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[Lore] Clopton Shores


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Clopton Shores - The Westernmost Edge of a Continent


The Clopton Shores are a lengthy stretch of coastline that forms the west end of the Equestria-Aquellian continent. Isolated and far rougher and craggier than the Bridleback Shore and the other inviting beaches of Equestria's Strand, this shore land is of little draw to tourists. It has, however, become important to Aquellia due to the great abundance of fish that can be found just off shore. Because of its valuable opportunities to fisher griffons, the region has seen growth in recent years.


The shores are located to the northwest of the the infamous Soggalong Swamp and to the west of the Talonclaw Mountains which form the west side of the Raptorclaw Canyon. A dense forested area occupies the space between the mountains and the shores, which--being a continuation to the treacherous swamp--is known to be untamed and full of dangerous wildlife. Despite the danger, the forests have become a popular hunting grounds with some griffons. The Clopton Shore region itself is quite barren and rocky, the land ending in sharp cliffs which overlook the often fierce Reintight sea below. Three islands of significant size--Flatbeak, Breakwing and Sharptalon Islands respectively from northernmost to southernmost--are found off the coast, all of which have some population.


Conditions in the region vary greatly by season. Winters can be quite frigid--especially toward the north--while springtime invariably sees the shores under siege by fierce storms. As a result, the majority of the settlements in the area are only seasonal and remain empty half the year. Only a few of the larger villages opt to brave the region year round. Perhaps because of this, while the region has become more popular of late, no major towns have taken hold. Some griffons from the cities of the canyons see the shores as a prime spot for a summer getaway, taking breaks from their busy life to enjoy living off the sea.


Life on the Clopton Shores is very much dependent on the sea. The terrain, which is made almost entirely of rock, clay peat, will not grow much and as out of the way as the region is it has little use for much else than its proximity to the bountiful ocean. Despite this, the shores provide an abundance and wide variety of fish to the rest of the Aquellia, many of which cannot be found easily elsewhere. Because of this, much like the Neighples Delta to the far south, the Clopton Shores play a significant role in feeding the griffons of the republic.

~The Republic of Aquelia: A Reference Guide

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