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[Lore] Manehattan


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Manehattan - The City of Endless Opportunity




The city of Manehattan is a busy and lively urban city and is sometimes called the “city that never sleeps.” It is one of, if not, the largest city in all of Equestria. Despite not being at the heart of Equestria it is still a central and integral city in the trade routes of Equestria. This makes it a prime location for business owners to set up shop, and a place where the various cultures of Equestria can come together. Due to it’s position of importance in global trade, it quickly became known as the most cosmopolitan city in all of Equestria, assimilating cultures from everywhere, which also makes it a popular tourist spot.

The geographical location is right at the mouth of the Quickrun River, leading into the inlet of Seasaddle Bay. This made it a prime spot for early sea faring and land trade alike which allowed it to be cemented as one of the most important trade spots in Equestria. Manehattan was originally an industrial city before it became more culturally and business based. Ponies set up many factories there and started urbanizing the city at a rapid pace, leaving almost no natural surroundings left. The only natural settings are those that were pony made after the urbanization of the city. Some would say that it is over urbanized, but anyone that lives there now would tell you that it has a certain charm after losing it’s over industrial nature and becoming more of a business, trade and cultural hub of Equestria.


The population itself is vast and diverse. Creatures from all over have made Manehattan their home, due to the idea that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. The population is perhaps too diverse, as it has the highest population per area of any other city in Equestria. The types of creatures and ponies that make their home there are just as diverse as where they are from. Just as business is a key component of Manehattan life so are the arts and industry. Many ponies and creatures can find reason to try their hoof at a life in Manehattan.


There is always something to do in Manehattan, whether it be a play, a musical act, shopping, visiting a museum, enjoying the exciting nightlife or just relaxing by the beach, there isn’t a time that can be said is boring or slow in Manehattan! There are clubs, restaurants with any sort of food you could want.


Key locations and landmarks:

  • The Statue of Friendship - A large green statue of a pony holding a torch. It was given to the city as a gift to all of Equestria by Aquellia when a trade agreement was reached, and friendship was found between the Griffon kingdom and Equestria.
  • Centrail Park - The largest pony made park in Equestria, which sits almost dead center of the great metropolis.
  • Manehattan University - A prestigious higher learning institution known for their programs in business, the arts, theater, and medicine. While it has a main campus, it’s facilities are spread all throughout Manehattan.
  • Bridleway - A popular theater district which is known to be a popular tourist destination. It is also where many plays get their start and become popular.


Manehattan is typically divided into seven main districts, some are so close though that they became synonymous with each other.


Residential- This is where the population is highest (not that many ponies spend much time in their homes in Manehattan), it sits in the northernmost area of the city. There are a variety of apartments, and even the occasional house or two, though they are rather rare. Many of the posh ponies and creatures that you hear so much about tend to have lavish apartments in this area mostly around the park and on the waterfront. That is about where the specifications end, after that the other areas are pretty diverse. Sometimes you’ll find small communities of like minded ponies and creatures but those are not too common. Also it is to be kept in mind that though this is only called the residential district due to the higher distribution of apartment complexes and homes compared to other areas of the city, there are still places to go and see from small clubs and museums to unique and interesting shops that residents may have made there.


Cultural- There isn’t a culture that isn’t represented in at least some small form here. Popular among tourists and Manehattanites alike, there is something for everyone here and is a great place to learn about cultures, music, art and literature from all across Equestria. You’ll find museums, libraries, restaurants and even larger theaters here.


Theatre- Jam packed with theatres (for plays or otherwise), and other smaller performance venues, if you want live entertainment this is where you’ll find it!


Fashion- While most people would think this would be a great place to find clothing, it is farther from the truth! You can find clothing shops almost anywhere! Here you’ll find designers, places that sell fabrics, and any accessories you might want to make any number of ensembles. The Fashion district is also host to the annual Fashion Week, where up and coming designers can hope to gain notoriety.


Art and Music- Unlike the fashion district, you’ll not only find the materials and instruments to make art and music, but also many specialty shops and galleries! If you want anything relating to the arts of music you’ll find it here. Naturally there is a couple of small museums and clubs for the enjoyment of the arts and music as well.


Financial- This is where the movers and shakers work. If you are a business pony this is where you hope to work. This is where all the financial and business happens. It is mostly office buildings, however this is also the location of Manehattan University’s main campus.


Downtown- This is where the nightlife happens. While it isn’t the nicest place in Manehattan it is considered one of the most fun! Anything can happen here. There are many shops carrying all sorts of things, and many specialty shops end up here that can’t find a place anywhere else in Manehattan.


It should be noted while these districts do exist, they don’t dictate what you might find in each of those areas. Manehattan is so diverse that you can find what you are looking for in the most unlikely of places. Manehattanites pride themselves on knowing all the “secret gems” of their city and frequenting the smaller, lesser known stores and clubs that tourists or visitors to their city might not know about.

~"Manehattan: A Quick Guide for Visitors"

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