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Earthbound (Finished)


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It was a clear day over Ponyville as some ponies were taking advantage of the nice weather by having fun in the park. They hardly noticed the blue and white speck in the sky which blended in. That is, until it got closer to the park, taking on the form of a pony, until...


The blue and white Pegasus crashed into the lack, sending a small wave outward, splashing anypony walking around the lake. The filly swam paddled towards the edge of the lake and clung to a rock, coughing up water as she tried to recover.

First thread with Snow Dancer. Have fun!

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ypaJRs.jpgJubilee Flyer


Pulling his peddler's wagon casually along the road was Mojo, a Paint stallion with a peace sign cutie mark. Directly above him hovering was his blonde Pegasus mare friend Jubilee Flyer. Riding in the wagon with her head poking out the front was an older lanky unicorn mare Starflower, with her trademark stethoscope around her neck.

"Just where are heading this trip, Mr. Mojo?" Starflower asked.

"Yeah Modge, where are going?" added Julibee from above.

"Chill out, my traveling companions," the hippie brony neighed. "We're gotta have a groovy time over at.."

Suddenly, the trio heard a loud splash that momentarily stopped all conversation.

"What in Equestria was that?"

"Don't know, love. Hay Wings! Can ya check it out?"

"On it!" Julibee shouted as she flew off in the direction of the sound. The petite Pegasus mare hovered over the lake and then spotted Snow Dancer below. "MARE DOWN! MARE DOWN! I'M GOIN' IN!"

"Hang on ta yurr knickers, Nurse!" Mojo warned his lone passenger as he galloped off towards the lake, nearly toppling Starflower with his quick burst of speed.

"I SEE HER NOW, MOJO!" Nurse Starflower shouted out as the periwinkle unicorn mare magically lifted her black bag upward.

"Not a moment to lose! I'll drive up ta the shore as close as I can, babe," the Paint stallion shouted as he continued to pull his peddler wagon forward. Meanwhile, Jubilee landed beside the waterlogged Pegasus mare and gently lifted her up and sat her down safely on the shore.

"Are you alright? I'm Jubilee Flyer and my friends are here to help you." the blonde Pegasus mare said as Starflower galloped up to them.

"Try not to move. I'm Nurse Starflower, are you injured, young mare? Our friend Mojo is setting up a warm fire just above the hill so you can warm up. We'll take you there if you like."

"What happened?" Julibee asked as Starflower floated her black bag over and set it on the ground. Soon, smoke from Mojo's fire could be seen in the distance.

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Snow Dancer was still in a daze from her dive into the pond that she at first didn't recognize the fact that there was a yellow Pegasus flying overhead. Before she could respond a second pony, this time a unicorn mare, appeared saying she was a nurse.

"I'm Snow Dancer," she said softly to the Pegasus, "I... think I'm ok, just a little dizzy. I tried to land in the park so I could enjoy the nice day and maybe meet some ponies, and I guess I lost control. I'm not the best flyer."

The older filly pulled herself out of the pony to get out of the water, but when she set her one back leg down she winced in pain, causing her to lay down.

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"Easy now, Snow Dancer," Starflower said as the lanky unicorn noticed the Pegasus filly's injury. "Better let us help you with this."

"Here!" Jubilee neighed as the hovering Pegasus mare help hold Snow Dancer up as Starflower used her magic to create a makeshift walking leg splint and then magically tied it to her injured leg.

"There you are, that will do for now, come with us back to Mojo's campfire site. You really need to get warm and dry."

"Hay ladies!" Mojo shouted from a distance. "Gotta warm fire goin' an' some tea brewin', c'mon up!"

"In a minute, Mojo," the still airborn Jubilee answered back. "So Snow Dancer, you say you wanted to meet some new poines? Looks like you just met two and are about to meet one more!"

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"Thanks," Snow Dancer said as Jubilee Flyer helped support her while a splint was tied to her leg. It still hurt, but at least she could put some weight on it. She then spread her wings to check to make sure they were ok and gave them a few flaps to shake some water out of her feathers.

"My leg isn't broken, is it?"

Before she got an answer the two ponies explained that there was a campfire for her to dry off and that she in her folly met new ponies.

"Thanks both of you. I don't know if I can walk there to the campfire though. It seems a distance away. Maybe I can fly there."

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"If you can fly, that'd be super!" Jubilee neighed. "If you can't, we'll get you there somehow."

"Quite right, Jubilee," Starflower said as she gave Snow Dancer's injured leg a quick look-over. "I don't think your leg is broken, but I'd need to give you a further examination to make a full determination. First thing's first, Snow Dancer, we need to get you warm and dry."

