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i am out of ideas for Ruby boulder history and i was hopeing somepony could give me some

(before QuickLime says anything i know that only she can appove it is to get ideas for him)

here is what i got

History: Ruby was born in ponyville.Other ponies felt uncomforted around him because he is so big. His father was a workaholic his mother was overprotective so he got along ok with them. his grandparents are pegasi that live in cloudsdale.He his some cousin that live in canterlot.He is a miner where he lives and takes vacation in other towns. When he as a colt he move around until he got to beakbreak city. He hopes to find the mother load of all gems.

any help will be helpful and thanks if you help me

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the history's intricate as any other. but he needs a key event, something that made him who he is. also traits. history of any kind can be spiced up with a defining trait. i.e. super greedy, always helps others, is manipulative. sometimes history is unconnected to there personality. also on a side note. your spelling needs some work, I don't say this often because I am not the worlds best speller. but pleas look over your post's and make sure you can read it. I sometimes have to read them over three times before I understand it. no offence have a good day.

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The cutie mark. What it means and how he got it will speak wonders.

What I like to do when making new characters of any RP is to come up with 3 sentences of backstory, 3 beliefs and 3 goals. That takes me pretty far, usually.

the cutie mark is fine on how he got it his talent is he can see rocks and similar things weak points so he can break it in 1-4 hits depending where the point is

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