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Some ideas [Interest checking]

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Yeah, if anyone needs explaining on where these various ideas come from, either talk to me or use Google if you're still absolutely lost.

So hey everyone, I got a few ideas I'd like to pull out for rp. Most of these are just direct ponifications, but I'm going to try keep it so that the spilling over still remains natural to the feel of whatever is being crossed-over/ponified.

1. Warmachine/Hordes Crossover:

Basic description: Warmachine/Hordes is a tabletop set in the land of the Iron Kingdoms, otherwise known as Immoren. It's a Steampunk world with elements of Fantasy and magic, where factions are contested against each other for their own causes. What I like between the two is how both Warmachine and Hordes are different in terms of their canon (Warmachine: Steampunky with magic, Hordes: Full on fantasy.), as well GIANT STEAM ROBOTS, and GIANT FANTASY BEASTS. All in all, quite rich in exploitable content IMO.

The Idea: Add some ponies, set them as freelance/mercenary ponies, bind them all together with a contract, send them off on their way, and so begins their escapade through the ponified Iron Kingdoms. Regular adventure, filled with dodging enemies, fulfilling tasks, and so forth. I honestly want to try implement a rudimentary character stat system here, just to add unpredictability.

2. Dust Warfare/Tactic Crossover.

Basic description: WW2 Weird-War. Mechs, Gorillas, Zombies, Alien compounds, Jump troops. The year is 1947, and the world is literally still killing each other, the Axis are still there, the Allies broke their alliance with the USSR, who formed the Sino-Soviet Union (SSU) with China. Most WW2 elements still exist, it's just abit... sci-fi.

The Idea: This kinda setting makes a good, typical NLRvsSolar Empire scenario, however, this this idea can pan out in many ways. There is nothing that speaks specifically of mercenaries who seek wealth and so forth however, so this could end quickly if everyone is on separate sides, if people are on one side however, the story could go anywhere. I'm flexible with the mechanics here, maybe as far as to leave them behind for the good old fashioned descriptive rp.

3. Shadowrun Crossover

For those who don't know...: Shadowrun is a Cyberpunk Science-Fantasy game set in the 2050s (or 2070s, as is the background given in the 5th revision of it's rpg rules). In 2012, the "Awakening" brought back Magic to the world, giving rise to the usual fantasy creatures, orks, trolls, elves, etc. Since 2012, the usual cyberpunk technological advances came to, thanks to megacorporations, some which transcend national law, there is a gap between those who work for corporations, and those left to the cruel streets, where local gangs make their home. Players play as a "Shadowrunner", a guy (well, pony) who does "deniable" jobs for others, such as smuggling, killing, kidnapping, tracking, etc.

The role play idea...: The way I see, this can pan out in two ways:

1. Using the traditional landscape of Equestrian, the "Shadowrunners" can be "deniable mercenaries" who work for the various ponies of Equestria. Of course, typical outright death is not allowed. Something along the lines of covert sabotage or espionage would be in order. Technology would remain same, if not the advanced tech being exclusive to the pony.

2. Bring Ponies to the context of Shadowrun, by supplanting Equestria with massive sprawls of technology (because the fantasy element already kind of exists, so the awakening in this case would be something akin to mechanical or scientific enlightenment). Iconic towns and cities such as Canterlot, Ponyville, Cloudsdale would be "modernized" in a way that fits Shadowrun context. Megacorporations and institutes could be named after certain things in the show (eg. Rainbow Factory co., Sombra Industries, Apple Family Enterprises (AFE), Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and Mechanics, etc). Of course, like option one, jobs will have to mellowed out as to comply with forum rules. But who says exploding buildings and covert operations (within limits ofc) are 18+ stuff.

For this option, I don't mind doing it using mechanics or purely through storytelling (Got Shadowrun 5e book.)

Went ahead and updated with a third option, and I'm bumping to see if anyone still wants to give these crazy ideas a shot.

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