Mojo came galloping down to the group.

"Fire's all ready an', oh, top of the mornin' to ya, doll! I'm Mojo an' ya already met me pals. Got a nice fire goin' up the hill, hope yur alright. What's the story, Nurse?"

"Her back leg was injured during the crash. I've placed a walking splint on it, but I need to examine her closer to see how bad she's hurt."

"We have to get Snow Dancer up to the campsite, Modge," added Julibee.

"That's a simple task. Hey Star, why not jist magic her up to the site?"

"Not sure if the sudden teleportation would harm the patient, I think it best to carry her up if she can't fly."

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Snow Dancer was not used to being fussed over like this. Granted she had friends and parents, but never a case where three ponies were checking on her. It was both nice and a little scary at the same time.

She breathed a sigh of relief at hearing that her leg not being broken. A broken leg would mean no having fun with others in Cloudsdale or in Ponyville.

"Oh hello Mojo," she said to the stallion who prepared the fire, "I'm Snow Dancer, but you can call me Snow. Everypony seems to call me that."

Now the blue Pegasus had the task of getting to the camp fire so she could get dry.

"I can try to fly," she said softly as she spread her wings and with a few flaps floated off the ground. She didn't want to fly too high into the air as she already crashed once before and there was no guarantee she's land in the pond again. And so she slowly made her way towards the hill where she could see a nice warm fire.

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"Easy does it," Nurse Starflower said as the lanky unicorn mare followed behind Snow Dancer.

"Take your time, Snow," added Julibee as she hovered beside her. "Don't strain yourself."

"Snow's a real cool name, excuse the pun, love," Mojo said with a smile. "it's really grovvy ta meetcha! Me fire'll do ya a world of good."

"Please try to relax, Snow, you're among friends here," the periwinkle unicorn mare spoke.

"Yeah, Mojo here's the Pony of Peace!"

"Don't go braggin' on me, Wings, but I do help ponies mellow out. Guess it's me own special talent."

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"Thanks for your help," Snow Dancer said as she carefully made her way up the hill towards the bonfire. Thankfully her wings were unhurt as not being to fly would mean a long and possibly painful walk. Even worse, with hurt wings, she'd have to spend time away from Cloudsdale, far from her friends and parents.

"That's an interesting talent," Snow Dancer said giggling about how the stallion made a pun on her name and the way that he acted so peaceful towards the others, "How does a pony find out making ponies peaceful work?"

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"Not really sure HOW it works, Snow," Mojo admitted as he began to prepare to serve his fresh brewed tea, "but it is kinda groovy. Lots of times I walk up ta arguin' ponies and it like POW they stop fightin'. Never sat down ta try an' figure it out. Just happens, really far out stuff!"

"That's how I got to know Mojo," added Julibee. "I attended a Performing Arts School and there were times all that hard work stressed me out. Then I met Mojo, he's kind of like the big brother I never had. He always seemed to have the right words to calm me down. If it hasn't been for ol' Modge, I wouldn't have graduated."

"I must confess," Starflower said, "As a medical professional, I'm at a loss to explain his mysterious, power of Peace. I too have witnessed it in action, and have no explanation. But enough about Mojo, how are you feeling now, Snow Dancer? I do recommend Mojo's special tea, it will give you energy and strength. If you're hungry, I know Mojo can fix you something good to eat."

"Star's right about that!" the Paint stallion neighed. "Be more than happy ta whip ya up sumthin' yummy!"

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Snow Dancer shrugged at Mojo's response realizing that even she didn't know why she had such an affinity towards snow other than she liked it.

"So you have the talent to make ponies not upset? That's amazing! And I can see how calming down would help you Jubilee with your test."

The blue unicorn mare asked Snow Dancer if she was ok and offered some tea from the stallion.

"Um... I think I'm ok. My leg still hurts though. Hope it's not broken though. And yes I'd like some tea. As for food, I was going to go somewhere in Ponyville before crashing in the pond."

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"Hay Star, be a dear an' float Snow over a cup o' tea please?" Mojo asked as the Paint stallion started pouring it into cups. Her unicorn horn glowing, Starflower levitated a hot cup of tea over to Snow Dancer.

"There you are, dear," the periwinkle unicorn mare said in a motherly tone, "careful, it's hot."

"So, you're heading for Ponyville?" Jubilee asked as the petite Pegasus mare landed and grabbed a cup of tea. "We're going that way ourselves! Wanna ride with us?"

"Groovy idea, Wings!" Mojo neighed as he drank from his cup of tea. "We'd rather fancy the company, and besides, me guess is ol' Star there's gonna tell ya to take it easy walkin' for a while."

