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Fallout Equestria: Outcasts of Fort Snowpoint (OOC Page)


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Here is the thread!


Okay! Here is the OOC page for those who showed interest in the Outcasts of Fort Snowpoint topic. I plan on using this OOC page not only for the character biographies but also as a means of communication. By that I just mean you can post here if you want to say like, "Hey yo hold up, I'll be gone for a week or so." And the current players can decide what to do.

At least some experience in the Fallout Universe is a must by my standards.

Now for the actual application.

Please PM me your applications.

I want to see the apps first and help them IF they have problems before they are posted in the actual thread.



Age: (No numbers.)

Species: (This can be a sensitive one since the species are kind of fighting in the Fallout Equestria world. But you know, no Zebras. No sea serpents either. If you have a question about a species then please PM me.)


Any distinguishing features: (Like a face mask, or a biotic leg. Things like that)

Preferred fighting style:

History: (This is very important. I want you to include you heard the transmission from Pax (That's the brother. His app is coming) Tell me how you got the transmission. Did you hear it on a random radio and decided to check it out? Were you working for some super secret organization and they all received the signal? Does your character have a Pip-Buck and the signal was picked up on it? Just please please include it. Besides the transmission tell me what you were doing. Did you have a job? Were you a raider? You know things like that.


This is where I'd say the Fallout experience is necessary. So you can know how the special works. If you don't know how it works then let me know and I'll explain. If you do great, sit down and fill it out.

That's it for me. If you can think of anything else to include then when you PM me your application then let me know! :) I look forward to seeing the apps, and the Brother and Sister apps will be coming soon!


Name: Pax Fireheart

Sex: Male

Age: Young Stallion

Species: Pegasus

Personality: Due to the harsh winter environment of Stalliongrad Pax's personality is actually like an icicle. It will remain frozen unless heated up. By heated up I mean Pax remains the same by being secluded and unwavering of new ponies. The one's he knows he has already "melted" to. Being that he has established a great friendship with them. He is a cautions kind of stallion and only wants to best for his Fort. He always feels pressured since he was put in charge of a Fort and now looks over the lives of a few dozen. He is always frightful for he fears that he might make a wrong decision. He is a smart leader even for his age. He is a nice stallion once you get to know him. He keeps a tight connection over his sister even though she is older than him... He usually can be found speaking with his best friend Alba.

Distinguishing features: Pax has a biotic front left leg. Due to an accident he usually keeps to himself has only told those who he is closest to. He has a bright orange coat with a dark maroon mane and tail. His mane is rather long and parts to one side of his face and covers his eye. It also reaches down rather long to his neck. His tail is leg length but doesn't get in the way.

He wears standard Fort Snowpoint armor that is only worn by Snowpoint militia. Pax has colored the armor a light cyan and added a few things here and there.

Fighting style: Pax isn't one for silence. But he does like to use a sniper rifle or any rifle.

History: After being put in charge over the Fort Pax and his sister, Blue Frost, split up the roles and what each of them did. Both the brother and sister were younger than most of the settlers left at the Fort. Pax put himself in charge of establishing a military force at Snowpoint. It was quite hard for Pax to get the ponies to help him for most of them believed they should be in charge, It was until a certain friend that remains at the Fort to this day, a friend named Alba. That helped Pax start a small militia at the Fort. Alba was about the same age as Pax and he seems to do his own thing, but he calls Fort Snowpoint his home. It was Alba who gave Pax the title, "Fireheart".

Blue frost put herself in charge of politics and maintaining order and supplying food for the inhabitants. She had a easy ride for no one wanted the job she had. But Blue took it on with pride and managed and still manages to do a great job to this day.

Together the two planned on helping Snowpoint grow and prosper, but that idea was cut short by small skirmishes from attacking forces. Due to the attacks growth of Snowpoint has been put on a hold and out of fright Pax sent out a distress signal to anything that broadcasted.

The message broadcasted a few days ago and Pax actually gave up hope on anypony coming. But he has declared that Fort Snowpoint will prevail.

S - 5

P - 5

E - 9

C - 4

I - 5

A - 7

L - 5

Name: Blue Frost (Goes by Blizzy)

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn

Personality: Blue is a very happy go lucky mare. She likes to see the positives in life and help as many as she can. After being set in charge as the political leader Blue began to grow intellectually. She is a very smart mare and knows she is so she doesn't flaunt it. She is nice to those she thinks deserve it and has a tight connection with her brother.

Distinguishing features: Blue has a light frosty blue coat with a dark blue mane and tail. Her mane is long and braided into a braid that hangs down. She has a large bow on the back of her head. Her tail is rather long

Fighting Style: Prefers not to fight. But if she must the likes to use pistols.

History: (Became leader yadadada)

S - 5

P - 5

E- 7

C- 6

I - 9

A - 3

L - 5

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I have a feeling this will end up going into the 18+ section, personally. Every FoE RP I've been in here has been, and those on other sites have all been fairly graphic. As such, it would make sense for this type of RP to be in that section. This is just my speculation, of course.

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Okay. In order to save me time and you time as well. Just post your applications here! All of them are good and have been accepted. I will begin work on the actual RP thread.

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Well, here are the applications for my two characters then:

Name: Dodger Sky

Sex: Female

Age: Young adult (around 19. I can't help but be specific about ages)

Species: Crystal Pony

Personality: She is caring towards younger colts and fillies, and is generally friendly enough. She gets along well enough with most any species, so long as the individual is amiable enough towards her.

