you as well Tornado.[/colour]" She watched her take her seat in the classroom. She then turned around and waited for more of her students.


Shady watched Tornado as she sped into the classroom. He was happy to see another student in the room. He only been the first student in the class a few times so it was kind of fun to see who would arrive when. If getting to class was a race then Shady would have won. But he wasn't one for races.

Shady then took a few things out of his bag and placed them on his desk. He was ready to get this school day started. Once he had everything he turned to Torando.

He knew how she acted and he was happy to call her one of his friends. She was a pony of speed though. She seemed to want to win a lot and Shady was ok with that. At least she was motivated. He was sure she would go far in life. Once Shady was done daydreaming about Tornado and her life after school he decided to speak to her.

[colour=#000080]"Well hey there Tornado! How are you today?"[/colour] He spoke in a cheerful voice for he was rather happy.

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Lyria looked at the school with a small whimper. She didn't know what to think, didn't know what to do. She walked inside, and sat at her desk silently. Her mane covered her face as she watched the small ponies walk in and greet their friends. She didn't have any, so she just sat there watching her desk. Her let her mind drift away with the screams and excited laughter of the fillies and colts around her.

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