"That is correct, Mojo. Snow Dancer, I would strongly advice you to keep as much weight off that injured leg of yours as you can. Flying may not be advisable for you either, seeing how you are recovering from a crash. Perhaps you should ride with us, at least for a while, what do you say?"

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"Thanks," Snow Dancer said softly as she took the cup from the mare. Starflower in some respects reminded her of her mother as the two ponies shared the same kind motherly way. She carefully sipped the tea, feeling the sweet taste run down the back of her throat.

"Oh you were going there too. I guess you didn't expect a filly like me falling out of the sky. It sounds silly, a Pegasus who has trouble flying. Oh don't get me wrong I can fly, but sometimes I have trouble like a strong wind that blows me off course."

The Pegasus heard the request about riding in the cart to get to Ponyville. She felt a little embarrassed having to do so, but considering the advice of the nurse pony as well as the others, she didn't want to risk hurting herself further.

"Ok then I'll ride in the cart," she said drying off the last bit of her body with the fire and then flying into the cart, making sure that good tea was not spilled in the process.

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"That's terrific!" Jubilee shouted. "It'll be good to have somepony new to talk to during our trip!"

"I agree," added Starflower as she floated her cup up to take another sip of tea. "I'd love to hear all about you, Snow Dancer. Do you live in Cloudsdale?"

"It'd be really groovy if I could take me peddler's wagon up ta Cloudsdale," Mojo said, "but I'd have ta say, that's just too far out an idea, ain't it Wings?"

"Fraid so, Modge," the Pegasus mare confessed. "Even if you could find enough Pegasi to fly your wagon up there, you and Starflower would fall through the cloud floor. You know that."

"I can always dream, Wings," Mojo laughed. "Anyhow, it's cool yur comin' with us, Snow Dancer. The more the merrier!"

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Snow Dancer beamed as Jubilee expressed her excitement at the blue filly agreeing to come with them.

"Oh, yes, I live in Cloudsdale with my parents."

She took another sip of the tea and like the stallion said she felt the strength returning to her muscles, especially her wings which were tired from flying.

"Yeah that's the only problem with Cloudsdale. Only Pegasus ponies can stay up there, although i did see other pony types visit with some kind of magic that allowed them to walk on clouds. But since i like to meet all types of ponies I usually fly down to Ponyville. So, are you all from Ponyville?"

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"Actually, Snowdancer," Starflower began to explain. "None of us are from Ponyville. I live in Hoofington, Jubilee is from Cloudsdale and Mojo is from the Nimbusgait Lakes region. But all of us have visited Ponyville previously."

"That's right," added Jubilee. "I do like to pal around with Mojo, but I'm a Cloudsdale pony myself. How are things there now?"

"I'm been cruisin' all over Equestria for many years now," Mojo said with a smile. "What's Cloudsdale like, Snow? Wings here's been describin' it ta me, what's your perspective on Fluffy Cloud Town?"

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It was an honest mistake assuming that the three ponies in Ponyville lived in the town. Yet to her surprise the three were from different areas yet all seemed to convene at this one spot.

"Oh you live in Cloudsdale too Jubilee? That's great! I always want to get to know somepony from my hometown!"

Snow Dancer thought about the place she lived in all her life. She never had to explain it to others, it was always just her home and nothing more.

"Well, Cloudsdale is a very nice place. The entire city is made of clouds and there are different levels where buildings are. Most of the buildings in town are big open areas which helps the city stay afloat. There are lots of waterfalls in the city too, some of them even rainbows! I like to see them, although my parents told me to not drink the rainbows. Oh and there's the big Weather Factory where clouds and snow is made and the big Colosseum where there are big flying competitions. And speaking of snow, Cloudsdale during winter is great!"

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"Weather factory!" Mojo neighed, "heard about that place in me youth. Wings, ever been there?"

"Took tours of it when I was in school," Julibee said with a giggle, "Snow Dancer's right about the rainbow water. I snuck a drink of it and I had to be taken to the infirmary. I don't know what was worse that day, my teacher scoulding me or the taste of that stuff!"

"Good lesson to learn, always respect your elders," added Starflower with a smile.

"Exactly! That's why me and Wings here always respect you, Star!"

"Thanks! Hay! Wait a minute," the periwinkle unicorn mare said as she saw Mojo and Jubilee giggling.

"We're just yanking your ckain, Starflower," Jubilee said as she turned to Snow Dancer. "We joke around all the time. By the way, do you plan on staying in Cloudsdale? Will you be applying to work in the Weather Factory?"

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Snow Dancer cringed hearing that Jubilee Flyer actually tasted the rainbow. Granted the blue Pegasus thought about it but never tried it after hearing how bad it was.