Any distinguishing features: her coat, mane and tail are somewhat glossier than normal ponies due to her genes. She was named for her coat, which is dodger blue. She has a small scar over her left eye, though it is easy to overlook. (her scar resembles that of Weiss Schnee, from RWBY)

Her armor is a light riot armor, covered by a heavy trench coat emblazoned with the '50' of her Stable, and she wears a headband to keep her mane out of her eyes, which she wears in a loose ponytail, much like Applejack. She wears a pair of goggles around her neck, having needed to use them often in the stinging winds of the far north, as well as a face mask.

Being a Stable mare, she possesses a Pip-Buck.

Preferred fighting style: She prefers to use firearms and energy weapons, using melee as more of a backup plan.

History: She was born and raised most her life in Stable 50, which was built in the far north, near the Crystal Empire. The Stable was divided into two halves after about 100 years after the bombs fell. Each half had very different views on how to run things, and after a small war, they agreed to separate and each side was allowed to govern as they wished. The side which Dodger lived on had access to the Stable door, which served well for her, as she did not agree with how her side of the Stable was run, agreeing instead with the other half.

Dodger worked as a school teacher in the Stable, and would often teach her students whatever she wanted, not what the school told her to. For instance, how to use and properly maintain a firearm or magical energy weapon, how to sneak and go unseen, which was the exact opposite of how her half of the Stable was run, all citizens being unarmed. Her students all loved her immensely, and thus didn't sell her out to the Stable Hierarchy.

Eventually, one of the other teachers found out she was disobeying the government, and told the Hierarchy, who attempted to kill her. With help from fellow like-minded Stable Dwellers, Dodger escaped out the Stable door alongside her childhood friend, Tungsten, who was her father's apprentice.

Dodger's knowledge of weaponry served her well in the Wasteland, and she adapted quickly, having often prodded Tungsten, who was a Surface Scout, to tell her everything he knew and saw. Dodger began work as a Caravan guard, and from there became a mercenary, and from there she merely wandered the Imperial Wastelands.

Dodger was simply traveling south towards warmer climes when her Pip-Buck recieved Pax's message. As she was somewhat starved for things to do, she decided to give the situation a look.

S: 4

P: 6

E: 5

C: 6

I: 6

A: 7

L: 5


Name: Tungsten.

Sex: Male

Age: Five years older than Dodger.

Species: Crystal/Cyborg.

Personality: Tungsten is fairly serious, having been slightly jaded by his experiences outside the Stable before his exile with Dodger. His personality clashes with Dodger's, being wary and distrusting of strangers, as well as his seriousness compared to her cheerful friendliness.

Any distinguishing features: His eyes are a silvery hue, one of them being artificial, with some of the surrounding flesh and bone. His right foreleg, shoulder, and a section of his ribs - including the lung underneath - are robotics. His Pip-Buck is integrated with his robotic foreleg.

His coat is a glossy, almost metallic, tungsten gray. Like Dodger, he was named for his coat color. He wears pre-war combat armor reinforced with his old Stable Surface Scout armor, and as such, bears the '50'. Unlike most Stable colors being light blue and yellow, Stable 50's denizens had two different Stable barding colors. Dodger and Tungsten's are near black with a blue much like the original Stable colors, while the other side uses the traditional blue and yellow (they both agree that the uniform colors were the only thing they agreed with the Hierarchy on). Tungsten has goggles and a face mask like Dodger, for the same reasons as her.

Preferred fighting style: Unarmed melee combat, or traditional firearms..

History: Like Dodger, he grew up in Stable 50, and like her, disagreed with how his half of the Stable was run. Despite this, he still went on to work for the government, serving as a Surface Scout, which, as the name implies, would exit the Stable twice every month to gauge whether fully unsealing the door would be a wise decision.

While out on one such patrol, his first, - which occurred while Dodger was a very young filly- with Dodger's father, Cyrus, and a few other Scouts, they were attacked by a band of incredibly organized bandits who's leader was a physically disfigured pony that had become such a way after a run in with Killing Joke. The bandit leader was aptly called Ridgeback, as sections of his spine were incredibly elongated and formed a tall ridge protruding from his back. During the firefight, part of Tungsten's head was damaged by a blow from Ridgeback's hoof. They had been about to be overrun, the other Scouts had been killed, the bandits were attacked by the Imperial Chapter of the Steel Rangers, an exceptionally brutal and reclusive branch of the technological zealots that were feared and even hated by their fellow Rangers. Cyrus'd had run ins with the Imperial Rangers before, and knew their reputation. He took the distraction as an opportunity to pull himself and Tungsten out of their. However, when the Ranger's first attacked, they narrowly missed striking Tungsten with a rocket, which tore away a sizable section of his right side. It was the cold weather, mixed with the young stallion's exceptional endurance that kept him alive.

His cybernetic repairs were given to him by Cyrus, and he decided to learn everything he could from the wise stallion. His political views, which were already like Cyrus, were strengthened during his time spent with hm, and over time he ended becoming Dodger's self proclaimed protector, and something of her foster brother.

When Dodger's life was threatened by the Stable Hierarchy, he didn't hesitate to jump to her protection, and thus put himself at risk, and thus exiled himself with her. He had at first disagreed with her choices to become a caravan guard and mercenary, but he relented, and stayed with her throughout her choices, including when their Pip-Bucks intercepted Pax's transmission.

S: 7

P: 6

E: 7

C: 4

I: 7

A: 4

L: 5

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I will post this on the original post as well, but the thread is live! All of your characters are making their way to Pax's position


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