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Figment [Ready]


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Name: Figment; or "Honey Smiles" when undercover

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Changeling

Eye colour: Light blue and with white in the center. And...bug-like/compound-y.

Character colour: Dark gray

Mane/Tail/Other: The frilly thing on the back of his neck, and his tail, are both slightly light gray. The shell on his back is dark bluish, and his wings are light blue and translucent.

Physique: When not disguised, he really doesn't look much different than any other of Chrysalis' drones(as they are in the the show/comic). Maybe a bit on the scrawnier and lighter side, for a changeling.

Residence: The rest of the Swarm; though, due to his work, he often travels alone and camps near settlements and whatnot.

Occupation: Spy, agent, scout, that sort of thing.

Unique Traits: Aside from his leanness, he doesn't really have any outstanding physical traits. However, he takes pride in his spell-casting aptitude, disguises and acting, and wits, of course. However, he is not very good at physical combat or other tasks that require strength... Also, he has most likely above average decision-making skills for a drone. Which probably isn't saying much.

History: Figment's life has always gone all according to plan. Mostly. His early stages of life did, at least. There was nothing at all special about him; he was like any other drone. He was given the task of going deep undercover and just...observing, mostly. Maybe giving an emotional nudge here and there, testing how suitable a community was for love gathering. It didn't make him special, though. Not any more than any other changeling. There was never any thought or question by him of ever wanting anything else out of life, and his outlook hasn't really changed much over he course of time.

In the time leading up the latest invasion, he'd been doing just that. Things started...not going according to plan when it actually happened. For the first time he'd ever witnessed, the Queen's plan...didn't work. The attack was a disaster, and he ended up getting pummeled and cast away like most of the others. Luckily, he managed to regroup with the rest of the swarm. Despite this, though, he never lost any faith in Chrysalis or the hive. Because that would just be silly.

After recovering from a fractured carapace and all other manner of dents and scratches, he was back to work. Though, this time, he did something he'd never even considered before. He made a request. From his experience, he thought maybe it would be possible to, instead of kidnapping and replacing someone, gain love via a unique disuse--greatly reducing the risk involved. To his surprise, he was allowed. The catch was he had to do it himself, as not to waste any other changeling's time with his unorthodox idea. He agreed, hoping maybe he'd help the hive gain a safer alternative while they recovered from defeat.

He invented the friendly, sociable, and honey-colored pegasus, "Honey Smiles", to attempt this. Though, with little risk comes little reward, apparently. He's found it's much harder to earn love than it is just to intercept it by replacing someone. So, he often finds himself a bit...starved for love these days. He believes he'll get it right eventually, though, and perseveres, showing up in various towns and settlements, testing the residents there. He doesn't want to return a failure, after all, especially after being given such a privilege.

Character Summary: First and foremost (in his mind, at least), Figment is a loyal drone just doing his duty, and puts the Queen and her hive's needs far above his own. He rarely holds any personal malice towards anyone he deceives or feeds love off of. If anything, he's a bit intimidated by ponies, considering the disaster that was their last invasion attempt. Plus, he often works without the support of others readily available, so he believes, if discovered, he'd get beaten up all over again like the last time... This doesn't discourage him, though; it's all part of his job! And his cover has never been blown ever before. Though, he does have close calls at times when his ambition and eagerness to do great things for the hive outstretches his abilities...

Even though he doesn't complain, and is used to it, he gets very lonely very easily while working by himself. The thought of being isolated from any other changelings and having no clear orders at times, terrifies him. Again, he doesn't let any of this discourage him, and carries himself as some sort of perfectly competent and super serious mastermind when not undercover. Unfortunately for him, this has the side-effect causing any mistakes he makes to be particularly hard-hitting. Surely, if he was following someone else's orders, he would never goof up the ways he does... He often hesitates and freezes up whenever he has to 'go outside the script' while undercover because if it.

And occasionally, he has bouts of...weakness. Even though he sees ponies in general as deceptively strong, war-like creatures, he will occasionally run into one that maybe isn't so entirely awful to be around. Figment then finds himself entertaining all sorts of bad thoughts, like wishing he could talk to them as himself and not as some cheery, blithering characature. This, of course, is a big no-no, unless ordered otherwise, so of course he never acts on it. He mostly just ignores any unpleasant or strange feelings he might have. His emotional distress is small potatoes compared to the hive's needs.

Speaking of which, his cover, Honey Smiles, is one he put quite a lot of work into. Honey Smiles is the most lovable pegasus possible. At least, Figment's idea of 'lovable'. He his permanently cheerful, and friendly, and happy to an almost sickening degree. And most certainly overbearing...though, Figment often doesn't realize this, which confounds him endlessly when ponies sometimes don't react positively. Sometimes he does regret picking a pegasus disguise, though, because when offering favors in exchange for possible affection, he's often very clumsy...being more accustomed to using magic to manipulate things rather than his bare hooves.

Also, he has a serious taste for apple cider after trying some while undercover.

(I took some creative license in some parts, so feel free to tell me if I bent things too far is some bits. > > )

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