"I'm glad you're ok Jubilee. i heard the rainbows burn when you drink them."

The blue filly giggled when Mojo joked about Starflower's age.

"I can see that you three love to joke. As for staying, yeah, I plan to to stay there and work at the Weather Factory. I want to make snow and send it all over Equestria so that everypony can enjoy it! That's what my cutie mark represents, my love of snow."

With that the filly turned to proudly display the white snowflake on her flank.

"Do you plan to stay in Cloudsdale too, Jubilee?"

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Julibee Flyer smiled at Snow Dancer's question.

"I do love visiting there from time to time, but my dream is to become a famous singer, like my idol, Sapphire Shores!" the blonde maned Pegasus mare neighed. "Someday, I want to go on tour so I can dance and sing for thousands!"

"Always good ta have dreams," Mojo added. "I'm livin' me own dream right now! I fancy haulin' me wagon from place ta place and sellin' me wares to all that'll buy'm."

"Is that your ONLY dream, Mojo?" Starflower asked as she looked over to Snow Dancer. "Is what I hear true that each snowflake is custom designed at the Weather Factory? That would seem to be a lot of hard, strenuous work."

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(OOC: I hope it's ok if I join in)

Presteza had been on the road for a while. The day seemed picture perfect and almost serenely peaceful... until she'd seen something in the sky speeding towards the lake. She smiled a bit as she saw this blue and white speck in the sky. She'd broken into a gallop and sped off toward where she thought the speck would land.

Having missed the loud splash she only managed to make it in time to see the Unicorn, two pegasi, and an earth pony all together. When was the last time she'd spoken to another pony on the road? A week, maybe two? Well this seemed like a good chance to remedy that.

The golden-tan unicorn put on a smile and galloped over to the small group and skidding to a halt before them, her long messy mane once again covering her eye she blew a puff of air away from her eye and allowing herself eye contact with the group then speaking up cheerfully.

"'lo there!"

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"Oh, you're a singer Jubilee," Snow Dancer looking at the Pegasus, "That's great! I do like listening to music and singing at times. But who is this Sapphire Shores? I don't think I ever seen her."

The pony Mojo announced that his dream was to travel and sell things. although it was by no mean like what Jubilee was trying to achieve, it suited the pony well to travel and meet new ponies. Then Starflower asked about the snow making process which excited the filly to talk about her talent.

"Oh yes, each snowflake is hoof made, at least the ones that I saw when my dad gave me a tour of the Weather Factory. It takes a keen eye and a steady hoof, but it's great making art out of snow. I guess it is kind of hard, just like I assume being a nurse is. That's what I want to do when I'm older. You know that reminds me of something my mom told me once. She said that snowflakes are like stars, the way they appear in the sky, illuminated in the moon. She told me that just like you wish on a shooting star you can wish on the falling snow. That's really why I love snow, it's like falling wishes for ponies."

The filly then heard a voice behind her and turned to see that a golden unicorn had joined them.

"Oh hello there. I'm Snow Dancer. What's your name?"

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"Your mother is a wise pony," Starflower said, nodding her head in agreement. Suddenly, all eyes were on the golden unicorn mare who had just came towards them.

"Top o' the mornin' to ya, miss," Mojo said as the Paint stallion walked up to her. "I'm Mojo, you've met Snow Dancer, that's Jubilee Flyer and over here's Starflower! It's really groovy ta meetcha!"

"Hi Hi!" Jubille neighed as she flew over, hovering over the unicorn mare.

"Please join us," Starflower said with a warm smile, "as they say, the more the merrier!"

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Presteza looked up at the blue pegasus above her and smiled,"nice ta meetcha all I'm Presteza" she said with a touch of pride in her voice. "I saw this blue thing up in the sky and it looked like it was headin' this way. Did ya see it?" she looked around before she noticed something about one of the pegasi above her... one of them had a shade of blue that matched the falling object's perfectly.

The mare sat down with the crowd regardless of what the answer was, not wanting to be rude seeing as they were nice enough to offer. She turned to the earth pony with the peace symbol on his flank,"It's ... groovy ta meet all o' you ponies too!"

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Snow Dancer smiled at the mentioning of her mother. She was indeed a very nice and smart pony, teaching the filly as much as she learned in school, perhaps more. The unicorn then joined the group happy to meet the ponies. The unicorn did mention a blue streak in the sky which made Snow blush slightly with embarrassment.

"Um.. nice to meet you too. Yeah, that blue thing you saw in the sky? That was me. I was flying down to Ponyville and i guess I crashed into the pond. I'm ok though thakns to these three. Do you live in Ponyville or somewhere else?"

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